Current Torah Calendar that shows the Spring Feasts of Abba YaHuWaH starting this week: The Shabbat HaGadol Aviv 11, and the priestly Order of the 24 courses on duty is H4590 מַעַזיָה Ma`azYah!  What  a comfort  and assuring message from Abba YaHuWaH as HIS RESCUE Has Come to us in the Name of Yahushua. HalleluYAH

passion_week_diagram_jason ( PDF Link )  done by Jason 

A complete timeline for the time around of Yahusha Ha’Mashiach’s sacrifice is not available from what I can find. So I will show what is written and how it lines up.
John’s gospel is written from a rabbinical viewpoint so the sabbath days listed and how the days line up are from a rabbinical observance view.
Note for those who hold the view that scripture says messiah rose on the first day of the week; all corrupted texts will render that translation.
If you look at the interlinear scripture in the original language they ALL say in the dawning toward one of the sabbaths (weekly or 7th day)
In John 11 after Yahushua raises Lazarus from the dead he stays in a city called Ephraim by the wilderness (vs 54). At some point He leaves there and travels to Jericho (mat 20:29) and on to Bethany (Beth Ayna) where Lazarus was staying
Day 10 Matt 21:1-3 nearing Jerusalem messiah sends two disciples for a donkey and colt
(Zechariah 9:9) enters Jerusalem on the donkey Mat 21:7-11
goes to temple and drives out all the money changers and merchants Mat 21:12&13
leaves the city and spends the night in Bethany Mat 21:17
while staying the night in Bethany Messiah stays at the house of jar merchant Simon (Mat 26:6, Mark 14:3).
It is during his stay here he is anointed for burial by a woman with an alabaster box
Day 11 comes back into city in the morning and seeing the fig tree without fruit curses it Mat 21:18-22
Messiah has many altercations with scribes and pharisees and their students Mat 21:23-23:39
this apparently happens all four days messiah visits the temple from Aviv 10 to Aviv 13 and is seen as “testing the lamb for any defect”
Messiah tells many parables and prophecies Mat 24:1-25:46
Mat 26:2 messiah states after two days is the moed of pesach (Aviv 14). also by this statement we know this must be the Day 12 as the moed of pesach is in the evening and as per John 11:9.
Messiah defines a day as having twelve hours


Day 14 Messiah observes the Zadokite priestly Pesach with His disciples Mark 14:12.
That evening after the  meal Messiah goes to the garden of gethsemane with his disciples to pray (except
Judas who had left during the meal to do his evil deed) Mark 14:32-42. Then Messiah is
betrayed and taken to trial Mark 14:43-72.
Day 15 Messiah is brought before high priests and before Pilot and Caesar Mark 15:1-20
Messiah is put in tomb by Joseph of Arimathea after death Mark 15:43-46
Day 18 SHABBAT Messiah is resurrected before shabbat;
Mary Magdalene and the other Mary arrive at the tomb EARLY before shabbat I believe.
All three accounts say it differently but I believe the correct interpretation is
before morning comes so this would have Messiah leaving the tomb before shabbat
Passion Week Chart below done by YATI: