“….What many people do not know if that the night of Halloween is a “Witch’s High Shabbat.” It is the most evil day of the year, in which human sacrifice to Satan, or to Lucifer, is made, along with total abandonment to the lusts of the flesh in the worship of Satan or Lucifer. ” From Link: http://www.comeenterthemikvah.com/recent-articles/

In America, children of my generation watched the cartoon movie The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. 

   Ichabod Crane  Pumkin
Ichabod Crane was a fictitious schoolmaster who taught children in the school of Sleepy Hollow. The story was a creation of Walt Disney back in 1949.  We’ve since learned that Walt Disney was a practicing Wicca witch, and we see his sorcery in many of his cartoons and movies. This story was scary to children, and had a sad ending, but all loved the bungling Ichabod and felt sorry for him. Because Ichabod disappears at the end, rumor had it that he was spirited away by the headless horsemen who rode on Halloween night in Sleepy Hollow.
I have been in Israel for a month, doing the work of the Master. My mind was still focused on Israel, and the work I had to do to prepare for another major moving transition.  My son, daughter-in-law, and I returned October 16th.  Of course, I needed food right away, so I had to get to the grocery store by the next morning at the latest. I entered the store, and there staring at me were manikins of witches, goblins, Dracula, the “Grim Reaper,” and ghosts, along with all types of Halloween party foods and toys offered for sale. Invitations to haunted houses and Halloween “fun” were posted on the outside windows. It was like someone jerked my mind to look into the kingdom of darkness, and my spirit immediately reacted. It made me feel sick and overwhelmed, and very weak. It was such a shock to my spirit. The next day, upon going into a store to get storage bins for my moving endeavor, I saw that a large part of the store had manikins and costumes, and other party paraphernalia for Halloween. I prayed that Abba would surround me with His shield to protect me. Demonic spirits inhabit statues, manikins, dolls, figurines, and other replicas of things that represent the human form, or an animal, bird, or reptile. This is why Yahuweh gave us the second commandment. (Exodus 20:4-5)  Right next to all the rows of costumes and life-size statues of the “living dead,” were Christmas trees. The two do go together! Both have roots in the worship of pagan gods and in death rituals.
About a month ago, Abba spoke to me “Ichabod.”  I had forgotten that the 1949 cartoon about Ichabod Crane had to do with Halloween, fear, loss of love, and beheading.
The news media, movies, TV programs, books, magazines, newspapers, and computer main pages constantly remind us of the dark kingdom–boldly telling us about murders, sadistic tragedies, bizarre creatures, UFO sightings, things that bring fear, deadly diseases, plane crashes, what ISIS is doing, showing videos of their beheadings, and basically showing us violence and satanic filth that is taking over the earth. More and more movies are showing the depths of satanic evil, like about zombies, the living dead, sadism against children and the elderly, sexual perversion, murders, thefts, torture, abuse, and other manifestations of the “do as you will” philosophy of Satan. Homosexuality and free-sex is glorified in sit-coms, as well as being “normal” in movies. Many children’s cartoons are violent, and show evil beings having great power. Children thus become afraid and in awe of supernatural beings, while being dulled to the all mighty power of the Creator. Thus they love super heroes, and pay little attention to some illusive “God” taught to them at church.
When I lived in Texas, I was friends with a man who had been a very powerful Satanist before he was miraculously born again. He and his wife were friends of our family. He answered many of my questions as to what I was going through in living with the “depths of Satan.” After being born again, this man, who was so knowledgeable about what really goes on during Halloween–human sacrifice in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the abduction of children for these sacrifices weeks before Halloween, where they were being held captive until Halloween night, etc.–began working with the Fort Worth police department to find where these children were being kept.  Because I knew of these things, I started a service for children in my youngest daughter’s school, to drive them home, rather than have them walk home. Why a supposedly civilized culture would exalt death as “fun,” shows how the world system is truly controlled by Satan/Lucifer, and how it controls the minds of people.  I noticed the emphasis on “biting” as I entered the stores – i.e. Dracula, and skull replicas everywhere.  More and more, young people are wearing t-shirt that have skulls on them. The world of Genesis 6 has returned, and so have the Nephillim, and their love for violence and devouring human flesh.
What many people do not know is that October 31st, Halloween, does not stand alone. The Roman Catholic Church has named November 1st “All Saints Day,” and November 2nd “All Souls Day.”  
Here is a quote from Wikipedia on All Saints Day:
“All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows Eve, Solemnity of All Saints, or Feast of All Saints, is a solemnity celebrated on 1 November by the Catholic Church and several Protestant denominations, and on the first Sunday after Pentecost in Eastern Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, in honor of all the saints, known and unknown. The liturgical celebration begins at Vespers on the evening of 31 October and ends at the close of 1 November. It is thus the day before All Souls’ Day. Hallowmas is another term for the feast…a few recent writers have applied this term to the three days from 31 October to 2 November inclusive, as a synonym for the triduum of Hallowtide.” 
So the word “Halloween” basically means a “hallowed,” set-apart eve to honor the dead. In King James English, the “Lord’s Prayer” begins “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…” To hallow means to honor and set-apart something or someone. From this ancient throw-back to ancestor worship in China and throughout the Far East, people are supposed to honor dead saints and souls from October 31st eve to the eve of November 2nd. Hum … why eve to eve? This is a Hebrew way of reckoning time. But, because of Satan’s ruling this death-celebration from its inception, it has always been a time when people honored demons, sacrificed to Satan, worshipped death, performed vicious sexual actions in orgies, worked witchcraft and voodoo against others, drank the blood of the innocent to give them power, and brought forth zombies – the living dead.  Receiving power to get what one wants is the goal. This celebration is a big event in Europe and the UK, especially in places where witchcraft and Satanism are strong. This is why Yahuweh stresses that we come out of the kingdom of darkness totally, being set-apart to Him as children of light. Darkness hates light, and loves to devour and destroy what is of the light if it can.
What many people do not know if that the night of Halloween is a “Witch’s High Shabbat.” It is the most evil day of the year, in which human sacrifice to Satan, or to Lucifer, is made, along with total abandonment to the lusts of the flesh in the worship of Satan or Lucifer. There are Satanists, and then there are those who do not acknowledge “Satan,” but worship and sacrifice to Lucifer. 
I Corinthians 15:20, 23-26: “But now Messiah has been raised from the dead and has become the first fruit of those that have fallen asleep (Hebrew idiom for death)…And each in his own order: Messiah the first fruit and then those who are of Messiah at His coming, then the end, when He delivers up the reign to Elohim the Father, when He has brought to nothing all rule and all authority and power, for He has to reign until He puts all enemies under His feet. The last enemy to be brought to nothing is death.” 
Revelation 21:4: “…and there shall be no more death.” This is after Yahuweh brings His city down to hover over this earth forever.
By His resurrection Yahushua gained the victory for us over eternal death. He put death under His feet. He will put death under the feet of the remnant of His people. While we cling to His death on the stake for our salvation, it is His resurrection that eternally secured salvation for us. If He had not been raised, we have no hope. Thus, the emphasis of the teachings of the Apostles was on His resurrection!
When Constantine came along and put the emphasis on His death, his Roman Catholic Church creation invented the image of the crucifix, statues of Jesus’ dead body hanging over the altar of the church, lying in caskets, and around the necks of the “faithful,” the focus was taken off the victory of the resurrection, and placed on death. The mass itself is supposedly a literal renewal of the death of Messiah each time it is said, as the priest using his Latin worded-witchcraft brings Jesus down into a wafer and wine. Thus hundreds of thousands of times a day, in each mass, Jesus is re-crucified, according to their thinking. The only person who would delight in re-crucifying Jesus over and over would be Satan!       
So, where did this name Ichabod come from? Strange name! You just don’t hear of children being named Ichabod very often, if ever. Read the whole story in I Samuel 4 to get the context.  
The child Ichabod was born in the midst of tragedy, after the Philistines defeated Israel and took the Ark of the Covenant to the place of the worship of their god Dagon. But, Yahuweh always wins out. Through this taking of the Ark from Shilo, King David was later able to bring it to His tent behind His house on Mount Zion, the City of David, in East Jerusalem, where for 40 years Yahuweh was worshipped, and where most of the Psalms were written. Of this place, it was written (Psalm 132:13-14) “For Yahuweh has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His dwelling: `This is My place of rest forever; Here I dwell, for I have desired it.”
Look at the context of this story. Eli was the high priest at Shilo. He had two wicked sons, Hophni and Pinehas, who though did their priestly duties, were very corrupt. When the Philistines attacked, in fear they took the Ark out as a good-luck charm to ward off the Philistines. But, Yahuweh would not be used as a good-luck charm, so He allowed the Philistines to win the battle. In the process Eli’s two sons were killed. Eli was a very fat old 98-year old man. When the word came of his son’s deaths and the capture of the Ark, he fell off his chair, broke his neck, and died. He had ruled Israel for 40 years.
Pinehas’ wife was close to giving birth. When she heard of her husband’s death and the capture of the Ark, she gave birth to a baby boy. I Samuel 4:21-22, KJV: “And she named the child `Ichabod,’ saying, `The glory is departed from Israel!’ because the Ark of Elohim was taken, and because of her father-in-law and her husband. And she said, `The glory has departed from Israel, for the Ark of Elohim was taken.’ ”
We know the word “glory” has roots in a pagan goddess by that name. The word for “glory” in Hebrew is “kavod”–the weight of His Presence, His splendor, His honor. (Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary #3519)  His Presence departed from Israel.  In this context, it goes even further to the departure of His throne from Israel, His seat of authority and rule were removed from Israel. His Presence literally went into exile.
This should be your worst fear – to lose His Presence. Without His Spirit ever-present within the temple of our re-born spirit, how can we have revelation knowledge of His Word, discern right from wrong, hear His direction, His instructions, His conviction of sin, and have His leading and guidance?  We can’t …   
As we approach Halloween 2014, inside a very history-making Shmittah Year, truly the esteem of Israel is departing. Zechariah 12:2-3 is happening. The United Nations is working on giving East Jerusalem to the Palestinians for their capitol. It is at this time, when the U.N. comes in to take over, that Messiah warned His people to flee out of the city (Luke 21:20).
Tonight, October 25th in Israel, the new moon of Heshvan was sighted from Jerusalem.  Because Noah lived before the Exodus 12:2 calendar, his week before the judgment came was Heshvan 10 through the 17th.  On Heshvan 17, he drove the animals into the ark, and he and his family entered. Yahuweh closed the door and sealed them in.  On that day the deep broke up, and the world became flooded.
We are in the days of Noah, as Messiah told us about. People are going on with life, in Israel, in Western countries, as if nothing is going on – but all the while, most know things are changing for the worse. I have guarded Heshvan 10-17 since 2007, as days of solemnity and seeking Abba for specific understanding.  Symbolically, we are in the 7th year of Noah’s 7-day week. The judgment of Yahuweh is at hand.  The world is wallowing in death. The children of light are rejoicing in the salvation of Yahushua and calling for Him to come.  Read I Thessalonians 5. If you are a child of light, the darkness doesn’t have to overtake you.  Press into His Presence with singing and proclamation of Psalms.
I have ordered a 10-string Davidic Harp, so that I can play it and sing the Psalms.  Remember how King Saul had evil tormenting spirits, but when David played his harp Saul’s tormenting spirits stopped their activities?  Praise of Yahuweh liberates us from the negative emotions and input of the enemy into our mind.  When King David, and his friends Yeduthun, Asaph, and Heman, were playing their harps and lyre, they would begin to prophesy by the Spirit of Yahuweh. Prophecy is simply proclamation of the thoughts of Yahuweh into the earth, so that He can join with us and perform His will.
The Ark was the dwelling place of Yahuweh’s Spirit on the earth – between the cherubim, as in heaven. When it was taken by the Philistines, Israel went dormant.
Israel’s esteem and honor was removed. His Presence was gone.
In our day, as I have been reporting, His Presence is withdrawing from the earth, except in the re-born transformed spirits of His set-apart ones–the children of light who have His nature, think His thoughts, and act in His ways.  Soon the Archangel Micha’el will stand aloof, stand aside, and allow the onslaught of the evil ones on Israel – i.e. Daniel 12:1. He has restrained the enemy over Israel, but in order to finish His plan of judgment on the world, He has to remove restraint, until Messiah comes.
In 2012, during the London Olympics, He sent me to Rome and Patmos, Greece, to give His message before the Vatican hierarchy of principalities and powers, and to Lucifer himself, that He would allow them a short time to do as they willed, and then He was coming to take over. They know that – i.e. Revelation 12. They know they have a short time, and they will make good use of it. “Those that endure to the end shall be saved.” The end of one’s life on this earth may end in death, as those in Revelation 7:8-17, but they that remain steadfast in their love of Yahuweh will see the salvation of Messiah Yahushua!  (I Thessalonians 4:13-18; II Thessalonians 1; I Corinthians 15:51-58; Revelation 11:15-18; Revelation 19)
The most horrible thing on earth is to feel the absence of His Presence. I fear that more than anything else.  As per Psalm 91, it is those who “abide” in the secret place of the Most High, in His Presence, who remain under the “shadow of the Almighty.” That reference is to the Most Set-Apart Place in the Temple in heaven – where He dwells over the Ark there. No, Yahuweh didn’t stay long with the Philistines, and He won’t allow Satan to rule this earth very long either. When Yahuweh was ready, King David took the Ark to His resting place on Mount Zion, in the City of David.   
Today’s Philistines, Palestinians and Islamic friends, will facilitate His judgment on the earth – the judgment of His people who have lightly esteemed His Presence, lightly treated His commandments, lightly treated Him as a Person – as well as on the world for their disobedience and rebellion against Him as Creator.
ICHABOD is being written over Israel, America, the UK, Europe, and the earth as a whole.  Only those who humbly submit to Him in obedience, fearing Him, loving Him, and calling for Yahushua’s coming, will maintain His Presence in their re-born spirit. The intellect of man will fail, and all of man’s knowledge will be of no use in times of terror. But, those that know Yahuweh and trust Him will remain at peace.
If you are living in a country that celebrates Halloween, I encourage you to spend the evening in praise of Yahuweh, with bold singing and proclamation. 
I grew up with Halloween. I usually dressed as a witch and did trick or treat. It was before the days when razor blades were put in apples and candy.  As a college student, I put on a Halloween party in our dorm.  I also went door to door in several neighborhoods near my home to hand out tracts that told the “plan of salvation.”  As a parent, I handed out tracts with candy to the children who came to our door.
In the early 1980s, three of my children were out doing trick or treat on Halloween night. I stayed home and watched TBN. John Jacobs was boldly speaking the truth about Halloween. I was stunned. When my children came home with their bags of candy, I turned around and told them, “this is the last time you will ever go trick or treat on Halloween.”  They looked at me, and said in unison “OK.” I then told them what John Jacobs had said.    
With truth comes the responsibility to change.  In fact truth demands change. We must be set-apart and undefiled from the filth of the world that esteems, honors, and promotes what is not of Yahuweh. We must take a solid firm stand and not back down.
Years ago, churches, knowing that Halloween was “bad,” began having “Harvest Festivals” at the church, or at some larger place.  But, “Harvest Festivals” have their roots in paganism, too. In fact, such festivals were times for the celebration of fertility, and fertility was celebrated by sexual orgies. Halloween and Harvest Festivals use two main colors – 1) black and 2) orange. Black symbolizes death and orange symbolizes perverted sex. Thus the pumpkin is a big hit. As part of children’s Halloween parties, we always “bobbed for apples.” We’d stick our heads in a bucket of water where there were apples, and try to catch an apple in our teeth. I learned not too long ago that the “apple” is a symbol among Luciferics and perverted ones like them, of a woman’s sexual private parts, of sex, and of fertility. Its seeds are symbolic of sexual fertility, and if it is cut a certain way, it has the form of a pentagram. The biting of the apple is symbolic of the sin of Eve and Adam–thus the symbol for Apple computers.  At the London Paralympics in 2012, during the opening ceremony, everyone who entered was given an apple.  At a certain point in the ceremony, each person, thousands of people, were to bite into their apple at the same time. The reason behind this was a symbolic statement of man’s rebellion against Yahuweh. I wrote quite a bit about these things in 2012. 
Yahuweh has written ICHABOD over this world.  His righteous ones are holding firm, will overcome, and be victorious to the coming of Messiah. It all has to do with how we set our will. Our will is the rudder that directs the ship of our life. Every day we make decisions. Eli’s decisions not to correct his wicked sons, led to Yahuweh’s judgment. Every day we make decisions that bring us peace and light, or judgment and darkness.
Let us be more aware than ever before in our lives during this season, that the only way His kavod will not depart from us is if we remain passionately set-apart in mind, emotions, actions, obedience, and love unto our Elohim.
Shalom with love,
October 25, 2014

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