***Some claim that the ancient Greek Sabbaton was used for “a week” not just for Shabbat. Even if it had a dual meaning, 3 days and nights from Wednesday bring us to Saturday-Shabbat! Today the modern Greek word is no longer Sabbaton but rather Evdomáda. Shabbat remains Sabbaton in modern Greek! 
***All correct quotes from the Restoration Scriptures True Name 7th Red Letter Edition

Three facts are evident! One that He, our Mar Yah Messiah, rose just before dawn!

Second that the actual reading of the plain texts show us that He rose on one of the weekly Shabbats

Not on a first day of any supposed week!

Third since Shabbat is not a Greek concept or practice, the word Sabbaton is borrowed from the Hebrew

And is preserved in the Greek as there is no Greek word for Shabbat.

Combining these three crucial basic FACTS that undergird all the resurrection texts IN ALL FOUR GOSPELS,

another confirming four by the way, we can conclude, that the day of Yom HaTechaiyah,-Resurrection Day,

Was Shabbat Morning, Aviv 18, which In Hebrew is the

Numerical number for life or new life! So first study the centuries old lies below and then be open to enter the truth

That is being restored before your very eyes and your ears, as it settles in your hearts!

Matthew 28

Moreover, after the Shabbat (annual-Aviv 15) it being just before/towards dawn toward one of the weekly Shabbats [Aviv 18], [i] came Miryam of Magdala and the other Miryam to see the tomb.

2 And, see, there was a great earthquake: for the heavenly malach of the Master HWHY descended from the shamayim, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.

3 His appearance was like lightning, and His clothing white as snow: RED LETTERS BELOW NOT IN THE TEXT!!!!!!!!!! ADDED TO HIDE SHABBAT MORNING RESURRECTION!!

Matthew 28:1 
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YES. our MessiYAH was laid in the heart of the earth in Aviv Yom 15th day time before HE was placed in the grave! from Yom15th to 17th were 3 Days and 3 Nights. YES, HE was raised on the 3rd YOM/day after HIS Death!

More notes from Editor:

Here are the major 2021 Moed-Feast dates:

  • March 17- New Year Aviv1
  • March 30-Passover
  • March 31-Unleavened Bread day 1
  • April 6- Unleavened Bread day 7
  • April 11- New Barley/Omer day 1
  • May 30- Shavuot
  • July 18- New Wine
  • September 5- New Oil
  • September 12- New Wood
  • September 15- Yom Teruah
  • September 24- Yom Kippur
  • September 29- Sukkot Day 1
  • October 5th Sukkot Day 7
  • October 6- Shemini Atzeret Day after Sukkoth

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