Just who was Yahoshva talking about in the gospel of John when he made the statement,” all those that came before me were thieves and robbers,” who was he really talking about? We know he was not talking about Moses and the prophets, Matthew 5:18-20 makes that perfectly clear. The answer is found in Deuteronomy 13:1-18. It is all about dressing up as one thing to look like another. This is how the wolves in sheep clothing subtlety accomplished practicing of pagan religion of the nations, only dressed up as Jewish.

This is also the reason for the epilate of Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots. It is those that refused to return from Babylon to Jerusalem in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah refusing to give up their foreign wives i.e. the practices of the religions of their captors in Babylon. The parable Ezekiel used to describe their kind was those that baked bread of mixed grains, cooked with the fuel of their own lies i.e. their own dung. (Ezekiel 4:9-17) When Nehemiah and Ezra and all those saints of that returning generation slept (passed on) those who Ezekiel prophesied about in condemnation then crept back into the land after the conquest of Alexander the Great. Such is the parable given by Yah’oshva in Matthew’s gospel 13:24-30 read it and compare it, with how things unfolded up to the time of Yah’oshva. In the gospel of Matthew chapter twenty three is probably the most scathing rebuke of these wolves in sheep clothing. Here Yah’oshva said of them; you tithe mint and rue and cumin. Yet omitted the more important parts of the Law justice mercy and faith…. This word faith is a very poor translation of the original word that word is fidelity.

(1) Going forward by the present Jewish calendar year the first of these wolves’ religious practices is, Purim ….though Purim appears as a story and celebration and Jewish patriotism and victory over her enemies. It also follows to the “T” the saga of Artimis (Diana of the Romans) how she and her devotees are persecuted then awarded permission by Zeus to slay their persecutors then break into celebration over the demise their enemies. Ezekiel said the priesthood by whom Messiah will come; is the sons of Zadok this priesthood never recognized Esther as scripture that priesthood was the Essene’s priesthood. The allegory concerning them is they were pushed out of Jerusalem becoming reduced to the likeness of a cottage (tool shed) in the back forty of a cucumber patch by the prophet Isaiah. Mordecai the inventor of Purim was a Benjaminite. Jacob’s prophecies of Benjamin’s performance in the last days are clear, all through Jewish history they live up to Jacob’s prophecy starting with Judges 19. Who else is of Benjamin besides Mordecai…Hillel of Babylon, the most renowned of Pharisees …his grandson, Gamaliel the Nasi of the Sanhedrin in Yeshua’s time. Who else followed Hillel’s/Gamaliel philosophy? Josephus Flavius, son of the last High Priest of Jerusalem, Matthias Theophilus, both also Pharisees. With war on the horizon in the fall of 62 A.D. Josephus leaves for Rome. He arrives in the spring of 63 A.D. has his audience with Nero in 64 AD. With the arrangements for his father’s appointment to high priest completed. The followers of the preacher from Galilee are immediately persecuted in Rome. Theophilus, Josephus father becomes High Priest in 65A.D.when letters reach Jerusalem from Rome. Upon his return Josephus is made general of the northern army of Galilee, which he promptly surrenders to Rome without a fight. In his writings Josephus blames the whole war on the Galileans. What followed was not part of Theophilus and Josephus plan. Outraged Zealots in Jerusalem kill Theophilus the High Priest, suspecting it a sell out by Josephus. Josephus runs into the arms of Vespasian for protection, proving the Zealot’s suspicions. Instead of war being averted all-out war breaks out leading to the destruction of Jerusalem. (Dan.9:26 & 27) Could all this alone by itself, be called a quirky coincidence a singular incident? Some extreme sceptics might say maybe, but being a singular incidence is not the case.

(2) These Benjaminites that began migrating back from Babylon circa post Alexander the Great also incorporate the 17th of Tammuz, into the Jewish feast calendar. First off Tammuz is the Babylonian god, the Torah teaches; the god’s of the nations are not to be named, honored or mentioned among the children of Israel. What a twist, these same who celebrate the 17th of Tammuz forbid the name of Yah’ovah to be spoken. Ezekiel writes of the abomination of the children of Israel weeping for Tammuz. The weeping for Tammuz was done at the summer solstice. The month the wolves in sheep clothing give to the month in which the summer solstice mostly falls in their calendar is Tammuz! On the 17th of Tammuz these wolves in sheep clothing claim they are weeping of the walls of Jerusalem falling to the Babylonians. Ezekiel also wrote in parable of these who baked their bread with mixed grains, also made portraits of the host of heaven in their sanctuaries. Just as these wolves in sheep clothing did in their synagogues in Israel, any tourist can see portraits of the Zodiac in their synagogues dating to the time of Yah’oshua. These wolves in sheep clothing claim they are honoring the twelve son of Israel. Nevertheless Hillel, Gamaliel, Theophilus, and Josephus and their entire ilk were still ignoring even the first of the Ten Commandments using this lamest of excuses. Yet fulfilling everything Ezekiel wrote concerning them. When John the Baptist rebuked them, saying, “Make straight “HIS” path” (notice he did not say, “your” path) he could have just as easily said the same thing, by saying bake your loaves with a single grain in your bread. All this alone of itself could be called a quirky coincidence, if it was a singular incident however we have just proven it is not a singular incidence.

(3) The next is Chanukkah, again what looks to be a celebration and victory for the Jewish people is in truth a cover to practice Zeus worship and make it look Jewish. The saga of Zeus is he begins a new order by over throwing his father as king of heaven. The story of Hanukkah parallels that saga to the “T.” As the story goes a Hellenized Priest of the line of Aaron named Jason also called Jesus deposes his brother Onias 3rd and begins to worship Zeus in the temple of Yah’ovah in Jerusalem. He is deposed by another priest not of the high priest’s line, named Meneleus. His father murdered Onias 4rd son Onias 3th flees to Egypt. The Seleucid king Antiochus Epiphanies then makes decrees that the Sabbath and circumcision are not to be practiced under the penalty of death. He then sends out officials to insure his decrees are being followed.

Upon entering the village of Modiin to enforce the decrees, a Gershonite priest named Matthias kills the Seleucid official. He and his sons flee to the hill country of Judea and begin a campaign against the Seleucids. His son Judas regains the temple but instead of reinstalling priests of the line of Zadok going back to Aaron, he allows the people to make him High Priest. His first order of business was to make a friendship pack with Rome. In a both prophetic and ironic twist he dies in battle against the Seleucids trying to take Bethlehem. His brother Jonathan somewhat quasi Hellenized succeeds him and bargains with a contender to the Seleucid throne named Alexander Balas in return for troops to Balas’ cause. Jonathan is granted the office of High Priest and semi autonomy, territory he gains from Alxander Balas’ opponents he is allowed to hold. At the same time the sons of Onias 4rd demands the return of the high priest office to its rightful administrators when deined he then unlawfully builds a protest temple in Egypt. However at least one of his sons or his sons, returned from Egypt and takes up residence in exile at Qumran, living within their designated family area according to the book of Numbers chapter three verse thirtyeight. They continue to insist on the return of the office high priest according to the Law of Moses, this is the beginning the Essene movement. This leader of the Essene movement is known as the Teacher of righteousness. Jonathan denies him the office of High Priest. Jonathan claims the lamp in the temple has burned for eight days on one day’s supply of oil, he claims this is a sign from Yah’ovah, of a new order of priesthood in Jerusalem.

The rightful High Priest brands him as the wicked priest and his successors as the wicked priesthood. The day this happens for the start of this new order is on Zeus’ mythological birthday and those events play out the Zeus saga. The same drama of Zeus’ story is played out by the Hasmoneaen priesthood. The Essene community often labels them as a brood of vipers. John the Baptist and Yah’oshva use the same epilate. After Jonathan seven other Hasmoneaens hold the office of High Priest and the title of king. (Matthew 12:40-45)

Herod the great replaces them with his own appointees. Not till the annexing of Judea by the Romans do the Hasmons again occupy the office of High Priest. Again what was made to look Jewish was in fact the theology of Zeus played out by usurper, and having to make the choice the Pharisees choose to support the usurpers rather than the rightful Priesthood. Yah’oshva says to them when they asked him for a sign from heaven, It is an evil and adulteress generation that seeketh after signs……(Deuteronomy 13:1-18) He goes on to say the men of Nineveh shall rise up and condemn this generation, because when they heard Jonah they repented. The queen of the south will rise up in judgment with this generation and shall condemn it. For she came from the utter most parts of the earth to learn from Solomon and greater than Solomon is here. Then in verse 43-45 of Matthew chapter 12 the exact scenario he gives is the exact scenario that took place in the Hanukkah history we just went through. Judas, the Maccabbee cleanses the temple of the compromising Hellenized evil spirit only to have it return in his far less zealous brother, the more corrupted deal making Jonathan, who brings in seven more demons eviler than himself, the seven other Hasmoneaen who ruled until the time of Herod. Yah’oshva then says; “Even so shall it be for this wicked generation.”

All these things were done in Jerusalem by those who controlled the temple in Yah’oshva’s time, and that is why Yah’oshva said; “Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Sadducees and Pharisees.” It is also because of these parables and idioms that he spoke which prompted his disciples to say to him…..”Master do you not know you have offended the authorities” His response was; every plant which my father has not planted will be up rooted. Don’t bother with them; “they are blind leaders of the blind”…….Wolves in sheep clothing subtly practicing pagan arts dress up to look Jewish.

Three places in Torah we are commanded, “Do not boil a kid in his mother’s milk. ”Exodus 23:19, Exodus 34:26 and in Dueronomy 14:21 in all the cases the issue is presentation to Ye-hey-way, not dietary. Exodus 23:19 and 34:26 this commandment is placed in in context to the feasts of Ya-hey-way and in Deuteronomy 14:21 it is commanded in reference to what constitutes an acceptable offering vs. an unclean offering. Diet has nothing to do with it.

In April of 1929 at Ras Shama also known as Ugarit, the complete worship instruct manual of Baal worship is unearthed, in it was found the ritual of boiling a kid in its mother’s milk. According to Torah preforming this act especial concerning presentation to Ya-hey-way is prohibited. Nothing of that cult can come near to presentations made to Ye-hey way. This is also echoed by the prophet Haggai 2:12-14. The feasts of Yah and presentation to Yah are sanctified no unclean thing can even touch the skirt thereof. If the boiling of a kid, a ritual of Baal is not to incorporated into ones presentation to Ya-hey-way, So also is the reenactment of the saga of Diana, under the disguise of Jewish nationalism it to is unclean, as is practicing the weeping for Tammuz under the disguise of weeping for the walls of Jerusalem, it too is uncleanness, as is worshipping the new order of Zeus under the guise of the new order of the Hasmons feast of dedication i.e. Hanukkah.(Matthew 23:27)

Obedience is better than sacrifice and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Oh that there would be more Ezras and Nehemiahs in the land! Men willing to say we got that one wrong when they learned they had missed the feast of tabernacles for 600 years, they adjusted to obedience. Men ready today to say we got that one wrong! Let us adjust ourselves to that which is pleasing to our Elohim Yah’ovah, lest our worship become a seething mix of unclean bread and unlawful unclean offerings. Will you be a shepherd or a hireling will you face the wolves in sheep clothing to protect the sheep or run?

Practicing Torah is not the following of a religious theology per say. It is an exercise in critical thinking based on justice and deliberation weighting the issues equitably using the law given to Moses as our measuring stick of the covenant to discover the truth, then applying that truth to our everyday walk of life…that is following Torah. That is practicing righteousness.” Let no man deceive you he who practices righteousness is righteous even as Yah’oshua is righteous.” 1st John 3:7 John also wrote “take nothing from the gentiles so the truth is preserved.” That was Yah’oshua’s testimony to the authorities in Jerusalem and that was John’s to any that follow Yah’oshua, their testimonies bears all this out.

A more ironic thing in all this is, those that mixed all this into the Jewish faith, Purim, 17th of Tammuz and Hanukkah conceitedly shrug it off or ignore the facts, but howl the loudest about their counterparts mixing Christmas and Easter in their ritual. Their hypocrisy is astounding their conceit corrupts their judgment, the demagoguery of theology is the sin of idolatry and idolatry blinds the eyes. When Jacob spoke of the secret in Levi that his honor will not be united with……this is it, those in Levi that go alone with Benjamin in the last days will have no place with Jacob at the gathering.

 Relating study : Questioning Paul Book Manuscript December 13 2012 By Tom



  1. Wayne Walton

    Paul Qadash: I enjoy your articles Thomas

    Wayne Walton: The vast majority of even practicing Jews and Christians ignore the law of Moses. “Usury is the root of all evil” and usurped the Church.

    Magdiel Ya’akov: HalleluYah!! Keep up the good work brother!!

    Thomas L. Cossette: The reason I posted this thread is because of the ongoing drift away from Yeshva’s teaching to return to Torah. These same kind of wolves in sheep clothing are running rampart threw Messianic Judaism today begiling people to chase mystery religions even denying Yeshva’s teaching. “The Strange Case Of Dr. Shmuel Asher” an earlier post is one example.

    Magdiel Ya’akov: I’ve seen it, and never got why some very smart people couldnt see it!

  2. Dr.Dave Perry

    We Will Not

    Jer 6:16 Thus saith Yahweh, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old (or ancient) paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls…

    The rest of the verse? “…But they said, We will not walk therein”. – – Or – – ‘I doh wanna’

    The question is – What was “old” or ancient to Jeremiah? At the time this was written?

    Let’s think about this. Noah and 7 family members crossed over from the pre-Flood World to the post-Flood World. What could be more “ancient” than that? How many Jews were present then? None right? So this cannot be a ‘Judaizing’ issue; right? As it is with all the other points of Christian contention – Sabbath, Feastdays, New Moon, Clean Meats, etc. – all created at creation in Genesis. How many Jews were present then? None right?

    This also brings us to – How many Levites were present then? None right? So there is not a snow-ball’s chance that there was either a ‘Judaizing’ or a ‘Levitical’ issue at stake/in play at the time up to Noah even going into the time of Abraham, Issac or Jacob (the man Israel). And even into the time of the 12 brother – sons of Jacob (the man Israel). There were no ‘tribes of’ at that time.

    It wasn’t till after the 430yrs of Egyptian captivity were complete with a release from, that we start to know of or think of ‘The 12 Tribes of Israel’ coming into their own.

    All of this was under the Melkizedeq Priesthood (Gen.1:1-Ex.24:11)

    Then what did these ’12 Tribes of Israel’ ex-Egyptian captives do? They accepted the Melkizedeq Covenant at Sinai – then; they broke it 40days into the program. This severed (Ex.32:10) the Melkizedeq Priesthood offer (Ex.19:5-6) with them being spared but being placed under a ‘Levitical Priesthood’ (Num.3:12/Heb.7:11) “instead” – (a change in/of Torah because – ‘we will not walk therein’).

    The “Melkizedeq Priesthood” is the ‘original’ “ancient” part of Jer.6:16. But most Jews, Christians, Messianics and anti-Missionaries reject, deny, teach and defend against the “Melkizedeq Priesthood”. Basically fulfilling what this verse says – “…We will not walk therein”. – – Or – – ‘I doh wanna’

    They hang on to their ‘Levitically’ charged mindsets and their ‘Levitically’ charged speech, explanations and teachings. Even tho the ‘Levitical Priesthood’ from Torah has been gutted, usurped and replaced by the Rabbis.

    All this even tho for the Christians & Messianics (et.al) the ‘Brit haDasha’ ie the New Testament directly ID’s Yahshua as our High Melkizedeq Priest (Ps.110.4/Heb.7:21).

    All this while affirming, confirming, confessing & crowing about the revival & reformation of the ‘one new man’ – which is the regurgitation (2Ptr.2:22) of the same ole tired stuff with a new face lift, different terms and phrases. You can’t have a ‘one new man’ congregation, assembly or group without the “Melkizedeq Priesthood” – It is the incongruence of schizophrenia to say ‘new’ while dragging the ‘old’ stuff forward, dressing it up; then insisting/demanding it to be so – all while you cover your own eyes and plug your own ears – to guard your heart from what? The truth of the “Melkizedeq Priesthood”? The truth of ‘we will not’?

    Make no mistake ‘we will not’ is rebellion. It is to go thru the motions, aspirations & attestations to affirm Torah agreement to present to audiences presentations aimed at affirming the same accepting shroud that is actually rebellion couched in a schizophrenic version of selective obedience which is applied non-obedience.

    Sin is as what? Rebellion! Rebellion is Rebellion – whether it is conscious, un-conscious, aggressive, passive, willful or in ignorance (honest, self-inflicted or otherwise).

    2Tim.2:15 says to study to show yourself approved to Yah – Acts 17:11 says to scripture search daily to see if these things are so. That involves seeing what is, as valid; then implementing the Truth of the same – while seeing non-truth for what it is, coming out of that non-truth, Levitical-truth (for rebellion), was truth to embrace Yah’s here&now original and present Melkizedeq-Truth (1Ptr.2:9/Ex.19:5-6 – Rev.1:6/5:10).

    Torah Without Rabbinics