Should This Be Included in the Book Of Acts?

James The Just 

By  Joy Collecutt based on record of  ” the Recognition of Clement”
James was never named James, this name was given to him by the King James Bible.
James name is Yaaqov or Jacob, like the Patriarch. and they called Him Ya’aqob the Just or Rightoues (Tzadik) because there were many Ya’aqob’s in Jerusalem.
He was the brother or step brother of Yahusha and was one of the disciples, named James the son of Alphaeus. Luke 6:15.
Ya’aqob was the leader of the Jerusalem Assembly, after Yahusha’s Ascension back to His father. Yahusha told his disciples before His death, that Ya’aqob was to be their leader.
“The disciples asked Yahusha, Who will lead us, since we know that you will leave us? Yahusha replied, From wherever you happen to be, go to Ya’aqob the Just. It is for his sake that heaven and earth came into being.” The book of Thomas.
Ya’aqob and Paul had a serious altercation on the Temple steps before Paul’s conversion.
Ya’aqob had his legs broken by Paul, which resulted in a mass migration of believers out of Jerusalem.
Taken from the Recognition of Clement. “When he (Paul) had said this, he first, seizing a strong brand from the altar, set the example of smiting. Then others also, seeing him, were carried away with like readiness. Then ensued a tumult on either side, of the beating and the beaten. Much blood is shed; there is a confused flight, in the midst of which that enemy (Paul) attacked Ya’aqob, and threw him headlong from the top of the steps; and supposing him to be dead, he cared not to inflict further violence upon him.
But our friends lifted him up, for they were both more numerous and more powerful than the others; but, from their fear of Aloah, they rather suffered themselves to be killed by an inferior force, than they would kill others.
But when the evening came the priests shut up the Temple, and we returned to the house of Ya’aqob, and spent the night there in prayer. Then before daylight we went down to Jericho, to the number of 5000 men.
Then after three days one of the brethren came to us from Gamaliel, whom we mentioned before, bringing to us secret tidings that that enemy (Paul) had received a commission from Caiaphas, the chief priest, that he should arrest all who believed in Yahusha, and should go to Damascus with his letters, and that there also, employing the help of the unbelievers, he should make havoc among the faithful; and that he was hastening to Damascus chiefly on this account, because he believed that Peter had fled there.
And about thirty days thereafter he (Paul) stopped on his way while passing through Jericho going to Damascus.
At that time we were absent, having gone out to the sepulchers of two brethren which were whitened of themselves every year, by which miracle the fury of many against us was restrained, because they saw that our brethren were had in remembrance before Aloah.”
Ya’aqob had his legs broken by Paul, and then His followers took him down to where the two sepulchers, or two burial places are of their brethren. This place is at Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
Ya’aqob, Yahusha, and all their followers are connected to Qumran, to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
In 62AD Ya’aqob the Tzadik was executed by Caiaphas’ nephew at the Temple during Passover. He was thrown down from the parapet, as he answered their question, “Who is the Gateway of Salvation”
Ya’aqob replied,” Yahusha, He is the Gateway of Salvation”
Ya’aqobs’ death, according to a contemporary, resulted in the destruction of the Temple in 70AD.
(Eusebius gives three versions of the death of Ya’aqob: one from Clement of Alexandria, one from Hegesippus, and one from Josephus.)
Ya’aqob was known as the pillar of Israel; and that if the pillar were to break, the entire land would be destroyed.
Isaiah 3:10, is written correctly in the Septuagint text, and reads, ” Woe to their soul, for they have devised an evil counsel against themselves, saying against themselves, Let us bind the just, for he is burdensome to us: therefore shall they eat the fruits of their works.”
In our Masoretic Text this verse, reads, “Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.”—Isaiah chapter 3 is about the destruction of the Temple in 70AD and the Masoretic Text has hidden the murder of Ya’aqob the Tzadik. This is the work of Rabbinical Judaism.
After 70AD, the Pharisees, went on to be come Rabbinical Judaism, they kept a Lunar calendar and they altered our scriptures hiding YAHUAH’s Truth from us.
Ya’aqob was known to have knees like camels – from praying for the sinners of Israel.
Ya’aqob, Yahusha, Yohanan the Immerser, were all Zadokites, and the Zadokites wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and they kept a Solar calendar.
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