Shavuot 2022 Remembering our covenant with YaHuWaH (PDF )

On June 5, 2022, a group of 8 of us went to the mountains and forests of Wyoming to blow shofars and lifted up praises of flags to declare the Qodesh Shem /name of YaHuWaH on high! HalleluYah, we have counted Omer daily according to the scripture and have gone through 49 days and arrived at the 50th day of the 7 weeks Festival. This is not the end, but a brand-new beginning! The book of Acts is not ended in chapter 28, and the move of the Ruach Ha Qodesh of YHWH’s still working, HE didn’t stop, He’s moving on!

Let us follow the movements of the RUACH/Spirit of YaHuWaH and continue to write a new chapter, Acts 29, in YaHuWaH with all the followers of YAH until our Master Yahushua comes for us! Let HIM and HIS name be esteemed and Honored by all forevermore. Amein.

Psa 67:1  ELOAH YaHuWaH has favors unto us, and Baruch us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.   Psa 67:2  That your way may be known upon earth, your Yeshu`ah among all nations. 

Psalm 67:3  Let the people praise you, O Eloah YaHuWaH; let all the people praise you. 

Psa 67:4  O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for you shall judge the people righteously and govern the nations upon earth. Selah. 

Psa 67:5  Let the people praise you, O Eloah YaHuWaH; let all the people praise you.

Psa 67:6  The earth shall give her increase; Eloah, our own Eloah, Baruch us!

Psa 67:7  Eloah YaHuWaH shall Baruch us, and all the ends of the earth shall reverence/fear HIM.

Give it up, to The Most High!!!!! Let it blow, let it blow!

From the east to the west, YaHuWaH is the BEST!!!!!  Shavuot!!!!!                  In one accord, one body in Mashiach, to The Most High!!!!!

Suddenly, YAH’s light pierced through the clouds and landed on Eyd.  Awesome!!!!!  

Within minutes, a rainbow portal was revealed to us right above Eyd.


Shavuot – from Sinai to the Upper Room:  

To the ALMIGHTY, YaHuWaH!!!!


SHAVUOT 2022: Remembering Our Covenant with Our Most HIGH YAHUWAH

Acts 2:36-43   3,500 years ago, the Israelites had promised YaHuWaH:

whatever YaHuWaH said, they would do it. But soon, the sin of worshiping the golden calf cost the Israelites 3,000 people in a day.

The Shavuot after 3500, when the Set-Apart Spirit descends and pours out! That day, about 3,000 disciples were added! Our Master YaHuWaH, Yahushua reigns over all! He never gives credit to any false gods. When the great light of our Sovereign Yahuwah came, the scales on Paul’s eyes fell off, and he finally knew that the Yahushua was the Messiah. Paul explained the Torah and the prophets among Jews and Gentiles The book points to Yahushua as the prophesized Messiah. When the RUACH/ Spirit was poured out on the day of Shavuot, Peter and the 11 apostles gained eloquence in different tongues and courage, and they boldly preached the word of the Reign of Yahushua, and they became a fearless people. (Isa 61:1-3)

Come, whoever has heard the Shofar call come

and become a part of the next greatest move of YAHUWAH

since the Day of Pentecost (Hebrew: Shavuot)!!! 

2Ti 2:3  Therefore endure hardness, as a tov/good soldier of Yahushua Ha’Mashiach.          

2Ti 2:4  No man that wars entangle himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who has chosen him to be a soldier.   

The footsteps of the second coming of our Master Yahushua are getting closer, He is gathering and counting His army! He will give orders to his soldiers! Our destination, our Promised Land, is at hand, and we must step into it We must not miss our chance to enter our destiny.

On the way home, Abba YaHuWaH once again made a firm covenant with us on this special annual feast day, and HE sent us a rainbow passing through the clouds as a sign from the sky!

Jer 31:3  יהוה appeared to me from afar, saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore I shall draw you with kindness. 

HE ignited the amazing fire burning clouds and sunsets in the sky for us. HE showered us with the undying love as strong as the firing fire and shall never go out. HalleluYah. Amein.(Songs 8:6-7 For love is as strong as death, Its flames are flames of fire, a flame of Yah!)


The celebration of Pentecost on this day is so awesome and honorable. The love between Shamayim and earth, the Supreme Almighty Eloah of all creation testifies to us in

Romans 8:38 and 39: There is nothing in this world that can separate our Father in Shamayim[YaHuWaH] from expressing and giving His love to us!

He loves us with an everlasting love that never fails!  Amein!