YHWH Feast Days


This year Aviv 1 for 2022/2023 is 23rd of March 2022

on Yom Revee, the 4th day of the week!

Since 2016 March 23rd Full Moon on Aviv 1, the 4th day of the week (March 23th) we started to observe the 6 year Priestly Order Cycle 1/6    ( in 2019 March 20 Priestly Order 4/6, a Full Moon did appear as we have been told by DSS that  in every 3 years, Full Moon will appear as the OTTO sign ), till 2021 we finally completed the 6 year Priestly Order Circle 6/6 this year @March 15th,  all priests on duty changed their shift on the Shabbat ( “Saturday” in Gregorian calendar) without breaking the 7 days weekly cycle for 6 years, each year364days with only 52 Shabbat  according to the DSS 6 years Priestly Order Records. ( Ref:  we have finally detailed of this continuous 6 years priestly order non stop rotation on a spread sheet from 588/587BC the 1st Temple’s record of the Priest on duty that week Month5 day 9  to the current year, and confirm that 2022 the Torah Year  Aviv 1 ” Gamul” 1/6 Priestly Order will be on duty.)
During the last 6 years ( 2016-2022 ), we do not need to skip a day after the Torah year 364days being completed on the 3rd day of the week and started the new Torah year Aviv 1 on the next day, the 4th day of the week.
However, this coming Spring 2022 on the 7th year (since 2016-2022) after we have completed the 6 years circle of the Priestly Order Schedule,  we will run the following 7 days off the clock and they will not be included in this coming new 364 days Torah year: March 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and then we begin our New Year on
Wednesday, March 23, 2022. The Full moon will be on March 18 as our witness that we have the correct year. Details of it ( Summary of Intercalation rules)  is at the bottom part of this article!    

DSS Priestly Order Year 6 of 6 ( 2021/2022)     Click here for PDF

DSS Priestly Order Year 4 of 6 (2019/2020)     Click here for PDF 

DSS Priestly Order Year 1 of 6 (2016/2017)      Click here for PDF

Explanations of the Above PDF/Chart

  https://issuu.com/thegodculture/docs/first_enoch_ebook_cf868cbfa53bca    Dear readers,  you are welcome to download and keep these latest version of the 1st Book of Enoch, Jubilee and 2Esdras     

A.  What will happen if we do not  skip any day  after the 364 day count this year 

and start Aviv 1 the next day immediately  (i.e. start the 16th March this year as Aviv 1 The New Torah Year)?

The blue color indicating starting Aviv1 every year after the count of 364days immediately the next day! by 10 years or more later, we are going to start Aviv 1 on the Winter/Autumn or even Summer, which has violated the instruction of YHWH to Moses in Exo 12 & 13 ” Exo 13:4  This day came ye out in the month Aviv! (The  Sign for Spring season is Spring Equinox; winter, autumn and  summer are not to be called as spring! (Yellow color indicating Spring Equinox as SIGN falls on any week day of the Creation week representing by Menorah inside the temple; as soon as the Spring Equinox Day been verified by the Priests ( it can be any day of the week, from day 1 to day 7, from left move to the right candle sticks vary in every year!! ) then that same week day 4 of the week ( indicating by GREEN color ) shall be the Aviv 1 of the year!)
As you can see clearly from the chart that year 2015 was having a 7 days uncounted  ( from 16th March to 23rd March 2016) , instead of 16th March 2016 to start Aviv 1 after its 364 days stopped at 15th March 2016. It started the new year Aviv 1 on the 23rd March 2016. on the same week the Spring Equinox appeared.  ( The same scenario happened again  this year, there are 7 days uncounted from March 16-23 March 2022)   For the last 6 years, from 2016-2021, there is “no need to skip a day from year to year after the 364days been counted! 
If we are looking at the future Spring Equinox dates quoted from the Jerusalem’s report, the next same scenario will be happened six years later, which is in the year of 2028! Very interesting !! The Calendar of YAH is speaking to us loud and clear:
Yes, Abba YAH, Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90: 12) 



B. The Times of Torah-Enoch & The Order of Malki-Tzedek

Updated 2020-2021 By Sholiach Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky men_have_been_studying_manmade_“calendars”_for_thousands_of_years__updated (6)

We have been studying & making progress in grasping all there is regarding Torah time & we share with you each piece as He, our loving Abba, reveals it to us. This is now our 36th year of study on this vital matter & so we bring you our latest & most up to date understanding, building & not negating past revelations of time restoration! The weekly Shabbat is on Saturdays this year and every other year as well, since the Torah based Year Aviv 1, CANNOT START ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK OTHER THAN DAY 4-Yom Revee, WHICH WE HAVE PROVEN CORRESPONDS TO OUR MODERN WEDNESDAY! The first Shabbat yearly is always Aviv 4 and Resurrection Morning is always on Aviv 18 the Shabbat of Life!

From our studies so far we can assert the following few details as facts: 

-The Vernal Spring Equinox is The Sign that a New Torah Year can or is in its right season to begin. It can fall on any day within the same Spring Equinox Week, when the 364 day count ends!
-Both the Vernal & Fall Equinoxes are confirmed by the shadows throughout the day making a straight line. A second witness is that only on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes does the moon rise in the east, in the same exact window that the sun sets in the west. A 3rd witness is that the year begins in the constellation of Pisces for at least another 400 or so years.
-Every 3 years Aviv 1 starts with a full moon on years 1 and 4 of a 6 year priestly cycle! That is when the full moon occurs on the same day or 2 days before or after Aviv 1 which occurs, that same Wednesday, during Spring Equinox Week.

“Frag. 1 verse 1 In the first month: on the fourth of the month is a Sabbath …” 4Q326 A new Translation, The Dead Sea Scrolls. Page 405 Priestly Service: Sabbath, Month, and Festival – Year Four
-That the first 4th day of the week Yom Revee [the first Wednesday] after Day 364 [always on a Tuesday] is always Aviv 1 each and every year based on the Torah command of a 364 day year. The Wednesday CLOSEST TO THE SPRING EQUINOX DAY [either before or after] DURING the Spring Equinox Week, Sunday-Shabbat, is always Aviv 1. For example, if the Spring Equinox is on a Friday, Aviv 1 is the prior Wednesday, as going back 2 days is closer than forwarding 4 days to the following Wednesday. Not to mention, the following Wednesday is a new week, the week AFTER the Spring Equinox! Aviv 1 must be after 364 days are counted fully and within the Spring Equinox week, not the week before or after!
-That the Torah year always starts on a 4th Day-Yom Revee, Wednesday & always ends on a 3rd Day-Yom Shleshee, Tuesday & is exactly 364 days as required by Torah, The New Covenant & Enoch.
-That YHUH masterfully built in intercalation and there is absolutely no need FOR MAN to ever add days, months, weeks or years, as long as we wait each year until the first Wednesday after the 364th day on a Tuesday, during The Spring Tekufah-Equinox week Sunday-Shabbat. This method adjusts itself over the years! Within 7th year YHUH Himself adds a full 7 day week, so the seasons remain intact. He Himself intercalates but man cannot and must not mess with His built in system. An example will be Roman year 2022, when the Spring Equinox is on a Sunday and the old year ends on the previous Tuesday. We must wait until the following Wednesday during equinox week, thus YHUH allows us to wait a week, once the 364 day count has concluded. That is how He Himself does it automatically.
In Short, every 5-6 years, an intercalary week is added, run off the clock, in order to keep the calendar in sync with the seasons. This happens naturally when we keep the start of the year to the 4th day of the week that falls closest to the vernal equinox. This regularly occurs when the full moon is sighted near the time of the equinox. 


C.  Additional Readings  regarding this matter can be found below.

Not everyone understands how to use Ancient picto Aluphbyt but from all we know today Exo 12:2  This month (Spring Equinox as Sign: Tau) shall be unto you the beginning (Aleph)  of months: it shall be the first (Aleph) month of the year to you. 
Time is Measured with a Aleph and Tau cross ; 
Spring Equinox using a Cross (Tau) as marking the east west north south shadow markings . This is the word for time 
The Old Testament biblical concept of time is communicated in Hebrew primarily by the
word et( i.e. Alef Tau), which can mean linear time but more often is associated with specific events and is
translated kairos in Greek (Van Gemeren 1997, 3:564-6). Yom is also used in Hebrew to
communicate a unit of time, most often day or today (Van Gemeren 1997, 2:419-23).Time is/can be only measured by the sun :
Time started by   [to see/witness/identify=Ayin] equinox {tau=Sign/Marker }                                       
and counting to shabbat
Deu 16:1  GUARD/WATCH carefully  [Ayin=The Hebrew letter Ayin means eye and correspondingly, the Ayin has to do with vision and bringing forth lights that are hidden. ] the month of Aviv, and keep the Pecach unto Yahuah Elohayka: for in the month of Aviyv Yahuah Elohayka brought you forth out of Mitsrayim by night.



D. Some good explanation regarding the discussion on

“why this year Aviv1 needs  7 days intercalation” 

It is inside the PDF attached below from one of our social media chat group!  If any reader is interested in this and check whether You Can download it ” PDF Summary of Intercalation rules ” as well as another  link attached below! The link below is an offer from our sister Rojo Mathews: ” Thank you Yahn El for your work on the calendar which has helped me along the way! I put this together and hope it blesses those of you in this web site. I’ll see if I can figure a way to have it available for print for a decent price over there in there in the US, if there’s an interest. Please see the pdf in the link below (ignore the order form because it is exclusively for those local to me in Malaysia). Shalom!
LIGHT version – Google Drive

2. Leap year theories compared &The role of the menorah in the temple service

Leap year theories compared &The role of the menorah in the temple service   (PDF) Taken from Ken Johnson’s book – Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls Calendar. Do purchase and read it, for those of you big fans of this calendar study!  Shalom, Rojo Mathews   
3. Summary of Intercalation rules : 
https://man-child.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Summary-of-Intercalation-rules.pdf   By John and Donna Mitten :
Essentially what we are doing every year is starting each New Year on the closest 4th day (Wednesday) to the Spring Equinox (or the First Day of Spring). The Full Moon is simply our witness which helps us determine which years have the closest 4th Days to the Spring Equinox.  
Since Yah’s Calendar only utilizes 364 days every year, we drift backwards on our calendars by 1 day (for 365-day years) or 2 days (for 366-day Leap Years). If we don’t adjust our 364-day calendar by intercalation this coming Spring, then in only a few more years, we are going to be way off with our timing with Mother Nature and we will be disturbing the 4 Seasons (the 4 Intercalary Days) for their correct timing. The Moon calendars will have the 4 seasons off of their proper timing by up to a month sometimes before they get adjusted by them adding in another (13th) month. Enoch and Moses are clear that every year has 12 months. Read Jubilees Chapter 6, where it shows moon calendars will have each New Year coming in 10 days too soon. (Solar 364 days vs Lunar 354 days)
Enoch tells us the Full Moon is our witness that brings in all the years…but we are not to start our years either too far forwards or too far backwards of the Spring Equinox.  Since we want to start every year on the closest 4th day (Wednesday) to the actual First Day of Spring, Abba gave us the Full Moon at the time of the Spring Equinox as our sign or witness for intercalating on the correct years. In other words, we might go astray a year or so if we don’t wait for the witness of the Full Moon for when we are to intercalate. If there will not be a Full Moon somewhere in the 7 days that we are to run (non-counted) off the clock, then we know we have the wrong year to intercalate. The Full Moon witness is very precise (faithful) and she will show up every 3 or 5 years without fail at the time of the Spring Equinox and so we can actually predict for thousands of years when we are to intercalate if we know her cycle. Unlike predicting the moon calendars New Months, we don’t have to look for any slivers or conjunctions and then if it happens to be cloudy on certain days, we would simply start a New Year by default on the following day (a Lunar Day 30). Abba does not need our help deciding when the New Year is to begin. There will either be a Full Moon or there won’t at the time of the Spring Equinox and that is our witness. We can calculate our calendar for many years in advance and know exactly when the Full Moons are going to happen. Moon Calendars are fickle at best and celebrating Abba’s Feasts on the correct days all depend on if the New Moon was seen in Israel or not. That is very unreliable. I know that when we were following Michael Rood’s Moon Calendar while living in Oklahoma, we would see the sliver of the New Moon very clearly on the days that it was not seen in Israel. Also know that Abba’s Calendar in Heaven is written on stone tablets. Does He rely on slivers and conjunctions or does He keep His Calendar EXACTLY THE SAME, EVERY SINGLE YEAR FROM CREATION TO THE NEW CREATION? That would be a YES! He doesn’t have to make New Stone Tablets each year. Like He does, we also use the same calendar year after year. We change the pagan dates…Abba changes nothing!
So, at the beginning of every new intercalation year (which is every 5, 6, or rarely 8 years), the Full Moon will be located somewhere in those 7 days that we are to run off the clock.
 For example, this coming Spring 2022 we will run the following 7 days off the clock and they will not be
included in the 364 days: March 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and then we begin our New Year on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. The Full moon will be on March 18 as our witness that we have the correct year.
At the BEGINNING of each new intercalation cycle, we will start our New Year about 3 days AFTER the Spring Equinox (March 20) has already occurred, like it will be on March 23, 2022 of this coming year, after we adjust. (The pagan Gregorian is not an accurate calendar and the New Year does not start on January 1.) Then, when this upcoming 5 or 6-year cycle is toward its END, we will once again be starting the new year about 3 days BEFORE the Spring Equinox occurs and it will again be time for another intercalation. (For example, this current 364-day year, we started the New Year on March 17, 2021, which was 3 days BEFORE Spring (March 20). It was the closest (4th Day) Wednesday to Spring, but after we intercalate on
March 23, 2022, we will be starting our New Year 3 days AFTER Spring. It will also be the closest 4th Day to the Spring Equinox. Notice in our calendar pdf that if we don’t intercalate this coming Spring, we would be starting our New Year on March 16th. That would be 4 days away, and BEFORE the actual Spring Equinox, which will occur on March 20th. So, when we intercalate this next Spring, we will still be starting our New Year on the closest 4th Day Wednesday to the Spring Equinox, but it will be AFTER the Equinox has already occurred, and it will only be 3 days away from the Equinox of March 20. In other words, (the 3 days away) on Wednesday, March 23 (after intercalation of 7 days) will be one day CLOSER to the Vernal Equinox of March 20 (First Day of Spring) than the (4 days away) on Wednesday, March 16. The Full Moon on March 18 will simply be our witness to show us that we have the correct year to jump from one Wednesday over the
Spring Equinox to the next Wednesday, for the start of the New Year. We can also employ sundials as a great confirmation tool for using as another witness that will show the exact day of the Equinox.
So, to repeat for clarity, by intercalating this coming Spring, we will still be starting on the closest 4th Day Wednesday to the Spring Equinox (only 3 days away). Enoch tells us not to go too far forwards or too far backwards and we have the Full Moon as our witness to give us complete confidence that we have the correct year to intercalate.
Notice in our calendar pdf charts that each of the next few years from now, going forward, we will be getting closer to the Equinox year by year for the start of each New Year (3,2,1) and then for 1 year (0), we will actually start that year on the Equinox (First Day of Spring). Then the next couple of years after that we will drift away in the opposite direction again until Miss Moon shows up and tells us to jump back over to the other side of the Equinox again. So, we truly are always starting every New Year on the Closest 4th Day Wednesday to the First Day of Spring. We are never more than 4 days away and that only occurs about one time per century when we need an 8-year correction cycle.
Enoch gives us very precise numbers of days between Full Moon events of 1092 days (3 years), 1820 days (5 years) and 2912 days (8 years). We never intercalate after only 3 years, but we believe the 3-year intervals do mark the 366-day Leap Years, which on Abba’s Calendar appear to be every 3 or 5 years. Leap Years do not affect our intercalation process of waiting for Miss Moon as our witness. They simply show us when we accrue 2 days on certain years. We will be discussing 48-hour days shortly and I will be requesting help from some of you, to record the exact days on which they occur. This is when the sun will take a double orbit in the
same pathway. I will take pictures of the simple process I am using and I want others to help in case I have cloudy days when it’s critical or vise-versa and many witnesses will put the matter to rest. 48-hour days are either real or they aren’t. There is scripture to back it up and also Enoch says the sun has exactly 364 pathways and that is all. So, the Full Moon (at Spring (Vernal) Equinox) is simply our witness who tells us when we have the correct year to go from when we are starting our years before the Equinox… to jumping
back over the Equinox and starting our new cycle again after the Equinox has occurred. Then each year we will drift backwards again by either 1 or 2 days every year until Miss Moon gives us her witness again in an eternal cycle until the End of Days. Hopefully I didn’t repeat myself too many times, but without a visual presentation, I wanted to help everyone grasp the concept of how and why we intercalate. Perhaps I will be able to do videos again if I don’t need to return to work. The best way to remember intercalation is:
1. Start every New Year on the closest Wednesday to the First Day of Spring.
2. Have Miss Moon as your faithful witness to tell you when to “leap frog” over the Equinox
from one Wednesday to the next Wednesday and don’t count those 7 days on your 364-day calendar. Keep the Sabbath like normal.
The beauty of Abba’s Calendar is it’s a perfect 52-week cycle that allows us to keep our Feasts and Sabbaths on the exact same days of the month and days of the week each year. We can memorize the calendar because it will never change. The 4 Intercalary days are always on 3rd Day Tuesdays. The First Day of every new season is always on a 4th Day Wednesday. You can memorize every feast date and Sabbath date. We haven’t changed our basic calendar structure since the beginning in 2016, but we simply change the pagan, Gregorian dates each year so we can do business until Messiah returns. I don’t think Yahushua will be using the Gregorian Calendar during His Millennial Reign, and we will likely be able to carry around the same copy of Abba’s Calendar year after year. Of course, Abba’s Calendar is written on Heavenly Stone Tablets but that might be a little cumbersome to carry copies of that around in our pockets. Abba does not ever need to change His Calendar that was written into stone… It is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

For readers who are interested to study this information in depth, the following chart explains how the Full Moon is used to determine both Leap Years and Intercalation years by using the scriptures that were given to us by Enoch. Details that describe how this chart works are listed after the charts : PDF attached here:  [ Yah 22 ] Yah Calendar explained ( Read from Page 51) E. Professor  Rachel Elior’s View on this subject: 

MORE Foods for thoughts:

A mid-March dawn breaking in Island Hill, Strangford Lough

F. Equinox vs. Equilux – what’s the difference?

By Angie Phillips
BBC News NI Weather Presenter
Basically, from the day AFTER equilux, until the 23rd, there is a seven day cycle, with the VEQ/great sign on the earth in the middle. It is similar to the original creation seven day cycle.
17 – Light/Darkness separated badal beyn equal
20 – VEQ Great Sign Day 4
23 – Seventh Day”  
The Equilux is NOT the beginning of the year. It is the day of equal day\equal night. The Equilux happens on Jerusalem will always fall on the March 16th in today Pagan Calendar but NOT on the other regions of the world on that same day! ( It shifts over a week time to complete its covering). However, The whole world experiencing Equinox ( it happens) on the same day ( within 24 hours just quote it as the Same equal Day & Night from sun rise to sun set!) from Jerusalem throughout the world!
The Equilux is NOT the same as the Vernal Equinox which produces a “great sign upon the earth; a sundial can be used to confirm the straight line of the shadow on the day of EQUINOX as the SIGN.


G. Interesting New version of Book of Enoch’s Translation provided by Brother Daniel de Caussin: 

(He has been translating Enoch from the original Ge’ez manuscripts), and there is a day of lingering:
There is a day of lingering after the 360days within the 12 months, plus the 4 markers of the seasons =364days/Yearly. The year ended after the 364days. The new year will only be started by the SIGN OTTO of Spring Equinox appear normally on the 4th days of the Spring Equinox week. However, the Spring Equinox Day will be shifted to different day of the week year by year due to the 365.25/366 days gregorian calendar’s dating! Hence,  Aviv 1 will only be identified by [ the closest 4th day of the week relating to the OTTO : The Spring Equinox.
The sun marks the heads and tails of days as they are to be reckoned from earth.

The stars set the boundaries/fixed positions as the “changer of the seasons”.H.  Order of the stars indicating the twelve months of the year

See the web site https://stellarium-web.org/ when using this chart. Use search, and the modern star names, finding where these stars and the sunrise are at the horizon by sliding the time bar to emulate the sunrise location and the star-rise location as they appear at the horizon. These rising locations should be the same point


Path taken by the point of the March equinox along the ecliptic over the past 6,000 years; DSS 4Q318, the calendar New year Aviv 1st shall fall on Tropical Zodiac “Pisces” ; for example year 2021, some believers want to start YHWH New Year on the 24th March Wednesday, as they decided to skip a week after the sight of March Equinox which will not match the DSS 4Q318 description. By doing that, they are not only disrupting the continuous weekly Priestly duty schedule, they shall missed the sign of the every 3 years full moon falls on Aviv 1 to start the new year which especially obvious on Jerusalem having the witness of the Tropical Zodiac Spices appear in the sky with the rises of the moon!!

The biblical year Aviv 1 starts on the 4th day during spring equinox week. Why day 4 that is when the lights were assigned Gen 1:14-16. Also the year must begin in the constellation of Pisces and as you can see the sun is in Pisces this year March 23rd 20202. In messiahs time the year began in The Ram.


The sun beginning to climb over Strangford Lough last week

I. What does it mean 364days count yearly recorded in the book of Enoch?  

A summary  Updated 2020-2021 By Sholiach Apostle Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky men_have_been_studying_manmade_“calendars”_for_thousands_of_years__updated (6)
Enoch 75:2: the exactness of the year is – accomplished through its separate three hundred and sixty-four stations. Meaning, you must stop at day 364 for exactness,even if it is a few days before the Spring Equinox and it’s visible straight line sign or even if the Roman calendar says it’s on A Friday, Sunday or any other day! Again be careful to obey HIM and not mix biblical and Roman data! YHUH is watching and testing you, with the restoration of Torah time! Even if science and religion are against the 364 day 52 week per year COMMAND!
Enoch 82:6: And the year is completed in three hundred and sixty-four yamim-days. Nothing confusing about exactness right! Obey and get it right! Disobey!  And Stay Confused!                          Enoch 71:32: On that yom-day the lyla-night decreases and amounts to nine parts and the yom to nine parts and the lyla 33 is equal to the yom-day and the year is exactly as to its yamim-days three hundred and sixty-four days! 
Revelation 12:3 And I will give power to My two witnesses, and they shall prophesy one thousand two hundred sixty days [1,260 days = 42 months of 30 days], clothed in sackcloth. 
Revelation 12:6 And the woman [Israel] fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by YHUH, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred sixty days [1,260 days = 42 months of 30 days]. 
If The Book of Revelation allowed for years with more than 364 days, 12 months and 52 weeks, then the 42 months would not be perfect months of 30 days each. We cannot make the perfect solar times like the lunar errors of the rabbinics, which would make us just as guilty as they are! YHUH has not given us permission to change or adjust HIS REVEALED MATHEMATICAL PERFECTION, designed specifically to work for you His follower the exact same way it works for angels! His set times are designed NOT TO WORK for the worldly, fearful and unbelieving!
Since 364 is divisible by 7, we get a perfect 52 weeks of 7 days each, with 4 seasons of exactly 13 weeks + 4 season marker days 360 + 4 = 364! 
That means, using biblical DATA, the Vernal Equinox will always be during the last week of the year and New Year’s Day Aviv 1 on The Wednesday of that same Vernal Equinox Week, either before or after the Spring Equinox and the Wednesday closest  to it, as “364 math” doesn’t lie, because YAH cannot lie. He does not need to guess!  The Vernal Equinox can and does shift to differing weekdays during week # 52, nevertheless, the divine mathematical formula used by YAH still must be followed! The counting ends on day 364 ALWAYS ON A TUESDAY of the last week of the old year during the Spring Equinox Week! The Spring Equinox will always fall somewhere in those 7 days where the old year transits to the new one, always during the LAST WEEK OF THE OLD YEAR!

We cannot worry about the Roman dates that change due to the Gregorian calendar. We suggest counting the 364 days out from Aviv 1 each year [the Wednesday on the same week when the Spring Equinox appears i.e. during the Spring Equinox WEEK] to be exact, marking each New Month. The command to count only 364 days a year is not a suggestion but a command from YHUH our Abba, regardless of what other intellectuals do, say or think! EVEN IF THERE IS AN ALLEGED OR REAL 365th or 366th SUNRISE IN A YEAR, IT MUST BE IGNORED OR NOT COUNTED, as we wait for the Aviv 1 day to arrive.

Torah, Enoch & Jubilees all say that every year will have 364 days and 52 Shabbats forever from year to year, ordained by heaven for man!! Heaven has gifted us the times of heaven written on the heavenly Torah- ablets allowing us mere mortals to partake with angels! Let us not squander that high calling! Man and astronomy-science say that the year is now 365.25. Who is right? Only The House of Zadok’s Everlasting Priesthood & Corresponding Anointing-Charge, resolves the Torah required 364 day [360 +4 season markers] 12 month, 52 week Solar Year. Praise be to YHUH-Yahushua for the unfolding revelation He is and will yet provide. Enjoy the journey with us!
The Solar times of YAH do not ever use the moon for times and seasons as this is forbidden in Scripture, in such places as Torah & Jubilees Chapter 6! The 6 year priestly cycle First Chronicles Ch. 24:1-19, uses the moon phases of full and dark moons to establish when the Zadokite priestly order starts their assigned weeks in the Temple. These 2 checkpoints occur monthly, to make sure the priestly orders are ready, prepared and correct in their turn/watch! These 2 monthly checkpoints were not used for time determination, as these were the Zadokite priests, who would never use lunar calendars, which is the primary reason they abandoned the Second Temple in JerusalemTo the true priesthood therefore, neither the full nor dark moons are new months & moreover are not to be observed like the fallen watchers used to. They were mathematically calculated and recorded to and for the kohaneem-priests, who would then be on time in their commanded order of Temple service, NOT OBSERVED WITH HUMAN EYES, AS THE FALLEN WATCHERS DID AND TAUGHT MEN TO DO!
The moon incredibly enough as it appears in the Zadokite priestly order actually establishes the eternality of the perpetual 7 day weekly cycle! The calculated dark and full moon phases are included by those solar time advocates, only to verify and display that the 7 day week has never changed and that these phases occur on the same corresponding weekdays of the modern week, as they did in Torah times & as they did in Messiah Yahushua’s time, as long as we make super sure to use the correct year in each recorded six year priestly cycle! These phases confirm that not only the 7 day week has never changed but that most importantly, neither has the Shabbat on the day THEY, the Pagans call Saturday!  https://man-child.com/2021-2022-calendar-based-on-dds-priestly-order-6-years-calendar-excel-spreadsheet/
An easy way to see which year of the priestly cycle we are in is to see which priestly order starts it. [First Chronicles 24:1-19] Have a look for yourself! 

The Full Moon will be seen on Aviv 1 Wednesday only in years 1 and 4 of a 6 year priestly cycle. The next Aviv 1 with a Full Moon will be year 1 in March of 2022. March 2021 starts year # 6 in the 6 year priestly cycle! You can use the Full Moon of Aviv 1 to determine which year of the cycle it is. If you see it on Aviv 1 you know it’s either year 1 or year 4 of a 6 year priestly Zadokite cycle. REMEMBER JUBILEES 6 & OTHER PLACES FORBID ANY USE OF THE MOON TO DETERMINE TIME. WE FOLLOW ONLY SOLAR TIMES! WE ARE MERELY SHOWING HOW THE PHASES APPEARED ON THE SAME DAY OF THE WEEK 2,000 YEARS AGO, AS THEY DO TODAY [DSS], SHOWING US THAT THE SHABBAT OF THAT DAY, REMAINS THE SAME TODAY, WITH THE HEATHEN NAME OF SATURDAY.


J. https://man-child.com/is-saturday-the-seventh-day-shabbat

Is Saturday the Seventh Day Shabbat?

J.  Proof  That Day 4-Our Modern Wednesday Was Lit Continually In The Temple

K. The lamps of the menorah

The candle sticks were lit daily from fresh, consecrated olive oil and burned from evening until morning, according to Exodus 27:21. 
The Roman-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus states that three of the seven lamps were allowed to burn during the day also; [13] however, according to one opinion in the Talmud (Rashi, Tractate Shabbat 22b), only the center lamp was left burning all day, into which as much oil was put as into the others. Although all the other lights were extinguished, that light continued burning oil, in spite of the fact that it had been kindled
first. This showed Israel where to start the new year and where all 4 seasons start. On Yom Revee a Wednesday.  DAY 4 OF THE WEEK-MIDDLE LIGHT OF THE MENORAH LIT FIRST AND BURNED ALL DAY AND NIGHT AS THE SIGN OF THE MESSIAH [WHO CAME ON DAY 4 OR 4,000 YEARS AFTER ADAM AND EVE]. Day 7 represented by candle 7, is symbolic of the weekly and millennial Shabbat , when Messiah physically returns at the dawn of the millennial Shabbat. This miracle according to the Talmud (Tractate Menahot 86b) was taken as a sign that The Shekan-Esteem and Honors rested over Israel forever into the kingdom. [14] It was called the Ner Hama’aravi (Western lamp) because of the direction of its wick. This middle lamp was also referred to as the Ner Elohim-Ner Tamid (Eternal Lamp of El). YAHUSHUA The Alef Taf The Middle 4th Light Called “The Light of the World” Burns Eternally Also mentioned in I Samuel 3:3. The miracle of the Ner Tamid-Eternal Flame ended about 40 years before the destruction of the Second Temple (30 CE) according to the Talmud (Tractate Yoma 39a), “Our Rabbis taught: During the last forty years before the destruction of The Second Temple (that is to say from around 30 CE the very year Yahushua died) the lot [‘For YHUH’] did not come up in the right hand of the priest [on Yom Kippur-Day of Atonements]; nor did the crimson-colored strap [in the Temple] become white; nor did the westernmost light shine” or that middle light of Messiah that man killed on Day 4 went out. What day did the Light die? Yes, day 4 of the week or
Wednesday Yom Revee Aviv 15! 
THIS PROVES BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT AT THE TIME OF YAHUSHUA, THEY KNEW THAT TIME AND THE TORAH WEEK CENTERED AROUND DAY 4 of Week One-Modern Wednesday, Not day1 of Week One, as many falsely claim. Shema Yisrael!!!!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menorah_(Temple)
4Q394 1-2 (Cave 4) – Note, yet another SIGN- Where was the Torah Shabbat confirmed in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Cave 4 of course, corresponding to day 4 of week 1. Another YAH-Incidence! 

L.  From Professor Rachel Elior a rabbinical Jew-

“The present Jewish calendar is not matching the old Jewish priestly times. This ancient priestly time was replaced by the Greek lunar calendar, in the time of Antiochus Epiphanies by force” and later on by the sages, who chose the lunar calendar based on the people’s observation and not by precalculated calculations.



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