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Father, all praise be to You, the Eternal YAHUWAH Aloahiym Aleph Tau, our Creator Father, and Yahushua, our Messiah Aloahiym Aleph Tau, one with the Father [John 10:30], Who has us kept us alive, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this moment in your plan for all of the eternity. Father, we know that our entire existence is a function of you alone, and that our salvation is only through Yahushua [Rev 5: 12-13], and that your love of us preceded our love for you [1 John 4:19]. We only have an existence, sustenance, and prosperity because of your love for us and your pleasure, and for no other reason [Rev 4:11]. Without an existence, we cannot give you the praise and thanks that you so richly deserve, and that is rightfully Yours. YAHUWAH, you inhabit the praises of your people, Israel [Psalm 22:3], and not our complaints [Phil 2: 14; James 3: 14-18]. We thank you, Father, for bringing forth all believers in you and of You to read this article, whereby you have revealed yourself to each and every one of us during our tenure here on the earth, to serve your purposes, and whereby the brilliance of your magnificent Light is tangibly apparent, and glowing in, around, and through each one of us [Psalm 91:1; Matt 6:22]. Even though we all have walked in times past in the darkness of Satan, according to the ways and course of this world, [Eph 2: 2], You have redeemed us for Your purposes, enabling us to witness and perceive who You are in us, and who we are in You, even allowing us to perceive the origin of our core existence (our respective spirits) as being of you (your divine Light)[1 John 1:5], and literally having our spirits with you in Shamayim [Eph 2:6] as joint heirs with Yahushua, the one and only Messiah [Rom 8:17; John 14:6], so as to accomplish Your perfect will (YAHUWAH’S Perfect Will = YAHUWAH’S pure, perfect divine Light) in and for each one of us [Eph 2:10]. You and you alone provide us with what we are in need of [Phil 4:19], and what we desire [Psalm 23:1]. Father, we ask that you Baruch each and every reader of this article by consuming our respective spirits, souls, and bodies, and manifesting your perfect, divine Light tangibly and recognizably as coming only from You as the sole, exclusive and Sovereign source [Isa 43:11, 15; 44:6; others], such that each person receive, ponder, and decisively act on this message as you have delivered it to me, and that each reader hereof would clearly and tangibly experience the explosion of your perfect, divine Light as the Perfect Gift of James 1:17 (active motion/movement = demonstration of power of the Ruach ha Qodesh), according to Your perfect will for each of us, in the manner in which you have revealed it here. We thank you, Father, for answered prayer. Amein. Shalom,

Eyd and Yahn EL Stephenson