Restoring The Creator’s Name: Ha’shem Revealed



 The Creator of all things revealed his name a staggering 6828+ times in the TaNaK called the “old testament”. Through the years his name has been “banned” from use and covered with replacements terms such as “lord” and “god”. However his true name is commanded to be used even if it means death. This video will reveal the truth regarding the Name of the Almighty.

“What is His Son’s Name?” Full Length Version!

 This video is designed not to attack but to inform concerning the true name of the Son of YaHuWaH. In this video I will explain the etmology of the name of Yahushua. I will explain the meaning of the name and the letters, I also explain the pronounciation and why it cannot be : Yahshua, Yeshua, Y’shua, Yehoshua, Yahusha, etc. Please take the time to review the information provided and to pray to the Father YaHuWaH concerning his Son’s name.



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