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1. Free To Download The Set Apart Scriptures of YHWH



Scripture with the true Name :RSTNE 3RD Edition FINAL 10-17-06 PM with Footnotes CD & E File – Orginal


HalleluYah Scriptures

Free Download PDF Version:


” The Scripture” in with Hebrew Origin  Free Download PDF:


Hebraic Roots Bible

YHWH Hebraic Roots Bible Bible translated from the Aramaic….with study notes…3rd Edition……PDF

What is the את CEPHER?

E. Or Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Bible: Bible study software with Greek and Hebrew word tools

F. E-Sword Scripture Download ( Pls remember to add “The scripture1998+” into your list)

2. The Lost Books :

2a. Book of Enoch In NT   

STUDY TOOL:  a comprehensive etymological dictionary of the hebrew language ernest klein 1987 OCR 

3. Eliyahu Channel Web Link

4. Web Link :

5. Web Link

We know these statements are difficult for most to comprehend, but it’s time to let go of “traditions” and deal only with “evidence” that leads to the truth. Our Creator has promised us that if we search for Him with all our hearts, then He will be found. This site will become an invaluable tool for you and other truth seekers to get simple to understand information that you can depend on and grow with.  
6. Web Link  Welcome to the TRUTH as backed up and documented by the ORIGINAL and EARLIEST SCRIPTURES AVAILABLE!

7. Web Link Know His Name Study site with a number of articles focused on how to pronounce Yah’s name.

8. Web Link Torah Institute

8. Web Link Sacred Name Expositors are a Sacred Name ministry providing well-researched information from modern scholarship on the question of the true name of our Heavenly Father.

9. Web Link The Messiah”s Purpose goal here is to give you a refreshing approach to biblical interpretation. I don’t want to say a new approach or interpretation, because the scriptures say there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9)…instead I will say a Ruach Kodesh (Set Apart Spirit) interpretation.

10.Web Link What Would Yahushua Do?
Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul Bringing Good News From A Distant Land!

11. web Link

In That Day is an exhortation ministry , looking to the imminent biblical redemption and restoration “in that day” – the millenial Messianic Era Of Yahushua, YHVH’s Great Redeemer and Shepherd, Unmerited Favor, Joy and Shalom in the perfect love of our Redeemer YHVH of Hosts, the First and the Last, (Isaiah 44:6),who is Yahushua Messiah as testified by Moses, the Biblical Prophets and the Apostles.

…..And Many Others

12. Chinese YHWH followers YouTube – Click Here

13. Anayah – Teaching on Circumcision of the Heart

14.Bro. Chuck – The Signs The End of The World (EHC)

15.YHWH Is Love YouTube Teaching Videos

16.Messenger of The Name

17.Followers of Yah

A.The ImposterVideo

B.The Great Conspiracy Video

C. Free Downloads, PDF’s, Articles – Click Here

18. Eagles Haven Assembly


19.Todd Bennett – Walk In The Light Book Series 

Yahuwah’s Truth

21. Research The Scriptures
HalleluYah Scriptures
23. Vain Traditions
24. E-Sword Scripture Download  
25. Introduction To Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew Research Center Ancient Hebrew Jeff Benner

26. Torah Calendar

Website – Click Here

1. Yahushua Melchizedek Calendar

2. Why Yahushua Melchizedek :


3. Yahushua Melchizedek :

The Implications of His Davidic and Zadok Heritage – Audio



A. From the sun to the moon 

Prof. Rachel Elior explains how the sages invented Judaism as we know it

B. Prof_Rachel_Elior_Public_ Lecturer_Univ_Chicago_2014.mp3

Pharisees who disputed the legitimacy of the Hasmonean priests and kings and
who argued with the Zadokite priests about the solar calendar…

5.What Calendar Did Yahushua Keep –

6. Whose Report Will We Believe?

7. What Calendar Did Moshe Keep –

8. What is the “Ancient Path”?

 27. Yah’s Praise & Yah’s Teaching in Chinese:

Returning to The House of Yashar’al,Restoring The Hebraic Root of Yah’s Reign

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