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by messengerofthename
Codex Sinaiticus shows us that the form of the son’s name is never “iesous” in the year 300. YAHUshua is his name!



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    The scriptures are clear that satan causes desolation in the whole world through deceit!
    Latin was the official language of the Roman Empire; it represented human government, power, and conquest! Greek was the international language of culture; it represented human wisdom, art, and commerce! Hebrew was the religious language of the Jews; it represented the Covenant Race, the Law of Yahuah, and the means by which Yahuah made Himself known to man!

    The Romans worshiped the sun as an idol which reminded them of their god, who was The King of Heaven! The Romans called The King of Heaven Jupiter, while the Greeks called him Zeus! They were one and the same just called by different names! Zeus is also called satan and lucifer in the scriptures! In speaking to the Church of Pergamos, Messiah says in Revelation 2:13, I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is! Pergamos was where the Throne of Zeus was, which is also where satan’s seat was! Thus Zeus and Jupiter is satan!
    When a human looks up at the sky the main thing you ever see is the sun and that is the king of our sky! So the Pagans worshipped the sun on Sun-Day because it reminded them of their god. The sun becomes an idol. At night they also worshiped the planet Jupiter as Zeus!

    Scholars and Historians have divided the history of Rome into three divisions: Pagan Rome, Papal Rome, and Roman Republic/Vatican! Note that the Romans are pagans all the way through all three divisions! They did not adopt the religion of Yahusha and Yahuah, nor even Judaism when the Apostles tried to convert them! They ended up killing the Apostles instead!

    They already had their own religion: Zeus – Jupiter worship! Yahuah is called Zeus by the Greeks! He was called Jupiter by the Romans! They identified with the Israelite’s Yahuah as being their own Zeus – Jupiter! Jupiter? The Latin Iuppiter means: Iu is father. Iu is the king of the gods. The Latin Iu is pronounced essentially identical to the Greek Zeu. The Greeks insist a male name should have an ‘s’ or an “sus” at the end instead of a vowel, so they called him Zeus. Piter means: father! Ju-piter and Zeus are one and the same demon appearing to two different human civilizations!

    And, they identified Yahusha the Messiah as being their own Iesus (Jesus), the pagan divine Son of Zeus! The Romans continued believing in Zeus and Iesus; they never worshipped Yahuah and Yahusha, nor held Sabbath on the seventh day! The Romans were pagans to the core! They already celebrated the first day of the week as the Sabbath day to their main god. They never changed that! But it is horrendously obvious to everyone that the bible says the seventh day is the Sabbath. So they lie to you, then say the pope has the authority to change Yahuah’s Sabbath to Sunday, even though Yahuah said the Sabbath will always be the seventh day forever!

    The Romans continued being pagan when they brought in Papal Rome! The popes are all pagans, beginning with the first pope to the last! The first pope was Simon Peter the Sorcerer (Acts 8:9-24). The first pope was NOT Simon Kepha (Peter) the apostle! Read the scripture, when does Kepha ever appear in Rome? Never! See the layers of lies the devil gave us to sift through if we want to find any shred of truth?
    Regarding the Savior, I’ve been told by many people: “I know his Jewish name is Yahusha, but in English we call him Jesus”. So let me point out, that is a complete delusion on several levels! The word Jesus IS NOT Yahusha! Jesus is a pagan god, the Son of Zeus and the human woman named Electra! Yahusha is the son of two humans, Yosef and Miriam! If you address and worship Jesus you are worshipping a pagan god!
    JESUS: a pagan god. Latin: Iesus. Two pronunciations in Greek: Iesous or Iasus, and Iasion (Jason). Son of supreme god Zeus by Electra, a mortal woman! The Latin name means: Son of Zeus! Instead of worshipping Zeus, you are worshipping “Son of Zeus!” Jesus!

    Iesius: aka Iesion, Iasius, Iasion, Iasios: son of Zeus & Electra, possessed numerous attributes -Son of “God”, healer, born of a virgin, died and resurrected, bringer of light…etc., much like the Persian “Mithra”. Mithra: Born Dec 25th, virgin birth, died/resurrected in Spring, Son of “God”, Day of the Sun, healer, light bringer… etc.
    The most disturbing evidence is yet to follow! The abbreviated form of the name Iesous in the Catholic Church is (IHS) which is really IES, for in Greek the capital for “E” is the letter “H.” This is to be found on many inscriptions made by the Church during the Dark Middle Ages! This fact is also well documented and is generally admitted by scholarly sources and ordinary English dictionaries! These dictionaries bear witness to the fact that IHS (Ies) is an abbreviated form of IHSOUS (Iesous).

    Furthermore, the shocking fact has also been recorded for us that IHS was a mystery surname of Bacchus, and was afterwards taken as initials for Iesous, capitals: IHSOUS. We discovered this in a dictionary of mythology and in an encyclopedia of religion!
    This revelation was confirmed by, Dr. E.W. Bullinger, The Apocalypse, footnote p. 396, “Whatever meanings of… IHS may be given, the fact remains that it was part of the name of Bacchus…” We then realized most painfully, that our beloved Messiah was identified with the Greek deity Bacchus, by giving our Saviour the surname or other name of Bacchus, namely: IHS or Ies!
    Bacchus was well known to be a Sun-deity. Bacchus was also a commonly known name for Tammuz among classical writers Tammuz, as you will remember, was known to be the young returning Sun-deity, returning in spring. Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, was expressly identified with the Egyptian Osiris, the well known Egyptian Sun-deity. Bacchus was also called Ichthus, the Fish!
    Regarding the appearance of the Ichthus symbol in Christianity, Alexander Hyslop writes: About the very time that the Bishop of Rome was invested with the pagan title of Pontifex, the Savior began to be called Ichthys, or “the Fish,” thereby identifying Him with Dagon, or the fish-god; and that, ever since, advancing step by step, as circumstances would permit, what has gone under the name of the worship of Christ, has just been the worship of that same Babylonian divinity, with all its rites and pomp and ceremonies, precisely as in ancient Babylon. – [Source: The Two Babylons, page 370]
    Bacchus is also known as, Dionysus the god of wine (Iesus-Iesius-Esus-Iesous) = An Eagle Son-of Zeus!

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