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2024 Yom Kippur is the 7X7 Shemitah year of the 120th Jubilee since Adam 


B. DSS has recorded a 6 year cycle’s calendar with the mark of the full moon on the Shabbat of the priestly weekly order:  2021years falls on the 3rd year of the 6 year priestly order cycle




B4.  The order of the service for the Priests of YaHuWaH (YHWH )
1 Ch 24: 7-19

B.5 Jubilee Accounting Chart: From Creation to New Heavens and New Earth



The current Jewish calendar had omitted a 196years from their history which will be found from the following article attached below: “is Day of Atonement, the 120th Jubilee completed on 2022 or 2024”. Hence, if we add on the missing 196 years to the current Jewish calendar 5781, this year we are at 5997years from creation. Which means 2024 should be the 6000 years for the Jewish calendar; they actually knew their calendar!? Recently 2021 Feb 22, all the “Jews’ around the world have cried out in unison with a drafted few minutes prayers for their Messiah to come; the frequencies of this prayer was to send up to open the portal of heavens. indeed, in recent months, the expectation of a world’s Messiah to be appeared on earth is very intense in various religious group. The clock is ticking, it is loud and clear! Interesting enough, the DSS recorded 6 year Priest weekly duty cycle’s calendar with the mark of the full moon on first day of Aviv every 3 years has been served as the hands of our creator’s clock, they are YHWH’s time keeper on earth corresponding to the celestial signs!

Please take note that

  • the 120th jubilees according to this chart will be completed on year 5880

which is Year 2024 in our current calendar.

2. Messiah died in the middle of a week of the 70 Jubilees that been prophesied by Daniel,

the 4th sabbatical week ( the 4th day of the week, Aviv Passover Feast week of 30 AD )

The priest on duty is immer; and the first priest on duty of that year is Yeshebab: “seat of (his) father”,

It is a 5/6 Priestly circle. year 2 in the shmeetah cycle.

3. Year 70AD was Sabbatical year, the priest on duty was Miyamin, the 3rd of 6 years priestly order cycle.

D. Attached below is an article great for further thought relating to this 120th Jubilee being discussed above.

E. Discussion:

NO3.    If 68 A.D. is the year of rest, then what year will be the next year of rest ?



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Interesting Notes between Jewish lunar Calendar and Julian/Gregorian Calendar


We are the Followers of YAH Grafted into YAH's Covenant Without End Rev 1:8 I am the ‘Aleph’ and the ‘Tau’, the Beginning and the Covenant without End, says יְהוֹשׁוּעַ H3091 (Yahushua Ha Mashiach) “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.

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