“Shocking info unveiling Mystery Babylon the Great, as Mecca. Discover which country, will Nuke Mystery Babylon and why the Antichrist Beast will rise from Turkey. Find out what Satan’s Secret Symbol has been, throughout all his 7 Empires, which will prove conclusively, why the Beast and Babylon are connected to Islam. We also uncover more Islamic connections to the 666, the Sun God and Coming Revived Ottoman Empire. 1. MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT REVEALED to the WORLD!!! Part 1 2. MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT REVEALED to the WORLD!!! Part 2 3.ANTICHRIST’S ORIGINS ☪ DESTINIES & MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT REVEALED to the WORLD !!! ~Part 3 4. FALSE PROPHET’S UNVEILED REVELATIONS & MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT REVEALED to the WORLD !!! ~Part 4

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Babylon the Great & The Turkish Antichrist

This is Armageddon News

In this Broadcast, we’ll discover the ancient Mark of Satan’s Kingdom, we’ll find out who

Babylon the Great really is, and we’ll discover why Turkey will be the Seat of the


Many have long speculated, on who Babylon the Great really is. Rome, has

been the prime candidate for many, as well as New York. But neither of these, is the true

Babylon. The Bible tells us, that this Babylon is a Mystery to the World, but the Bible

declares plainly, exactly where Mystery Babylon is located.

Its not the original Babylon in Iraq. But yet its practices are identical to Babylon’s. The

Babylonian Religious system, revolved around the worship of the Heavens. The Sun,

Moon and Stars.

The crescent and star symbol, is the very key, not only to who Mystery Babylon is. But

also to the identity of the Beast.

The Crescent and Star is known, to be the Symbol of Islam. But these ancient and

demonic symbols, were also the very symbols of Baal-Hamon. Baal, the ancient

Mesopotamian false god, mentioned in the Bible. Who was worshipped together with

Ashteroth the star goddess.

These symbols, go all the way back to Nimrod, and Semiramis.

Semiramis was the wife of Nimrod, but she was also his Mother.

This disgusting Harlot, started all the false religions of the World. When God changed

the people’s languages and they stopped building Nimrod’s tower of Babel. This cult of

Nimrod and Semiramis, continued to spread, into those divided nations. Most of which

have a god, and goddess as the basis of their false religion, which began with Nimrod

and Semiramis.

Their cult went from one Empire to the next.

In Egypt, there were called Osiris an Isis.

In Assyria, Assur and Ishtar.

In Babylon Bel and Belit.

In Persia Mithra and Anahita.

In Greece Helios and Artemis.

In Rome Apollo and Diana.

Throughout the Bible, they are mainly called Baal, and Ashteroth, the Queen of Heaven.

In the book of Acts they are called Moloch, and Rephan.

You even took along the tent of Moloch, the star of your god Rephan, and the images

you made in order to worship them. Acts 7:43

But throughout all their name changes, one thing remained the same. The symbols by

which these false gods, are identified. The Crescent, and Star.

In Egypt, the Crescent and Star was carried on the head, of Isis. And the Apis Bull also

carried the Sun Disk image of Isis, between his Crescent shaped horns.

And if you take a closer look, you can see that the real Author of these symbols, is the

Serpent. And he is the one receiving the worship through these symbols of the Crescent,

and Star. The Bible tells us that the serpent is Satan.

During Roman times, Semiramis was worshiped under the name Diana. Diana’s image

was once again, the Crescent and Star of Islam. And they too bowed down, and

worshipped her image, in the form of a meteorite, which fell from heaven. Because the

meteorite, depicted her astrological, Moon and Star image.

When the Apostles, tried to Minister to the people in Ephesus,

… all of them with one voice, went on crying out for about two hours, Great is Diana of

Ephesus. Acts 19:34

And having quieted the crowd, the city clerk said. “Men of Ephesus, for what man is

there who does not know, that the city of the Ephesians, is the temple keeper, of the

great goddess Diana, and of the image fallen from heaven. Acts 19:35

Clearly the image which fell from heaven, was a meteorite. And the worshippers of

Diana, all worshiped her in the same way, by shouting GREAT, GREAT, GREAT is


This is exactly how the Muslims praise Allah.

And they bow toward the City of Mecca. Repeating Allahu Akbar, over and over again.

For Allahu Akbar, means Allah is Great. And its the very same cry heard, by the

worshippers of Diana.

As they bow toward the Great City of Mecca. Mecca, has become just like Ephesus, the

city which held the meteorite Image, which fell down from Heaven. They too chanted that

Diana was Great. For the Muslims, just like Ephesus, also bow down to an image which

fell from heaven. And Muslims are seen kissing, and caressing this stone, as if the stone,

was a woman.

Indeed Mecca is the Great Harlot, whose worshipers call her Great. And its the very title,

written on her Forehead. Babylon the Great.

When the Angel took John into the Desert, to see this Harlot, he told him that it wasn’t

just a false Religious System, but a Religious City, as well. The only Religious City,

which can be found in a desert. Is Mecca. And shockingly, the very symbol of the Star of

Semiramis, the Harlot, is still being worshipped today, by Muslims around the World. In

the form of the Kaaba Stone. The Muslims claim that the Kaaba Stone, was a star which

fell from heaven. Its the very same star symbol of Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven.

And she is still being worshipped today, exactly where the Angel, said this Harlot could

be found. In the wilderness, or desert (Rev. 17:3) Babylon is not Rome, neither is it New

York, for neither of those places, are found in a Desert.

The last time Israel was in the Desert, they were also worshipping a false god. The

Golden Calf, which Moses Smashed. This was the same bull-calf god, from Egypt. The

Bull god, carried the very symbol, of the Harlot Isis, between its Crescent shaped horns.

Thanks to the discoveries, of Ron Wyatt, we know exactly that this false worship, took

place in the desert of Saudi Arabia. Where the altar for the golden calf still stands, kept

secret by the Saudi Arabian government. The very same country and desert, where the

Jews were worshiping this Golden Calf Beast, and star symbol of the Harlot, is the same

Country and desert, in which we find, the City of Mecca.

Mecca, has become the global centre, of Moon and Star worship. The exact same

Religion of Ancient Babylon.

Before Islam, Mecca was a city dedicated to many false gods. The false goddess, Allat

was the wife of Allah.

Allat was the Moon goddess, and fertility goddess Semiramis. Which Satan has used

from the beginning. Her shrine was the Kaaba, which housed Allat’s most famous idol. A

Black Stone Meteorite.

Muhammad took the city of Mecca in 632. And Muhammad entered her shrine, and

destroyed Allat’s idols. Yet her Black Stone idol, was preserved. And Muhammad even

helped to position her Black Stone idol, in the East Wall of the Kaaba.

Indeed the Kaaba Stone, is the Idol of the Harlot.

The Angel told John that this Harlot sits on many waters.

Then he said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples,

multitudes, nations and languages.

The Angel told John, that the Waters were not seas, but people from all over the World.

From many peoples, nations and languages.

This is an amazing description, seeing as the Muslims come from all over the world, for

the Hajj. These people flow in, and circle around the Kaaba, like water.

Indeed this Harlot does sit, on many peoples nations and languages. And they all fall

down, and worship the Image of Semiramis or Diana, which fell from Heaven.

THE MUSLIM CALL TO PRAYER, exactly mirrors, Nebuchadnezzar’s form of worship.

Nebuchadnezzar set up an Image, in the plain of Dura. When all the people in his

Kingdom heard the music; which was a call to prayer. They all had to bow down, toward

the Image which he set up. Or, he said they would be put to death. This is identical, to

the Islamic form of worship. It’s exactly the same form of Babylonian worship, instituted

by Nebuchadnezzar. And at the Call to prayer, Muslims, just like the Babylonians, all fall

down and worship an Image.

The worship of Bel, in Babylon, revolved around Sun worship. And astoundingly the

Islamic Prayer times, are based on the five positions of the Sun, throughout the day. In

fact, the five prayer times, have to be judged by things like: What the sun’s color is. How

long the shadow is. Or whether there is light left in the sky. You can find out from

Wikipedia how Islamic prayer times, are tied to the Sun itself.

The very Beast system of BABYLONIAN WORSHIP, is already in Place, waiting for the

speaking Image of the Beast. Which may, be the very Kaaba stone itself. Which

Muhammad declared, would one day speak, and give wisdom to all who touch it.

Very few people have connected the dots to Islam. Those who refuse to bow toward the

Islamic Beast’s Image, when the call from the minarets is heard, throughout the Islamic

Empire, will be put to death. Just like they were, under Nebuchadnezzar.

In Babylon, they worshiped the Sun God, through the Magic Square. And the Babylonian

priests wore these Sun Seal amulets, as seals of protection, from the God’s themselves.

They believed that the numbers 1 to 36 represented the 36 constellations which were

also gods.

And the total of all the numbers, equaled 666, which also represented the Sun God,

which was their King.

Hidden in the Babylonian Square, is a 6 sided symbol. A symbol, which encompassed all

there false gods. This shape, creates a 3 dimensional, Cube, or house, for these Gods.

Which is exactly the shape, of the Kaaba, itself. But that’s not all. Seeing as the

Babylonian Sun god, was the supreme ruler, over these other gods, or constellations. Its

number, was placed outside, the Square.

The very same position, in which we find the 666, on the Babylonian seal. Is the exact

same position, we find the Kaaba Stone, built into the Kaaba’s wall. Without doubt, the

Kaaba stone, is intricately connected, with Babylonian Sun worship, and worship of the


The very name Kaaba, in english, means square, or cube. Its the same Magic Square,

the Babylonians used, to worship their Sun god.

The Black Kaaba, represents the Sun around which all the Muslims, like stars, revolve.

Some prominent Islamists, have said that Muslims Circling the Kaaba, resembles the

orbit, of the galaxy.

Wikipedia says,

It has been proposed, for example, that the act of Tawaf, Closely resembles the shape

of a galaxy, when viewed from above.

This Circling, is interesting, because the very place, where Nebuchadnezzar placed his

Idol, was called Dura. And Dura means, Circle.

Muslims portray Allah, in symbols of the Sun, and Star.

And you can clearly see, on the Kaaba doors, that the name of Allah, is portrayed with

Sun symbols.

In the Bible, which has been translated into Arabic, there is something very surprising.

Found in the Arabic number, 666, is a word. And that word, is Stone. As in, Kaaba

Stone. The Bible is telling us, that the 666, is directly linked to the Kaaba Stone of Islam.

The Bible describes the Beast, as coming from the Sea. So it was interesting to discover,

that in Nautical sea miles, the distance, from the Kaaba in Mecca, to the Dome of the

Rock, in Jerusalem. Is exactly 666 Nautical Miles.

Muhammed, called The Black Stone, “Yameen Allah.” Which means, “the Right Hand,

of Allah.”

But in the Bible, Jesus himself, is referred to as the Right Hand of God. And he sits at

His Father’s Right Hand. He is also called, the Corner stone. So this Stone is literally a

replacement, for Christ.

Muhammad also declared that by doing the Hajj. Which is making the pilgrimage to

Mecca, once per year, circling around the Kaaba Stone 7 times, and then touching it.

That Allah uses the Black Stone, to take your sins away.

Once again we can see Christ being replaced by this stone. For the Bible says, it is

Jesus, who takes away our sins, through his sacrifice. And Muhammad has replaced

Jesus Christ, with a Stone, fallen from Heaven.

Moses clearly said:

And beware, lest you raise your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun and the

moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, you be drawn away and bow down to them

and serve them. Deuteronomy 4:19

Without doubt Muslims, are clearly disobeying God, by bowing down to a star fallen from


Acts 7:39 says: “But our ancestors refused to obey him; they pushed him aside and

wished that they could go back to Egypt… It was then that they made an idol in the

shape of a bull, offered sacrifice to it, and had a feast in honor, of what they themselves

had made. So God turned away from them and gave them over to worship the stars of

heaven, as it is written in the book of the prophets.

Elohim says he will turn away, from those who worship the Host of Heaven. For this has

been the religion, of the heathen, throughout the generations of the World. And its also,

the very religion of Islam.

The angel told John, that the Religious City of Babylon, had a name written on her



OF THE EARTH. Revelation 17:5

The very name of Mecca, means “Mother, of all settlements.”

Indeed Mecca, is the Mother of Islamic cities around the world and the Abominations of

Baal, which top all her Islamic Mosques. And she is Mother of Islamic Terrorism, and

responsible for the death’s of Christians slaughtered in the Middle East and around the


Revelation 17:6 says, And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints and with

the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

This False Religion, is drunk with the blood of Jihad. For she advances her religion by

slaughter. But the main reason she is called Mother. Is because she is the Biggest,

False Religion, in the world. She is the MOTHER of all false religions.

Note how the Bible, says the Christians will die in the last days. By being BEHEADED.

And no other Country, beheads more people, than Saudi Arabia. Without doubt, Mecca,

is the Mother of Jihad, and responsible for the Deaths of Christians, by Beheading.

The Angel told John in Revelation 17:9, that this Mysterious City, also sits on seven hills.

And Mecca, does indeed sit on Seven Hills.

The Bible tells us that this Mysterious Babylon is located near the sea. For when God

causes the Beast and his ten Kings, to Destroy Babylon, all that trade by sea, behold the

smoke of her burning. As if she had been nuked.

The biggest shipping lane in the world, is the Red Sea. And Mecca, sits right on this

trade route. Its from here that these Ships, will behold Mecca burning.

Revelation 18:17 says: All the ships’ captains and passengers, the sailors and all others

who earn their living on the sea, stood along way off, and cried out as they saw the

smoke, from the flames that consumed her.

“There never has been another city like this great city!”

Isaiah 21:9 says:

Babylon has fallen, has fallen! And all the graven images of her gods, He has smashed

to the ground.

John saw the same thing, in the Book of Revelation:

Revelation 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great has

fallen, has fallen!

But where did Isaiah, say this Harlot could be found.

Isaiah 21 says,

This is the Prophecy, against the DESERT, BY THE SEA!”

Mystery Babylon, is a City Located, in a Desert, by the Sea.

John saw the same thing:

Revelation 17:3 And he carried me away into a Desert, by the Spirit. And I saw a

woman sitting on a scarlet beast.

The Prophet Jeremiah saw the Destruction of the Arabian Peninsula:

Jeremiah 49 “Edom will become an object of horror… No ONE WILL LIVE THERE, OR

DWELL IN IT. Hear what the LORD has planned against EDOM, what He purposed

against all who live in TEMAN… At the SOUND OF THEIR FALL, the earth will tremble;

the cry will resound, to the RED SEA.”

The very sea, that Mystery Babylon sits near, is the RED SEA.

But where is EDOM, and where is TEMAN?

In Scripture, the Ancient nation of Edom, stretches from Yemen, (Teman), to Northern


Ezekiel 25: Says, I will stretch out my hand against Edom, and kill both man and beast.

I will lay it waste, from TEMAN, TO DEDAN.”

Isaiah 21: A prophecy against the DESERT BY THE SEA. Against DUMAH. Someone


You caravans of DEDANITES, who camp in the thickets of ARABIA… You who live in

TEMA. Within one year… all the splendor of KEDAR will come to an end.”

Where is Dumah, Seir, Arabia, Tema and Kedar?

Its in the Arabian Peninsula, in modern day Saudi Arabia. Exactly as the Prophets John,

Jeremiah and Isaiah said. Arabia is known in Arabic as Al-Jazeera, Al Arabia.” Meaning


The original Babylon is not located near the Sea. But Mystery Babylon is.

Revelation 17:16 And the ten horns, which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate

the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her

with fire.

Elohim Warns his people, to Flee Mystery Babylon.

Zechariah 2:7 “Up, escape to Zion! you who dwell in daughter Babylon.”

Run away from Babylon! Run for your lives! You shouldn’t die because of Babylon’s

crimes. This is the time for the vengeance of YHWH. He will pay the people of

Babylon back, for what they have done. Babylon was a golden cup in YHWH’S hand.

It made the whole world drunk. The nations drank its wine. That is why the nations have

gone insane.

Jeremiah 51:11 Sharpen the arrows; gather the shields; Jehovah has raised up the spirit

of the kings of the Medes, (which is IRAN). For His plan is against Babylon, to destroy it.

Yes Iran, will be amongst the Beast alliance nations, who Destroy Mecca and Saudi

Arabia. And Iran, is going to use its nuclear Weapons, against Saudi Arabia.

Many have wondered, what the flying scroll is in the Book of Zechariah:

Zechariah 5:1-4 And behold! A flying scroll. And he said to me, What do you see? And I

answered, I see a flying scroll… And he said to me, This is the CURSE

(“alah” in Hebrew

Strongs H423)

, that goes forth over the face of the whole earth. I will bring it forth, says

Yahuwah of Hosts; and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him

who swears falsely by My name. And it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall


This Flying Scroll, is a Nuclear Missile. For YHWH tells Zechariah, that it will devour timber,

and stones. And YHWH even told us, from where this Nuclear missile would come.

YHWH said, they would:

Zechariah 5:11…. build a house for it in the land of Shinar; and it shall be established,

and set there, on its own base.

The Land of Shinar, includes parts, of both Iraq, and Iran. But why would the Beast, the

Islamic Antichrist and his Caliphate, want to destroy Saudi Arabia?

Because she is still, a Harlot.

Revelation 17:2 The kings of the earth, practiced sexual immorality with her. And the

people of the world, became drunk from drinking the wine of her immorality.

How do the Kings, commit Sexual immorality with Saudi Arabia? And what is the Wine,

which Saudi Arabia has, which has made the Earth Drunk?

This Whore lives in a Desert. And yet she produces wine in this Desert.

What is the Wine of the Desert, which has made the Earth drunk today? What Wine

have the kings of the Earth, prostituted themselves, and there countries, to obtain?


But how can we be sure, that the Whores Wine, is Oil?

Isaiah 34:8 This is the time when YHWH will rescue Zion and take vengeance on her

enemies. The rivers of Edom will turn into tar. And the soil will turn into sulfur. The whole

country will burn like tar.

Tar is simple, Crude Oil

The Beast and his Alliance, which includes Iran, will destroy Saudi Arabia. And its Oil,

will burn. Because the Beast wants FULL CONTROL over the Middle East’s Oil. And

Saudi Arabia, will refuse to stop supplying the West. Which the Islamic Caliphate, wants

to control.

Joel 3:2 I will also gather all nations and will bring them down into the valley of

Jehoshaphat. And I will fight with them there for My people and for My inheritance Israel,

whom they have scattered among the nations, and divided My land. And they have cast

lots for My people, and have given a boy for a prostitute, and sold a girl for wine. So that

they might drink.

After the Islamic Antichrist Conquers Jerusalem, he will divide the Land up, amongst the

Islamic nations. And the Children will be Sold to the Arab nations for Prostitutes, and

traded for wine. Which is Oil.

The Kings of the Earth, have been in Bed, with Saudi Arabia. Because Saudi Arabia

owns one fifth, of the Worlds proven Oil fields. Saudi Arabia, sells her oil across the

world, especially to the West.

The Islamic Beast hates Saudi Arabia, because of her whoring economic policies. But

YHWH hates Saudi Arabia, for a different reason. Not only is Saudi Arabia, whoring her Oil

to countries, in exchange for more Islamic control over the world. But Saudi Arabia, is

also the Greatest whore on Earth. Because she is also spreading her false religion to the

World, through Mecca.

Revelation 17:16 And the ten horns which you saw, on the beast, these will hate the

harlot, and will make her desolate and naked. And they will eat her flesh and burn her

with fire.

If you think its unlikely, that the Beast would attack Mecca, think again. The Islamic

Caliphate, has already burned the Kaaba once. When it bombed the City of Mecca.

Iran sees Saudi Arabia as a Traitor for sending oil to Islam’s hated enemies. Islam itself

has declared, that Mecca will be destroyed. They have said:

“The Madhi will rule the world from Jerusalem, because MECCA, will be DESTROYED”.

– Yawm Al-Ghadab, Safar Alwaly.

Some Islamic Prophecies, also declare that other areas of Saudi Arabia, will be

Destroyed as well.

“The Flourishing state of Jerusalem, will be when Medina is in RUINS. The ruined state

of Medina will be, when the GREAT WAR COMES.” –

Translation of Sunan Abu-Dawud,

Book 37 Number 4281: Battles (Kitab Al-Malahim)

Many have missed this next verse, which describes people, crying over this city, and

casting dust on there heads.

Revelation 18:19 And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing,

saying, Alas, alas, that great city

When last did you see a Westerner, casting dust on there heads, in Anguish? Its not a

Western custom. But its still, an Arab Middle East Custom. To cast dust on ones head in


Isaiah 13:19-20 And Babylon…shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.

It shall never be inhabited forever, nor shall it be lived in, from generation to generation;

nor shall the Arabian pitch his tent there; nor shall the shepherds make their flocks lie

down there.

Why would the Arabian be pitching his tent in the Vatican, or in New York? The

Scriptures are clear. Babylon is in Saudi Arabia, that is where the Arabian pitches his

tent, and where the flocks lie down.

Mystery Babylon, is a city of Slavery.

Revelation 18:11-13 “The merchants of the earth, will weep and mourn, over her

because no one buys their cargoes anymore…. HUMAN BEINGS SOLD FOR SLAVES.

Saudi Arabia, has been condemned by numerous human rights groups. For its horrific

treatment of an imported foreign labor force.

Saudi Arabia is also the home, of one of the largest SEX SLAVERY trades, in the World.

The Harlot believes that no one can see her atrocious behavior; she boasts of seeing no


Revelation 18:11-13 In her heart she boasts, ‘I sit enthroned, as Queen. I am not a

widow; I will SEE NO SORROW.’

Saudi Arabia, tries to hide the terrible conditions, of the lower class. And attempts, to

cover up the abominable sex trade; and to conceal the decadent lifestyles, of the rich Oil

Barons, who control Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is renowned, for the unparalleled

decadence, of the ruling class.

While her work force, slaves away in terrible conditions. And she spends money, like a

Queen, according to scripture.

Revelation 18:12-13 …merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine

linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory,

every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; and cinnamon and

incense, perfume and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep,

horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.

The Harlot Babylon is a big importer. And a massive consumer. Saudi Arabia imports

these EXACT same goods. Saudi Arabia is famous for its gold and jewelry markets.

Mecca and its suburbs, import everything. Because their entire country is a Desert.

The lustful, Oil Countries of the World. Have made Saudi Arabia rich, beyond her wildest

Dreams. And she is decked with gold and precious jewels.

And Mecca is the city, that sits as a queen, upon the Heart of the Beast Empire, which is

the Islamic Caliphate. Soon the Beast Empire will be Revived. And the Islamic Antichrist

will proclaim that he, is the true Messiah and Madhi. And the False Prophet, will perform

miracles to deceive many.

And these miracles will falsely claim Islam, to be the one true religion. And that following

the Madhi, will bring peace, money and joy to the World.

And People will flock to see, the Miracles being done, by Islam.

Yahushua warns people not to go out to the Desert to see the so called Messiah.

If you are told that the Messiah is out in the desert, don’t go there! Matthew 24:26

The Desert Yahushua was likely referring to, is Mecca. And Jesus warns his people, not to

go to this Desert, to see this False Messiah.

Yahushua also said, that there would be false wonders, being done in Jerusalem, by false

prophets. A false prophet, is someone who points to a False Messiah. Indeed there will

be many Muslims, trying to deceive even the elect Christians, into following the Madhi.

And there will be great signs, performed by Satan, when this Madhi is revealed.

2Thessalonians 2:9 says, When the wicked one appears, Satan will pretend to work all

kinds of miracles, wonders, and signs. Lost people, will be fooled by his evil deeds. They

could be saved, but they will refuse to love the truth and accept it. So YHWH will make sure

that they are fooled, into believing a lie.

YHWH says these people, will be deceived by these Miracles of Satan. Because they

REFUSED to love the truth and accept it. But what is the Truth? Its that YHWH became

Flesh, born of a Woman, and suffered and died on the cross, for our sins. And was

raised again from the dead. But the Islamic Antichrist and False Prophet, will preach the

exact opposite of the Bible. And it will be a Great Delusion and a lie, and this lie will be

attended by the signs and miracles of Satan. And people will be drawn to Islam. You

have been Warned! Mystery Babylon is the Mother, of all Cults.

Now that we know that Babylon is Mecca, and the Beast, is the Revived Islamic

Caliphate and its King.

The book of Daniel, tells us the story behind the Little Horn Antichrist, and the area, from

which he arises.

Daniel describes the Conquest of King Darius, in Persia, by Alexander the Great.

The Grecian Kingdom is described as a goat. And the Persian Kingdom the Ram.

Daniel 8:5-7 …a goat came rushing out of the west, moving so fast that his feet didn’t

touch the ground. He had one prominent horn, between his eyes. He came toward the

ram, which I had seen standing beside the river, and rushed at him with all his force. I

watched him attack the ram. He was so angry, that he smashed into him and broke the

two horns. The ram had no strength to resist. He was thrown to the ground, and

trampled on, and there was no one who could save him.

Alexander the great conquered Persia and King Darius.

The goat grew more and more arrogant, but at the height of his power, his horn was

broken. In its place four prominent horns came up, each pointing in a different direction.

At the height of Alexander’s conquest, he suddenly died. And his four generals divided

his Goat Empire between themselves. The Bible, then describes the Little Horn

Antichrist, coming from one, of the parts of Alexander’s divided kingdom.

Daniel 8:9-10 Out of one of these four horns, grew a little horn, whose power extended

toward the south and the east and toward the Promised Land. It grew strong enough to

attack the army of heaven…

These were the divisions of Alexander’s Kingdom, and its only from one of these

divisions which the Antichrist can appear. He can not come from Rome, or America.

Because the Bible clearly says, that he comes, out of one of the four horns. Which

represent the divided kingdom of Alexander. And Alexander’s four generals, never

extended their kingdoms further than the Middle East. And the farthest Northern part,

was Greece.

Daniel Chapter 11, narrows the area even more, by calling the Antichrist the King of the

North. The King of the North, was the Seleucus Kingdom, which included Turkey, Syria,

Iraq and Iran. And its this area we should be watching for the Antichrist to appear.

Lets discover where the Bible says the seat of the beast is located.

The Bible even tells us, which country to watch, for the revival of the Beast. Its Turkey.

And its the very country, which is now stepping forward, trying to revive the Ottoman

Empire. Calling it the Neo-Ottoman Order. Turkey, is positioning itself as a peace

Mediator, in the Middle East.

Israel, will sign the Seven year Peace agreement, with Turkey. And put there trust in

Turkey, relying on them for security, in the Middle East. But they will literally, be signing

a Covenant, with the Antichrist himself. Who will be mediating this Peace deal between

Israel, and many, other Muslim nations. The Bible calls this, a Covenant with Death

(Isaiah 28:15). And clearly tells us, that Israel, will rely on the Turkish Antichrist, until he

attacks them.

Turkey was the seat of the Ottoman Empire, but it was also the seat, of the Eastern

Roman Empire.

Yahushua himself told us, that the Beast would come from Turkey:

And to the angel of the church in Pergamos, (which is in Turkey), write. He who has the

sharp sword with two edges, says these things. I know your works, and where you live,

even where Satan’s seat is….where Satan dwells. Revelation 2:12-13

Yahushua is telling us, not only that Satan Dwells, in Turkey Pergamos. But that his very

SEAT OF POWER, is in Turkey, not Rome. Turkey was the Eastern Roman Empire.

Rome moved its Capital to Constantinople. Its from there, which we should expect to see

the Prince, who comes mediating a Peace deal with Israel.

Now lets compare the next verse, where Satan gives that very same SEAT, TO THE


“And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a

bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his power

and HIS SEAT and great authority.” Revelation 13:2

Did you catch that? Where did Jesus say the “SEAT” OF SATAN WAS?

Pergamos TURKEY. This is the very same SEAT of power that Satan gives, to the


The Antichrist’s seat is in Turkey. The book of Daniel calls him, the Little Horn.

Surprisingly, Istanbul which was the very capital, of both the Roman, and Ottoman

Empire, is shaped just like a little horn. And its very name, is the Golden Horn.

The Bible Describes the Beast, having had Seven Heads, which describe the Kings and

their kingdoms.

These were. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome. And the Ottoman Empire,

became the 7th head.

The Angel said, that the seven heads, were 7 kings. Because unless, the King of the

Empire falls, the Kingdom remains alive. So when Rome fell, did the Roman Empire, fall?

No, it moved its King, and Capital to Turkey. And that Kingly line, continued right up until,

it was defeated, by the Ottoman Empire. Then Rome and its King fell.

The Ottoman Empire is the missing Seventh Head of the Beast. And it has come and

gone. Without people even realizing it was there. And yet it clearly left its mark on

Jerusalem. For The Ottoman Empire, is the same Empire, which rebuilt Jerusalem, as it

stands today.

But how do we know, that the Ottoman Empire was the Seventh Head. Well From the

time of Egypt, right up until 1923, and the end of the Ottoman Empire, there has been an

unbroken line of Empires or Heads, ruling the Middle-East. The Beast/Empire has been

alive from Egypt, to the Ottoman Empire. But where is the Beast now? Its Dead. And its

dead because it was only given seven heads. And the Last Empire, which was the

Ottoman Empire, was given a deadly wound, which killed, the whole Beast. And there

was no empire to take its place. So it died. And it descended into the Bottomless pit.

Wikipedia says:

The Empire fought against the Allies in the First World War. And at the end of the War, it

was partitioned by the Allies.

The Bible says the head of the Beast, was wounded to death, by the Sword.

The “Sword”, which cut into the Beast’s 7th, and Final Head, Was World War I. And that

same Sword, of the Allied Nations, divided up, or cut up, the Ottoman Empire. Into the

Middle East Countries we have today.

The Bible says:

And I saw one of his heads, as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was

healed. And all the world wondered after the beast.” Revelation 13:3

But its deadly wound will be healed. When the 7th head of the Ottoman Empire, comes

back to life, as an 8th Empire. And it will ascend from the Bottomless Pit. And its wound

will be healed, when all the divided Ottoman Nations, are reunited under Turkey.

These are the 10 horns, the Bible speaks of. Which are on the Beast. These will hand

over their power to the Turkish Beast.

Which was ruled by the Caliph, the Successor of Muhammad.

According to Wikipedia, the name Caliph, is translated from the Arabic word, Khalifa,

meaning “successor”, or “substitute”. Muslims often say the Caliph is the substitute for

Muhammad. But in the Koran, it is used to establish Adam’s role, as representative of

G-d, on earth.

Did you catch that? The Quran says Khalifa is like G-d on Earth. And the Caliph is both

a religious, as well as political leader. And he is a successor to Muhammad, and all the


So not only does Caliph, mean replacement for G-d on Earth. But the Caliph is also the

substitute for Muhammad and all the prophets. Muslims claim that Yahushua, was just one of

their Prophets. So the very seat the Caliph holds, is not only as G-d on earth, but

substitute for Yahushua as well.

Amazingly the word “Antichrist”, does not only mean “against Messiah”. But “substitute for

Messiah” as well. The title of Caliph, matches this description, perfectly.

There is a reason why Satan seat is in Turkey. Its because the Garden of Eden, was

located there. Remember Adam and Eve were the rulers of this World, until they

forfeited their seat, to Satan. And Satan, will give that very seat of Adam, to the Islamic


Ezekiel 28:12 Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto

him, Thus saith YHWH Elohim; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect, in

beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of Elohim.

YHWH is telling us not only that Satan is in Eden, but so is the Antichrist. And Eden, is in


Remember, Jesus said:

Luke 17:26 “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man.

Guess where the Ark of Noah was Located? In Turkey. Turkey is indeed the Place to


The very color of Turkey’s Flag, is like a Scarlet Beast. And as we’ve discussed, the

Crescent and Star is the very symbol Satan has chosen, to depict himself down through

the ages, through false gods.

Satan’s Chosen King, will rise from an alliance of Arab Nations which include Turkey,

Iraq and Iran.

The reason why the Beast is described as a mixture of animals, of Lion, Bear and

Leopard. Is firstly because it denotes the three Old Empires, which unite to form this

Beast. These were Babylon the Lion, Persia the Bear and Greece which included

(Turkey) the Leopard.

But this mixture, also describes the Arabs themselves and their kingdom.

Not only did John see the Harlot in the desert of Saudi Arabia, but he also saw the Beast,

which was upholding her. There is a very good reason why the Beast, was sitting in the

Arabian Desert. And why it was described, as a mixed animal.

Because Elohim, was describing the people, of the Kingdom itself. The Arabs, take their

Name from Arabia, itself. The name Arabia, in Hebrew is, e-reb. Meaning a mixture, or

mixed people, or mixed company.

The Arabs are known as the mixed people. Because they are a mixture of all the races

in the Middle East.

Amazingly, Elohim was describing the Arab race itself, as a mixed Beast.

Also in the book of Daniel, YHWH describes the Kingdom of the Antichrist, as a mixture of

Iron and Clay.

And the Hebrew word, used to describe this mixed Kingdom, is the very word, “Arab”.

Which is the Hebrew word for Mixed.

Daniel literally said, the Kingdom of the Antichrist would be an Arab Kingdom.

The Bible describes another figure, called the False Prophet. He will likely be seen as a

Religious leader. He is described as having lambs, horns. The Bible says he will rise

from the earth or land. Which is in contrast to the Beast, who rises from the sea, of

Islamic Nations. The opposite of the Sea, is the earth. And the Earth is actually a

Reference to the Land of Israel. So this Second Kingdom, will Rise from the conquered

parts of Israel and Jerusalem. Which is why its described, as having, two Lambs, horns.

And its possible that this false prophet will be Jewish, and may even claim to be Yahushua Messiah.

And he will do false wonders, like bring fire from heaven, which will deceive both

Jews, and Muslims. And this false Prophet will point to the Islamic Antichrist, declaring

him, the True Messiah. And this False Prophet, will deceive all into submitting to the

Caliph, and his Empire. And he will tell those in the Middle East, to set up an Image, to

honor the Revived Islamic Empire.

Revelation 13:14 And it deceives those dwelling on the earth, because of the miracles

which were given to it to do, before the beast. Saying to those dwelling on the earth, that

they should make an image to the beast, who had the wound by a sword, and lived.

The Bible doesn’t tell us, what form, this image will take. But it will be built, to honor the

Revived Islamic Empire. And the False prophet, will enable it, to speak.

The Bible warns, that if any bow down to this Image, of the Islamic Empire, they will be

cast into hell forever, with the Antichrist.

The number 666, can be found in the very Seal of the Ottoman Caliph’s themselves.

There seal is called, the Tughra. It contains both, a Hebrew, and a Greek number 666.

The Hebrew 666 consist of the letter, vav. Repeated three times. And right on top of the

Hebrew, is found a Greek number 666, which is the Letter, Stigma. Again repeated three

times. Sometimes the Caliph’s use a Pseudonym, next to their Name, like El-Ghazi,

meaning the Warrior. And you can clearly see a 666 in this Pseudonym. Indeed the

Name of the Caliph, written in the Tughra. May very well be, the Mark of the Beast. For it

contains both the name of a man, and his Number. And also the Mark of his Empire, the

Crescent and Star.

The Bible, compares the Antichrist, to a star fallen from heaven, like Lucifer, who fell,

and like the very Kaaba stone itself, fallen from heaven.

Isaiah 14:12 says, How you are fallen from the heavens, (Lucifer,) O shining star, son of

the morning. How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations!

The very image of Lucifer, is the star, fallen from heaven. And the Islamic Antichrist, will

use a star Symbol, as a representation of himself. Which is why, we find the Name of the

Caliph, in the Sun Symbol.

Because the 666, was a representation of the Sun God. And we know from our studies,

that the Sun God is really the Serpent, Satan. And by putting the Caliph’s name in the

Sun, or Star. Satan is declaring the Caliph, to be the 666.

So now you know, the Ottoman Crest, is totally Satanic. For the Crescent and star, has

been Satan’s personal symbol, throughout all of his seven kingdoms. And its the very

Star and Crescent symbol, found on the Egyptian Golden Calf. Which was worshipped

by the Apostate Jews in the desert.

And now this Crescent and Star symbol of the Serpent Satan, has become the very

symbol of the Islamic Empire.

The very seal, of every Turkish President. Is the eight pointed, Star. Which is the very

same star used, by Alexander the Great. Its no wonder Elohim calls the Turkish Antichrist,

a star, fallen from heaven. For that is his very seal.

The Greek 666, which is Chi, Xi, Stigma, has also been found, in the Bismillah, which is

the Name of Allah.

And its also been found again in the Shahada. Which is the Islamic Confession of Faith.

Which is worn as a badge on the foreheads, by Muslims.

The Bible tells of the terrible fate, for those who take the Islamic Antichrist’s Mark:

Revelation 14:9 … “Whoever worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on

his forehead or his hand will drink the wine of YHWH’s wrath, which has been poured

unmixed into the cup of his anger. He will be tortured with fire and sulfur in the presence

of the holy angels and the lamb. The smoke from their torture goes up forever and ever.

There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image or for anyone

who receives the mark of its name.”

So to Recap:

1. Do not bow down to the Caliph, nor swear any oaths of allegiance, to him.

2. Do Not take the mark of his Name, as a stamp on your forehead or hand. Or wear his

mark, as a badge on your forehead or right arm.

3. And Do Not worship the image which he sets up, even though it speaks and you may

be put to death or imprisoned, because of your refusal to bow to it.

Rather believe, in YHWH’s only begotten Son. Yahushua Messiah. Who died on the cross, for

your sins. Call upon his name, and you shall be saved. Only Jesus, has the power to

save. His name, is the only one, in all the world that can save anyone. And Salvation, is

found in no other. So cry out to YHWH today. Ask him to forgive you, of all your sins. And

Believe in what he did for you on the cross, and you shall be, saved.

John 3:16

For YHWH so loved the world that he gave, his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes

in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Please pray this Prayer, today:

Father YHWH, I believe that you sent your Son, Yahushua The Messiah. To die on the cross for my

sins, I believe that he died, and was resurrected, and is coming back to judge the living

and the dead. Father, I repent. Please forgive me of all my sins. Come into my heart,

and make me, your child. In the name of your Son, Yahushua Ha Machiah. Amein.

If you have said this prayer, and decided to turn from your life of sin, and follow Yahushua

The Messiah. Then you have become a child, of YHWH. Please go and find a Born Again,

believers’ assembly, where you can have fellowship with other believers.

Thank you for listening. Please see our other broadcasts, on the end days. This program

has no copyright, and may be distributed freely.


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  1. Hello my fellow Yah followers in Machiac. Armageddon News are they being led by the Ruach or are they a diversion from the real truth? The Mother of Harlots are the sons of Cain who through Vatican control all religions, secret societies, bar associations, banking & Govts.
    Your Bible tells you that DAN will the Anti-Messiah.
    Dan_11:37 Neither shall he regard the Elohym of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.
    I know who the 2 legs of the Roman Empire are but this deals with the Edomites, Khazars and the sons of Cain who mixed with the tribe of DAN.
    Paganism spread from Babylon to Rome by way of Pergamum whose statue of Cybele is found in the Vatican City. She is associated with the BLACK CUBE aka as SATURN [SATAN]

    1.Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the deity Saturn, held on the 17th of December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to the 25th of December.
    2. St. peters basilica there is a “wall of Prayer” with a black cube embedded in it.
    3. The jews {not Yahudim] place black cubes on their heads to pray to the same strange god as the other 2 religions.
    4. Cybele was later called Allah the female moon god