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Cleansing the Earth by Fire  

Published on Aug 13, 2015  by Daniel de Caussin

The flood in Noah’s time, cleansed the Earth of the godlessness taught to mankind by the fallen Watchers. The Earth has been affected by this teaching again. This time the Earth will be cleansed with fire. This have been prophesied, so we have confidence it will be happening. We understand it to be soon.


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Enoch Sevenfold instructions version 1

by  Daniel de Caussin


Dear Brothers and Sisters, I was moved to speak about the Sevenfold
Spiritual Instructions of Enoch. Actually, there are two sets of
instructions; one is spiritual and the other earthly. At this time, I will
speak about the Spiritual instructions.

As with all commands or instructions; we are always given a way or
means to execute the command and comprehend the instruction. Our
Father wants us to succeed and places no impediment in our path to
success. In fact, He wants to yoke with us and show us how to do it.
This is like the experienced Ox is yoked with the inexperienced Ox until
the inexperienced learns how to pull the plow. The implied prayer here,
is that we accept the offer of this yoke and learn how to plow with Him.


Let’s start by reading from the Book of Jasher 3:24 “When at that time
Enoch heard this, he went and assembled all the inhabitants of the
earth, and taught them wisdom and knowledge and gave them divine
instructions, and he said to them, I have been required to ascend into
heaven, I therefore do not know the day of my going. And now therefore
I will teach you wisdom and knowledge and will give you instruction
before I leave you, how to act upon earth whereby you may live; and he
did so. And he taught them wisdom and knowledge, and gave them
instruction, and he reproved them, and he placed before them statutes
and judgments to do upon earth, and he made peace amongst them,
and he taught them everlasting life, and dwelt with them some time
teaching them all these things.”


So the question that is raised here is, “How can a man teach another
man everlasting life?”
By yoking with Yahu’sha we become like Him who was like the Father.
By loving and acting like the Father, the outcome is everlasting life.
The Fallen Watchers, on the other hand, deceived mankind. They
claimed they were teaching things that were needed for life. But in fact,
these things excluded the power of the Almighty. These things
1promoted godlessness. When mankind was formed they lived in the
Garden of Pleasure. Eden means pleasure. Man could have lived there a
long time under the guide of the Father.


The grievous fact is, the teaching of the Fallen Watchers started the
process of corruption. These things continue to this day and persecute
mankind. Enoch taught against these things that the Fallen Watchers
taught. He taught us how to ignore the godless teaching and how to
incorporate the things of Father Av Elohiym in our lives. When we
unlearn from the list of things that the Fallen Watchers taught, we need
to fill the void with right-thinking and right-doing. It’s an attitude; it’s a
way of life.


At Enoch 69:11 “For men were created exactly like the Messengers, to
the intent that they should continue pure and righteous, and death,
which destroys everything, could not have taken hold of them, but
through this their knowledge they are perishing, and through this
power, it is consuming me.”
The endeavor of Enoch was to turn around or reverse the teaching of
the Fallen Watchers. He was asked to reprimand them for teaching this
godlessness. Enoch 14:3 “As He created and gave to Mankind the power
of understanding the Word of Wisdom, so has He created me also and
given me the authority to reprimand the Fallen Watchers, the children
of heaven.”

This reminds me of Yahu’sha having power and authority over the
messengers that are in charge of the storm. This also reminds me of the
two witnesses that will have power and authority over the messengers
that are in charge of the wind and rain. We were made “for a little while”
lower than the angels. As sons of Father Av, we are crowned along with
Yahu’sha to rule over all things by becoming one with His teaching. His
name is One! He wants unity with all his creation.

The word Torah means, the teaching. The teaching of the Father is
2intended to be a guide like a finger pointing the way. Now think about a
Torah Scroll. The word of Father Av is wrapped around two spindles.
The tradition of the Jews is to call these spindles “Etz Cha-eem” or
Trees of Life. The question comes up how can we pluck from a tree and
eat Knowledge of Good and Evil and how can we eat Life? Deuteronomy
8:3 “…man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes
from the mouth of Yaha’oha.”

To eat knowledge means that we accept an experience into our life. We
have five gates that allow access into our temple. It is through these
that we eat “experience.” These gates are; hearing, sight, smell, touch,
and taste. It is imperative that these gates are guarded. The guard
discerns what enters in. The Guard is the word of Father Av.
We know that, what is in a man’s heart, comes out of his mouth. Here
we see that what goes in affects our unity and everlasting life.
John 6:54 “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood possesses
everlasting life, and I shall raise him up in the last day.” This is a call
to live in the personality and character of Yahu’sha the manifestation of
Yaha’oha the son of Father Av.

We know this from Enoch 14:3 “That mankind was created with the
power of understanding the Word of Wisdom.” Each command includes
the tools to accomplish the task. The Father does not set us up for
failure! He wants us to succeed!
We are all well aware of the five senses that need guarding against
godlessness. It is through these senses that godlessness communicates
to us. Godlessness is relentless and seeks entrance into our soul. Noah
was aware of this and exhorted his three sons and us, to guard our
souls against the teaching of the Fallen Watchers.

Enoch has described a sixth gate. This sixth gate the creator Yaha’oha
gave us when we were formed. He did this for our health, both of the
spirit and of the body; It is a gate that needs more attention than we
give it. When Satan, one of the enchanters, does not want you to know
3something, he will relentlessly teach that it does not exist. He will
poison the well so that you do not drink from it. Satan does not want
you to know about it because he does not use it to communicate to us.
That sixth sense is the ear we have that hears the Spirit of Truth. I will
repeat; The Father does not want us to fail. He provided us with the
tools for success. Enoch wrote that Yaha’oha created and gave to
Mankind the power of understanding the Word of Wisdom. We were
reminded in the scriptures that with these ears we are to hear the word
of Father Av, and through this ear, this sixth sense, we are to be taught
by the Spirit of Truth. Matthew 16:17 “Flesh and blood has not shown
this to you, but the Father in Heaven.” This hearing of the heart
becomes our sixth gate of communication to the Spirit of Truth, and

So going back to the original question, “How can a man [Enoch] teach
another man everlasting life?” Take a look at the man Enoch. Enoch’s
life revolved around the teaching of wisdom and about passing it on. To
the Hebrew thinker, someone’s name described function. Enoch’s name
means – Dedicated, as in for a special purpose. The root word for this
name is: to train, to inaugurate. It seems reasonable to say that the
function of Enoch was that he was set apart or dedicated for the job of
training righteousness, and wisdom. This wisdom was against
godlessness, demons, and wickedness.


These are the divine instructions or divine wisdom given to our father
Enoch, who then passed it on to us.
The Sevenfold Spiritual Instructions start at Enoch 93:


Enoch 93:11-13 “[1st Instruction] For who is there, of all the children of
men, that is able to hear the voice of the Holy One without being

[2nd Instruction] Who can think His thoughts?

[3rdInstruction] Who is there that can look upon all the works of heaven?
[4th Instruction] And how should there be one who could look into the

[5th Instruction] and who is there that could understand the
4 things of heaven and see a soul, or a spirit and could tell between them,
[6th Instruction] or ascend and see all their ends and ponder them or
do like them?

[7th Instruction] Who is there of all men that could know
what is the breadth and the length of the earth, and to whom has been
shown the measure of all of them? Or is there any one who could
discern the length of the heaven and how great is its height, and upon
what it is founded, and how great is the number of the stars, and where
all the luminaries rest?


The single answer to all these questions is Yahu’sha. He can do all
these things. Nevertheless, Enoch was trying to teach his children
everlasting life. These questions correspond to the transformation of
our spirit.


We know that In the last days a change will take place for the set-apart
and elect, and the light of days will come upon them.
Enoch knew the gravity of what he was about to say so he commanded
his grandson Methuselah to gather all the family members so he could
personally say the things that needed to be heard. Enoch 91:1 “Now,
my son Methuselah, call to me all your brothers and gather together to
me all the sons of your mother; For the word calls me, and the spirit is
poured out upon me, that I may show you everything that will come on
you for ever.”

If the ears of our heart are opened, as was Enoch’s, and we yoke with
Eloha, as did Enoch, then we too can be like Yahu’sha. This is a higher
calling. The Hebrew word Shem means “name.” To the ancient Hebrew
this word had the inference of what we would call “personality or
character.” The Hebrew thinker uses names as descriptors, not as
simple identification like we western thinkers do. This leads us to
reconsider that to do something “in the name” means to do something
using the same personality. In essence, when we are asked to
do something “in the name” of Father Av, we are being asked to do this
with His personality. This is just like Yahu’sha did. Yahu’sha is the
expression of the Father Av.


INSTRUCTION 1 At Enoch 93:11 we read, “For who is there, of all the
children of men, that is able to hear the voice of the Holy One without
being troubled?”
We know Yahu’sha spent much time in communication with the Father
Av, he did not fear, he knew the plan from beginning to the end, he saw
the plan on the Scroll, and discussed it with our Father Av. John 1:1-5
KJV 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and
the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All
things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made
that was made. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it
Hearing the voice, reminds me of Exodus 19 when at the base of Mount
Sinai, the thunder, and the blast of the trumpet stirred up fear and
trembling in the Children of Israel. Do not fear the communication of
our Heavenly Father.
Enoch 14:24 “And until then I had been prostrate on my face,
trembling, and the Lord called me with His own mouth, and said to me:
‘Come here, Enoch, and hear my word.’”
Enoch 15:1 “And the Lord answered and said to me, and I heard His
voice: ‘Do not be afraid, Enoch, you man of right doing and writer of
what is right. Approach Me and hear my voice.’” Compare Rev 1:10-17
where John hears the voice like a trumpet and his fear overtook him. “I
fell at His feet as dead, and He [Yahu’sha] placed His right hand on me,
saying, “Do not be afraid…’”
So how do we hear the voice of the Father and not fear? Be confident of
what we can hear from the ear of our heart. When we develop this
means of communication we no longer fear. Be confident in this; that
when we do fear, our Father is there to pick us up. Enoch saw and
heard things that frightened him. Enoch heard and saw things that no
6man had ever heard before. Nevertheless, there was the voice that said,
“Do not fear Enoch.”

INSTRUCTION 2 Enoch 93:11 “Who can think His thoughts?”
Again the direct answer is Yahu’sha. But Enoch is teaching us this
Everlasting Life mindset. Do not fear to think like our Father Av. The
mindset is one that rejects and finds repugnant the godlessness the
Fallen Watchers taught. This mindset refutes the influence of demons
and sirens. This mindset stands fast against unrighteousness and does
not even go near to it. Those who can think His thoughts, are those
who take up the invitation to be like Him.
John 14:9 Yahu’sha said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and you
have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father,
and how do you say, ‘Show us the Father’?”
John 12:26 “If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me. And where I am,
there My servant also shall be. If anyone serves Me, the Father shall
value him.”
We have been commanded to follow or be like Yahu’sha, who in turn
was like the Father. To think like the Father is possible. The fact is, He
wants us to be One with Him, as in to be in Unity so that there is no
distinction between us. This understanding is written in John 17:10
“And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.”
Actually, the entire chapter has the feeling of oneness of unity.
Remember when we are given a command we are always given the
means to accomplish it.

Enoch 104:12-13 “Then I know another mystery that books will be

given to the righteous, and the wise, to become a cause of joy and
uprightness and much wisdom. To them will the books be given. And
they will believe in them and rejoice over them. Then will all the
righteous, who have learned from them all the paths of uprightness, be
Who thinks His thoughts? The answer would be; Those who are
determined to change their lives into a life that follows righteousness.
Those who are aware of their vulnerability and guard themselves from
the teaching of the Fallen Watchers. Those who understand the
importance of having a relationship with the Father. Those who accept
the refiner’s fire and purify or cleanse first the inside. And those who
love His creation the way He does.
Brothers and Sisters, in these last days, those who can think His
thoughts are constructing an ark. Just like Noah was saved from the
flood, we shall be saved from tribulation and oppression of godlessness.
We will be saved by the word of Father Av in our hearts.

INSTRUCTION 3 Enoch 93:11 “Who is there that can look upon all the
works of heaven?”
Work is a curious word. We primarily see this as the labor of our hands
or a product of our hands.
In the scriptures the works from heaven tend to reference things that
show the Glory and Power of Father Av, and things that witness to His
Presence and His Leadership. These were mentioned in John 5 and 14.
With our hand, do the work required by our Heavenly Father.
Yes, the universe is a beautiful place, and can be considered as the
product of His hands. Nevertheless, the underlining beauty is the fact
that we live in and around divine order. This was mentioned in, Enoch
2:1 “Observe everything that takes place in the heaven. Note how they
do not change their orbits.” Many people are oblivious to the divine
order that has been established for us. This order is the product of the
works of heaven, and it is most magnificent!
The border of the water remains at a certain place, the course of the
8sun and moon remain the same. These are things we expect to happen.
Innocently, we do not consider that they do this by command of the
Creator. There is lightning, we see it, and then there is thunder, we
hear it. The speed of light is constant, and the speed of sound is
constant. This consistency is watched over by angels who have been
given, a command to keep things as they had been assigned. The wind
is directed by command and the clouds appear by ordinance. The
waters in the deep remain in their place by oath. All this order reflects
the glory, power, presence, and leadership of the Elohiym.
Enoch 5:2 “And all His works go on from year after year forever. All the
tasks that they accomplish for Him do not change, but accordingly, as
Eloha has appointed, so is it done.”
Another example of the glory, power, presence, and leadership of Father
Av, was when the Children of Israel were guided by a pillar of fire by
night. This brought light to the camp, low in resources for fire wood or
lamp oil. It brought warmth from the desert cold. It also served as a
beacon for the shepherds or those who needed to go out temporarily
from the camp. It would also serve as a warning to the enemy, “I am
Qana [guarding],” and I will look after my children as an eagle looks
after her nest. When enemies saw the pillar, they kept their distance.
When knowledge alone does not let you understand the works of
heaven, then how best to see or behold the Works of Heaven than each
time we see a rainbow and remember from whom it comes and the oath
that was pronounced. In Gen 9:13-16 we read about how the rainbow
shall be in the cloud, and He [Yaha’oha] shall see it…and remember the
command given to the waters in the deep parts of the earth to stay in
that place. The rainbow shows us and reminds us of the glory, power,
presence, and His leadership from Heaven. We have been given
understanding, wisdom, and knowledge concerning all this from the
word of our Father who promotes our success.

INSTRUCTION 4 Enoch 93:12 “And how should there be one who could
look into the heaven”
9Yaha’oha wants oneness between Himself and his creation. He wants
unity with us because Father Av desires it like one has a desire for
water deep inside that needs to be quenched. When we yoke with Him
we start to be like Him. This yoking trains us to work in unison. Look
to Heaven for all instructions.
A father is not independent. The father is part of a family unit made up
of the mother and the children. So again the question is how can we see
into the estate of the Elohiym? The answer has to do with the Hebraic
understanding of the word “one.” In an ancient Hebrew family tent,
there are two sections; the female side and the male side. Between the
two sections is hung a curtain. The curtain has the job of division, but
it also has the dual function of unifying the two sections. This is
possible because the wall faced both sections. It is a wall of separation
and a unifier. Imagine the earth as one section and heaven the other
section. Yahu’sha is that curtain between us, he unifies us.
One responsibility of a father is to train his children the way to do
things. Like the Torah points the way to do things. It is like the finger of
our Father pointing the way. This education, from our Father, is
accomplished by communication and observation. I can still hear my
grandfather saying, “Here let me show you.” I can hear my father
saying, “Now this is the way I do it.”
Observation comes from looking at something. Looking comes from our
eyes. Our eyes have a lens that projects the light onto the back of our
retina. There are light receptors that react to the light and relay their
reaction through our optic nerve and then to the brain. The brain then
assembles all that information and then we have the perception of the
outside world, which we call sight.
It is important to note that when the light enters the lens, it is projected
upside down. Our brain flips it upward. We also have a blind spot
where the optic nerve is located. Our brain fills in this blind spot and
we have no perception of this spot. We also have blood vessels on the
surface of the retina. Our brain makes a map of these vessels and again
10fills in the areas where the shadow from the blood vessels lie. We have
no perception of the blind spot, nor the blood vessels because the brain
does all the seeing that we perceive. Needless to say, the brain is a
powerful organ.
The brain does all our seeing. So if it’s the brain that does all the
seeing, do we need our eyes to see? In Acts 2 we have been promised
that in the last days we would receive visions. Enoch experienced this
and when he saw visions it frightened him. We are in preparation now,
so when we see visions we will not be afraid.
This vision sight becomes our seventh gate of communication.
Two of Yahu’sha’s Disciples were walking to Emmaus. As they walked,
their seventh gate was obscured so that as Yahu’sha joined them they
did not recognize Him. Then we read that at the appropriate time their
eyes were opened to see Him. Luke 24:31 “And their eyes were opened
and they recognized Him. And He disappeared from their sight.”
We have been told that our eyes will be opened.
Joel 2:28-29 “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out
my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall
prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see
visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those
days will I pour out my spirit.”

INSTRUCTION 5 Enoch 93:12 “Who is there that could understand the
things of heaven and see a soul or a spirit and could tell between
How does heaven do it? If we were from heaven we would understand the
things of heaven. We would see a soul and a spirit the way the Lord of
Spirits sees them. See others as our Father see them. They are all
11It’s like when you visit a country you might ask how they do this or do
that, so you can fit in. You want to act like the citizens of the country you
are visiting.
We were not born in heaven. Therefore, we need to be naturalized to that
country. We have a process to do that here in the United States just like
most countries do. It starts with a desire to be a part of that country. You
need to be moved into taking action. It is a very strong desire that makes
you want to give up the land of your nativity and attach yourself to
another. Naturally you would justify this action by observing the benefits.
So let’s assume you made it. You are a citizen of heaven! Yeah! Now
what are you going to do when you consider a soul or a spirit? To whom
do they belong? Consider this that even Michael when contending with
the devil for the body of Moses acquiesced by saying, The Father rebuke
you. Michael the archangel, who is a native from heaven, did not judge
the devil because the devil is in the hands of the Father. The soul and
the spirit belong to the Lord of Spirits and are His responsibility alone.
If Michael did not tell or judge, then we are not in a position to do this
either. When we have put on Yahu’sha’s character and personality, we
are doing things in His name, and therefore have authority to deny
Satan a place in our heart. Na’hash blasphemed our Heavenly Father
and besides Eve, he taught many to go down the wrong road. Should we
blame the people this subtle teacher taught, or should we put up guard
against the teacher?

The ability to be a naturalized citizen of heaven requires Divine Love. A
Divine Love that has compassion for a person who is influenced by the
teachings of godlessness. Yahu’sha did say, forgive them because they
truly do not know what they are doing. A common thought is that the
term godless refers to people. We need to focus our thoughts away from
that type of thinking. The word godless refers to the Fallen Watchers. It
does not in any way shape or form refer to people. Are we in a position
to categorize and judge others with feelings of disdain? No. It is easier
to love at a higher level when we realize that those who “do not know
what they are doing” will eventually be taught by the righteous. At that
12point they will know exactly what they are supposed to do and be glad.
Compassion removes us from this “us against them” mindset. With
compassion there is no more “them” to disdain.

Does Divine Love allow us to consider between a soul and a spirit? No.
We may object to what a person chooses to do right now. Nevertheless,
we need to be steadfast and take the position and say, “Father Av
rebuke the influence of the Fallen Watchers in you!” In this case we
need to consider our interpersonal relationships. This is a key point. We
have interpersonal relationships where we believe strongly that the
solution for others is that they need to listen to our wisdom. Being
naturalized citizens of heaven, taking example of Michael, we should
not act that way. We give these things to Father Av who is capable to
handle the situation. In doing so, we prevent ourselves from taking on
a burden that belongs to the Father and does not belong to us.

INSTRUCTION 6 Enoch 93:12 “Or ascend and see all their ends and
ponder them or do like them?”
We are assured that Yahu’sha has ascended and is at the right hand of
His Father.
Yahu’sha knows all his people. They are the citizens of the realm of
heaven. We know this because He considers us as a flock of sheep. A
good shepherd knows his sheep and constantly keeps an eye on them.
He watches where they are so they do not even get close to danger. He
watches what they eat and leads them to good pasture. I have raised
sheep and I know that they will aimlessly wander and will eat things
they should not eat. Sheep become frightened at impending danger.
They start to call out, and the shepherd hears their cry. Then, springing
into action, the shepherd calls out and they hear His voice. The sheep
respond to the voice of their Shepherd calling them to safety. And that’s
a great thing! Desire in your heart a righteous end for all.
He who has ascended is watching over us because He knows our end if
13we are left un-shepherded. How does He understand our end? He
experienced it when He became like us when He descended to earth
and was born through a woman. He got to know firsthand what it was
like, to be a man. He learned our vulnerabilities and had compassion
for us. He had compassion because, on the contrary, the Fallen
Watchers discovered our vulnerability and took advantage of that to
teach us how to live without the power of Father Av. Yahu’sha knows,
first hand, that we cannot live without His power.

INSTRUCTION 7 Enoch 93:13 “Who is there of all men that could know
what is the breadth and the length of the earth, and to whom has been
shown the measure of all of them? Or is there any one who could
discern the length of the heaven and how great is its height, and upon
what it is founded, and how great is the number of the stars, and where
all the luminaries rest?”
Who better knows a building than the architect and the builder? They
know all the fine and hidden details because they were the ones who
drew up the architectural drawings with all its notes. Here again, the
answer to this question is Yahu’sha. It was Yahu’sha who saw the
length, width, and height because He was there when it was built. I am
sure there were many discussions until the plans on the print became a
reality. Time, as we know it, simply passed until what was planned to
be, was manifested before our eyes.
The messengers measured it with a cord and showed it to Enoch. If you
can measure something, it exists. You cannot measure an idea with a
cord. However, to Yaha’oha an idea is reality, even if it is not yet
manifested. The word of, the plan of, and the intension of Yaha’oha is
already reality when you consider His timelessness.

When we look into the word of Father Av we are looking at the blueprint
and see the length, width, and height of the earth. We are looking at the
print and we see that we are a part of that plan. This is what Yaha’oha
did when He listened to the Father’s instructions and then created. He
did a grand and marvelous thing to follow the plan. Be like the
14Creator and with all your heart and soul follow the instructions
from our Heavenly Father. After every day of creation, Yaha’oha
looked at the plan to confirm that he had done it according to the plan
on the Heavenly Scroll.
Another example of measuring to show its reality is in Ezekiel 40 – 43.
Yahu’sha measures the temple for Ezekiel in a vision. When we know
that we are a part of the plan we can see ourselves the way The Father
sees us. We are a part of the foundation of things. Understanding what
your made of, can expand your limits and your potential. For example,
here are two Hebrew words: Bara meaning filled, and Tselem meaning
the outline of or a shadow of something. Tselem is a representation of
the originals.
With these two words in mind we can reread this verse from Genesis,
“And Elohiym filled the man with his shadow, with his outline He filled
him, male and female He filled them.
So wait a minute! We are filled with a representation of the original?
Wow! Talk about potential!
Also consider this, when the tent stake is pressed into the earth, and
the rope is attached to the tent and to the stake, the rope is then pulled
tight. It is straight and it supports the walls of the tent. This
straightness and tightness is the Hebrew understanding of the word
translated as “righteousness.” Like the straight rope is a part of the
foundation of the tent, so also righteousness is a part of the foundation
of the plan of Yaha’oha.
So who can do these things? The chosen? A person like Enoch?
Yahu’sha only?

Our father Enoch asked his grandson Methuselah to gather all the
family together so he could speak to them concerning everlasting life.
Through Noah, we are the children of Enoch and his words apply to us.
We pray our eyes are opened like his were and that we are joined to
Eloha as he was. Eloha, is the facet of deity that is the oath maker and
15who yokes with us. Yahu’sha is that yoke and He is the experienced Ox
that is teaching us how to plow. We pull along with Him knowing that
all things are possible to those who ask. Let’s ask!

In conclusion I would like to say:
The intention of the Sevenfold Instructions is to gird us up so that we
surround ourselves with things from our Father Av, in order to fully
prepare us for what is to come.


In summary, here are the instructions:
1) Do not fear the communication of our Heavenly Father.
2) Do not fear to think like our Father Av.
3) With our hand, do the work required by our Heavenly Father.
4) Look to Heaven for all instructions.
5) See others as our Father see them.
6) Desire in your heart a righteous end for all.
7) Be like the Creator and with all your heart and soul follow the
instructions from our Heavenly Father.

Enoch was assigned to teach. He taught things that were shown to him
by the Right-Doing Messengers. He wrote these things down in a book
for future generations to read and to learn. These things taught against
the teachings of the Fallen Watchers. Enoch taught things that prepare
us to be confident and ready for that great and terrible day of the Lord,
so that, “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Savior YHWH shall be
Amien. HalleluYah!





  1. Shannon Harvey Szatkowski

    Shannon Harvey Szatkowski

    Is there proof of the year Messiah died and resurrected?
    It’s either 30AD or 31AD…

    千玉 Correct.

    It is 30 CE
    According to an astronomical simulation software (Starry Night Pro) The equinox occurred in 30 CE at 12.48 am (Jerusalem time) on 23rd March (Julian calendar not Gregorian) marking Day 1 Month 1. Note from the astronomic simulation that the moon was 0.12 days old and that would mean the Rabbis would have marked their Day 1 month 1 beginning on the evening of the 24th – this gives one day difference between the 14 day count to Passover from the equinox calendar as opposed to the 14 day count to Passover from the conjunctive moon calendar (Rabbinic).

    Wayne Thibodeaux :

    Josephus or Philo, I don’t remember which. Tells us of miricales that happened in the forty years between the crucifixion and the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. This dates the crucifixion to 30AD.

    Shannon Harvey Szatkowski

    According to Enoch’s calendar, would anyone happen to know which day of the week Messiah was crucified? I once thought a wed… but not so sure anymore. I need to test and search if 3 days and nights are an idiom, or if it’s 72 hours or not…

    Wayne Thibodeaux

    Here’s an interesting tid bit that I happen to agree with. In astronomy circles there something called the spring phenomena. When this phenomena occurs the lunar calendar and the calendar of Enoch align. Such a phenomena occured in the crucifixion year of 30 AD. We will see this phenomena occur this spring at the spring equinox.

    Here is a link to the US Naval Observatory site. Note the time and date of the new moon and the spring equinox for the year 30AD.……/data-services/spring-phenom
    Spring Phenomena 25 BCE to 38 CE — Naval Oceanography Portal
    The first table below gives the Julian calendar dates and Greenwich times of the astronomical vernal equinox for the years 25 BCE to 38 CE inclusive. The second table gives, for these years, the Julian calendar dates and Greenwich times of the astronomical Full Moons which occurred on or after the d…

    Wayne Thibodeaux

    The chart above show the spring equinox to be at 10PM on March 22nd, a Wednesday. Since the equinox happened after civil twilight the equinox day would have been declared on the following day, a Thursday. Considering the way the calendar works, Friday would have been the first day of the new year. So we count to the fourteenth day from a Friday, which would be a Thursday.

    Shannon Harvey Szatkowski

    Yes Wayne Thibodeaux Thank you! So what exactly is the phenomena? What is happening this spring, that it is lining with Lunar? Forgive me, I’m not quite sure what it is. I do see 30AD! Wow… That would make crucifixion on a wed/4th day of the week?

    Also, do we start our count the day after equinox?

    Wayne Thibodeaux

    This spring on March 20th, 2015 the lunar conjunction will occur at 11:36 AM. The siting of the crescent will be on March 22nd at 6% illumination.
    The spring equinox will occur on March 21st at 12:45 AM. The equinox/solstice dates are not counted in the days of the months, but reckoned in the year. So the first day of the new year will be on March 22nd.
    Thus the calendars align for the first month or so, then the lunar begins to fall behind.

    Shannon Harvey Szatkowski Will the feast days align each year? Are they supposed to?

    Wayne Thibodeaux No, Only passover and unleavned bread will align in 2015. The moon begins to fall behind the solar after the first month.

    Shannon Harvey Szatkowski I counted month 1 day 14 on Shabbat April 5th… did I count correctly?
    7小時 · 讚

    Wayne Thibodeaux On the gregorian calendar Passover will be April 3 at evening to April 4th. The Passover day for 2015 will be on saturday this year,

  2. Tom Caldwell

    Tom Caldwell:

    Wayne, what do you mean that ” Notice;
    Enoch does not begin the new year with equal day/night.”?

    Is not the vernal equinox the main point of the four solar cycle completions for the year, the Tekufah? Is not the prime Tekufah cycle when the sun raises due east on the day of the equinox?

    Wayne Thibodeaux:

    The spring equinox is the first leader of the seasons which begins the new year. There are those that confuse the spring equinox with equal day/night. Enoch begins the new year with the spring equinox, not equal day night as some believe. The day of equal day/night happens a few days before the spring equinox and a few days after the fall equinox.
    Here earthsky explains the difference between the equinox and the time of equal day/night.

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  5. Rob Moore

    Dear YahnEl,
    Looking at your questions, I overlooked to answer the latter part – – today the equilux (equal day equal night) does not occur on the date of the equinox (as today observe by true sun observation) in Jerusalem (the place where YHVH has chosen to put His Name) as it did when observed by Enoch, but only does so if you are living in the region of the equator. Jerusalem is not on the equator as it may well have been in the time of the garden of Eden and Enoch …This is because today the equator has moved – the earth has moved on its axis -the proof this is that in the days before the flood the area of the middle east had the equator running though its proximity – as the garden of Eden was not as desert as it is today – and so it will be until the earth is once more moved on its axis, has its tilt changed and then the prophets declare the desert will blossom as it once did before – a mark of the millennial occurs up to 4 days prior to the equinox (depending on one’s latitude) in the northern hemisphere and up to 4 days after the equinox in the southern hemisphere (depending latitude – such as New Zealand which is far from the equator and some 3-4 days later only experiences the equilux after the equinox.
    So the equilux is not only difficult to measure, (and cannot be easily measured by sundial – no straight line for that measurement given the position of the equator and one’s latitude) but also varies across the world by a total of a range of 8 days whereas the equinox is constant – yet another astronomical proof that the interpretations of the Enochian calendar were appropriate for a time before the flood (then the equinox and the equilux coincided as Enoch stated) and may well occur again put in the millennial reign, but require 1) the earth to be tilted on its axis by some 20 degrees, and 2) the orbit of the earth needs to be shortened to have 364 days in each solar year.
    Again this requires a study of astronomical realities and not just theological constructions to make interpretations of Enoch work out in a calendar today.
    But each to their own understanding as the scripture describes the situation that exists today. And the majority are running after supposed Enochian calendars, which Enoch never developed. That is if you follow the many interpretations of “Enochian” calendar interpretations out there – but…
    That is if you follow the many interpretations of “Enochian” calendar interpretations out there – but…
    1. Enoch never developed a calendar – he only described the astronomical events in his day – and now the solar year is not 364 days but 365.25 – unfortunately to the many who follow supposed “Enoch” calendars creation’s testimony is that the earth’s orbit has changed post flood – there are now 365.25 days in a solar year meaning the earth’s orbit is slightly longer than it was in the days of Enoch.
    2. Enoch never developed a calendar – the Enoch calendars are all interpretations of religious men who have no biblical authority (according to the law of Moses) to make up any calendars
    3.Again according to the Law of Moses, the law gives no authority to any interpreted “Enochian” calendar we see being published on internet sites these days.
    The law of Moses prescribe the declaration of biblically lawful calendars to the authentic (biblically prescribed) priesthood Aaron and his sons.
    4. The Zadok priesthood was lawfully prescribed (being of the line of Aaron) by King David and also by covenant of YHVH in the law of Moses to Phineas – thus the calendar proclaimed by the Zadok priesthood is the only lawful biblical calendar today , for it is directly under the law of Moses.
    5. The Zadok priesthood (unlike Enoch) actually did leave us a calendar prescription in a time capsule (Qumran scrolls) for the last generation who will need it.
    6. The Zadok calendar gives 2 essential prescriptions for identifying the biblical calendar which you have mention in your email below (after what is written in my article)
    7. The calendar I have graphed is not my own design but based on the authoritative (lawful according to Moses) Zadok precepts.
    8. The whole matter is essentially an issue of who has the biblical authority to declare the biblical calendar – Enoch does not have this authority (according to the law of Moses) – neither do the Rabbis nor the Christian church, …nor Messianic who like to create their own calendar after how they subjectively interpret Enoch (the are many variations)
    9. The Zadok priesthood submitted their authority to the Apostles of the Nazarene redeemed community (i.e. recognizing and sub,submitting to the authority of Yahushua as Melchizedek) as recorded in Acts 6:7
    10. The example of Yahushua – according to the testimony of the Apostles is the final authority on the calendar – he obsecrated the Zadok solar calendar, by redefined the incidence of when to find the Feast of First Fruits (which the Zadok’s held a week alter on their calendar) as being in accord with the sign of Jonah – 3 days and 3 night s period after the crucifixion) – with this lawful demonstration by Yahushua Melchizedek and the 2 foundation precepts of the Zadok’s on when to find day one of the new year and the wacky Sabbath – together with identifying correctly the Feat of First Fruits and that from Yahushua’s testimony we see the “day after the Sabbath” needing to identify the Feast of First fruits and day 1 of the count to the Feast of Weeks is in fact a weekly Sabbath and not a festival Sabbath.
    …Everyone has to study and sort this one out for themselves. I have done my research work over more than 3 years now on this, including observation of the actual astronomical events – and just even from astronomical observation I cannot follow the prescriptions of the so-called “Enochian calendars since it does not reflect what is happening in the sun and the stars every year – which is the lawful signs by which we are to establish the calendar (Gen 1: 14-16).
    The issue for me is biblical authority and who is Lawfully permitted to define the calendar – Form mosses only two authorities are given 1) the lawful priesthood – and the Zadok’s have given us a time capsule of an actual calendar definition – Enoch has not. and 2) Yahushua Melchizedek, by whose testimony we understand His days of the authentic calendar.
    Time will tell who is right and who is wrong since the important test is whether the last generation will be ready on the right day of the feast of Weeks for the outpouring of YHVH’s Spirit in the coming days and the Day of Atonement (coming under the mark of YHVH’s protection required for the remnant elect in the last days.) It is a very very impotent matter and time is now running out, but given the waking up of some across the globe and what is being shared there will be none who will be able to say that they never heard – the Qumran scrolls (Zadok testimony of the calendar has been fully revealed to all who would hear – and as I said an Enochian calendar as interpreted by many today was not in the Qumran library of documents)
    From the criteria I have laid out above you need to do your own study of the matter and prayerfully decide…since which calendar we keep is the matter of our own choice – but hopeful grounded in revealed biblical truth…for this matter is really a deeply hidden matter, which YHVH ha done by design and purpose…
    As for me I follow the lawful Zadok testimony, under the final authority of Yahushua Melchizedek as presented by the authoritative Apostolic testimony and not the creation of calendar(s) by men who have no biblical authority to do this – neither the Rabbis, the Christians, nor the many variations of solar – luni-solar, and Enochian” calendars of the many interpretations found in the so-called “messianic/Hebrew roots movement.
    Please remember the essential factor in this is who has the biblical authority to declare /witness to the biblical calendar of YHVH.
    [Rob (In That Day)]

    Submitted on 2015/03/13 at 1:29 AM
    Dear YahnEl

    It has been brought to my attention that my spreadsheet chart of the 2015 Calendar may be confusing to some. Please note that the weekly sabbath indeed occurs on the 7th day of the week and not on the 4th day of the week as some might interpret the chart. It is the equinox that occurs on the 4th day of the biblical week, whilst the weekly sabbath occurs on the 7th day.

    To clarify this I have now inserted an additional column on the left hand side of the chart to indicate the actual days of the biblical week and I have also included a clearer commentary on this point in the pdf article. Please download the updated article from the webpage post here: 2015 Biblical Solar Calendar

    or directly from here:

    The additional clarifying commentary I have included in the pdf article is as follows:

    The first column in the chart (on the left hand side) shows the biblical days of the week in relation to the weekly Sabbath 7 day count, and you will see that the blue colour highlights the weekly Sabbath on each 7th day of the week.

    Where day 4 comes in is that in Gen 1:14-19 we are told the luminaries were created on the 4th day of the biblical week, thus (in accord with the Zadok testimony of the calendar) when the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere) is observed, although it is the 1st day of the new biblical year, in terms of the biblical week and the weekly Sabbath it is always counted as day 4 of the biblical week (according to the precept of Genesis 1:14-19). Thus one has but to count another 3 days to find the biblical weekly Sabbath. In other words the 1st day of the biblical year is always to be seen as the 4th day of the biblical week. This is the revelation from the Zadok testimony.

    In other words, what the Zadok priesthood teach us is that the solar year began on the day on which the heavenly luminaries were created, and the weekly Sabbaths always occur on fixed dates and always on the same day of the biblical week which can be found by counting another 3 days from the observed occurrence of the Equinox (Day 4 of the week. )

    According to Prof Elior, (P 45 “The Three Temples”)

    “the beautiful, harmonic, mathematical calculation underlying the solar year, which according to (Zadok) priestly tradition derived from divine origin , are enunciated in detail in 1 Enoch 72:32,74: 10-12; 75:2, 82: 6; 2 Enoch 13-17, 41-8; Jubilees 6:23-28; (in the Dead Sea Scrolls documents) 4QMMT A II-III; Psalms Scroll 11 QPs XXVII, 2-11, mention of these principles may also be found in the Temple Scroll, The Damascus Document, The Scroll of Priestly Courses, and The Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice”

    The amazing thing is that when these two principles 1) The identification of the day of the beginning of the new biblical year and 2) the identification of the weekly biblical Sabbath are put together as in the chart I have produced, one can quickly see how all the festivals work out very precisely with the biblical festivals even testifying every year to Yahushua’s “sign of Jonah” and in precisely the same arrangement every single year.

    What may also be seen is how the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles falls out on a weekly Sabbath which to my understanding is a picture of the conclusion of the final 7th millennial age of man with the next day arising on a new millennial week – or as it has been described as the beginning of the 8th day and the mark of YHVH’s new creation of heaven and earth, with the new Jerusalem from above.


  6. Jeff Bair

    Jeff Bair Asked:

    If there were good watchers and bad watchers and I don’t doubt it, how to we differentiate between the two? and what do you guys think about Enoch’s name meaning Initiated? Is he teaching the same secrets that the fallen ones were? I know there is a supposed occult meaning to Enoch. But have they just hijacked a good book of the original bible or was it theirs all along?

    Daniel de Caussin Answered:
    Well many questions receive many answers.

    The word for Watcher in Hebrew and Ge’ez is a guard or guardian, like someone in a tower who watches, and like a guardian who watches over the welfare of someone. So yes the watchers had a job to accomplish with directions from the Most High. They were different from the Holy and separated ones (arch angels). See Enoch 12-14:7

    Things that are hidden, or secrets, are usually hidden because they could harm us. Look at Enoch 16 and you will see what kind of mysteries the fallen Watchers knew.

    The fallen Watchers are identified by their actions. They blaspheme the most high by elevating themselves and diminishing our Father, they taught us things that we should not know, they killed women and men. The legitimate Watchers, continue to do the job of watching, guarding, they act as guardians to help us. A reminder is that we are not to pray to nor worship angles. (see Rev 19:10, rev 22:9) Look up the word ‘angel’ in and you can see all the jobs of various angels.

    Enoch taught was he was told to teach. Enoch made no decision on his own. Enoch did not know secrets. He did not teach black magic like the watchers did. I am curious that you would ask such a question? Read read read the Book of Enoch and you would know. I know that Free Masons have a bent on Enoch and that bent is not at all taught here in this group. The name of Enoch describes his function, as all Hebrew name do. An initiator starts something off in a direction, in this case Enoch taught us so that we would go off in a good direction. Some lexicons have the opinion that Enoch means ‘dedicated.’

    Enoch taught that righteousness is the base of happiness. Enoch is a Melchizedek, and in that position he taught righteousness, and the love that El El’yon the most High has for his possession and creation. The love teaching is all throughout the Book of Enoch. When you are a king, the happiness of the people in your dominion is paramount. Look at Enoch 1:1 this book is so that we in these last days might survive. That is love.

    The Book of Enoch and the message from it, was “hijacked’ and made to not be in the cannon of the bible by the fallen Watchers. The best way for them to prevent this book from being read was to wrest it by two more Books with Enoch’s name attached, by people who earnestly desired to know the things that destroyed mankind. And by preventing the world to read Enoch by keeping it out of the cannon, and making it a sin to read. Does it not make sense that if Enoch taught against what the fallen Watchers taught which was occult, then why would a second and third book arise that teaches occult magic and powers from darkness.

    Dear All loved ones, I highly recommend that we spend much time reading the PDF we have available in the pinned post. Read it with dedication, as if our lives depend on it. We may see the return of the Messiah this year, returning in the clouds. And we will see the prophecies found here in the Book of Enoch manifesting to us.

    About Blue Letter Bible:
    The Blue Letter Bible: Bible study software with Greek and Hebrew word tools

    Wayne Thibodeaux responded:

    I don’t read of Enoch teaching anything the fallen watchers taught. For the time being, the fallen watchers (the bad ones) are locked up and sealed below ground under sharp rocks. Their offspring have all been slain, but soon they will rise in spirit form and their fathers will be freed from their current prison. They will be as a plague upon the earth.

    The powers that be, of man’s religions have not hijacked the writings of Enoch. In fact they have done everything humanly possible to destroy the writings of Enoch. Yet the book of Enoch persists, as it was written for the last days.

    The book of Enoch and Jubilees confirm the true calendar of our Father. This means of time keeping is the only way to find the true Sabbath of our Father. Exodus 31:13 tells us we are to guard the Sabbath above all, it is a sign between us and our Father.