Dead Sea Scrolls Calendar Footnote

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Attached below here is a quick reply to one of our readers most recent question that concerning the subject of DSS Enoch calendar issue, and which is also the most concerned subject that many of you have been asking, here is the reply:

Dear beloved brother, a quick reply to inform you that we are on the same page:

  1. YES. The day begins in the morning Check this out!
  2. YES. The MessiYAH was lay in the heart of the earth in day time before HE was placed in the grave! YES, HE was raised on the 3rd day!
    Please refer to our updated article with the same subject.
  3. You are correct, we should do one latest summary of our final research on this calendar subject matter. Sorry for the confusing researched papers ( published articles ) throughout the years that have been “improved/changed” as our understanding shifted. For now, we only tracked and matched the DDS 6 years priestly calendar according to Enoch with only and straightly 364 days yearly with 52 “Shabbats” not weeks, and the 1st day, we only start the year on the 4th day of the first week of the new year… by doing it, we discovered that we are observing the exact same day same month and the same 6 years uninterrupted priestly order ( for example, this coming year 2021/20222 is the 3rd year of this priestly order circle) , hence, even though after 2000+ years between us and them, we are sharing the same calendar even with the moon position monthly with the same priest on duty every 6 years circle!!!! And this was supported with scripture records as well as Jewish history when they mentioned of particular priestly order was on duty at that day of that month! And because of this, we also know how to identify the sabbatical years and Jubilee years according to the scriptures. The numbers match perfectly! We have done this exercise in Chinese, will try to describe it in English for this coming new Year of YHWH! Amein.

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Additional proof that our calendar is corresponding to the exactly same calendar that Noah was using on the Flood account recorded in the book of Genesis:

GENESIS 6-8 Calendar Noah Flood based on Enoch DDS 364days Counting.pdf



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