Nazarene Acts of the Apostles 2013with the restored NAME

Name of the book : Nazarene Acts of the Apostles

CLEMENTINE HOMILIES__restored name version
Nobody has ever heard of it before, but Robert Eisenman has written extensively about it (He calls it Clementine Recognitions).  This edition is true names.  Jackson would really like to get the word out on it so our kind can learn about the true acts of the apostle Kefa as opposed to Paul in the Christian world today.  There is a world of difference.  This manuscript has been derided by scholars and censored by churchmen.  The Scholars Hugh Schoenfield and Eisenman have brought it out, dating some of the material if not most to pre-New Testament times.  Those who have studied in in our movement swear it is authentic.  There are many early Nazarene doctrines that have become completely lost to us – now restored for those who will diligently study this book.  If you concur, please pass on the invitation to a free copy.  The book in print form can be purchased from  or
A. jubilees_corrected
 B. Book-Yubilees-Restored-Name-download
B.Book of the Upright also name: Sefer HaYashar
(The Book of Jasher)

B.Revised Enoch 9_23_2014

C.The Ten Weeks Prophecy of Enoch is amazing

D.Enoch Sevenfold instructions rev 1

E.EJO Book of Lamech
F.Book Of The Giant EJO Volume One So Far
9. Authentic Nazorean / Nazarene Communications Materials
10. The Odes of Shalomé | Translated from the 1st century Odes of Solomon, attributed to the Savior’s sister
11.Odes of Solomon
12. Psalms of Solomon
13.4 Maccabees
14. The Lost Books of the Bible
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