YHWH Luke 9 V62

Did You Know?
by welltrod

Scriptural study about the Tribes

Joyous Preparation Day to each of you!

As many of you may not know, from time to time we post things in ourArticles/Studies Library that we may or may not mention in blog postings. It is important to go out and check our website at times for added information..etc. Also, If you haven’t been sharing our website or blogs with your families, friends, and people you work with.. please do. We know Abba brings people to our website for certain purposes, but if something you read or watch on our site blesses you; please share it around. It has nothing to do with our sake or our own esteem which pales greatly in the light and esteem of our Master, but for His esteem only and for the sake of strengthening that which remains, do we ask you to share.

For example – we just posted a new music/Scripture video called Celebrate the Creator – Celebrate Life! Why is this important to mention and share? If you do not already know, the world is moving progressively faster and faster towards the goals of the enemy in what is called the Transhumanism Movement. It is becoming increasingly known that Lucifer’s elite in this world want to and have done so to a degree – replace the image of Elohim (man) with hybrid’s, DNA manipulated, Artificial Intelligent beings called Humanity 2.0. Mankind, through Lucifer, is becoming as ‘gods’ and are spitting in the face of the Creator of the universe! With that said, the last call of the Messenger in Revelation 14, is to call the earth to Just Acknowledge Elohim as Creator, and this video (only 4 minutes) speaks a message to celebrate the life as Elohim created and breathed into us. Mankind got down to only “one” human being named Noah, and it was through the obedience of Noah that we are even living and breathing today. Yahuweh only works with the few — we must make sure were one of them!

We do also want to mention that we have posted a new study called Did You Know, which can be found in our Library. It wasn’t written by us, but came as a letter to us when we ordered Yair Davidiy’s, The Tribes. It is a Scriptural study about the Tribes and gives excellent foundational information. Make sure you read all of the Scripture passages/verses it mentions. This is important to the heart of Abba. If we do not understand why the Two Houses of Israel split, we will never become passionate about the great restoration of His family that is soon coming on the horizon.

We ARE living in the Latter Days — no question about it. It’s time we get in line and “fall in place” as my old Drill Seargent used to say. Focus – Focus – Focus! The enemy is out to distract you with things that do not mean a “hill of beans”. If he can get your attention and draw your focus off what is really happening.. you will continue to walk around as if in a daze; clueless as to what time we are in. The thief in the night comes to those who are sleeping – not to those who are awake and attentive, doing their jobs as representatives of the Kingdom.

We pray each of you have a good Shabbat, and tune into the Master’s voice. It is still, it is small, it is a whisper at times… yet it is all leading up to the thunderous blast of the Shofar that will soon announce — the King has arrived!

Are you ready? Are you listening? Are your garments clean and white?

Make firm your calling and choosing – 2 Kepha (Peter) 1:10


Derek and Rivkah


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