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By  Followers of YAH 

From the very beginning, the Creator (Yahuwah) has
always wanted to fellowship with His creation mankind.
He enjoys us seeking Him and likewise being with Him.
“The Eight Tabernacles of Yahuwah” will take each
believer on a wonderful journey. We will discover the
great depths of Yahuwah’s compassionate love for each
of us. The Mighty One of Yisra’el has made plans for us
to be able to Tabernacle with Him. Throughout this
earth age and into the next, each Tabernacle has and
will bring us closer to the Creator, Yahuwah.

In order for us to fully understand “The Eight
Tabernacles of Yahuwah” we must first take a peek at
the Feast called Tabernacles (Sukkoth). As Yahuwah‘s
Seven Annual Feasts reveal His magnificent plan for
mankind (please request “The Feast Days of Leviticus
23”) comprehending this fall feast is very significant.
“And Yahuwah spoke to Mosheh, saying, “Speak
to the children of Yisra’el, saying, ‘On the fifteenth
day of this seventh month is the Festival of Booths
[Tabernacles] for seven days to Yahuwah. ‘On the
first day is a set-apart gathering [qodesh
convocation], you do no servile work. ‘For seven
days you bring an offering made by fire to
Yahuwah. On the eighth day there shall be a setapart gathering [qodesh convocation] for you, and you shall bring an offering made by fire to
Yahuwah. It is a closing festival [solemn assembly]
you do no servile work. ‘These are the appointed
times [feasts] of Yahuwah which you proclaim as
set-apart gatherings [qodesh convocation], to bring
an offering made by fire to Yahuwah, a burnt
offering and a grain offering, a slaughtering and
drink offerings, as commanded for every day –
besides the Sabbaths of Yahuwah, and besides
your gifts, and besides all your vows, and besides
all your voluntary offerings which you give to
Yahuwah. ‘On the fifteenth day of the seventh
month, when you gather in the fruit of the land,
observe the festival of Yahuwah for seven days.
On the first day is a rest, and on the eighth day a
rest. ‘And you shall take for yourselves on the first
day the fruit of good trees, branches of palm trees,
twigs of leafy trees, and willows of the stream, and
shall rejoice before Yahuwah your Elohim for
seven days. ‘And you shall observe it as a festival
[feast] to Yahuwah for seven days in the year – a
law forever in your generations. Observe it in the
seventh month. Dwell in booths [tabernacles] for
seven days; all who are native Yisra’elites dwell in
booths [tabernacles], so that your generations
know that I made the children of Yisra’el dwell in
booths [tabernacles] when I brought them out of
the land of Mitsrayim. I am Yahuwah your Elohim.’
Thus did Mosheh speak of the appointed times
[feasts] of Yahuwah to the children of Yisra’el.”
(Leviticus 23:33-44)
The Feast of Tabernacles (Booths, Sukkoth,
Succoth)’ is the last annual Feast of Yahuwah. This fall
feast is also known as the Feast of Ingathering. The
Feast last seven days with an exclusive eighth day
celebration called, ‘the last great day’.
What is a Sukkoth? According to ‘The New Strong’s
Complete Dictionary of Bible Words’ (#5521) a Sukkoth
means the following: “a hut or lair: – booth, cottage,
covert, pavilion, tabernacle, tent”
The Feast of Booths (Tabernacles) along with
Yahuwah’s other Feasts (Appointed Times) is a
foreshadowing of things to come. For instance, the
children of Yisra’el were in slavery in Mitsrayim (Egypt)
for 400 years. We know Yahuwah delivered the children
of Yisra’el with an outstretched arm. Mitsrayim was
struck with plagues. The very last plague was far worse
than any other. Yahuwah instructed Mosheh (Moses) to
tell the children of Yisra’el to take a perfect lamb on the
10th day. On the 14th day, they were to kill the lamb
between the evening (Shemoth/Exodus 12: 3-6). The
blood of the perfect lamb was to be put on the doorpost
of each home and they were to eat of it in haste.
“And I shall pass through the land of Mitsrayim on
that night, and shall smite all the first-born in the
land of Mitsrayim, both man and beast. And on all
the mighty ones of Mitsrayim I shall execute
judgment. I am YAHUWAH. “And the blood shall
be a sign for you on the houses where you are.
And when I see the blood, I shall pass over you,
and let the plague not come on you to destroy you
when I smite the land of Mitsrayim.”
(Shemoth/Exodus 12:12-13)
We learn the following in Yohanan (John) 1:29, “On
the next day Yohanan saw Yahushua coming toward
him, and said, “See, the Lamb of Elohim who takes
away the sins of the world!” The first Passover was a
foreshadowing of the Lamb of Yah. My beloved friends,
we need the blood of the Passover Lamb, Yahushua
poured over the doorpost of our beings. Therefore, when
judgment day comes, Yahuwah will see the blood of HIS
Lamb over us. Then the plague of death shall Passover
us! Praise be to Yah! At those words, my spirit leaps for
When the children of Yisra’el left Mitsrayim (Egypt), do
you know the first place they went?
“And the Children of Yisra’el set out from
Ra’meses to Sukkoth, about six hundred
thousand men on foot besides little
ones.”(Shemoth/Exodus 12:37)
They went to the city of Sukkoth [temporary dwelling
place] before they went to the wilderness [it is here in the
wilderness that believers are deprogrammed from the
inherited lies and then taught Yahuwah’s Torah]. We
know Yehoshua (Yahushua) led them into the promised
land. This will happen again [The Messiah will lead us
into the promised land]!
Come with me for a moment. Within the Scriptures,
many verses have parallel meanings. On the surface, we
can clearly see how a verse pertains to the physical
sense. Whereas, to find the deeper spiritual meaning,
one will have to search and study for it. Having eyes to
see and ears to hear. Just as the first Passover led to
Messiah, Yahushua, the Feast of Tabernacles leads
believers to a deeper understanding of how our bodies
are just temporary dwelling places. We are sojourners in
this earth, Nomads! Something far better awaits each of
us, as we give up this corruptible body for an
incorruptible one (1 Co. 15:53).
Clearly, understanding Yahuwah’s Feast of
Tabernacles will open up one’s eyes to His awesome
plan for mankind as well as knowing about, “The Eight
Tabernacles of Yahuwah.”
This plan for mankind is based around
love. A love that our human minds will
not fully comprehend until we enter the
eighth and final Tabernacle. In part, we
understand that this true genuine love is
not forceful. Of course, He could have
created us to be like some robotic zombies, all moving in
unison having no heart or brain. Each one of us could
have been pre-programmed to strictly follow a set of
Those who have children might be able to relate to
this. Overnight, parenting could become a perfect
success. Sounds great huh? Ponder for a moment, we
parents could just simply push some codes into that ole
remote control and DING… each child could follow our
set of rules! Yeah, Forget reading the book, “How to
Train up a Child”, we’ll just program each child to follow
certain rules. Oh, can you hear it? The sweet noise of
little Suzy running the vacuum. Robert cutting the grass.
Pots clinging and clanging as the younger ones put the
dishes away. Yes, each child could be preprogrammed.
Then when they get older, they can program their own
Eventually we would end up with a society of
heartless, preprogrammed people. Wow… sounds like
some freaky sci-fi movie. Just think how this world would
have been if Yahuwah had not the love He has.
Sadly, the elite of the world wants to do just that. Upon
looking back into history, one will find the opposite love.
A love of not freely letting one choose but forcing laws of
consciences upon mankind. Resulting in great
persecution of heretics. These Lucifericians want to
force society as a whole to follow their rules. They have
been brainwashing mankind for years. They use
techniques such as television shows, movies, books and
drugs to program vast amounts of people. The reality for
them is to forget letting people freely choose but use fear
mongering to get them to submit. This is contrary to
Yahuwah’s love for us.
Yahuwah’s love is to let each person freely decide. He
has given us a choice. Do we want to follow His
Marriage Vows (Ten Commandments), His Torah,
fellowship with Him or not? It is that simple, He
has told us everything we need to know. These
instructions have been preserved for us in the
Scriptures. These love letters reveal everything,
including how since the beginning, He has always had a
Tabernacle with His creation, mankind.

This first Tabernacle was when Yahuwah
fellowshipped with Adam and Hawwah.

“And they heard the sound of Yahuwah Elohim
walking about in the garden in the cool of the
day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves
from the presence of Yahuwah Elohim among
the trees of the garden. And Yahuwah Elohim
called unto Adam and said to him, “Where are
you?” And he said, “I heard your voice in the
garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, so
I hid myself.”
(Bereshith/Genesis 3:8-10)
At one time there were no barriers,
such as sin, to separate the bonding
between man and Yahuwah. Man was
able to walk and talk with Him. The first
Tabernacle allowed man to be in the
qodesh presence of the Mighty One of
Yisra’el. Unlike today, many of us can
just patiently yearn for the time when we will be forever
with Him. This first Tabernacle was just a temporary
Tabernacle between mankind and Yahuwah.

The second Tabernacle, Yahuwah had with Abraham,
Yitshaq and Ya’aqob. Ya’aqob (Jacob) was going on
route to Paddan Aram to find him a wife for himself, from
his mother’s (Ribqah) brother, Laban. On his journey,
something remarkable happened. He had a close
encounter with the Mighty One of Yisra’el. Yahuwah
revealed himself to Ya’aqob (Jacob).
“And he dreamed and
saw a ladder set up on
the earth, and its top
reached to the heavens,
and saw messengers of
Elohim going up and
coming down on it. And
see, Yahuwah stood
above it and said, “I
am Yahuwah Elohim of
Abraham your father
and the Elohim of
Yitshaq. The land on
which you are lying, I
give it to you and your
seed. “And your seed
shall be as the dust of the earth, and you shall
break forth to the west and to the east, to the north
and the south. And all the clans of the earth shall
be blessed in you and in your seed. “And see, I am
with you and shall guard you wherever you go, and
shall bring you back to this land. For I am not going
to leave you until I have done what I have spoken
to you.” And Ya’aqob awoke from his sleep and
said, “Truly, Yahuwah is in this place, and I did
not know it.” And he was afraid and said, “How
awesome is this place! This is none other than
the house of Elohim, and this is the gate of the
heavens!” Bereshith (Genesis) 28:12-17
Ya’aqob named the place, Beyth El meaning House of
El (Mighty One)! However, as amazing as that place
was, this too would not be a permanent dwelling place
(Tabernacle). Yahuwah would not leave him until after
he done everything he had spoken. Meaning, the time
was coming when His presence would depart from even
that awesome place.
A very long time passed before the third Tabernacle
would be constructed. This dwelling place would have
great meanings, both physically and spiritually, to the
whole house of Yisra’el. Even believers living today are
included in this two-fold message. Having
understanding, wisdom and knowledge about this matter
will deepen the being’s yearning to be free from the sin
of bondage. Now each believer, having been able to
obtain fellowship with Yahuwah.
A quick recap of some history. We know that
Ya’aqob’s (Jacob) name turns to Yisra’el (Israel). He
has twelve sons, thus giving us the twelve tribes of
Yisra’el. Yahuwah used Yoseph (Joseph) to save the
whole house of Yisra’el during the great seven years of
famine. He had them go to Mitsrayim. With the passing
of Pharaoh and Yoseph, a new generation of Mitsrayites
emerged. Soon the story of how a Hebrew [sold into
slavery became the Governor of all Mitsrayim, second
highest next to Pharaoh] saved the people from the
great famine became ancient history. There was a new
Pharaoh in town now! This meant some changes were
about to evolve for the children of Yisra’el. They
became slaves with the taskmaster being Pharaoh. This
slavery lasted 400 hundred years before Yahuwah
would send them a deliverer by the name of Mosheh.
With an outstretched arm, they were delivered from
Pharaoh. Pharaoh (a type of satan, ha shatan) had
rulership over Mitsrayim (this earth). The children of
Yisra’el (us) became slaves (bondage to sin). Pharaoh’s
guards (tares, fallen messengers, evil doers, wolves in
sheep’s clothing) enforced Pharaoh’s heavy burdens on
the slaves (us). Yahuwah used Mosheh and Aaron (two
witnesses, two olive trees, two arch messengers) to
proclaim. “Let My People Go!” All who took the blood of
the Passover Lamb (Yahushua) upon their doorposts
(our beings) would be spared from the last plague, death
(second death).With an outstretched arm (Yahushua),
the children of Yisra’el (the Bride) were delivered. In the
wilderness (being called out) they (we) had (have) to
learn about who they really serve (to be deprogrammed
from the lies inherited by our ancestors and then retaught Yahuwah’s Torah). At the last trumpet (the
seventh), Yisra’el (the Bride) will finally get to be with her
bridegroom (Yahushua). Just as Yehoshua
(Foreshadowing of Yahushua), son of Nun took the
children of Yisra’el into the promise land; Yahushua will
take us into the promise land (the millennium). Beloved
ones, do you have eyes to see and ears to hear?
Now that we perceive the importance of the whole
Exodus journey, let us precede onto the third
Tabernacle of Yahuwah. The third time Yahuwah
tabernacled with mankind was in the wilderness.
“And Mosheh took his tent [Tabernacle] and
pitched it outside the camp, far from the camp, and
called it the Tent of Meeting [Tabernacle of the
congregation] And it came to be that everyone who
sought Yahuwah went out to the Tent of Meeting
[Tabernacle of congregation] which was outside
the camp. And it came to be, whenever Mosheh
went out to the Tent [Tabernacle] that all the
people rose, and each man stood at his tent door
and watched Mosheh until he entered the Tent
[Tabernacle]. And it came to be, when Mosheh
entered the Tent [Tabernacle], that the column of
cloud descended and stood at the door of the Tent
[Tabernacle] and He spoke with Mosheh. And al
the people saw the column of cloud standing at the
Tent [Tabernacle] door, and all the people rose
and bowed themselves, each one at the door of his
tent. Thus Yahuwah spoke to Mosheh face to
face, as a man speaks to his friend. And he would
return to the camp, but his servant Yehoshua
[Yahushua] son of Nun, a young man, did not leave
the tent [Tabernacle].”
(Shemoth/Exodus 33:7-11)
What an exciting time that must have been.
Wow,…Yisra’el saw the esteem of Abba. The splendor
of Yah will bring all to their knees. Many of us need this
type of humbleness, which can only be achieved from
the effects of witnessing His awe-inspiring presence. As
the prophet YeshaYahu spoke, “Woe to me, I am a man
of unclean lips!” (YeshaYahu 6:5) This flesh is unclean
to a qodesh Mighty One as Yahuwah! Let us just praise
HIM! He loves us so much that ever since the fall, He
has been reaching out to His creation, wanting that
Tabernacle with man! Do not be as they were, telling
Mosheh, “You speak with us and we hear, but let not
Elohim speak with us, lest we die.” (Shemoth/Exodus
20:19). To speak to the Mighty One of Yisra’el face to
face, would leave me never wanting to leave His
presence. Is it any wonder the young servant Yehoshua
did not leave the tabernacle [deeper meaning here the
Messiah, Yahushua is sitting at the right hand of Abba
always in His presence]? Soon we will discover this will
not be the last time Elohim speaks to man face to face.
For the next forty years, the Levites would construct the
Tabernacle where the Mighty One of Yisra’el would
chose to dwell. Yahuwah gave strict instructions on how
the children of Yisra’el were to build the third
Tabernacle. This dwelling place needed to be easily
taken down and moved from area to area. The third
Tabernacle was temporary as were the prior ones.

The fourth Tabernacle where Yahuwah would put His name
would be far grander than the third dwelling place. This one
would not be so easily moved due to the architecture design. The
beauty of the  depth of precise detail is extraordinary.
“And when Shelomoh [Solomon] had ended praying,   

fire came down from the heavens and
consumed the burnt offering and the slaughterings.
And the esteem of Yahuwah filled the House.
And the priests were unable to enter the House
of Yahuwah, because the esteem of Yahuwah
had filled the House of Yahuwah.” (2 Dibra
HaYamim/II Chronicles 7:1-2)
“now I have chosen and set this house apart for
My Name to be there forever. And My eyes and My
Name shall always be there.” ( 2 Dibra HaYamin/II
Chronicles 7:15-16)
How thrilling it must have been! Building a dwelling
place for such a Mighty One as Yahuwah. This was no
easy task. This impressive Tabernacle still inspires
people today. Shelomoh (Solomon) had seventy
thousand men alone just to bear burdens. Then another
eighty thousand were needed to hewn stone out of the
mountains. Three thousand, six hundred were needed to
oversee the people (2 Ch. 2:18). He started to build the
Tabernacle of Yahuwah in his forth year as Sovereign.
The Tabernacle was completed in Shelomoh’s
(Solomon’s) eleventh year (1 Kings 6:37-38). Seven long
years and many thousands of workers were needed to
build the Forth Tabernacle of Yahuwah. The dedication
of Shelomoh (Solomon’s) Temple took place during the
Feast of Tabernacles (7:8-9). Shelomoh (Solomon)
knew that no building could contain the Mighty One of
Yisra’el, Yahuwah (6:18). However, Yahuwah would
dwell there as long as certain conditions were kept. In
the event these conditions were not met, then the
following would happen:
“But if you turn away and forsake My laws and My
commands which I have set before you, and shall
go and serve other mighty ones, and bow
yourself to them, then I shall pluck them from My
land, which I have given them, and this house
which I have set apart for My Name I shall cast
out of My sight and make it to be a proverb and
a mockery among all peoples.” (2 Dibre
haYamim/II Chronicles 7:19-20)
History reveals to us that Shelomoh (Solomon)
eventually turned from Yahuwah. Sadly, He did evil in
the sight of Yahuwah (1 Kings 11:6). Shelomoh’s
(Solomon’s) heart grew rebellious. The
Mighty One appeared to Shelomoh twice and even
commanded him not to go after other mighty ones
(elohim). Yet, he defiantly went after the elohim of his
many wives and concubines. Thus building high places
for them to worship their pagan idols, such as Ashtoreth
and Molek. How heart breaking that must have been.
Shelomoh (Solomon) was not the only one that
wandered. Many started worshipping the host of heaven.
The children of Yisra’el burned incense and made cakes
to the ‘Queen of Heaven’ (mother of god). They even
poured drink offerings out to this pagan fertility deity.
What soon followed was inevitable to happen…the
destruction of the Temple.
The children of Yisra’el found themselves exiled into a
foreign land, Babylon. The presence of Yahuwah had
departed from the Temple. Therefore, the fourth
tabernacle was temporary, as were the others.
After seventy years of exile, a remnant did
return to rebuild the Temple. As we will
shortly discover the Temple remained up
until the sixth Tabernacle of Yahuwah. By
then, the Temple had just became a
building. Not a dwelling place for Yahuwah.
The brick and mortar were nothing more than a bunch of
dried up dead bones. Like a cloned animal having a shell
of a body, but without the breathe of life… it is dead or
demonically possessed.
The fifth Tabernacle of Yahuwah
would be far more interesting than the
prior one’s. Mosheh yearned to see it
and so do I. Even with Shelomoh’s
(Solomon’s) Temple was not array as
this Tabernacle would be. All of Shelomoh (Solomon’s)
esteem could not even compare to the next dwelling
place. The costly stones, the finest wood, the golden
cherubim’s and floors were nothing compared to this
Tabernacle. Just as the craftsman carved the finest
precise detail in Solomon’s Temple, so did the Potter
mold the Clay!

The fifth Tabernacle of Yahuwah would
be perfect. Not having any type of blemish. Truly, this
Temple was great and marvelous.
“But the birth of Yahushua Messiah was as
follows: After His mother Miryam was engaged to
Yoseph, before they came together, she was found
to be pregnant from the Set-apart Spirit. And
Yoseph her husband, being righteous, and not
wishing to make a show of her, had in mind to give
her away secretly. But while he thought about this,
see, a messenger of Yahuwah appeared to him in
a dream, saying, “Yoseph, son of Dawid, do not
be afraid to take Miryam as your wife, for that
which is in her was brought forth from the SetApart Spirit.

And she shall give birth to a Son, and
you shall call His Name Yahushua for He shall
save His people from their sins.” And all this came
to be in order to fill what was spoken by Yahuwah
through the prophet saying, “See a maiden shall
conceive, and she shall give birth to a Son, and
they shall call His Name Immanu’el,” which
translated, means, “El with us.” And Yoseph,
awaking from his sleep, did as the messenger of
Yahuwah commanded him and took his wife, but
he knew her not until she gave birth to her Son, the
first-born. And he called His Name Yahushua.”
(MattithYahu/Matthew 1:18-25).”
HalleluYah! HalleluYah! HalleluYah!
Give Him all praise and esteem. For
truly, this was remarkable and
awesome. Yahuwah wanted to
fellowship with mankind, His creation,
so much that this one would out
succeed them ALL. YeshaYahu once said, “Who will
believe our report?” (YeshaYahu/Isaiah 53:1).

The fifth Tabernacle was not made of the finest linen, the most
costly fabric, the heaviest cedar, the strongest brick nor
was it made with gold, silver or the biggest gems and
pretty stones. But the fifth Tabernacle of Yahuwah was
made of flesh and blood! oh, beloved ones, do you
believe the report?
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was
with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim. He was in
the beginning with Elohim. All came to be through
Him, and without Him not even one came to be
that came to be. In Him was life, and the life was
the light of men. And the light shines in the
darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
There was a man sent from Elohim, whose name
was Yohanan. This one came for a witness, to
bear witness of the Light, that all might believe
through him. He was not that Light, but that he
might bear witness of that Light. He was the true
Light, which enlightens every man, coming into the
world. He was in the world, and the world came to
be through Him, and the world did not know Him.
He came to His own, and His own did not receive
Him. But as many as received Him, to them He
gave the authority to become children of Elohim, to
those believing in His Name, who were born, not of
blood nor of the desire of man, but of Elohim. And
the Word became flesh and pitched His tent
among us, [reference to His birth taking place
during the Feast of Tabernacles] and we saw His
esteem, esteem as of an only brought forth of a
father, complete in favour and truth.”
(Yohanan/John 1:1-14)
I tell you a truth, the prophets of old longed to see the
Fifth Tabernacle of Yahuwah. Absolutely magnificent.
This dwelling place of Yahuwah was a living temple.
“Yahushua answered and said to them, “Destroy
this Dwelling Place [Temple], and in three days I
shall raise it.” Then the Yahudim said, “It took fortysix years to build this Dwelling Place, and You are
going to raise it in three days?” But He spoke
about the Dwelling Place of His body.”
(Yohanan/John 2:19-21)
He walked, ate, slept and even
experienced human emotions. He
encountered temptation yet He never
sinned. (Matt. 4:1; Hebrews 4:15) He
cast out demons. He healed the sick
(Matt. 8:16). Through Him, the blind
was able to see, the lame could walk
and the leper cleansed (Matt. 11:5).
He shook the religious establishment
of his time. They were astonished over His doctrine. His
life was not easy though. Many misunderstood Him while
others sought to kill Him (Matt. 26:4). He was stricken of
Yahuwah. He bore our sickness and disease.
(Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:4-8) He came not to be served but
to serve others and be a ransom for many (Matt. 20:28).
He gave up His life for His friends (John 15:14). He was
even willing to become a living sacrifice for you and me.
Yahushua was the Lamb that takes the world’s sins
away (John 1:29). He became our High Priest (Hebrews
6:20). He entered once into the qodesh place, making
atonement for our sins (Hebrews 9:12). He now sits on
the right hand of Yahuwah, never leaving Abba’s
presence, making intercession on our behalf. (Hebrews
8:1). Let us rejoice for the Fifth Tabernacle of Yahuwah
is alive!
The love that Yahuwah has for us suppresses all
understanding! He made a living Tabernacle for us to
have fellowship with HIM. To those who walked, ate and
listen to Yahushua, truly they lived in an exhilarating
time. Witnessing the most majestic dwelling place of
them all.
Sadly, the fifth dwelling place of Yahuwah would also be temporary.

[Those who pick up their staff and follow Yahushua make up

the Body of Messiah. These believers have become the Bride. The Ten
Commandments/Ten Words are the Marriage Vows. The
Bride’s husband…of course is Yahushua!]
“In My Father’s house are many staying places.
And if not, I would have told you. I go prepare a
place for you.” And if I go and prepare a place for
you, I shall come again and receive you to
Myself, that where I am, you might be too. “And
where I go you know, and the way you know.”
(Yohanan/John 14:2-4)
The Messiah was telling us that He was going to
prepare a place for us! Yahuwah is so intelligent and
grand; I’m amazed over the Mighty One of Yisra’el.
According to Jewish tradition, the following would
happen when a young man and woman became
betrothed. When the Yisra’elite man (Yahushua)
wanted to marry (the congregation), he would go to the
maiden’s house with a ‘bride price.’ He would make a
contract (covenant) with the maiden’s father. How
exciting it must have been for both, the soon to be
Bridegroom (Yahushua) and the Bride (Believers). I’m
sure the man would be very nervous, being in love,
wondering if His ‘bride price’ (Yahushua gave his life for
the bride) would be acceptable by the girl’s father
(Yahuwah was pleased to crush him, YeshaYahu 53:10).
If the bride price was accepted, a glass of wine would be
poured (Matt. 26:29). If the maiden drank, then they
would be betrothed. Then the Bridegroom (Yahushua)
would go off to build a place (the Millennium) for His
Bride (Believers).Watch this beloved ones…when Abba
(Yahuwah) decides the marriage chamber is indeed
ready (Mark 13:32) as it was custom for the groom’s
father to do, the Bridegroom (Yahushua) would (will) get
the Bride (Believers). This will happen at an hour no one
suspected (s), like a thief in the night. Isn’t this amazing?
The slightest detail that appears insignificant is quite
astonishing! Are you waiting for the Bridegroom,
Yahushua to come get you? Let us not be like the five
foolish virgins. Eight_Tabernacles_of_Yahuwah-2016_eBook



     This is crucial information for you and your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends, and fellow believers, especially for those in public schools or parents of young ones in public schools, those who still watch Satan’s mind programming devices, spend time on them or listen to the lying mind-control news.       I refuse to listen to anything that crosses the WHOLE Word of Yahuwah as taught and interpreted by the Spirit of Yahuwah Himself! Thus, I have a strong filter, which filters out deception, lies, and subtle trickery. I live by my re-born spirit, and so my mind is totally submitted to Yahuwah and Yahushua. This has to be your lifestyle if you will come out of the days ahead into the Kingdom of Light.
      This information comes from the highest of sources, and the witness of the Spirit is that it is not only true, but He wants us to pay close attention and act.
I, like all the “older” watchmen, have laid their lives to warn Yah’s people – to teach, to edify, and to try to “wake up” His people, as in Revelation 3:1-5.
      I have dropped the plumb line for years literally with evidence of its spiritual power to divide within congregations. Abba is dividing the Kingdom-bound from those who do not qualify. (Amos 7:7-8)
     Here is a picture of my “tribulum” someone made for me in which I put rocks from Tiberias, and Jerusalem, my plumbline, and the grinding stone I found at my feet while praising Yahuwah over caves at Qumran.


     Religion is like driving a car in such heavy rain that even the windshield wipers are not fast enough to clear your view. It can almost be like driving blind at times, so you just pull over to the side of the road and wait it out. This happened last Saturday as I headed for home from the Prayer Center. The sky opened up. I could hardly see the road most of the way home. Religion is also like getting into a car whose windshield is covered in dust. It has to be washed off. In both cases you can’t see clearly, and it is dangerous to drive until the windshield is clean and dry.

     Yahuwah is taking His people out of all the blinding, smudging, cover-ups of man who control religion for Lucifer – for Lucifer via Nimrod is the originator of all religion that came forth after the Flood that is anti-Yahuwah, anti-Yahushua, anti-Their Word, Their nature, Their ways, and Their thinking.

     Thus, Yahuwah is not only cleaning up our ability to see clearly, He is showing what is to come quickly so that we act and prepare. The apathetic, fearful, lazy do-nothings will crash for sure because of the “clouded vision” they have allowed by man’s theories or treacheries. Meditate on Jeremiah 17:5-10 for Yahuwah’s input.

From Paul Begley’s interview with “Mike from around the world” Thursday, June 30: Mike, a high-ranking traveling intelligence officer with the military, also a strong believer in Messiah, tells us about the mind-programming that is coming.
      Regarding earth’s Magnetosphere: “Mike” said it is weakened, allowing the radiation from the sun to come into the earth at a higher and higher rate.
The LHC at CERN is 100X longer than our magnetosphere – earth’s shield against radiation for one thing. Both the magnetosphere and the LHC are now running at maximum speeds – higher than ever before.

What is CERN trying to do? Actually, they are tearing the fabric of the universe in order to discover new things out in space, so they say – but it is also a concentrated effort to open the gates for the cosmic aliens to invade.

     These are not Nephilim, or fallen angels for multi-millions of them are already here. Aliens are of fallen angel creation, or should I say the mixing of matter – DNA or otherwise – like the “grays” which come in all sizes, and reptilians of all sizes.
     Folks there are underground bases all under America and the world, and in them are reptilians in status or not. They are all being activated, as was Nimrod himself in 2003 from Iraq. I have reports from top sources of militaries in Israel and the U.S. of our military, from the 1950s or earlier, working with these reptilian “aliens.” In one of my podcasts recently, I told of a dream I saw of the reptilian in a saucer over me, and what it did to put me in awe and thankfulness. It was frightening my reaction to it. The world’s people will bow to these aliens, as they invade earth, claiming to be our parents. More later on that.
      Speaking of CERN, Mike said: “They’ve already created weapons.” “They are celebrating a new discovery now.” Their collider contains a nuclear disaster. Its tube is like the heart of a nuclear bomb – crashing the particles. They split it to the basic point – they study the elements – they’ve been colliding billions of particles. They are going to ramp up the power! The collisions will be colliding at such power that new particles will be formed.
      “Mike said that if we had the ability to split one atom, we could release enough power to destroy the whole earth.” CERN is splitting atoms in their hyperbaric chamber and new particles are being created. Their assigned task was to open new worlds, new portals, releasing the fallen ones, releasing the giants of old. Now, they are ramping up their power even more.”
     Mike’s concern: “When the human mind is under a heavy magnetic pressure – the brain waves alter, and the spiritual world is revealed. This is a direct magnetic change. CERN is affecting the magnetosphere. Your subconscious can be awake – receive the spiritual realm – very dizzy – scream because you cannot process what is happening – a nightmare while wide awake. Others would see it too. They speak to the mind – not in words. Of course, these are lost people – because the spirit is dead, and cannot interfere. The minds of humans can be scrambled so that their brain’s abilities are blocked.
     Mike: “There is a `human resonance.’ If that is removed, people turn hate-filled, violent, irritated, not caring by consequences. The earth is turning now – out of Yahuwah’s perfect balance – and it affects our brain and emotions.
     Without magnetic shielding – nothing in our body is going to work right and our mind will be affected. When the magnetism starts producing more magnetism than usual it affects our minds and bodies.” He talked about dreams and how this affects dreams. It causes nausea too – without magnetic shielding.
     Mike: “The story people are about to hear is that these aliens are our parents, aka `panspermia.’ People of earth will believe them, and most will welcome them. They will usher in the Beast’s reign. The `false prophet’ makes fire come down from heaven. This is simply saucers with lazar-beams. But it will scare most all into bowing the knee.”
     Mike: “The news will come out to tell people where they came from. Most everyone’s DNA has been captured and kept (i.e. in China), so they will be able to tell where everyone came from specifically. They are going to hook human origin areas with various fallen angels over those areas.
      They’ve already done surveys in various colleges, and found that young people believe that they are not solely human, but they are mixed with something else. Youth are being programmed already that they are from other galaxies, and are being ready to receive their `ancestors.’
     The people will be told that by their DNA, they’ve found that some came from the Pleiades, or some came from Alpha Centore, or some came from Mars, or some came from other planets … The reptile species is being introduced in universities as a root of our species.”
     Military reports in Israel and the U.S. militaries are reporting that these reptilians have IQs of around 9,000. Oh yes, they are super intelligent, but also super-stupid. The smallest child with faith in our Savior is more intelligent! For that child has eternal life in the Kingdom outside of all other dimensions, and the 9,000 idiots are bound for the lake of fire. The awful thing is that most humans will bow to worship the fallen ones disguised as aliens (i.e. Revelation 13). The fallen angels are a reptile species, as with the Seraphim – or Lucifer himself – a Dragon. The Dragon of Revelation 12 for example. The fallen ones want the people of earth to believe that they came from an ancient reptilian species, that is highly superior to the human species.
     Adam and Eve were the highest of human species and had zero reptile DNA!
Yet, a Dragon, a Serpent – Lucifer himself – conned Adam and Eve into believing that his race had all the secrets of Yahuwah that Yahuwah was hiding from them.
So, we back to Genesis 3. The fallen ones still convinced humanity that their true beginnings were reptilian. Now, however, we have close to 8 BILLION people on planet Earth.
     The fallen ones that work with the Israeli military and U.S. military/Pentagon are reptilian in appearance, though they can take on any size and form.
     “The word `reptile’ will be glorified,” Mike said, “as the Origin of our species. The `species’ of the one who deceived Adam and Eve … is what will be introduced as the basis of our DNA.”
     “The species represents a system that operates under Lucifer’s rule, the Beast’s rule. Everything now is operating by the Draconian identity.”
     They will show examples of this reptilian species and humankind – from what they are working so hard to create in underground laboratories.
     Of course, this species has met with General/President Eisenhower, and other Presidents, with chiefs of the U.S. military, and perhaps the militaries of other key nations. Admiral Byrd encountered them over Antarctica with his flotilla in 1947.
     These beings will begin to manifest, perhaps as Anunnaki – which was Hitler’s race of blond blue-eyed beings. This is the race Hitler sought to rule the earth.
     Mike said: “Their manifesting will be “very – very soon. They perhaps will begin teaching this in colleges big time, and perhaps in churches even, or on the news, etc. as early as this Fall. Once this comes out, then the aliens will manifest and the people will receive them as our parents.”
     The Pope will play a big part in receiving them as the series “V” showed, but also as the Pope has been preparing for. Years ago, another pope spoke of baptizing them. The astronomers are talking about them. The American Indians might promote them too. The Vatican uses one verse in John where the Messiah said: “Other sheep have I which are not of this fold – them I will also bring.” Of course, He was talking about the gentiles.
     Of course, once the Beast takes Lucifer’s power, authority, and throne, true born-again believers cannot be allowed to live, thus the purge under the Beast, using the Khazars/rabbis and their followers – with the Illuminati, Ultra-Secular Zionists, Jesuits, Scottish-rite Masons.
     So, the word will go forth that man has evolved from many species who came from many areas of our solar system, and outside our solar system from many other planets, to seed us on earth. If so, why is the nature of man at its root so opposite of the nature of the fallen ones? Well, the “aliens” won’t appear to be “fallen.” They will appear to be kind, loving, compassionate, only wanting our good.
      Also, I ask: Why do most all life forms in the universe, even “aliens,” no matter what form it takes, have certain features that are human-like, i.e. a body with eyes, nose, ears (though some are embedded), some device to hold things, some device to walk on, or be propelled by, a stomach, an elimination function, a heart that beats, a way to procreate, and other such things that Yahuwah created?
      All the fallen ones can do is pervert and counterfeit what Yahuwah created. All they can do is use what they stole from Yahuwah and share some of it with men, to make themselves look real smart. Yet, all they can do is lie, deceive, and use their power for their own evil – and it will frighten most all mankind – but not all! Yahuwah has His special forces in His people who know how to function in Ephesians 6:10-18 with Galatians 5:22-24.

Really BIG INFORMATION about how full-blooded humans are being injected with fallen angel DNA, and what they become

      Please read or re-read two articles under the Mikvah of Present Reality: “Is the Covid Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?” Parts I and II #86.0 and 87.0 Mikvah of Set-Apartness. The answer is “yes” and “not yet.”
      This information is vital for you to know, especially when you read what is written here. The information by Anthony Patch is right on – yet we learn also that from the first “jab,” human DNA is affected and the process of turning man into an A.I. extension is underway. As I said, coroners are speaking out about the condition of dead bodies from the vaccine, no matter the company the vaccine comes from it. He said their inner organs look like mush.

      From a Steve Quayle briefing, including his science informant’s details. His science informant is very high up in military intelligence – a genius, as well as our brother in Messiah. What he says is numbing but true, absolutely true.

     Don’t skim any of this or anything that I am sharing with you that is meant for you to act on! Immediately go before Abba and give your entire life to Him as a servant in training for the Kingdom, so you are not like those of Luke 21:25-26 who are so terrified they drop dead of heart failure.

     You are either “dwelling” continually, or “abiding” continually in His Presence within your re-born spirit, or you are left to the manipulation by the technology of the mind that will be shut down, re-programmed, and taken over by the Beast and the fallen angels very, very shortly. All your head belief systems will be totally erased. Technology can erase the brain’s ability to even have faith/belief. This is why you MUST live out of your re-born spirit! Only Who and what is in your eternal spirit within your “belly area” (John 7:37-39) is going to be able to help and direct you.

      Quotation of Steve Quayle: “…genetic modification, or tampering with, the human genome. This nefarious tampering was portrayed in the Scriptures about Nimrod, and in the legends concerning Atlantis, Lemuria, Thule, and in all the mythological civilizations prior to the creation of Adam and Eve. There was an angelic civilization inhabiting the Earth before God created mankind and a Fallen Angel civilization that took over after the Genesis 6 affair.” [A creation, and a re-creation: In between, fallen angels ruled the earth, as documented in the Table of the Kings found in Sumer. In between, the earth was destroyed and left desolate. The re-creation begins with Genesis 1:3]
     In my article “Terraforming the Earth…”/Mikvah of Present Reality, we see that the fallen ones are again doing all they can to destroy the earth and all on it that reminds them of the nature, ways, and thinking of Yahuwah and Yahushua. This is why the Word says that unless Messiah returns, NO FLESH will be left alive. Now even cattle, and all life forms included, even plants, food crops, etc. the air, the water, the earth-protection belts – everything is being destroyed and hybridized by adding the DNA of fallen ones to about everything.
     I included quotes from Enoch I, Yasher, and Jubilees, that tell of the pre-Flood mixing of species: “Mind Take Over – Urgent Need For Transfer of Authority.” Mikvah of Present Reality, June 28, 2022.
     Quayle continued: “When Jesus said that the days leading up to His second coming would be just as the Days of Noah, most people dismiss His words as simply a metaphor. It should be obvious by now that Jesus meant His words: LITERALLY. Whatever genetic transformation endowed Nimrod with his strength, power, and egotistical rebellion against the Living God, is the same force being used today in modern science. Fauci the Jab King, and so many others lurking in the shadows, are right now fomenting a genetic Armageddon on an unimaginable scale! The current super-soldier program (which I described over 25 years ago) is a takeoff of the Nazis’ desire to have a super race known as the ‘Ubermensch’. Guard your humanity! The rise of modified soldiers is making way for the armies of the antichrist, but he will also use this same technology to modify all of humanity into something else, and thereby steal man’s ability to receive God’s Plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ.”

The “SCIENCE GUY” REPORT: Date: July 4, 2022 Subject: REPHAIM and how the evil of covid and the other pandemics are connected to them.

     The truth of the covid covering the earth is not about covid itself but in fact, it is the “vaxx” jabs which carry with their death in many forms which we will get into detail about…,                                                                               4 THE CURRENT DANGER: If we look carefully at covid the true dangers of covid are not the pandemic itself but the following things which are a result of the pandemic: 4.1 The global fear which the pandemic caused and the crying of people to “save them” did they turn to Jesus and repent of sins to and seek God’s promised protection? No, the people did not do that. 4.2 Instead the people turned to the very ones who were intent on the destruction of the human race…
      5 The Keys to the plan: of the fallen angels are the same today as it was in Genesis 6, the destruction of humans by the corruption of the DNA. In the time of Genesis 6, this was accomplished by the fallen angels having sex with human women and creating hybrid offspring who from the time they were born had no future past earthly death because their DNA was part human and part fallen angel, and by definition, any fallen angel DNA is bound to hell and has no hope of salvation. While it is sure that the fallen angels enjoyed the sex with the human women, they had to devise a method of high volume DNA contamination as well as tracking the contamination.                                                                                                                                                                                           6 IS THERE ANY HISTORY OF OTHER DNA CORRUPTION: Yes, there is historical interaction between the Egyptians and fallen angels which in fact shows in glyph form the required DNA modifications required to do different types of hybrids, as well as how the Egyptians interacted with the “gods from the sky” (fallen angels) to achieve their own goals as Egyptians as well as to meet the goals of the fallen angels. While there is not a lot of detail in the Egyptian writings there is enough to accomplish a number of things even in their time and moving forward.                                                                                                                                                                                                       7 HOW IS THE HIGH VOLUME DNA ALTERATION BEING ACCOMPLISHED NOW AND ALSO BEING TRACKED AND WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU?: 7.1 HOW THE HIGH VOLUME DNA ALTERATION IS BEING DONE: 7.1.1 Although the “vax” shots are made by different companies with variations in the solutions, there are several common things to all the shots worldwide: There is an injectable system that is included in each syringe and is injected along with the fluids of the “vax or booster or xxx at the time”. More about this system in the next section. Each of the injections contains key fallen angel DNA sections. Each injection also contains altered human DNA sections. THE INITIAL “VAXX” SHOT AND ALL THE BOOSTER SHOTS CONTAIN FALLEN ANGEL DNA AND OTHER HUMAN DNA, AND THE INJECTABLE SYSTEM CONTROLLER (FOR BACKUP). THIS WAS DONE SO THAT BY DESIGN A PERSON COULD NOT COME FOR A “BOOSTER SHOT” TRYING TO AVOID SOMETHING IN THE PRIMARY SHOT BECAUSE THE KEY COMPONENTS OF THE ORIGINAL SHOT AND THE BOOSTER ARE SUBSTANTIALLY THE SAME. I CAN HEAR PEOPLE SAYING THIS: OH BUT I HEARD FROM MY PASTOR THAT THE “VAXX” WAS A GOOD THING. DID YOU CHALLENGE YOUR PASTOR ABOUT HOW HE DECIDED IT WAS A GOOD THING? …REMEMBER JESUS SAID THIS: IF I DID NOT SHORTEN THE DAYS THERE WOULD BE NO HUMAN FLESH SAVED! 7.2 HOW THE HIGH-VOLUME DNA ALTERATIONS ARE BEING MANAGED AND TRACKED: 7.2.1 In each shot of the “vaxx or booster” there is an injectable system which manages the whole DNA manipulation process once the first injection is completed. 7.2.2 The system consists of the following things: An energy collector which can collect the system running energy from any available RF energy source but is optimized for Bluetooth and 5G sources. It has a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver as well as an ultra-low power 5G transmitter and receiver. It also contains a small computer to run the entire injected system and each system has a unique serial number which means if you have been injected you can be picked out of a crowd by your unique serial number which is now part of you. The system also contains some DNA splicing and modification tools to be used as needed.

After you have read this report do not get discouraged remember that Jesus is with you always if you have made the choice to repent then you claim His salvation.”

     OK, that’s it for now. I’ve followed these things for many years. The information is very real. Recently, I learned more about the cloning going on all over the U.S. So many are deceived by social media. Many are communicating with an A.I. program and think it’s a new friend. Get off of social media!!! DO NOT waste time!
     I’ve done extensive research on what I hear or read for 22 years, much of it in the Bible. Recently, Abba has narrowed me down to two 2 watchmen and a few of their associated friends who fill in for them. I read a few articles now. I do not watch YouTube or any other videos unless Abba leads. I take notes on what I hear and follow up with my own research. In all the years, I’ve been a prophetic watchman, I always make sure my keen sense of discerning spirits is in full operation! But also, because I know the Word so well. I also know when religious people are quoting their favorite pastor, teacher, or rabbi. I can easily discern by their body language, attitude, voice inflection, mental confusion, and falsehood that goes against the whole of the Word! Religious people often carry a Luciferic pride and arrogance, along with incredible ignorance of the Word and the nature of Yahuwah.
     So, folks, GAIN Chokmâh (חָכְמָה)wisdom by diligence, always LED BY THE RUACH/SPIRIT for understanding. Yahuwah leads as we seek Him!
Shalom, Yedidah – July 6, 2022

Did you know that the Father’s name is revealed in the Son’s name? 72 times, the Father’s name (Yahuw) appears at the end of Hebrew names in the Tanakh. 27 times, the Father’s name (Yahuw) appears at the front of Hebrew names in the Tanakh. 72 + 27 = 99 But there is one name in the Tanakh, that has the Father’s name (Yahuw) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NAME! And that one name represents the 100th sheep that has been lost, but will be found by our Shepherd!” By Maria Merola אריאל


Father’s Name Revealed in the Son’s name

By Maria Merola אריאל

( click link above to reach the writer )

For many years I had often wondered why I could not seem to find anything in the Tanakh (Old Testament) Scriptures relating to the parable that our Messiah told about the “one hundred sheep,” and the one that was lost (Matthew 18:12 & Luke 15:4).

However, on one fine day, I discovered that these “one hundred sheep have been “hidden from our eyes under Gentile names that were given to them by the English translators.

All along, the Heavenly Father knew who these “lost sheep were, and they were not “lost” to him. They were only“lost” to their true identity as Yisraelites! 

In other words, they did not know who they were, because they did not know the name of their Heavenly Father.

Beloved, in these last days, the “lost sheep” are being discovered, and they are finding out who they really are! 
When these lost sheep from the Gentile nations begin to truly “know” the Heavenly Father (intimately), by his true“hidden name, they will be found of him, and they will also come into their own true identity as “sons!

I receive a lot of criticism, (even within the Hebraic Root’s Community), because I place an emphasis on using the correct name for our Heavenly Father and our Messiah. 

However, just so that you understand, I am not one who condemns people to the Lake of Fire for using the name “Jesus” or “Yeshua.” Neither do I condemn those who use Jehovah, Yehovah, or Yahweh for our Father’s name. 
I do believe that the Father is extending mercy for this season, (while people are trying to sift through all the confusion about his name). However, there will come a day when the Anti-Messiah will make it punishable by decapitation to use his true name. This is even stated in the Noahide Laws. See the links below to learn more:
Beware of the Noahide Laws

‘Yahweh’ not to be used in liturgy, songs and prayers, Cardinal Arinze says

When this happens, all counterfeit names for our Creator will be enforced by the beast, and people will have to choose whether to obey the Scriptures, (and face the death penalty); or to obey the Vatican Papal Beast by using vain empty titles for their generic gods.At that point, calling upon any counterfeit name (enforced by the beast), will mean that are worshiping, and obeying the beast.
To read more about how the Mark of the Beast will be implemented (to include decapitation) for using the true name of our Creator, see my other blog entitled: “The Hidden Character of Ha’Shem.”
Our Messiah’s name is “Joshua” which is #3091 in the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance as “YeHoWshuwa” which is the modern rendering of this name. But in Ancient Hebrew it was “YaHuWshuwa” which means “YaHuWaH is salvation.”
So why do I make such a big deal about saying the Father’s name and the Son’s name correctly?
The real issue behind the name “Jesus” verses the true Hebrew name of our Messiah Yahuwshuwa is found in the story of Joseph and his lost brothers. When Pharaoh changed Joseph’s name to “Zaphnathpaaneah,” he became a savior to the Egyptians (Gentiles) because he saved them from a famine (Genesis 41:45). 
However, when his brothers came to buy grain, they did not recognize him under that name. When Joseph said to them “I am YaHuWceph” their eyes were opened to him (Genesis 45-3-4)!  

Our Heavenly Father’s name is “YaHuW,” and it is seen within 100 different names of Yisraelites in the Tanakh (Old Testament). This name “YaHuW” is embedded in Joseph’s name (see #3084 in the Hebrew Concordance), and it means “YaHuWaH shall increase.”
Joseph is a prophetic “type” of Messiah, and ten brothers (minus Benjamin), are symbolic of the Ten Northern Tribes of the “lost sheep” of the House of Ephrayim. These lost sheep were scattered to the four corners of the earth for their idolatry. 
When Joseph revealed the Father’s name (YaHuW) to them within his own name, their eyes were opened to him, and there was restored fellowship! 
Similarly, the lost sheep will not recognize their Messiah with the man-made name of “Jesus” or “Jehovah!” This is why YaHuWaH has revealed to me to call our Messiah by his real name which is YaHuWshuwa” because it has the Father’s name in it! 
To learn more about the origin of the name “Jesus Christ” see my other blog entitled: “Does the Name “Jesus” Really Come from Zeus?”
Therefore, the Father is glorified in his Son! This is why in John 5:43 he said “I am come in my Father’s name.” He meant more than just his authority, because the Hebrew word for “name” (shem) means “a physical mark.” And so in order to bring the lost sheep home to their Messiah, we must use his real name which also reveals the Father’s name!
It is also important to note that the name “Zaphnathpaaneah” has a “double meaning” because Joseph was the one to inherit a “double portion” of his father Jacob’s blessing (Genesis 48:22) In Egyptian, the name “Zaphnathpaaneah” means “savior of the world,” but in Hebrew it means “a revealer of a secret!”
In these last days our Messiah is revealing his true name and his true identity to us so that we can be given our own true identity as Yisraelites!
See my other blog entitled: “My People Shall Know My Name!”

We are about to find these one hundred sheep in the in the Hebrew Old Testament aka“Tanakh,” by first finding out which ones the Heavenly Father has placed his own name. 
You are about to be blown away as  you discover that there are exactly 100 names in the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament) with the “Father’s name”embedded in them. We will first begin with all the names that have Father’s name at the end of their name.
The following charts are provided by this website:
The Name YaHuW (pronounced Yahu) appears 72 times at the end of names in the Hebrew Scriptures:

Strong’s #     Name Meaning Common Name
#29  Abiyahuw my Father is YaHuWaH Abijah
#138  Adoniyahuw my Master is YaHuWaH Adonijah
#223  Uriyahuw my flame is YaHuWaH Urijah
#274 Achazyahuw possession of YaHuWaH Ahaziah
#281 Achiyahuw my brother is YaHuWaH Ahijah
#452 Eliyahuw (my Elohiym is YaHuWaH Elijah
#558 Amatsyahuw strength of YaHuWaH Amaziah
#568 Amaryahuw promised of YaHuWaH Amariah
#683 Atsalyahuw reserved to YaHuWaH Azaliah
#1141 Benayahuw built up of YaHuWaH Benaiah
#1296 Berekyahuw kneel to YaHuWaH Berechiah
#1436 Gedalyahuw YaHuWaH is great Gedaliah
#1587 Gemaryahuw perfected by YaHuWaH Gemariah
#1735 Dodawahuw Love of YaHuWaH Dodavah
#1806 Delayahuw delivered by YaHuWaH Delaiah
#1936 Hodaywahuw majesty of YaHuWaH Hodevah
#2069 Zebadyahuw endurance of YaHuWaH Zebadiah
#2148 Zccharyahuw remembered by YaHuWaH Zechariah
#2396 Chizeqiyahuw my strength is YaHuWaH Hezekiah
#2518 Chiliqiyahuw my portion is YaHuWaH Hilkiah
#2608 Chananyahuw favored by YaHuWaH Hananiah
#2811 Chashabyahuw regarded by YaHuWaH Hashabiah
#2882 Tebalyahuw immersed by YaHuWaH Tebaliah
#2899 Towb Adoniyahuw pleasing to my Master YaHuW Tob-adonijah
#2900 Towbiyahuw my goodness is YaHuWaH Tobiah
#2970 Yaazanyahuw will be heard by YaHuWaH Jaazaniah
#2977 Yoshiyahuw my foundation is YaHuWaH Josiah
#3000 Yeberekyahuw kneeling to YaHuWaH Jebcrechiah
#3012 Yigdalyahuw magnified by YaHuWaH Igdaliah
#3153 Yezenyahuw adorned of YaHuWaH Jezaniah
#3165 Yechdiyahuw my unity is YaHuWaH Jehdeiah
#3169 Yechizqiyahuw my strength is YaHuWaH Hezekiah
#3203 Yekolyahuw YaHuWaH will enable Jecoliah
#3204 Yekonyahuw YaHuWaH will establish Jeconiah
#3269 Yaaziyahuw my boldness is YaHuWaH Jaaziah
#3404 Yeriyahuw taught by YaHuWaH Jeriah
#3414 Yirmeyahuw exalted of YaHuWaH Jeremiah
#3449 Yishiyahuw YaHuWaH will lend Ishiah, Isijahu
#3460 Yishmayahuw heard by YaHuWaH Ishmaiah
#3470 Yeshayahuw salvation of YaHuWaH Isaiah
#3562 Conanyahuw sustained by YaHuWaH Conaniah
#3659 Conyahuw stability by YaHuWaH Coniah
#3663 Kenanyahuw planted by YaHuWaH Chenaniah
#4321 Mikayahuw like YaHuWaH Michaiah
#4441 Malkiyahuw my king is YaHuWaH Malchiah
#4590 Maazyahuw rescue of YaHuWaH Maaziah
#4641 Maaseyahuw work of YaHuWaH Maaseiah
#4737 Miqncyahuw purchase of YaHuWaH Mikneiah
#4920 Meshelemyahuw repaid by YaHuWaH Meshelcmiah
#4983 Mattanyahuw present of YaHuWaH Mattaniah
#4993 Mattithyahuw gift of YaHuWaH Matthew
#5374 Neriyahuw my light is YaHuWaH Neriah
#5418 Nethanyahuw given by YaHuWaH Nethaniah
#5565 Semakyahuw supported by YaHuWaH Semachiah
#5662 Obadyahuw Servant of YaHuWaH Obadiah
#5718 Adayahuw continuing in YaHuWaH Adaiah
#5812 Azazyahuw (strength of YAHUWAH) Azaziah
#5818 Uzziyahuw my power is YaHuWaH Uzziah
#5838 Azaryahuw helped of YaHuWaH Azariah
#6271 Athalyahuw constrained by YaHuWaH Athaliah
#6305 Pedayahuw ransomed of YaHuWaH Pedaiah
#6410 Pelatyahuw delivered by YaHuWaH Pelatiah
#6667 Tsidekiyahuw YaHuWaH is righteous Zedekiah
#6846 Tsephanyahuw hidden by YaHuWaH Zephaniah
#6984 Qushayahuw entrapped of YaHuWaH Kushaiah
#7345 Rechabyahuw enlarged of YaHuWaH Rehabiah
#7425 Remalyahuw YaHuWaH has bedecked Remaliah
#7645 Shebanyahuw prospered by YaHuWaH Shebaniah
#7935 Shekanyahuw lodging of YaHuWaH Shecaniah
#8018 Shelemyahuw thank offering of YaHuWaH Shelemiah
#8098 Shemayahuw heard of YaHuWaH Shemaiali
#8114 Shemaryahuw hedged by YaHuWaH Shemariah
#8203 Shepharyahuw Oudged by YAHUWAH) Shephatiah
#8304 Serayahuw prevailed by YaHuWaH Seriah

The Name YaHuW versus YeHoW: The Great Talmudic Cover-Up
In the 10th Century a new grammatical rule was invented by the Hebrew Scribes called “the pre-tonal shortening rule.” This rule states that whenever the Father’s name (YaHuW) appears at the beginning of a name then it changes to “YeHoW.” But if it appears at the end of names then it can remain as “YaHuW.” Why was this done?
After the House of Judah (the Jewish people) came out of Babylonian Captivity, they were afraid that the Gentiles would take the sacred name of the Creator in vain, so they thought it was their duty to make the name of the Father against the law to pronounce. Here is what it says in the Talmud:
It is forbidden to read the glorious and terrible name as it is written, as the sages said “He that pronounces the name as it is written has no portion in the world to come.” Therefore it must be read as if it were written “Adonai,”—- (Mishnah Berurah 5:2).
Now we can begin to unravel the mystery behind how and why this “pre-tonal shortening rule” was invented. It was done so that the Creator’s name would not be pronounced as “YaHuW.” 

This is how we know that the name YeHoW (pronounced yay-ho) as seen in the name YeHoVaH or YeHoWaH is not the correct way to pronounce the Creator’s name.
In the original Hebrew Scriptures, names not only ended with “Yahuw,” but they also began with “Yahuw.” This was determined by comparing other languages like Arabic and Cuneiform.
Jehoahaz – An inscription of Tiglathpileser III records tribute being received from Iauhazi (mat) Ia-u-da-a.
‘Jehoahaz of Judah.’ —The Illustrated Bible Dictionary.
Jehoiachio—“In Babylon, Jehoiachin was treated as a royal hostage. He is named (Yau-kin) in Bab. tablets, dated 595 and 570 BC, as receiving rations at the court in company with his five sons.”—The Illustrated Bible Dictionary.
Jehonuthan—“The name occurs in Cuneiform records as Yahuw-natunnu.”—-Seventh-day Adventist BIBLE DICTIONARY.
Jehu—“Cuneiform Ia-u-a.” The New Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew English Lexicon. In Arabic, Jehu was pronounced “Yahuw.” See Hastings Dictionary of the Bible. All this evidence and more, suggest that “Yahuw” was used at the beginning of names, instead of the more Modern Jewish “Yehow” cover up of the set-apart name. Therefore, the 27 following names are restored to their original pronunciation.
27 Names in the Tanakh (Old Testament) Begin with YaHuW (Yahu)

Strong’s #     Name Meaning Common Name
#3057  Yahuwdiyah  a Jewess Jehudijah
#3058  Yahuw YaHuWaH is He Jehu
#3059  Yahuwachaz YaHuWaH seized Jehoahaz
#3060 Yahuwash YaHuWaH fired Jehoash
#3061 Yahuwd a name for Judea Jehud
#3063 Yahuwdah Praise YaHuWaH Genesis 29:35 Judah
#3064 Yahuwdiy a Jew, a descendant of Judah or Yahuwdah Jew
#3067 Yahuwdiyth Jewess-Jehudith, a Canaanitess Judith
#3068 YaHuWaH I AM THAT I AM Exodus 3:14 Jehovah
#3075 Yahuwzabad YaHuWaH-endowed Jehozabad
#3076 Yahuwchanan YaHuWaH-favored Jehohanan
#3077 Yahuwyada YaHuWaH-known Jehoiada
#3078 Yahuwyakin YaHuWaH-will establish Jehojakin
#3079 Yahuwyaqim YaHuWaH-will raise Jehoiakim
#3080 Yahuwyarib YaHuWaH-will contend Jehoiarib
#3081 Yahuwkal YaHuWaH-is able Jehucal
#3082 Yahuwnadab YaHuWaH-offers freely Jehonadab
#3083 Yahuwnathan YaHuWaH-given Jehonathan/Jonathan
#3084 Yahuwceph YaHuWaH-is adding Jehoceph/Joseph
#3085 Yahuwaddah YaHuWaH-adorned Jehoadah
#3086 Yahuwaddan YaHuWaH-pleased Jehoaddan
#3087 Yahuwtzadaq YaHuWaH-righteousness Jehozadak
#3088 Yahuwram YaHuWaH-raised Jehoram/Jerome
#3089 Yahuwsheba YaHuWaH-sworn Jehosheba
#3090 Yahuwshabath YaHuWaH has sworn Jehoshabeath
#3091 Yahuwshuwa YaHuWaH -Saviour Jehoshua/Joshua
#3092 Yahuwshaphat YaHuWAH -judged Jehoshaphat

The Father’s name is seen in the original Ancient Hebrew Scriptures only one time time with “Yahuw” in the middle as follows:
#454Elyhow`eynayel-ye-ho-ay-nah’ee; from 413 and 3068 and 5869; towards Jehovah (are) my eyes; Eljehoenai or Eljoenai, the name of seven Israelites:–Elihoenai, Elionai.
What is interesting is that this name Elyahuweynay means “My eyes are towards YaHuWaH.” Is it possible that the one lost sheep who our Messiah goes after is represented by the one who has the Fathers name hidden in the middle? And is it also possible that once their eyes are opened to his true name, their deafness and blindness will be healed?

Yisrael has been deaf and blind to their maker and to their Messiah for more than two Millennia (Isaiah 29:18; 35:5; 43:8; Matthew 13:13-4; Acts 28:26). I believe that the name of the Father is the key to these lost sheep finding out who they really are. 
In totality, we can see the Creators name, YaHuW is in the original Hebrew scriptures as follows:
72 times at the end of names.
27 times at the beginning of names.
1 time in the middle of a name.

72 + 27 + 1 = 100!
Could it be that these two numbers in reverse (72 & 27) have to do with the Two Houses of Yisra’el? The 72 names would then represent the Ten Northern Tribes of the House of Ephrayim (who become the fullness of the Gentiles when they discover who they really are) and the smaller number would represent the Two Southern Tribes of the House of Yahuwdah (Judah). 
This would make sense, because it is the House of Yahuwdah (Judah or Jews) who changed the vowel points at the beginning of 27 names to YeHoinstead of YaHuW!
This reminds me of the parable of the “ninety-nine sheep” who are left so that Messiah can find that one who is lost:

Matthithyahuw (Matthew) 18:

11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.
12 How think you? if a man have a hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, does he not leave the ninety and nine, and goes into the mountains, and seeks that which is gone astray?
13 And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoices more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray.
There are 100 names in the Tanakh (Old Testament) that contain our Heavenly Father’s name (YaHuW), and this represents the 100 sheep in this parable. But the one lost sheep is represented by the one name where the Father’s name appears in the middle of the name, and that one name is Elyahuw`eynay (Elihoenai). 
This name has been applied to seven different Yisraelites, and I believe this represents the seven congregations in the book of Revelation who have been grafted into the olive tree of Yisra’el.
So we have the 72 names of Yisraelites with “Yahuw” at the end, which I believe represents the Ten Northern Tribes of Ephrayim. But then we also have the 27 names that have the name “Yahuw” at the front of names, but the House of Yahuwdah (Judah) changed the vowel points to make it appear as “Yehow!”
This is why I believe that we can assimilate the 27 names to the Two Southern Tribes of the House of Judah. When we combine these two numbers, we get a total of 99 sheep! 

However, the one lost sheep is a picture of the one name of “Elyahuw`eynay” (Elihoenai),whose name has been applied to seven Yisraelites. This name of Elihoenai (#H454) is seen in the following passages: 1st Chronicles 3:23-24; 4:36; 7:8; 26:3; Ezra 8:4; 10:22 &27; Nehemiah 12:41.

In 1st Chronicles 26:3, Elyahuw`eynay (Elihoenai) is the seventh son of Meshelemyahuw who was a gatekeeper and his sons also were gatekeepers of the Tabernacle of Dawiyd. 
In Ezra 8:4, Elyahuw`eynay was among those who returned to Jerusalem out of the Babylonian Captivity. 
In Ezra 10:22 & 27, Elyahuw`eynay (Elihoenai) was among those who divorced their heathen wives who caused them to sin against YaHuWaH. In Nehemiah 12:41 Elyahuw`eynay (Elihoenai) was the name of a priest who blew trumpets in the House of Elohiym.

I believe that this name Elyahuw`eynay (Elihoenai) can possibly represent the seven assemblies in the book of Revelation who were former Gentiles, but through the blood covenant of Messiah, Yahuwshuwa, they were grafted into the House of Yisra’el.
There are also some other prophetic pictures that we can see about these numbers. You can add up the numbers as follows:

7 + 2 = 9  for 9 gifts of the Spirit in 1st Corinthians 12:4-11.
2 + 7 = 9 for 9 fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22.

The 9 gifts of the spirit are usually emphasized by the larger group (72) because the House of Ephrayim (Christian Church) tends to emphasize the gifts of the spirit (manifestations) more than the fruit of the spirit. 

But the 9 fruit of the spirit is usually more apparent among the smaller group (27) for the House of Judah, for this group tends to emphasize “good deeds” more than manifestations. Obviously both elements are needed to have balance. We need to have fruit (deeds) and also gifts of the spirit in operation which is the evidence of the presence of YaHuWaH.

The #7 in scripture usually applies to the seven covenants evidenced by the seven colors of the rainbow. It also represents the seven-branch menorah, and the seven spirits of YaHuWaH in Isaiah 11:1-2; Revelation 4:5 & 5:6. There are also seven congregations in the book of Revelation and seven continents of the world (nations). 
The larger group represented by the #72 could mean that they (the seven congregations) will join themselves in the last days to the Two Southern Tribes of Judah as seen in Zechariah 8:23. 
The larger group represented by the #72 has the name of the Father at the “end of names” which could mean that they are the “last born” or the youngest, just like the younger brother in the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15. 

But the smaller group represented by the #27 (Judah), has the Father’s name at the front of names, but they disguised it with different vowel points. Judah was “born first” to Jacob, but in the last days, Ephrayim represented by the #72 (the larger group) are called “my firstborn” (Jeremiah 31:9).

In these last days, those of us who have an emphasis on the sacred name, are beginning to restore the correct vowel points to the Father’s name at the front of names as well as at the end of names. 
This could symbolize the “double portion blessing” of Yahuwceph (Joseph), for he is a type of Messiah who inherits both Houses of Yisra’el, the first and the last, the beginning and the ending. 
Yahuwshuwa came to represent both houses, and this is why he referred to himself in Revelation 1:8 as“The Aleph and Taw, (Alpha & Omega), the beginning and the ending.” 
Those who restore the Father’s name at the end of names as well as at the beginning of names represent the ones who inherit the double portion! 

In other words, they are the 27 + 72 = 99! The double portion blessing includes 9 fruits of the spirit as well as 9 gifts of the spirit!

To learn more details about the name of our Creator, see my other article entitled: “The Covenant Name of Salvation Revealed.”

A Testimony : YHWH Creator Father’s Name is in our DNA

Brothers and sisters in our MessiYAH YAHUSHUA YAHUWAH,

In the last few days I have had some great opportunities to set up several meetings with certain people, and then let the Ruach do the rest.  One of my prayers is to remove any darkness and fleshly desires, basically to get out of HIS way as he pours out HIS Ruach through me.  I do not want to cause any corruption and say anything I’m not supposed to when He has a message for certain people.

This week, I’ve had several meetings with unvaccinated Germans where I live.  There are people awake all over the world it seems.  I had a chance to witness to them about the name of YHWH encoded in our DNA and why there’s a satanic push to vaccinate the populations of the world.  I explained that this is playing out exactly according to scripture (MAT 24:22,27) and that satan and his minions are making war with the saints (the elect) and overcoming some of them (REV 13:7) through deceit, getting them to voluntarily take the vaccine and change their DNA.  I explained to them that satan knows that our DNA is divine which enables our bodies to become the temple of YHWH (1 COR 3:16), with his name written in us. The enemy also knows that if he can destroy our temple (our DNA), the Ruach Ha’Qodesh of the Most High will no longer dwell there because it has been corrupted by mankind’s hands.  The enemy is deceiving us, even some of the elect, to get us destroy our temples because he also knows that when we destroy our temple, YHWH will destroy us (1 COR 3:17).  I will continue to pray that their spiritual eyes to see have been opened and they come to the truth.

On another note, I’ve also had conversations with a co-worker, named E here, who took the vaccine, but is refusing to take any others.  I explained to him what Yah has revealed to me about the true vaccine agenda, a diabolical campaign to war against the saints to destroy the temple(s) of the Most High.  It is NO coincidence that E is now leaving government civilian service after 20 years because he sees the evil behind the vax mandates for govt. employees.  I told him to repent for himself and his wife and children that took the jab not knowing that they were destroying the temple of YHWH.  He is the priest of his family and should fall on his face before the Most High and ask for forgiveness and restoration for himself and his family, so the RUACH can once again dwell inside them.  He understands this is SERIOUS business.  I’ve attached a copy of a power point presentation I put together that I sent him concerning the name of God in our DNA.  Feel free to use it however you see fit.

E knows I’m retiring and going into the civilian sector.  I explained to him that I am in the preliminary stages of establishing an IT company to enable business transactions for financial and insurance products and would be recruiting many others through prayer and supplication. After chatting with him for a while, he unequivocally understands that righteous judgment is the number one trait we are looking for in our employees.  E is a civilian IT project manager also has a background in ecommerce.  In fact, he has started several ecommerce businesses in previous jobs, and he understands the processes over the internet very well.  I didn’t get into specifics, but told him that we were taking ecommerce to the next level with blockchain and would be interested in consulting with him later.  Wow,  It’s amazing the kind of things that happen to you after you submit yourself to the Father’s will.  I may not understand things as they unfold, but after looking back, I see how perfectly things have been orchestrated by Him! HalleluYah!

This has been a crazy unusual week for me, but the Father has been using me to deliver messages to key people I didn’t even think about.  Now, as I look back, I understand that it isn’t me that set up these meetings at all.  It was Yah.  I just need to stand in the gap and let the RUACH do it’s thing by being in the right place, at the right time.  Praise YHWH for His perfect timing in all things, including bringing people together according to YAH’s perfect purpose.

Respectfully your bother in Mashiach,


Jubilee 12:26
And I ( Messenger of the Almighty )opened his (Abraham) mouth, and his ears and his lips, and I began to speak with him in Hebrew in the tongue of the creation.

Additional Links to our Creator’s Shem : YaHuWaH


YHWH‘s Name is in The Sound of Our Breathing

Genesis 2:7 And YAHUWAH Aloha formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. – Job 33:4 The Ruach of Aloha hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

Sound – Breathing effects: A collection of some physiological and pathological breath sounds that may be heard by auscultation.

This short and very powerful video demonstrates the relationship between the human breathing pattern and our Creator’s Name. His name, YAH-UW-AH, is pronounced exactly according to the inhalation and exhalation sounds produced when we breathe. He is our Breath of Life!

Exo 3:14  And Elohai said unto El-Mosheh, Ehayah Asher Ehayah: and he said, Thus shall you say unto the children of Yashar’el, Ehayah has sent me unto you. 

Exo 3:15  And Eloha said moreover unto El-Mosheh, Thus shall you say unto the children of Yashar’el, Yahuwah Eloha of your fathers, the Eloha of Avraham, the Eloha of Yitschaq, and the Eloha of Yaqovhas sent me unto you: this is my name forever, and this is my mention unto all generationsExo 3:16 Go, and gather the elders of Yashar’el together, and say unto them, Yahuwah Eloha of your fathers, the Eloha of Avraham, of Yitschaq, and of Yaqov appeared unto me, saying, I have surely visited you, and seen that which is done to you in Mitsrayim: 

Exo 3:17 
And I have said, I will bring you up out of the affliction of Mitsrayim unto the land of the Kena`aniym, and the Chittiym, and the Emoriym, and the Perizziym, and the Chivviym, and the Yevuciym, unto a land flowing with milk and honey. 
Exo 3:18  And they shall hearken to your voice: and you shall come, you and the elders of Yashar’el, unto the king of Mitsrayim, and ye shall say unto him, YaHuWaH Elohai of the Ivriym has met with us: and now let us go, we beseech you, three days’ journey into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice to YaHuWaH Elohaynu. 

Exo 3:14 (I AM HE WHO EXIST) 出3:14 (I AM The One Who IS )

I Am The Breath Of LIFE : I Am Yah -Uw- Ah !

Selah: His Name YAHUWAH Tells Us: IN HIM IS LIFE

Genesis 2:7 And YAHUWAH Aloha formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. – Job 33:4 The Ruach of Aloha hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.


Num 6: 26 YaHuWaH lift up His countenance upon you and give you shalom.

Num 6: 27 And they shall put My Name upon the children of Yisrael and I will Baruch them 。

Acknowledgment: Disciples of The Way Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ae6ZV2Y-9M

𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 (from right to left ) = YHWH (From left to Right) =YaHuWaH

How to pronounce the Creator’s name YaH-uW-aH Find it out from the chart below:

Y= ee sound, H= eh sound. Hence Y H= YaH, ( Psa 68:4  Sing unto Eloha, sing praises to HIS name: extol HIM that rides upon the heavens by HIS name YaH. )

U with emphasis = double UU (W) = OO (uW) sound. Hence UU-aH=uWaH

𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 (from right to left ) = YHWH (From Right to Left) =YaHuWaH

More Details goes to : https://man-child.com/publish-the-name-of-yahuwah/