1. Restoring the Timetable of Sabbatical and Jubilee Years from the Ezekiel’s account

Eze 40:1 In the twenty-fifth year of our exile, at the beginning of the year, on the tenth of the month, in the fourteenth year after the city was smitten, on that same day the hand of יהוה came upon me and He brought me there. 

Babylonian Destruction of the 1st Temple and Jerusalem on 588/587BC on the 9th Day of 5th Month (summer) which is a Shemitah year: 588/587BC+14years=574/573BC Eze 40:1 which IS referring to the 67th Jubilee Year  from Adam ;  And from 1st exile at 599/598BC+25years=574/573BC. is a Jubilee Year ( Yom Kippur is on the tenth of the month of the agricultural new year.)
“Shmita” in Hebrew means “release”—the “release” from servitude or indebtedness, and to desist one year from field work.  (Lev 25; 26:33-43Deut 15Jer 25:11; 29:10Dan 9Ezra 1Neh 10:31Zech 1:12; 7:5.)  
  • 2. Searching for the 7X70 Jubilee = the 490th “Shmita-Cycle” :

    ( 70 jubilees elapse from the Conquest 1407/1406BC to AD 2024/2025)

Jubilee 50:4 Wherefore I have ordained for you the year-weeks and the years and the jubilees: there are forty-nine jubilees from the days of Adam until this day, [2410A.M.] and one week and two years: and there are yet forty years to come (lit.distant’) for learning the [2450 A.M. the 50 Jubilee] commandments of YAHUWAH, until they pass over into the land of Canaan, crossing the Jordan to the west.
The chats attached below shows that: The 70th Jubilee counted from when the Israelites in year 1407BC, the 50th Jubilee entered the Promised Land. (Row 2 is the first Jubilee of the next 70 Jubilee.) Hence, 50+70 =  the 120th Jubilee will fall on Year AD 2024/2025 since the creation.