Hosea 7:16 – They (Ephraim) return, but not to the most High (Audio)

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Chapters 6 through 14 of the Book of Hosea gives Divine prophetic oracles concerning the time of the end of the great exile of Ephraim /Jacob in the “last days”, immediately before the Messianic Era. YHVH’s assessment of Ephraim in those last days is that “they “return” but not to Him. Here the Great Creator clearly states that Jacob-Ephraim, while he may think and argue that he is returning to YHVH, is not returning to Him, but is instead returning to something of his own choosing that is right in his own eyes (Deut 12:8; Prov 3:7; Isaiah 5:21) … Such a situation is a grave self-deception.
Over the past 3 decades, whilst there has been a significant outpouring of the RUACH (Spirit) of the Most High across the globe calling His blood washed people to repent and “come out” of the Judeo-Christian religious polemic and its consequent worldviews and replacement “systematic theologies”.
At the same time, in the last decade, while claim to return to the biblical “Hebraic Roots” of the Belief (faith), the contemporary “Hebraic Roots” and Messianic Jewish “Movements” chosen to return to an eclectic mixture of Rabbinical/ Karaite Judaism(s) roots and their associated worldviews, even in the face of a recent profound archeological revealing of the testimony of the Zadok priesthood that exposed the ancient origins of the Pharisee/ Rabbinic orthodoxies as a profaned way belonging to the ancient “sons of darkness” which has worked but to usurp the “Way” of YHVH and the “Teacher of Righteousness”, and the “Sons of Light”.
If the “Hebrew Roots Movement” were truly a biblical repentant movement seeking biblical truth they would honestly and prayerfully consider the historical Zadok testimony and its revelations, which describes the dynamics of the religious conflict that present the context of the days of the first coming of Yahushua Messiah. But instead of seeking the proper historical context by which the Words of Yahushua concerning the scribes and Pharisees can be properly discerned, choosing rather to simply ignore the ancient historical testimony and to blindly continue with their own preferred way of ecumenical reunion with the orthodox Judaism(s), instead of profoundly repenting and continuing to seek revelation of the return to the authentic set-apart paths of YHVH in accordance with the call of Jeremiah 6:16 and demonstrated to all by the authentic Way of Yahushua Messiah, the Koqesh (H-ly) One Of Israel, the begotten of The Most High and biblical Israel’s only appointed Redeemer.
This contemporary reality thus appears to fit precisely with Hosea’s tragic prophetic oracle of YHVH”s assessment of Jacob/Israel that even in the very last days of the exile, immediately preceding the great restoration and redemption, Ephraim still chooses to continue to feed on and follow after an east (Babylonian) wind (Hosea 12:1.
Consequently YHVH declares that He is not very happy with Ephraim will send Yahushua Messiah to meet His people in the last days and (Hosea 11:10) He will roar and then Ephraim will tremble
The Hebrew word “tremble” is Strong’s 02729 “charad”, which means to tremble, quake, move about, be afraid, be startled, be terrified . This prophecy fits the Ezekiel 20: 30-44 prophecy of the process of redemption which indicates that Jacob/Israel/Ephraim will be meeting with Yahushua Messiah in the “wilderness of the Peoples” and brought under the authority of His rod, and that consequently He will rule over Ephraim with fury poured out (Ezekiel 20:33-34).
Thus YHVH’s declaration in Hosea is “Therefore turn thou to they Elohiym: keep mercy and judgment and wait on thy Elohiym continually” “Hosea 12:6, and again in Hosea 14:1 “ O Israel, return unto YHVH they Elohiym for thou ahs fallen by thy own iniquity” which in the Words of Yahushua is that the last generation should take care to be a wise and not a foolish virgin… , just as the prophetic injunction ends in Hosea with the following:
 Hosea 14: 7-9 They that dwell under his shadow shall return; they shall revive as the corn, and grow as the vine: the scent thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon.
8 ¶ Ephraim shall say, What have I to do any more with idols? I have heard him, and observed him: I am like a green fir tree. From me is thy fruit found.

9 Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of YHVH are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein.
But for those of Ephraim who are not aware of the deep pleading of YHVH for all Yahushua-redeemed “Jacob” to completely come out of religions and traditions of men and to return to Him … the full declaration of Hosea 7:16 should cause all of us to make sure of the ground on which stand in these days.
Hosea 7: 16 They return, but not to the most High: they are like a deceitful bow: their princes (Strong’s 08629 – leaders, overseers) shall fall by the sword for the rage of their tongue: this shall be their derision in the land of Egypt.
It might be that we are on the very verge of the appointed time of meeting our Redeemer Yahushua Messiah face-to-face. That being the case the prophet Hosea calls us all to examine ourselves, and set ourselves apart from any denominations, leaders or teachers that call for submission to any other authorities rather than Yahushua Messiah in the name of ecumenical and eschatological religious unity.
May we all be encouraged to read Hosea Chapters 6-14 with prayer for discernment and full revelation in these days.
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The study of the Hebraic roots of the belief (faith) is a matter quite different from the so-called Hebraic Roots or Jewish Roots / Messianic religious “movement” which is a religious expression that has been (and is increasingly being) “nudged” towards to embracing a rabbinical worldview. 

1. “The Scriptural Identity Of The Redeemed House Of Jacob” (Audio)

In this Sabbath discussion, Boaz presents an overview of the true scriptural identity of the Redeemed House of Jacob as opposed to the definitions that have been presented by the theologies of the historical religious orthodoxies.Rob then moves to the identity of Redeemed Jacob as also being discerned, according to Yahushua,  at the very level of the circumcised heart and which  is reflected by the religious “words” that a person expresses when speaking of their theology, just as Yahushua demonstrated His discernment of the Rabbinical Pharisees, as recorded in Matthew 15:8, when he said…

“This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.”

Warnings of what Yahushua Messiah’s discerning statement heralds for the spiritual identity of the contemporary Hebraic Roots “Movement” with its growing vocabulary of  religious Hebrew words and icons of Judaism together with their strong motivation for ecumenical  “unity” with the various forms of Judaism, as evidenced by the by increasing contemporary calls from sectors of its “shepherds” within its ranks to submit to the authority of the coming Rabbinical Sanhedrin  in matters of both doctrine and authority,  and which reflects their eschatological worldview of the identity of  “Israel” and how it will be gathered in the last days.

The conclusion is that the Hebraic Roots “movement” is in grave danger and a watchman call is to those who love Yahushua Messiah to prayerfully discern and remove themselves from  the influences of Rabbinical Judaism, and especially to become discerningly careful to listen and resist the prolific use of confusing and ambiguous religious “words” and forms of expression that seem honoring of Yahushua, but in reality mask ambiguous hidden meanings reflecting the gnostic rabbinical worldview and which provide a cover for the identity those who are not of His flock, being against Yahushua’s  Divinity,  all of which works against the Sword of the Spirit, the RUACH of YHVH and the Apostolic testimony of the true Good News of the Kingdom that must be shared first with brother Judah.

To access the webpage to download the audio file – click here:  The Scriptural Identity Of Redeemed Jacob


The study of the Hebraic roots of the faith is a matter quite different from the so-called Hebraic Roots or Jewish Roots / Messianic religious “movement” which is a religious expression that has been (and is increasingly being) “nudged” towards to embracing a rabbinical worldview. This is evidenced by the number of its “shepherds” who have called for the “movement” submit to the authority of the coming Rabbinical Sanhedrin, and  its doctrines and its soon to be built temple, (especially in areas of theological dispute such as the biblical calendar), in the interests of their eschatological view of the restoration and unification of the houses of Israel.

However the matter of scriptural authority over of the redeemed House of Jacob is very clearly and specifically placed in Yahushua Messiah, the  Kadesh (Holy) One of Israel.  So it can be seen that a rabbinically influenced Hebraic roots / messianic “movement” can be described as a theological overreaction to the error of the religious polemic that exists between historical Christianity at one pole and Rabbinical Judaism and the other, both of which present different and competing replacement theologies of the scriptures.

Fleeing from the theological errors of historical Christendom, to then choose  a theological position of submitting to Rabbinical authority on the opposite pole, is a tragic error especially given the emerging ecumenical relationship between historical Christendom and historical Rabbinicalism in these days.  (This growing ecumenicalism clearly demonstrates that world elites are clearly socially engineering the new world religion through a process of Hegelian synthesis of these two polemics to form something of the new world order religion, of which the coming Rabbinical – Roman temple that will be raised in Jerusalem in the near future has already been recognized and protected under special UN legislation.

Those who are part of the Hebraic Roots /Messianic  “movement” who hold their belief (faith) in Yahushua Messiah must extract themselves from a Hebraic roots “ movement” that chooses to reposition their obedience from Yahushua Messiah to a Rabbinical Sanhedrin, just as true evangelical Christians are finding themselves also having to resist the growing trend of evangelical religious institutions who are increasingly embracing an  ecumenical relationship with Rome.  To this end all who are in Yahushua Messiah must hear the call of Heaven at this time which is:

“Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev 18:4).


Click to play the audio or right-mouse click to download and save the audio file here:  Scriptural Authority In The Redeemed House Of Jacob (Audio)

3. The “Israelologies” Of Historical Christendom and Historical Judaism Versus The Authentic Great News Of Yahushua And The Biblical “Israel Of YHVH” (Audio)

In this discussion Boaz and Rob explore how the religious polemic of Christendom through Rabbinicalism both present non-biblical Israelologies.

Israelology is the area of theological study of the identity and prophetic declarations of the redemption of Israel, YHVH’s people. It is important to understand that as one’s doctrines of “Israelology” go, so does one’s perspectives and interpretations of prophecy goes, since the theologies of “Israelology” are intimately related to the various understandings and interpretations of prophecy which characterize the doctrines of the two orthodoxies and the continuum of the full range of denominational religious persuasions that exist between them. A false “Israelology” is a clear sign that one is held captive by the erroneous polemic of Historical Christendom and Rabbinical religions of men.

When the “Israelologies” of Christendom and Rabbinicalism are considered in the context of what is written in Moses, the Prophets, Yahushua’s declarations and the Apostolic testimonies, the conclusion once again is that the redemption of YHVH’s people (Redeemed Israel) is a matter that can only be understood outside of and separate from the religious worldviews which characterize the polemic religions of Christianity and Judaism along with all their sub-stream denominations (biblically called their “daughters”).

From this discussion, it is hoped that the hearer may see something of how both sides of the orthodox polemic proclaim non-biblical “Israelologies” which are constructed specifically to favour their own identity and justify their own control over the “Kingdom of Heaven” and to subjugate the Word of YHVH.

Thus by carefully comparing their “Israelologies” with what is written in the scriptures we see once again that it is only by coming out from Babylonian religious polemic that we can place ourselves in a position to rightly discern biblical prophecy of the last days.

In conclusion, the watchman warning is that it is precisely because of the non-biblical “Israelologies” of Historical Christendom and Rabbinical Judaism that many denominations and individuals are being (and will yet be) deceived in these days into eschatological positions that may be anti-Yahushua Messiah and His mandate. Unless one is able to discern, recognize and repent from non-biblical “Israelology” and come entirely out of “Mystery Babylon” one may be deceived into accepting a soon-coming apostate global ecumenical religion, which heralds an apostate redemption narrative, and is controlled by a religious leadership (priesthood) which are in direct rebellion against YHVH’s declared prophetic Word. Thus, it is through our own ignorance of YHVH’s Word that one end in a theological position which is at enmity with YHVH’s biblical redemptive plan in the last days.

In the Book of Hosea, YHVH warns that not only are His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, but those who willfully choose to reject gaining true knowledge of His Word, He will reject from being a priest unto him (Hosea 4:6).   So we must study and discern this important matter of biblical “Israelology” that we may be approved to rightly discern His Word and to ensure we are ready to stand on the right side of the “Elijah” line in the coming days!

Click to play the audio or right-mouse click to download and save the audio file here:  The “Israelologies” Of Historical Christendom and Historical Judaism Versus The Authentic Great News Of Yahushua And The Biblical “Israel Of YHVH”


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  1. Jackson Snyder

    I would like to make a stand with the above article and post a written reply to the Condemnation of Hebrew Roots Teachers in an Open Letter by Mark Case of “The Father’s Fields Ministries,” 8-16-11.

    Mr. Case’s Letter is found at this link: http://www.proclaimit.org/glc-open-letter.html

    Re: Hebrew Roots –

    What you are describing is the ‘Jewish Roots’ movement, no matter what rabbinicals call themselves. The Hebrew movement finds [their roots in] the Nazoreans, who found their roots in the Essenes. The Jewish Roots movement finds their origin in rabbinical Judaism and, penultimately, in Pharisaic Judaism. I am a Hebraic Roots teacher, and none of my colleagues [save one] would dare call themselves rabbis (meaning ‘great ones’), nor would they sit under anyone who considered themselves great, nor do they practice any Jewish customs, unless they were first practiced by Essenes or Nazoreans.

    These days there exist many recently found artifacts to tell us more about Yahshua, his family, how they lived, and what the Nazoreans believed. It is obvious not only in Scripture, but in the ancient texts of His sect, nobody was called rabbi, nobody sacrificed animals, and nobody added to the Torah, nor did they take away from it (Mat 5:17, etc.). I [personally] am very sensitive, as are the less famous, non-Television Hebraic Roots teachers, to all Hebrew Roots teachers being equated with Jewish Roots teachers. There is a world of difference, and it is too bad that you got in with these would-be Jews rather than those of us who are more friendly to your ministry, we who were called heretics as Paul was in Acts 24:5 by the lawyers of the Pharisees (according to the Greek texts). -Jackson Snyder, Netzari Yahadim http://www.NEVY.us.

    NOTE TO READERS: We can’t just let such stereotypical remarks as those of Mr. Case go anymore if we are to fulfill Yahweh’s plan of representing the Nazorean (Nazarene Israel) movement in these latter days. ‘Hebrew’ does not equal ‘Jewish,’ and neither this man nor the media group he is castigating should be given leave to let their public condemnation of our belief stand. WE are to be among those who stand. We should condemn both lawless Christianity and the traditions of Rabbinical Judaism, and judge ourselves as to whether we hold onto the worse beliefs and practices of both. If we do, we should stop calling ourselves Nazarenes and go back to the reverend or rabbinical systems that we left.