WHO WAS “THE LORD”i IN THE OLD TESTAMENT? THE BIBLICAL CRITERION OF DOUBLE ATTESTATIONii IN THE IDENTITY ISRAEL’S TRUE MESSIAH by Merlin Houzet http://www.inthatday.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/THENAME.pdf  (Click here for easy reading PDF)   It is indeed startling to discover that Messiah’s historical existence and His supreme divinity is openly attested in the Scriptures. The logical way […]

Yahushua Melchizedek Calendar

Exploring The Authority Of Yahushua Messiah’s Biblical Calendar, In His High Priesthood Order Of Melchizedek (And Its Implications For Identifying The Appointed Times In 2014) by Rob@inthatday.net click this link for PDF reading: YahushuaMelchizedekCalendar  This paper presents a synopsis of principles from my research and study over many years concerning the identification of the true […]

Following Yahushua To Find The Feast Of Weeks by Rob

Part 3 of “Exploring The Authority Of Yahushua Messiah’s Biblical Calendar, In His High Priesthood Order Of Melchizedek” From the Apostolic testimony of  The Begotten Son of YHVH, Yahushua’s authoritative calendar related behaviour,  in the context the foundational solar calendar precepts from the Zadok Priesthood testimony of the Qumran Library and the calculation of days […]


 “Shocking info unveiling Mystery Babylon the Great, as Mecca. Discover which country, will Nuke Mystery Babylon and why the Antichrist Beast will rise from Turkey. Find out what Satan’s Secret Symbol has been, throughout all his 7 Empires, which will prove conclusively, why the Beast and Babylon are connected to Islam. We also uncover more […]

TRACING CHINA’S HISTORY BACK TO NOAH (geneology chart attached)

1. China’s Confessions 神州福音史跡 (Movie) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHZna8mMTtU&list=PLH0s42Bm_AGFAWhDJ1rgmoWjDkc4Qm9vw (With English Subtitle.) The Most High ShangDi in Chinese especially in Cantonese prononciation= El Shaddai in Hebrew  China . . . known to the Chinese people as: “神州- The Land of The Most High Creator” since the beginning of its recorded history raises a very interesting question: How did […]

Ancient Chinese served the One Sovereign Creator as in the Bible No2 中國歷代皇帝獻祭敬拜上帝

Temple of  Heaven located on Beijing, China The Creator-Almighty of the Chinese and the Hebrews are one and the same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NotLi2wZ4Sc (Click the above link for YouTube Video Presentation)  ( Mobile App link for Man-child website, you can read/watch from your Mobile phone now:   http://apps.itsapp2you.com/man-child) China is mentioned in the ancient Hebrew scriptures, an ancient prophecy from […]

Ancient Chinese Worship YHWH The Creator No1 中國先祖敬拜獨一真神

                                                                         Oracle bone script, the earliest known form of Chinese.   ShangDi – The Almighty Creator of the Chinese People for 4500 […]

中國 ‧ 以色列 是千年失散兄弟 Lost Tribes of Israel In China

以Isa 49:12 看哪,這些從遠方來;這些從北方、從西方來;這些從秦(原文作秦吶Sinae)國來。 In reference to the Qin Dynasty, the Scriptures reference such:   Isa 49:12: “Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim.” –which is land of Qin.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc24ElTwh4s  Standing at the magnificent and historic Great Wall of China (built […]


Joyful Abominations II by Yedidah Click the above link for PDF reading  or visit Yedidah Ministry site: http://www.comeenterthemikvah.com/    This factual report is designed to bring you face to face with Truth that affects your life now, your eternal position in the soon-coming Kingdom of the Messiah of Israel, and perhaps your eternal destiny.   […]

The Ancient Hebrew Wedding Ceremony By Yedidah

1. The Ancient Hebrew Wedding Ceremony By Yedidah 2.Seven-Appointments ( YAHUWEH’S SEVEN APPOINTMENTS WITH MAN ) By Yedidah 3.Two Witnesses and Bride of Messiah  By Yedidah 4.A Radical View of Set-Apartness_4ef244ddcfb21 (1) By Yadidah Yedidah Ministry’s site:  http://www.comeenterthemikvah.com/about-yedidah/  YAHUWEH’S SEVEN APPOINTMENTS WITH MAN THE OUTLINE OF THE PLAN OF SALVATION AND REDEMPTION Leviticus 23: 2, 4, 37, 44  “Feasts” in Hebrew is […]

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