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What a beautiful and refreshing morning we had. I wanted to share this because Abba has never been so close as I have felt Him today.
 The Man Around the Corner by Dereck
As Rivkah and I were wrapping up with the feeding of the homeless this morning, there were two plates left over. Today had seemed a lot slower than normal, so we had a few leftovers. I grabbed one plate and Rivkah took the other one, and we started walking out towards the street in between two buildings. About half way to the main street, we saw a man who looked like he had not eaten yet. Rivkah handed him the plate. She turned around to go back to help with the tear down while I continued looking for someone to give the last plate of food to.
There were very few people standing around and I was standing in the middle of the side street looking around. I softly said to Father, “please Father, let someone come around the cor—-“. I had not even completed the last word “corner” before I saw a man round the corner from the main street and began walking towards me. I thanked Abba and walked to him and handed him the last plate of food. He was thirsty, so I told him to come walk with me back to the drink area and as we were walking, we talked. However, it wasn’t until we neared the drink area, that when I began speaking encouraging words to him, that he stopped cold in his tracks and said, “I needed to hear that.” You see, I could tell by his body language, regardless of the sunglasses he was wearing, that he was breaking down in tears. Upon further discussion and speaking the words of Psalm 3 over him, ‘Elohim being the lifter of his head,’ the man began to tell me that he had just lost everything. The words Father was speaking through me to that man was like cold water to a thirsty soul. I was most humbled… Just about that time, Rivkah came over and we both stood there and prayed for him. I put my hand on his sweaty shoulder, and holding onto his torn and ragged backpack, he began to share how much he needed to hear such words of encouragement. This morning before we left the house, I felt an urging to read Psalm 34. Most assuredly, it was for this man that I was being prepared to meet. For out of all the homeless we fed today, there was none who gripped my heart more than this man.
Tears rose up from deep within my spirit and poured down my face on the way home. I merely asked Abba to send someone around the corner, and before the words had barely left my lips, the man came from around the corner. For what purpose did I meet this man today? A broken down human being walking the ‘streets of despair’, yet Father had him round the corner of a building, where I was standing and holding the last plate of food – nourishment for his body, and hope for his spirit. How many times have we rounded the corner of despair, hopelessness and abandonment? How blessed are we to have food on the table, people to love us, and Father Elohim who never abandons us! This is the fuel that drives Rivkah and I to do what we do. For it may be possible that when we stand before Yahushua Messiah Himself, and He says, “thank you for giving Me something to eat, something to drink,” and we say, “but when did we give You something to eat, something to drink?” And He responds, “remember? I was the Man that rounded the corner…”
“Yahuweh is near to the broken-hearted, And saves those whose spirit is crushed.” Psalm 34:18

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