Anoint, Anointed & Anointing Pt.1 & 2



Published on Feb 5, 2015

This is a shorter version for MP3 audio recording of Pt.1 & 2.of the message Messiah,Messia’s, Mashiyach, or Christ-Christo-Khristos, revealing the Hebrew understanding of each word and the Greek root words found in part 3, this is a video of a compressed copy short version. But to get a more fuller understanding watch Part 1.& 2. by Eliyahu

Messiah,Messia’s,Mashiyach,vs Christ,Khristos Pt.1 & 2

Published on Feb 8, 2015

This is the full edited Version of Part 1 and 2 of the Teaching on the topic word study with detail depth Hebrew words Viewed on screen of Anoint, Anointing & Anointing for the Mashach,Mashiyach,Moshiyach different types of Anointings in our Hebrew scriptures Naturally Automatically understood by Hebrew readers of what each word means, and what does the word in Latin Christ Christo and Kristos in Greek really mean ??
come and join us to find out how many are divided because of a lack of Etymologist Eliyahu.

Messiah,Messia’s,Mashiyach vs Christ Khristos Pt.3

Published on Feb 9, 2015

Part 3 full edited version for MP4 & MP3 copies, of the completion of the message; Messiah,Messia’s,Mashiyach or Christ-Kristos, and whats the difference of the words-Messiah- Mashach- Moshiyach-Anointings, in the Greek, and what does Yahushua-Yahusha-Have to Fulfill and finish for all the House’s of Yisrael and Yehudim to accept Him as their Messiah. and why they don’t at this moment except any scriptural insight of Yahushua as their messiah, and what scriptural standing they stand on to not except Yahushua as the Messiah of Yisrael come and watch this detail verse by verse teaching exposing what has mislead many from the off shoots of Catholicism and in all forms of Christianity that don’t recheck what they have learned from whom they call the forefathers of their belief.



Principalities & Powers Exposed Pt.1

Principalities & Powers Exposed Pt.1

Published on Feb 13, 2015

This video by Etymologists Eliyahu is a edited remix of a old video with old words He does not use any more but is still Tov to share with others that are coming out. Eliyahu exposes the words commenly used by most religious groups today-and how words of the Principalities have slipped into the English language in Greek-Latin-Germanic-forms over clean Greek words and some not so clean to get the believers to speak their language of the rulers of this age controlling the education systems around the world. we’re exposing the strong holds on our tongue and words that show the fruit of these rulers of darkness active in the places’s of religious groups of worship on all sides of the fence and as Followers of Yah we need to be the called out ones to have a clean lip and tongue as a example for others and to fight these Principalities with the clean Hebrew words to have more authority in our prayers.

          Principalities & Powers Exposed Pt.2



Published on Feb 16, 2015

Part 2 of a teaching done years ago is so up to date of what’s happening right now in the spirituality of society so we remixed it with Greek and Hebrew words for a powerful message to the Fallowers of Yah to walk in this end time Anointing and Power of the Ruach of Yahuah against the evil principalities operating in the religious systems of today, Come and join in to hear this message with a live audience in the Upper room at Eagles Haven Congregation with Elder and Etymologist Eliyahu.