Unvailing The Time line of completion of Gentiles By Eliyahu

This is a Old video that has been edited and updated with Hebrew and Greek on screen info with a powerful teaching fully exposing the fulness of the Gentiles closer.Etymologist Eliyahu at EHM Upper Room shares as detail as possible the 2 to 3 witness of scriptures showing how YHUH is accurate and on time […]

Fight those Principalities with the clean Hebrew words and have more authority in our prayers

   by Eliyahu Channel Etymologist Eliyahu exposes the words commonly used by most religious groups today-and how words of the Principalities have slipped into the English language in Greek-Latin-Germanic-forms over clean Greek words and some not so clean to get the believers to speak their language of the rulers of this age controlling the education […]

Principalities & Powers Exposed by Etymologists Eliyahu

Principalities & Powers Exposed Pt.1 Principalities & Powers Exposed Pt.1 Published on Feb 13, 2015 This video by Etymologists Eliyahu is a edited remix of a old video with old words He does not use any more but is still Tov to share with others that are coming out. Eliyahu exposes the words commenly used […]

Messiah,Messia’s,Mashiyach H4899 /G3323 vs Christ G5547,Khristos G5548

Anoint, Anointed & Anointing Pt.1 & 2     Published on Feb 5, 2015 This is a shorter version for MP3 audio recording of Pt.1 & 2.of the message Messiah,Messia’s, Mashiyach, or Christ-Christo-Khristos, revealing the Hebrew understanding of each word and the Greek root words found in part 3, this is a video of a […]

A study explaining why Messiah could not have been slain as the Passover Lamb

EIGHT REASONS A study explaining why Messiah could not have been slain as the Passover Lamb  by  Author Unknown EIGHT REASONS – A study explaining why Messiah could not have been slain as the PassoverLamb  PDF click here Additional study:  http://man-child.com/?p=1330 What Calendar Did Yahushua Keep – Whose Report Will We Believe?   Rev 3:8 (8) “I know […]

WEEKLY SHABBAT On Line Service 每周線上守安息日

WEEKLY SHABBAT PRAISE & PRAYER SERVICE安息  A. WEEKLY SHABBAT PRAISE & PRAYER SERVICE 安息日敬拜讚美會 On line service在線會議:  HTTPS://ZOOM.US/J/9289578768?PWD=DS9KQGVSYCO 密码PW: YHWH  中国/亚洲每周六早上8:00~11:30(上半场) 8:00AM ASIA TIME ZONE /EVERY FRIDAY MORNING 4.00 PM  USA PACIFIC TIME ZONE/ EVERY FRIDAYAFTERNOON  美西岸时区 下午4.00PM 开场: All Are Invited.  The Service and Time Schedule shall be: 1.預備心音樂敬拜時間 ( Music Only, quiet our inner Spirits; Time […]

Enoch Last Day Time Line (From Adam Year 1 to A New Shamayim and New Earth)

This time line ( from the beginning of TIME Adam Year 1 to A new Heaven and New Earth Rev 21:1-4) is constructed hand in hand goes with the PDF – Ten Weeks Prophesy. These dates are estimations from what information we have. As the time of the end gets closer we need to look […]

Ichabod “The glory has departed…” (KJV) By Yedidah

“….What many people do not know if that the night of Halloween is a “Witch’s High Shabbat.” It is the most evil day of the year, in which human sacrifice to Satan, or to Lucifer, is made, along with total abandonment to the lusts of the flesh in the worship of Satan or Lucifer. ” […]

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