Jan 2010 . . . Open Vision on a Mountain Top  

(Taken from Part 2 Vol 1 of the Man Child Book –Rev 12:5)

While still visiting with the prayer group in Indianapolis, the entire group of seven of us left to attend a conference in Dallas, TX. During this time, Yahn EL had an Open Vision in a prophetic dream state: She was on a mountain top with many people outdoors standing in a line for a photo to be taken for identification purposes. There was a cool, gentle breeze blowing, with an atmosphere of excitement and exhilaration amongst the various people, who were representative of believers from all nations. When Yahn EL’s turn came to step forward to be photographed, there was actually no photographer present. She turned to face the mountains and flashed her best smile for whatever picture was supposedly being taken. The next second, she heard an acrimonious outcry from all the people in the crowd pursuant to the sudden display of the individual respective identity photographs that had suddenly become visible.
To Yahn EL’s surprise, she turned her head and saw that the identity photos were giant, poster- sized head shots highlighting the face and features of each person, akin to a promotional glamour shot of some Hollywood movie star. The poster sized photos were traveling slowly as if in a parade by some invisible process across the scene but in front of the audience with the mountains in the background. Yahn EL knew (in her mind in the dream) that the assigned number of her photo was the number “9”; therefore, she looked for this number in the sequential line up of these posters. To her astonishment, when her “numbered” identity picture came before her, her poster-sized photo was blank and without any image on it!
She wondered to herself: “What does this mean? Is it that I have no identity? How do I tell people who I am, if I have no self-image (identity)?” At the sight of this, Yahn EL began to worry and was confused as to what she saw. Instantly, the voice of Yahushua came to her: “My beloved, do not be afraid, your identity is hidden in me.” Yahn EL then woke up with the profound statement from her dream that Yahushua had spoken into her inner spirit [Col 2:20; 3:3; Gal 2:20].
About 2 months later, Yahn EL and I were departing from where we had been staying. Very early on that particular morning of our departure, she was again asleep and suddenly found herself in the same dream as related above; on the same mountain top and experiencing a continuation beginning at the point that she had awakened earlier in the dream the first time.
This mountain top, resembling a tourist site was filled with people; and she heard animated and vivid chattering of voices all over the mountain. Suddenly Yahushua spoke to her: “See, My beloved.” Immediately, Yahn EL’s eyes were opened and she saw and perceived a magnificent scene in front of her [John 20:8]. There were many, many more posters now crossing industriously and actively all over the range of the mountains. The Ruach opened her spiritual vision [2 Kings 6:17] to focus on different locations throughout the mountain range where there were various groups of enemy combatants hidden in the woods behind the trees and bushes. They were armed with many different types of weapons and devices targeting the giant posters crossing in front of them all over the mountains. Some threw fire darts towards the targets; some were shooting arrows; and some throwing knives’ and some firing other weapons with the intent to destroy the moving targets. As long as they could identify the poster, then the individual that was the subject of the photo could be targeted. Then Yahushua spoke again to Yahn EL: “Now you see, My beloved, you are safe when you are hidden in Me“ [Psalm 91:1-10; 27:5; 31:20; ].
When Yahn EL awoke and shared the dream with me, we both instinctively knew that YAHUWAH had been keeping the two of us in obscurity for our own protection since then and even now [Psalm 32:7; 52:8; others]. Moreover, He has declared this to us repeatedly and emphatically ever since this dream of Yahn EL’s.
In 2013, it was brought to our attention the Hebrew meaning of our last name, Stephenson, which literally means “son” of Stephen. Stephen is a more modern English translation of the Greek Stephanos, [Strong’s G4736, G4735] taken from Zephaniah, which is derived from the Hebrew name of Tzephanyah, one of the First Covenant prophets [Strong’s No. H6846, taken from No. H6845 and H3050]. Together, this name means “ . . . hidden in YAH”. Upon the realization of the meaning of our last name, and what Yahn EL’s dream held for us in a prophetic sense, our walk with Aloahiym has consistently allowed us to successfully tackle challenges to our respective emunah in ways that clearly demonstrate the depth and substance of the above referenced Psalms, as well as other Scriptures, which openly command us to depend and trust on YAHUWAH with all of our spirit and soul, without qualifications and without excuses [Matt 10:28; Jer 5:21-23; Isa 66:5; others]. Fundamentally, a true believer both accepts and believes the Word of Aloahiym, or they don’t. Anything to the contrary violates Scripture [Mark 11:22-24; Matt 17:20; Heb 3:17-19; James 1:6-8, 22-25; others].
The following is a comparison of Acts 6:8 in the KJV and The Restoration Scriptures regarding the name . . . Stephen:
Acts 6:8 (The Restoration Scriptures) And Tzephanyah, full of emunah and power, did great wonders and nisim (miracles) among the people.
Act 6:8 (KJV) And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.
As just mentioned, the meaning of the dream had more to do than just our physical protection. It also includes our entire spiritual being. One of our most sincere requests in prayer and worship is to remain hidden within Him so as to be taken into the Most Qodosh Place, where no part of our flesh (our identity . . . our carnal nature) is allowed to exist apart from YAHUWAH.
Our choices must be according to our sovereign Master Yahushua’s choices [John 5:30; Prov 16:3]. He commands us to come; to abide in His Presence [John 15: 2-7; Phil 2:12]. Moreover, we must be violent to press into His Presence and give no occasion or excuses of submitting to the flesh [Matt 11:12; Psalm 16:11; Phil 3:3, 18-19; others]. For the average person, this is obviously quite difficult at first, but after a while, one gets the hang of it with practice.
However, Scripture declares that as we have been grafted into the House of Israel [Matt 10:6; 15:24; Rom 11:17-24; Heb 8:8,10] and therefore subject to the law (instructions of the Torah) of the Ruach of life (hai) that is in, and of, Yahushua [Matt 5: 17-18; John 4: 23-24; Rom 8:1-2; others] and is fulfilled by Yahushua within the individual’s spirit, then our soul [Rom 12:2] and our body [Rom 12:1; 1 Cor 3:16] is empowered in, with, and through the power of the Ruach of YAHUWAH [Phil 3:21; 1 Cor 15: 42-44]. Thus, this is His resurrection power and not that of our own [Eph 1:17-20] that strengthens us [Phil 3:10; 4:13; 2 Pet 1: 3-4; Rom 1:4; Col 3:3; others]. Thus, this is the message of total surrender in order to be hidden in YAHUWAH.
Eyd & Yahn El Stephenson

We are the Followers of YAH Grafted into YAH's Covenant Without End Rev 1:8 I am the ‘Aleph’ and the ‘Tau’, the Beginning and the Covenant without End, says יְהוֹשׁוּעַ H3091 (Yahushua Ha Mashiach) “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.

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