Have you ever noticed that Yahusha was betrayed for the price of a woman?

The Jealousy husband law


~ Have you ever noticed that Yahusha was betrayed for the price of a woman?  By Tim Galvin


1) And Yahuah spake unto Moses, saying,
2) Speak unto the Children of Israel, and say unto them, When a man shall make a singular vow, the persons shall be for Yahuah by thy estimation.
3) And thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old, even thy estimation shall be fifty shekels of silver, after the shekel of the sanctuary!
4) And if it be a female, then thy estimation shall be ‘THIRTY SHEKELS!’
~ In Zechariah, we see that Yahuah was insulted by this estimation of His value:
ZECHARIAH 11:12-13 (NASB):
12) I said to them, “If it is good in your sight, give me my wages; but if not, never mind!” So they weighed out Thirty Shekels of silver as my wages.
13) Then Yahuah said to me, “Throw it to the potter, that magnificent price at which I was valued by them.” So I took the Thirty Shekels of silver and threw them to the potter in the House of Yahuah.
~ This, of course, was a Prophetic foreshadowing of the price at which Yahusha was valued:
15) and said, “What are you willing to give me to betray Him to you?” And they weighed out Thirty Pieces of silver to him.
MATTHEW 27:3-10 (NASB):
3) Then when Judas, who had betrayed Him, saw that He had been condemned, he felt remorse and returned the Thirty Pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders,
4) saying, “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.” But they said, “What is that to us? See to that yourself!”
5) And he threw the pieces of silver into the temple sanctuary and departed; and he went away and hanged himself.
6) The chief priests took the pieces of silver and said, “It is not lawful to put them into the temple treasury, since it is the price of blood.”
7) And they conferred together and with the money bought the Potter’s Field as a burial place for strangers.
8) For this reason that field has been called the Field of Blood to this day.
9) Then that which was spoken through Jeremiah the Prophet was fulfilled: “And they took the Thirty Pieces of silver, the price of the one whose price had been set by the sons of Israel;
10) and they gave them for the Potter’s Field, as Yahuah directed me.”
~ Yahusha is the Bridegroom, who loved His bride and gave Himself for her, but there is so much more to the story! Not only did He give Himself, but He also took the place of the Adulterous Bride and Drank of the Cup of Jealousy that she deserved.

YHWH The bitter cup

~ Numbers 5 gives us the details:
NUMBERS 5:11-14
11) And Yahuah spake unto Moses, saying,
12) Speak unto the Children of Israel, and say unto them, If any man’s wife go aside, and commit a trespass against him,
13) And a man lie with her carnally, and it be hid from the eyes of her husband, and be kept close, and she be defiled, and there be no witness against her, neither she be taken with the manner;
14) And the Spirit of Jealousy come upon him, and he be Jealous of his Wife, and she be defiled: or if the Spirit of Jealousy come upon him, and he be Jealous of his Wife, and she be not defiled:
~ All through the Old Testament, we see that Israel provoked her Husband Yahuah to Jealousy. Well, in the Torah (Yahuah’s marriage contract), we see an interesting ritual that would be performed if a jealous husband suspected his wife had been unfaithful to him:
NUMBERS 5:15-31
15) Then shall the man bring his wife unto the Priest, and he shall bring her offering for her, the tenth part of an ephah of barley meal; he shall pour no oil upon it, nor put frankincense thereon; for it is an offering (cup) of Jealousy, an offering of memorial, bringing iniquity to remembrance.
16) And the Priest shall bring her near, and set her before Yahuah:
17) And the Priest shall take holy water in an earthen vessel; and of the dust that is in the floor of the tabernacle the Priest shall take, and put it into the water:
18) And the Priest shall set the woman before Yahuah, and uncover the woman’s head, and put the offering of memorial in her hands, which is the Jealousy Offering: and the Priest shall have in his hand the Bitter Water that causeth the Curse:
19) And the Priest shall charge her by an oath, and say unto the woman, If no man have lain with thee, and if thou hast not gone aside to uncleanness with another instead of thy husband, be thou free from this Bitter Water that causeth the Curse:
20) But, if thou hast gone aside to another instead of thy husband, and if thou be defiled, and some man have lain with thee beside thine husband:
21) Then the Priest shall charge the woman with an oath of Cursing, and the Priest shall say unto the woman, Yahuah make thee a Curse and an oath among thy people, when Yahuah doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell;
22) And this water that causeth the Curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen, amen.
23) And the Priest shall write these Curses in a book, and he shall blot them out with the Bitter Water:
24) And he shall cause the woman to Drink the Bitter Water that causeth the Curse: and the water that causeth the Curse shall enter into her, and become Bitter.
25) Then the Priest shall take the Jealousy Offering out of the woman’s hand, and shall wave the offering before Yahuah, and offer it upon the altar:
26) And the Priest shall take an handful of the offering, even the memorial thereof, and burn it upon the altar, and afterward shall cause the woman to Drink the Water.
27) And when he hath made her to Drink the Water, then it shall come to pass, that, if she be defiled, and have done trespass against her husband, that the water that causeth the Curse shall enter into her, and become bitter, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a Curse among her people.
28) And if the woman be not defiled, but be clean; then she shall be free, and shall conceive seed.
29) This is the Law of Jealousies, when a wife goeth aside to another instead of her husband, and is defiled;
30) Or when the Spirit of Jealousy cometh upon him, and he be jealous over his wife, and shall set the woman before Yahuah, and the Priest shall execute upon her all this Law.
31) Then shall the man be guiltless from iniquity, and this woman shall bear her iniquity.
~ This is absolutely amazing! Remember what Yahusha prayed in the Garden?
38) Then saith He unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with Me.
39) And He went a little farther, and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, O’ my Father, if it be possible, let this ‘CUP’ pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.
40) And He cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with Me one hour?
41) Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.
42) He went away again the second time, and prayed, saying, O’ my Father, if this ‘CUP’ may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done.
43) And He came and found them asleep again: for their eyes were heavy.
44) And He left them, and went away again, and prayed the third time, saying the same words.
45 Then cometh He to his disciples, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: behold, the hour is at hand, and the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.
~ Christianity (who lacks understanding from Torah) teaches “this Cup” was simply an idiom for the “Cup of Suffering” that it is the horrific pain of crucifixion (something from which anyone would pray to not have to “drink”).
~ But, when comparing it to the Book of Numbers and related portions from the Prophets and New Testament, It become apparent there is a deeper meaning to this “CUP” Yahusha asked to pass from Him!
~ We all know He was the “sinless Lamb” who took away our sins! But consider again the fact that He said He had come for the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24) who is His adulterous Bride.
~ She is the one who deserved the Cup of Bitter Water, that would make her thighs rot and belly swell making her Cursed. That was her just punishment… that He took upon Himself! In order to take her sin, He had to take her Curse and Punishment. This is exactly what He did!
13) Messiah hath redeemed us from the Curse of the Law, being made a Curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree!
~ And so it was the Groom that Drank of the Cup of Bitter Waters, sparing His adulterous Bride from the just Punishment and Curse that she deserved.
JOHN 8:10-11
10) When Yahusha had lifted up himself, and saw none but the Woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee?
11) She said, No man, Master. And Yahusha said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.
8) There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Messiah Yahusha, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

~ His love for you is more than we can even begin to imagine. If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, and an increased desire to love Him all the more, I don’t know what will.

YHWH Marrying me, My King

~ Be Baruch
~ Shalom Saints!
Watch this video below: the fifth cup: THE CUP OF THE WRATH OF YAHUAH!”

So . . . What of Sin . . . And what of the ‘Righteousness’ of Aloahiym?

Part 1 PDF 5-20-16 So . . . What of Sin, and what of the Righteousness of Aloahiym


” Excerpt from Section 1, Part 3 of the Book on the Man Child of Rev 12:5 . . . Every living soul on the face of the planet is but one breath and one heartbeat away from all of eternity [Psalm 8:4; Isa 37:36; 40: 6-8, 17; 1 Pet 1:24-25; James 4:14-15; Luke 12:20; others].”

YHWH endurance the race YHWH has set before us

Heb 1:3 (Yahushua) Who being the brightness of his Esteem and Honor, and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high (YAHUWAH); [See Psalm 75:3]

Heb 1:8-9 But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O Aloahiym, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of Righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom (reign). Thou hast loved Righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore Aloahiym, even thy Aloahiym, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows [See 1 Sam 2:6-10; Psalm 45: 6-7; John 17:17].

This message is in three (3) parts, and is certain to challenge the flesh of each and every reader. As always, please turn to the Sovereign Counsel of YAHUWAH Aloahiym for authenticity of Truth, before rendering acceptance or rejection of this message, in whole or in part. YAHUWAH alone is the ultimate and final authority, and it is His witness that counts; not that of man. [See John 3:11; 2 Cor 4: 3-6; Heb 2:4; 1 John 5:9].

Shalom. – –

Eyd & Yahn EL Stephenson

YHWH The secret matter


Part 1 PDF 5-20-16 So . . . What of Sin, and what of the Righteousness of Aloahiym

 YHWH Character counts

Part 2 PDF 5-20-16 So . . . What of Sin, and what of the Righteousness of Aloahiym

 YHWH calls you my beloved

Part 3 5-20-16 So, What of Sin, and what of the Righteousness of Aloahiym


Open Vision: Visit to the Execution Stake, 4- 2014

Download PDF for easy reading: Open Vision and Personal Revelation By Eyd  

Excerpt from Section 2 Part 3 of the Book of the Man Child, this website.
( At the end of this article is an Additional Bonus for the study of How did our Messiah died? On the Cross or on the Tree?)
The time was about 2:00 a.m. and I was lying in bed with my wife. Suddenly, I found myself at the foot of the execution stake staring up at the face of Yahushua. The surroundings, the sky and the atmosphere were dark and gloomy, although there was sufficient light to make out the details of the scene before me. Several people were standing nearby and weeping bitterly, although I could not recognize their identity; which was rather amusing, since I did not know how to recognize them anyway. The women were all wearing a head covering of various types, much like you would see in any film depicting that era or in the news media of today in certain regions of the world. There were also men present but indistinguishable (as to who they were) in appearance. In the background were the hills and mountains surrounding Jerusalem, and the despair and state of darkness of the world’s condition was very apparent and tangible.
I was standing close (only a few feet) to Yahushua Who was impelled on the stake when I looked up into His face. At first, His head was turned away from me and I saw Him looking out over the people below Him. Then He turned His head towards me directly, looked down and simply stared at me, not speaking. His face and body had plainly been butchered; with a great deal of His beard having been literally torn (ripped) out of His face. His body while still having a distinguishable form appeared more like a bloody mass of meat that had been savagely pulverized, and ripped open in certain areas. No scene in any movie or any description in a book has ever captured the evidence of the absolute barbaric cruelty, torture, and bloodshed of the Messiah that I was witnessing first hand.
As He stared at me and His eyes fixed on my own, I could see the whites of His eyes and His pupils against the backdrop and release of blood covering His face; the crown of thorns placed on His head (that had been savagely battered and was also covered in blood). This wasn’t just an execution; the Messiah’s condition before dying had been the result of a blood-thirsty psychotic mob comprised of both Roman soldiers and civilians alike that had thoroughly enjoyed and were delighted in the sight of a man’s torturous abuse and subsequent death following thereafter. The reality that He was (is) the Messiah gave these insidious individuals even more pleasure.
This mob, now fragmented, was mixed with other people who were truly recognizing the severity and solemn meaning of that moment in the history of man. The ones who understood this, stood silent and were in tears with a look of astonishment on their faces; their bewildered looks clearly communicating the surprise, shock, and curiosity of what Aloahiym was about to do next to the whole of mankind; and silently praying that they would somehow be exempt from His judgment. Although they had personally heard the message of Yahushua as and when
He declared it, these people knew that the consequences for man’s actions (as a whole) towards the one and only Messiah that they had been expecting and waiting for were about to be realized [See Matt 23: 33-38; Heb 2:2-5; 6:5; 10:29; 12:25]. The mob members that were frolicking around in the aftermath of His torture and slaughter had no clue of this, continuing in their folly with a complete and total disconnection from even common civility, let alone righteousness and any sense of Aloahiym’s divine reality. These people were in and had become a part of the darkness of evil, the product of their own respective decisions and free will; yet Yahushua had forgiven them [Luke 23:34].
As He was hanging on the execution stake and gazing down into my eyes, there was the absolute conveyance of undefiled and certain unmitigated understanding of the voluntary sacrifice of His life that He was making right then and there in real terms in front of my eyes. The sacrifice of His own life was for my sake and benefit, as well as that of all mankind. This was the express purpose that He had come to the earth; to die as a sacrifice for all of man’s sins dating back to Adam and the Garden [Gen 3:15; 1 John 3:8]He became sin, the curse itself [Gal 3:13] so that man, subject to his individual willingness, would no longer be separated from the One, true, YAHUWAH Aloahiym that had given man his respective existence in the first place. Yahushua was (is) the express image and likeness of YAHUWAH [Col 1:15; Hebs 1:3; other] having stepped out and coming forth from YAHUWAH [John 16:28; 13:3] for the purpose at hand [John 3:16-17; 1 John 3:8; others], and Who had now completed His assignment [John 19:30]. The stage was now set for man to play his part in the drama of life as YAHUWAH has purposed it. Man was to accept the sacrifice of Yahushua, or he (she) would not. The choice was given to man to make this decision, and by this decision, man either lived or he died; however, it was his or hers alone to make.
This wasn’t just history in the making as it would appear in the natural; this was the distinction between the divine hai of YAHUWAH Aloahiym in direct contrast to all that is NOT of YAHUWAH pointedly demonstrating the fulfillment of John 3:18-20Given man’s predisposition (through his carnal nature) to attempt to take control of Aloahiym’s creation, and to exercise authority and dominion over all the earth without the righteousness, love, compassion, and divine counsel with prudent understanding and other attributes of the Father in each and every facet of (man’s) life, the scene was a vivid and candid portrayal of what YAHUWAH had foretold for centuries through the Scriptures of the evil in man’s soul where man runs from the Light instead of into it. The eye-witness of the acceptance of this evil by those of the mob that were present and had been a part of the execution would turn any mortal being with the promise of salvation into a rotten sack of hopelessness and despair. Therein, I remembered the open vision described in Part 1, Page 11, entitled: “Second Open Vision, Summer, 2007”, and the torment and stark terror on the faces of the people revealed to me who had made the wrong
choices and decisions in their life . . . when they had had the opportunity; never expecting the consequences of those decisions to catch up with them.
As He gazed down at me is silence, there was the clear and concise message from Yahushua ha Massiach:
What direction am I leading you in, My son, and what is the price? What price are you willing to pay? Will you pay the price that must be paid? I have suffered and am about to die for you, out of My great love for you, releasing you forever from the bondage of sin and the hold of the enemy on your soul. Will you not perceive and recognize it, and come with Me to My Father Who is also your Father? I (He) await you and all whom are willing to make the same sacrifice of their lives!
[Matt 10:38-39; 11:27; John 17:26; Heb 3:14; Rev 12:11; 14:1-5, 12; 22: 4, 12-14]
This was a deeply personal, in-your-face vision, and did not last long, but will remain with me forever. I have tried to encapsulate the essence of this experience in a short, succinct manner; but words simply do not come close. I encourage all persons to examine their hearts, thoughts, motives, and true desires. Are they truly of our Messiah . . . in substance? Or are these elements a thin veil for emotional satisfaction, soulish delusion, and stubborn embrace for more of the flesh? The Messiah’s comments at the end of His ordeal bring forth the reality of His death at the hands of those He came to save [Heb 12:2-4, 16-17; 9:28; Prov 1:24-31; Rev 14:4-5].


Additional Bonus for the study of How did our Messiah died? On the Cross or on the Tree?


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5.The_Alef_&_Taw_ebook ( The Alef & Taw: The Red Heifer & the Two Sticks By By Maria Merola )


The_Alef_&_Taw_ebook  (Click here for the full message)

The Alef & Taw: The Red Heifer & the Two Sticks 

By Maria Merola אריאל

© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, March 2011


Pictured here is the first and last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet known as the “Alef & Taw.” These two letters represent eternity or (the beginning and the end). They were created from the beginning by YaHuWaH at Creation. In the original Hebrew Scriptures we can actually see these letters in the text but the English translators left them out:
Bereshiyth (Genesis) 1:1 
In the beginning Elohiym created את [Alef & Taw] the heaven and ואת [Waw, Alef & Taw] the earth.
Satan hi-jacked these symbols later on and used them for pagan sun-god worship, but long before that, YaHuWaH used them in the Hebrew Alphabet to illustrate a prophetic picture of our Messiah as the sacrificial animal (the red heifer) being nailed to a cross!
After the Exodus when the children of Yisra’el were in the wilderness, they began to murmur and complain against YaHuWaH, and so he sent fiery serpents to bite them and many of them died (Numbers 21:6). But many of them began to repent and when they did, YaHuWaH instructed Mosheh to make a pole and put a fiery serpent on the pole for them to look upon and then they would not die from being bitten by the serpent. This was a prophetic shadow picture of the future Messiah who would later on become a curse for us (John 3:14). But later on this image of the serpent on a pole became an idol that was used for worship and YaHuWaH was against this. The Yisra’elites also began to worship a graven image of the calf (as seen in this image of the alef or the ox head), and because of this, he broke the first covenant that he made with them when Mosheh broke the first set of stone tablets (Exodus 32:19). Later on in history, even the Christian Churches began to worship and bow down to this image of the Taw as a wooden cross. These symbols were always meant to symbolize our Messiah, but we are commanded not to bow down and serve these images (Exodus 20:5). They only serve as illustrations for us—nothing more. We are commanded not to worship YaHuWaH through graven images or created things.
In this illustration of the “Alef & Taw,” in it’s earliest ancient form it shows us a picture of the Red Heifer (the ox head) being nailed to the “two sticks” of Ezekiel 37:16 (the stick of Ephrayim & Judah). Messiah is the “Alef & Taw” which means “the first and the last” or “the beginning and the ending” (Revelation 1:8; 1:11; 21:6; 22:13). The last Hebrew letter, “the Taw” is shaped like a cross because it means that we must come to the “end” of the old sinful nature. In Psalms 51:5 David declared “Behold I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” 
Our Mashiyach (Messiah) came to put an end to this sinful nature—not the Mosaic Law! This is precisely why Yahuwshuwa commanded us to deny ourselves, take up our cross (stauros) daily and to follow him (Matthew 16:24). Later on in this article, you are going to see that the furniture in the Tabernacle of Mosheh (Moses) from an aerial view, is arranged in the shape of a cross and it brings us to the “end” of the sinful man!
Yahuwshuwa will not automatically cleanse everyone with his blood without repentance. We have to make the journey through the pattern of the Tabernacle which teaches us how to die to self! 
When we reach the “end” of the Tabernacle in the Holy of Holies, we die! Any priest who had unrepentant sin would die there in the Holy of Holies. Therefore, our Messiah made the journey for us! The book of Revelation was spoken to the Apostle Yahuwchanon (John) “in the Hebrew tongue”(Revelation 9:11, 16:16), but later on it was translated into Greek. And so in the Greek translation of the book of Revelation, Messiah referred to himself as the “Alpha & Omega,” which is the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet. But in Hebrew (which is the language John the Apostle spoke and wrote in) he would have said this to Yahuwchanon (John):
Chazown (Revelation) 1:8 I am the Alef and the Taw, the Beginning and Ending, says יהוה YaHuWaH which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.
As you can see above, our Messiah was revealing himself as YaHuWaH in his resurrected state!
Chazown (Revelation) 1:9 I, Yahuwcanon (John), who also am your brother and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of יהושׁוע Yahuwshuwa Mashiyach, was in the island that is called Patmos for the Word of Elohiym and for the testimony of יהושׁוע Yahuwshuwa Mashiyach.
Chazown (Revelation) 1:11 “….I am the Alef and the Taw, the First and the Last.” 
What is even more interesting is that the word “Taw” is the Hebrew word for “mark” as seen in Ezekiel 9 and it is a mark that Elohiym puts on the foreheads of his elect who are sealed. The letters in the word“Taw” even tell a message:
Taw, Alef, Waw

This means: “the cross, the sacrificial animal, and the nail.”

The Apostle Shauwl (Paul) spoke of this “mark” as being a “mark” that he bore in his own body:

Galatiym (Galatian) 6:17 From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of  יהוה YaHuWaH יהושׁוע Yahuwshuwa.
The above link shows an illustration of how the progression of the letter “Taw” (Tav) has undergone changes over the centuries. What we see here is that the“cross” or the “Taw” is a picture of self-denial.

We are shown in these two letters that the Alef represents our “animal-like” nature which is sinful and prone to its own desires of the flesh. But when we kill this “animal-like” nature, by denying ourselves daily, we are then able to walk by the power of the resurrected Mashiyach (Messiah), which is the power of the Ruwach ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit).

Two different Greek words are used to describe the instrument upon which our Mashiyach was crucified. The first Greek word that we see for “cross” is as follows:
#4716: Stauros: a stake or post (as set upright), i.e. (specially), a pole or cross (as an instrument of capital punishment); figuratively, exposure to death, i.e. self-denial; by implication, the atonement of Messiah:—-cross. 
But there is another word that we see in the Strong’s Greek Concordance in the book of Acts where it says that our Messiah was nailed to a tree. We see this word for “tree” in Acts 5:30, 10:39, & 13:29 as the follows:
#3586 Xylon: a beam from which any one is suspended, a gibbet, a cross; a log or timber with holes in which the feet, hands, neck of prisoners were inserted and fastened with thongs; a fetter, or shackle for the feet. 
What this means is that there were actually two different pieces of wood!
The piece that he carried across his shoulder was the “Xylon” which was a “cross-beam.” But the piece that was already standing at the execution site was the “Stauros” or the upright pole! Hence, he was crucified on the TAW (a cross shaped instrument). Messiah became a “curse” for us as he nailed “Tammuz”(sun-god worship) to the Tree! 
The image of the cross was created by YaHuWaH himself at Creation: 
Bereshiyth (Genesis) 1:1 
In the beginning ELohiym created את the heaven and ואת the earth.
As you can see, in the beginning our Creator made the Alef & the Taw! This means that he created the Hebrew Alphabet, but he also prepared a human body for our Messiah from the beginning:
Ibriym (Hebrews) 10:5 Wherefore when he comes into the world, he says, Sacrifice and offering you would not, but a body have you prepared for me:
Ibriym (Hebrews) 4:3 For we which have believed do enter into rest, as he said, As I have sworn in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest: although the works were finished from the foundation of the world.
Ibriym (Hebrews) 9:26 For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world has he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.
Chazown (Revelation) 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
1st Keefa (Peter) 1:
19 But with the precious blood of Mashiyach, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:
20 Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you…
As you can see from the above scriptures, Yahuwshuwa Mashiyach was always in eternity past the lamb slain from the foundation of the world!” This means that in eternity, he is the sacrificial lamb in the past, the present and the future! Now we know why Satan hi-jacked this symbol as an object of worship for the pagan sun-god Tammuz! But Satan had no idea that by doing this, he was creating the very instrument upon which his own kingdom would be demolished!

Much like Haman in the Persian Empire (Esther 7:9-10) who prepared the gallows for Mordechai the Jew, we see that Satan made a Roman Cross for Messiah to be crucified upon and as a result, his own Kingdom was destroyed!

The image of the “cross” was made of “two sticks” or “two poles” for many prophetic reasons. We can also see that these two sticks demonstrate “Two Houses of Yisra’el” and “the two greatest commandments.”

Vertical Love for YaHuWaH & Horizontal Love for Our Neighbor:

Marqos (Mark) 12:

30 And you shall love YHWH your Elohiym with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength: this is the first commandment.

31 And the second is like, namely this, you shall love your neighbour as yourself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

Creation Testifies to the Taw (Tav) or “Cross” of our Messiah
Pictured here is a “Laminin” cell that looks like a cross!
Laminins are a family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every human and animal tissue. You see, Laminins are what hold us together—literally. They are cell adhesion molecules. They are what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Without them, we would literally fall apart. If you look up “Laminin” in any scientific or medical piece of literature, this is what you will see!
The Body of Messiah (The Two Houses of Yisra’el) are literally held together by his one sacrifice on the Taw or Cross! The Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul) also illustrated this in his letter to the Ephesians:

Ephsiym (Ephesians) 2:15-16 Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances;for to make in himself of two one new man, so making peace; And that he might reconcile both unto Elohiym in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby.
Our Messiah embodied the Two Houses of Yisra’el by becoming as “the least” (the last) at his first coming (Messiah Ben Joseph), but then he resurrected and became “the first born” over all creation (Colossians 1:15). He humbled himself and became as the least among us.
In his role as Yahuwceph (Joseph) he was portrayed as “the suffering servant.” But when he returns, he will be as the “first” as Messiah Ben David, (the conquering reigning king). He will then bring together the Two Houses of Yisra’el as the “first & the last.” There will no longer be competition in his house because both Houses will become one stick, (one olive tree) when the remnants from these “two houses” become born-again into incorruption (immortality), they will both be his “first born” as Yisra’el.
Hence, he made the “two sticks” of Yahuwdah (Judah) & Ephrayim one stick or one tree in his hand! What is even more revealing is that when you look up this Hebrew word for “stick” in the prophecy of Ezekiel 37:16, the word is “eytz which means “tree. And so two trees were used to make the Two Houses of Yisra’el one again!
The first time that Yisra’el is likened unto an olive tree spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah:
Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 11:16 YHWH called your name, A green olive tree, fair, and of goodly fruit: with the noise of a great tumult he has kindled fire upon it, and the branches of it are broken.
But this one olive tree became two separate olive trees in 1st Kings 12, when Judah & Ephrayim became two separate nations under King Jeroboam & King Rehoboam. This gives clarity now for the entire purpose for our Mashiyach (Messiah), Yahuwshuwa coming to earth at his first coming as it is explained perfectly by the Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul):

Ephsiym (Ephesians) 2:

11 Wherefore remember, that you being in time past Goyim (Gentiles) in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands;

12 That at that time you were without Mashiyach (Messiah), being aliens from the commonwealth of Yisrael, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without Elohiym in the world:

13 But now in Mashiyach (Messiah), Yahuwshuwa you who sometimes were far off are made near by the blood of Mashiyach.
14 For he is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of partition between us;
15 Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances(dogma); for to make in himself of two one new man, so making peace;
16 And that he might reconcile both unto Elohiym in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:
17 And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were near.
What were these “ordinances” that kept the “Two Houses” of Yisra’el separated? It was because YaHuWaH divorced the Ten Northern Tribes of Yisra’el, (Jeremiah 3:8), that the Rabbis thought they had to keep these tribes from being allowed to come back into covenant. Therefore, these Rabbis invented man-made “ordinances” that would enforce the building of a wall around the outer court of the temple. This would which would prevent these estranged tribes from being allowed to come into the Temple of YaHuWaH. And so the Greek word for “ordinances” that the Apostle Paul used in Ephesians 2:15 is dogma which means “a man-made decree.” The Rabbis made extra laws that were against the Towrah that kept these Gentiles from being allowed to come into the outer court of the temple so that they could “hear the Law of Mosheh” and be saved! The “enmity” (hatred between these two houses) was therefore caused by the sins of the divorced tribes and their idolatry. But also it was the sins of these Rabbis, whereby they introduced such a law that would keep the Gentiles “afar off” from the covenants of promise. 
Messiah abolished not the Mosaic Law (Towrah) but he abolished the “enmity” (the hatred brought on by the sinful nature) that existed between both Houses of Yisra’el. The sinful nature is what caused these Rabbis to invent these “ordinances” which were against the Gentiles (the divorced tribes). 
The Two Sticks or Trees of Ephrayim & Yahuwdah 

As we can see from this illustration, there is a very good reason why YaHuWaH created the last letter in the Hebrew Alphabet (Taw) to be in the shape of a “cross.” He was illustrating through his Hebrew letter, the “Two Houses of Yisra’el” being made “one body by the cross!”Our Messiah was crucified on “two sticks” because his hands were stretched out, and this symbolizes our horizontal relationship with one another. But the other stick for his feet symbolizes our vertical relationship with the Father. These “two sticks” also illustrate for us the two greatest commandments in the Towrah (Matthew 22:36-40). Our Messiah was asked which are the two greatest commandments in the Mosaic Law (Towrah), and here is what he said:

“You shall love YHWH your Elohiym with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37).
“And the second is like unto it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself” (Matthew 22:39).
You will notice that the first and greatest of all commandments  involves loving YaHuWaH, and this is our vertical relationship with him! But then the second greatest commandment involves loving others, and this is a horizontal relationship!
And so Messiah was nailed to a Taw which was made out of two trees or two sticks for the Two Houses of Yisra’el!

Messiah has reconciled Ephrayim & Yahuwdah, (Jew & Gentile) by the Taw or Cross!
Even though the pagans hi-jacked this symbol and used it as an object of worship for the cross of Tammuz and Mithra, before the foundations of the world, YaHuWaH ordained that this letter, the “Taw” would be the mark that he marks his elect with in their foreheads (see Ezekiel 9 & Revelation 7). All those who receive a “mark” in their foreheads receive the “Taw.”
Yechezqel (Ezekiel) 9:4 And YHWH said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), and והתוית set a mark ואת [Waw, Alef & Taw] upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.
You will notice two words above: Tavah and Tav. 
The word Tavah means “to mark out” and Tav means “a mark.” Hence what it really says is: “mark out a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.” 
As you can see, those who are against the abominations mentioned in Ezekiel 8 (pagan sun-god worship) receive a mark in their foreheads! What is this “mark?”In the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance, the word for mark in the above verse is seen as follows:
# 8420 tav tawv from 8427; a mark; by implication, a signature:–desire, mark; 
#8427 tavah taw-vaw’ a primitive root; to mark out, i.e. (primitive) scratch or (definite) imprint:–scrabble, set (a mark). 
The phrase: “mark out והתוית a mark ואת” is telling us a story: 

Waw (nail or tent peg), Hey (Breath or Spirit of YHWH), Taw (cross), Waw (nail or tent peg), Yod (arm of YHWH), Taw (cross). This word “tavah” contains the Hebrew letters above and it is saying that there are two nails (for his hands and feet). There are also two tent pegs for the Two Houses of Yisra’el or two tents of Jacob. And by the inspiration (breath) of YaHuWaH, Messiah (who is the arm of YaHuWaH) was sent to die on the two sticks (the cross or the taw) for the Two Houses of Yisra’el! And those who have faith in his finished work on the cross (taw) are the ones who receive his mark!
The Xylon or Cross Beam is the Burden of Ephrayim
Pictured here is the “xylon” or cross-beam that our Messiah carried to the “stauros” or execution stake that was already standing there as a permanent structure for the prisoners to be hung upon. Messiah carried only the “cross-beam” across his shoulders and then when he arrived, they attached the “cross- beam” to the upright pole or stake (which remained permanently in the ground and reused for other prisoners to be executed on). 
As I mentioned earlier, two different Greek words are used to describe the execution stake that our Messiah was crucified on. The word for “cross” in the Strongs Concordance is “stauros” and it means “a stake, or pole.” But another word is used for the word “tree” fromActs 5:30; Acts 10:39 & Acts 13:29. That word for “tree” is xylon” which means a “cross-beam.” The word “stauros” also means “self-denial” and so this gives more meaning behind some of the statements that the Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul) made:
1st Qorintiym (Corinthians) 1:18 For the preaching of the two sticks [cross] is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of Elohiym.

Shauwl (Paul) was stating that he was preaching a message of self-denial! He was not speaking about an object that people wear around their necks. We are not supposed to make the cross into an object of worship or treat it like a “good luck charm.”

The image of the “cross” was made of “two sticks” or “two trees.” Do you see how this all points to Two Houses of Yisra’el & the Two Greatest Commandments? You see, the Yahuwdiy (Jews) are more focused on their vertical love for YaHuWaH, which is why the emphasize the first four commandments out of the Ten Commandments. But the Goyim (Gentiles) are more focused on their horizontal love their neighbor. This is also seen in the parable of the “Good Samaritan” in Luke 10:30-37. The Samaritan (Gentile) cared for a complete stranger who was beaten and left for dead on the side of the road, while the Levite was too preoccupied with religious things to care for the stranger. 
Messiah bore our burdens for us in the same way that Simon of Cyrene (a Gentile) carried his burden for him:

Matthithyahuw (Matthew) 11:

28 Come unto me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Messiah did not add any heavy yoke to the Towrah of Mosheh like the Pharisees did. He makes it easy and enjoyable to keep his commandments!
What is prophetic about this picture? Well, what we see here is that the “stauros” that was already standing there at the execution site represents the House of Yahuwdah (Judah)—-the stick that was already at home in Jerusalem. But the “stick” who was “afar off” was Ephrayim (the prodigal son). And so Messiah came for those Ten Northern Tribes who were “afar off” and he made the journey for them by carrying the “stick” of Ephrayim to the “stick” of Yahuwdah (Judah) in order to make them “one stick” by the cross or Taw! Simone of Cyrene being a Gentile is yet another clue! 
The stick of Ephrayim was the stick that he carried! The stick of Yahuwdah was already standing there!
The Burden or Yoke of Ephrayim Made Easy & Light
Pictured here to the right are two oxen that are “yoked” together. The Ten Northern Tribes of Yisra’el who were divorced by YaHuWaH became known as“Ephrayim” because it was Yahuwceph’s (Joseph’s) son Ephrayim who became their tribal leader according to Bereshiyth (Genesis) 48:18-22.
Ephrayim was born in Egypt and he was accustomed to being in bondage, or slavery to paganism and idolatry. That is why often times in scripture, we see that Ephrayim is likened unto a bull or a heifer who is under a heavy yoke of bondage (Howshea 10:11). 
Why is he in bondage? It is because the Two Southern Tribes (Judah & Benjamin) or the Jews added extra man-made laws to the Torah of Moses which is called “the oral law” or the Talmud. And so Ephrayim decided that it was too burdensome to keep the commandments. This is why in 1st Kings 12, the two houses of Yisra’el (Ephrayim & Yahuwdah) split under King Jeroboam & King Rehoboam. King Solomon had placed heavy tax burdens on the people of Yisra’el, but after he died, his son Rehoboam refused to lighten their taxes. And so this is why the Two Houses of Yisra’el split. This is a metaphor for what happened later on in history when the House of Judah placed heavy religious burdens on the people of Yisra’el as well.
As a result, King Jeroboam invented pagan holidays patterned after Ba’al and he set up a golden calf at Mount Ephrayim and at Dan. To this day, many born-again Christians fall under the covering of “Ephrayim” because they keep the pagan holidays of Ba’al (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day etc.).
What was our Messiah’s mission at his first coming? He came as “Messiah Ben Joseph” (the suffering servant) in order to bring the “Ten Lost Tribes” of Yisra’el back to the Father’s instructions (Towrah). And so Messiah “bore the burden of Ephrayim” across his shoulder when he journeyed to the stauros (pole) as he carried the “cross-beam” for Ephrayim. This cross-beam was a burden across his shoulders, just like in the picture of these oxen that are yoked with a burden across their shoulders!
As we can see from the prophetic verses below, the House of Ephrayim are non-Jewish believers who are still in bondage to their stiff-necked rebellion against the Father’s instructions (Torah):
Howshea 10:11 And Ephrayim is as a heifer that is taught, and loves to tread out the corn; but I passed over upon her fair neck: I will make Ephrayim to ride; Yahuwdah (Judah) shall plow, and Yaaqob (Jacob) shall break his clods.
Debariym (Deuteronomy) 33:17 His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephrayim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh.
As one can see, because Ephrayim was born in Egypt, he is accustomed to being in bondage to pagan idolatry. But this prophecy reveals that Yahuwdah (Judah) will plow the harvest field for Ephrayim and the sons of Ya’aqob (Jacob) will make the soil ready for the seeds. They will join in the last days to help Ephrayim’s burden and make it light!
Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 31:18 I have surely heard Ephrayim bemoaning himself thus; You have chastised me, and I was chastised, as a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke: turn you me, and I shall be turned; for you are YHWH my Elohiym.
Once again, we see that Ephrayim is being chastised because he thinks of the Mosaic Law as being a big burden on his shoulders. He still does not realize that Messiah carried his burden and made it easy and light for him to obey Towrah by the power of the Holy Spirit!
Below, in Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah), we see a prophecy about how Ephrayim sees the Mosaic Law (Torah) or the commandments of YaHuWaH as being burdensome instead of a delight. But the prophet Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) prophesied that the day would come when Ephrayim would no longer say “the burden of YaHuWaH” for he will begin to obey the Towrah with joy!
Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 23:36 And the burden of YHWH shall you mention no more: for every mans word shall be his burden; for you have perverted the words of the living Elohiym, of YHWH of hosts our Elohiym.
Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 23:38 But since you say, The burden of YHWH; therefore thus says YHWH; Because you say this word, The burden of YHWH, and I have sent unto you, saying, You shall not say, The burden of YHWH;
Our Messiah Yahuwshuwa carried a “cross-beam” across his shoulders to the stake (pole) that was already standing there at the place called “The Skull” for Ephrayim! The burden he carried is for Ephrayim who needs to be delivered from bondage to his lawlessness and his, Anti-Towrah ways!
Mattithyahuw (Matthew) 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Pictured here is a yoke. This is what is used to yoke together two animals in the field who plow together. This is what the Apostle Sha’ul (Paul) meant when he warned us not to be “unequally yoked together with unbelievers:

2nd Qorintiym (Corinthians) 6:14 Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion has light with darkness?


If we yoke together two oxen or two donkeys, they work well together. But if we yoke one donkey and one ox or bull, then they will not be compatible and nothing will get done! The field will not get plowed. A donkey and a lamb are both used to symbolize the “first born” of the House of Judah (Genesis 49:11, Exodus 13:13 & Zechariah 9:9). But the bull is symbolic of Ephrayim (the ten lost tribes) according toHowshea 4:16 & 10:11.
Sheep are obedient and they obey the voice of the shepherd. But bulls and donkeys are stubborn and stiff-necked as they need to be yoked in order to be made to obedient so that they can plow. But a bull and a donkey usually cannot be yoked together for they are “unequally yoked. Our Messiah performed the role of the Passover Lamb“ during Passover, but he also performed the role of the Red Heifer“ which is the only sacrifice that is to be down outside of the camp! The Red Heifer sacrifice was done by the priests in the temple when the altar became defiled. They had to escort the heifer out of the camp, kill the heifer and then burn the heifer down to ashes. Then they would mix the ashes of the heifer with water and they would use that as a cleansing solution to cleanse the articles of the temple and the altar. The instructions are found in Numbers 19. 

The Red Heifer had to be perfect and not one white hair could be found on this heifer. It had to be without spot or blemish. The instructions for Yom Kippur are found in Leviticus 16, where the priest in the temple had to first sanctify himself with a Bull (Heifer) sacrifice, and then he killed the Sacrificial Goat for the nation of Yisra’el. His final act was to mix the blood of the Heifer (or the bull) with the blood of the Yom Kippur Goat and then he would sprinkle the mixed blood together on the altar! Beloved do you know what that symbolizes? It means that when our Messiah returns on the Day of Vengeance (which will be on Yom Kippur), he will make the two families or the Two Houses of Yisrael one house, one family, one blood, one bride, one stick in the hand of YaHuWaH! 
In other words, the blood of the Heifer symbolizes the House of Ephrayim and the blood the Yom Kippur Goat symbolizes the House of Yahuwdah (Judah). The prophecy of Ezekiel 37:16-18 will be fulfilled on that day!
Two Trees for Two Houses of Yisra’el
This picture is an excellent representation of how Messiah was nailed to “two trees.” One tree (the vertical one) was for Yahuwdah as the House of Yahuwdah was already standing before YaHuWaH as they were still at least observing the Sabbaths and the covenant to some degree. The vertical tree is also symbolic of our vertical relationship with the Father as seen in the greatest commandment which is to “love YaHuWaH with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. 
The house of Yahuwdah was already keeping the first 4 commandments out of the 10, but they often neglected the other 6 commandments to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Our Messiah, however had many rebukes for the Scribes & Pharisees who “added” many traditions to the Towrah and thus making it more difficult for the other lost tribes to keep. 
But the other lost tribes were no longer keeping the Sabbaths and biblical feast days as commanded by YaHuWaH. And so they were “afar off” from the covenant. This is why Messiah made that journey and carried that other “tree” across his shoulders (the xylon) as he was carrying the “stick of Ephrayim”(Ezekiel 37:16-19). This stick was the horizontal tree for our horizontal relationship with our fellow man. The 2nd greatest commandment tells us to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

The Gentiles were not obeying the first 4 commandments out of the 10, but often-times they demonstrated more love for their fellow man (as previously mentioned) in the parable of the good Samaritan.

When our Messiah finally arrived at the place where the stauros (stake) was standing, he had the xylon (cross beam) across his shoulders and this was fastened to the already standing stauros (representing Judah). 


This is how he demonstrated the two sticks of Yahuwdah & Ephrayim as one stick or one tree in his hand!  He used two trees to make the two houses of Yisra’el one again!
Pictured here is the way that the lamb was cooked in ancient times at the very first Passover and beyond.
The Passover Lamb was crucified (impaled) on an execution stake, and then its intestines, called the “Crown of Shame” was placed on its head every Passover.
More information at:

http://www.holidaysvsholydays.com/ and


The Fiery Serpent on the Pole

When the children of Yisra’el in the wilderness complained and murmured against YaHuWaH Elohiym and against his anointed servant Mosheh, they were punished by YaHuWaH who sent fiery serpents to bite the people as a punishment:
Bemidbar (Numbers)21:
5 And the people spoke against Elohiym, and against Mosheh, Wherefore have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loaths this light bread.
6 And YHWH sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Yisrael died.

7 Therefore the people came to Mosheh, and said, We have sinned, for we have spoken against YHWH, and against you; pray unto YHWH, that he takes away the serpents from us. And Mosheh prayed for the people.
8 And the YHWH said unto Mosheh, Make you a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looks upon it, shall live.
9 And Mosheh made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.

YaHuWaH commanded Mosheh to place a fiery serpent on a pole and the children of Yisra’el would look upon it as a future picture of Messiah who would become a “curse” for us and then they would live.
The Apostle Yahuwchanon (John) also recognized this as a prophetic symbol of Messiah:
Yahuwchanon (John) 3:14 And as Mosheh lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
As you can see by the illustration above the “pole” that is shown looks like a cross, not just an ordinary straight pole. But how can we be sure that it was a “cross” and not just a pole? 
We can see in the Ancient Paleo Hebrew pictograph letters what it says in Numbers 21:8:
Numbers 21:8 ויאמר H559 יהוה H3068 אל H413 משׁה H4872 עשׂה H6213 לך שׂרף H8314 ושׂים H7760 אתו H853 על H5921 נס H5251והיה H1961 כל H3605 הנשׁוך H5391 וראה H7200 אתו H853 וחי׃ H2425 
Numbers 21:8 ויאמר יהוה אל־משׁה עשׂה לך שׂרף ושׂים אתו על־נס והיה כל־הנשׁוך וראה אתו וחי׃
Bemidbar (Numbers)21:8 And יהוה said to Mosheh, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole [Alef & Taw]. And it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, shall live.”
The word used in Numbers 21:8 for pole is the Hebrew Strong’s Word:
#5251 nec

1) something lifted up, standard, signal, signal pole, ensign, banner, sign, sail
a) standard (as rallying point), signal
b) standard (pole)
c) ensign, signal
What you will notice is that the English word for “pole” does not exist in the Ancient Hebrew. Instead the word for Alef & Taw is shown where the translators placed the word “pole” instead:
# 853 ‘eth ayth apparent contracted from 226 in the demonstrative sense of entity; properly, self (but generally used to point out more definitely the object of a verb or preposition, even or namely):–(as such unrepresented in English).
As you can see it says that this word #853 ayth for Alef & Taw is  UNREPRESENTED IN ENGLISH! The English translators did not know what to do with these Hebrew letters, so they placed the word “pole”there instead!
Here is what is shown in Numbers 21:8 instead of the word pole in Paleo Pictographs:
ואת Waw (the nail), Alef (the red heifer) & Taw (the cross or two sticks).
Whenever the Alef & Taw is in the original Hebrew text it does not appear in our English Bibles–it is not represented!
Hence the “pole” is actually the Alef & Taw with the serpent wrapped around it!
Pictured above is a close-up picture of the word used in Ancient Paleo Hebrew for the word “pole” inNumbers 21:8. The word in our English translation says “pole” but in the original Hebrew Pictograph, it is an Alef, Taw, Waw—in other words, the Red Heifer, the Cross, and the Nail!
The “pole” that Mosheh erected with the serpent for the Yisra’elites to look upon was the Cross or the Taw! 
The Hellenic P46 Manuscript of the Briyth Chadashah (New Testament) shows that the word for “cross” is actually the term “two sticks.” This is precisely what the Spirit of YaHuWaH had been showing me all along! 
1st Qorintiym (Corinthians) 1:17-18 from 2nd Century C.E. Hellenic P46 with place-markers accurately interpreted
by John Yahuwchanan Robertson 
17 ου γαρ απεστειλεν με ο χρς βαπτιζειν αλλα ευαγγελιζεσθαι ουκ εν σοφια λογου ινα μη κενωθη ο στρος του χρυ.
17 For Mashiyach (χρς) did not send me to baptize, but to preach the Good News, not in wisdom of speech, lest the two sticks (στρος) of Mashiyach (χρς) should be made of no effect.
18 ο λογος γαρ του στρου τοις απολλυμενοις μωρια εστιν τοις δε σωζομενοις ημειν δυναμις θυ εστιν
18 For the preaching of the two sticks (στρου) is to those that perish foolishness, but to “The Ones Being Saved” it is the power of Aluwhiym (θυ).
The Righteous Branch Brings Both Houses of Yisra’el Together
You will notice that the illustration of the two branches or two sticks resembles the Hebrew letter “Waw” (Vav) which is a “nail” or a “tent peg.” This is how Messiah brings back together these “two sticks” into one stick (Ezekiel 37:15-19). The two houses of Yisra’el together act as a “tent peg” that holds the House of YaHuWaH together!
The Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul) also spoke of these two branches in Romans 11. He referred to the “wild branches” (Ephrayim & Gentile companions) and he referred to the “natural branches” as (Yahuwdah & companions).
Do you also notice that these two sticks also resemble a cross? This is why I believe that our Messiah was nailed not to just one pole but two poles!
Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 23:5 Behold, the days come, says YHWH, that I will raise unto Dawiyd (David) a Righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.
Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah 33:15) In those days, and at that time, will I cause the Branch of Righteousness to grow up unto David; and he shall execute judgment and righteousness in the land.

Horizontal & Vertical Meet

Many people in the Messianic and Hebraic Roots Movement are offended at the Roman symbol called “the cross,” because it was used as a pagan symbol for Tammuz and Mithras. But long before the pagans hi-jacked this symbol, it was used as an illustration for the Alef & Taw.
In our Messiah’s name there are 6 Paleo Hebrew Letters and they are seen with “two nails.”
Yod, Hey, Waw, Shin, Waw, Ayin.
The number “6” is the number for mankind because YaHuWaH created Adam (man) on the 6th day. Yahuwshuwa died as “the son of Man.”
There are also 6 Commandments that teach us how to love our fellow-man, to correspond with the 6 Hebrew letters to the name of Messiah YaHuWShuWA (YHWSWA).
Within these 10 commandments, the first 4 of these commandments teach us how to Love YaHuWaH. And since there are also 4 Hebrew letters to the Father’s name, we can see yet another pattern as follows: 
Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey
And so we can see that the first 4 commandments out of the 10 teach us how to love YaHuWaH. And the latter 6 commandments out of the 10 teach us how to love our fellow man. 4 letters for YaHuWaH + 6 letters for YaHuWShuWA = 10 commandments. The illustration of the Taw (cross) therefore depicts a vertical pole which represents the vertical relationship between the Father and the Son as well as our relationship with the Heavenly Father. The horizontal pole represents the horizontal relationship between those in the body of Messiah with one another. It also represents the earthly priesthood of Levites (horizontal), and the eternal (heavenly) priesthood of Melchizedek which is vertical.
And so the Alef & Taw perfectly unites Father and Son, and the “Two Houses of Yisra’el!” These are the two sticks (trees) of Ephrayim & Yahuwdah (Judah)!

The Congregation in the Wilderness Arranged in the Shape of a Cross or The Taw 



Pictured above, we see that the 12 Tribes of Yisra’el were arranged in the shape of a “cross” or a “Taw” in the wilderness. Each of the 4 creatures shown above are also mentioned in Ezekiel 1:10 as “the living creatures.” The fact that Messiah was nailed to two trees that were in the shape of a “Taw” (two crossed sticks) is highly significant because this once again shows that his bride (Yisra’el) is his body, and he bore our sins upon his own body: 
1st Keefa (Peter) 2:24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes you were healed.
Romiym (Romans) 12:5 So we, being many, are one body in Messiah, and every one members one of another.
Once again we see that the bride—the body of Messiah is joined by the two crossed sticks or the Taw!
The Stake or Pole?
The Jehovah’s Witnesses are the main proponents of the belief that our Messiah Yahuwshuwa died on an upright pole and not a cross or two sticks. Those who would argue that our Messiah was nailed to a single pole or a stake think that the “cross” is a pagan symbol. 
But even the Asherah Pole is a pagan symbol used to worship a pagan fertility goddess known as “Asherah.” We are commanded in scripture to destroy these Asherah Poles! (Exodus 34:13, Deuteronomy 7:5, 12:3, 2nd Chronicles 31:1).
Pictured here is an illustration that the Jehovah’s Witnesses use to try to “prove” that Messiah was executed on a pole. But Messiah carried his own cross to the place of execution:
Mattithyahuw (Matthew) 27:32 And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross.
And so what did he carry if the stake was already standing there as a permanent structure? The Romans did not use a different pole or a stake every time they executed a new prisoner. The pole or stake was permanently in the ground like a modern telephone pole. It had to be secured into the ground with rocks and mortar and driven deep into the ground for stability. They did not do this every time they had to crucify another prisoner. Messiah did not carry his own pole to the place of execution. He carried a “cross-beam” across his shoulders and then it was fastened to the stauros that was already standing there as a permanent structure.
Wasn’t the Cross a Symbol of Tammuz the Sun-god? 

Some would argue that the Cross is a pagan symbol for Tammuz.
Pictured here is the difference between the cross of Ba’al or Tammuz which is more like a “plus sign” enclosed in a circle for the pagan sun-god versus the cross of our Messiah which is the last letter in the Hebrew Alphabet known as the “Taw.” 
The Taw (cross) was never meant to symbolize sun-god worship. The brightest star in the solar system is the sun, and Yahuwshuwa is described as the “the sun of righteousness” (Malachi 4:2) and he is also “the bright and morning star” (Revelation 22:16)But Satan wants to steal worship away from Yahuwshuwa and he wants us to believe that he is the “bright and morning star” (see Isaiah 14:12 in all modern translations). The modern versions say that the “morning star” fell from heaven, implying that it was Messiah who fell from heaven. 
But the King James Version uses the Hebrew Masoretic text which says “heylel ben shachar” fell from heaven. This is Hebrew for the English title “son of the morning.” This is accurate, because it means that Lucifer (Heylel) was merely a “son” (a created being). The modern translations like NIV, NASB, CJB use the Greek Septuagint which says “boker kokab” (the morning star). This is incorrect as the Gnostics are deliberately deviating from the Hebrew TaNaKh by calling Lucifer “the morning star.” 
It is Messiah Yahuwshuwa who is the bright and morning star–not Lucifer:
Chazown (Revelation) 2:28 And I will give him the morning star.
Chazown (Revelation) 22:16 I Yahuwshuwa have sent my angel to testify unto you these things in the congregations. I am the root and the offspring of Dawiyd (David), and the bright and morning star.
This prophecy about Messiah being “the sun of righteousness” is not a mis-print, nor is it a Catholic interpolation (as some have supposed):
Malakiy (Malachi) 4:2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
The reason why Messiah is being referred to here as “the sun” is because he came to us in the 4th Millennium (the 4th day of creation). YaHuWaH also created the sun on the 4th day of creation. Messiah is also described as the “bright and morning star” which is the brightest star in the solar system (the sun). Now we know the reason why sun-god worship is a sin. 
It is because Satan wants to take the place of Messiah by having people worship the “object” which is the sun itself rather than the one who created the sun. Messiah also comes from the Tribe of Yahuwdah (Judah) and Judah was the 4th son born to Jacob & Leah. Messiah was also crucified on the 4th day of the week (Wednesday).
There is a fine line between seeing our Messiah in metaphors within creation and worshiping those created things. In Romans 1:25 we are told to worship the Creator instead of the created things in nature.
The Crucifix is used in Satanic Rituals and should NEVER be displayed by believers in any way, shape or form!
The crucifix denies the power of the resurrection and leaves our Messiah DEAD ON THE CROSS!
The Roman Catholic Mass is Blasphemy:
Vatican council page 102 states: “…for in the sacrifice of the Mass, our Lord is immolated.” Webster’s dictionary says: “immolate means to kill as a sacrificial victim.”
But scripture tells us: Hebrew 6:6 “…seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of Elohiym afresh and put him to an open shame.”
To crucify our Savior afresh is to put him to open shame!
LOUIS BOURDALOUE, a Jesuit Catholic priest who authored the book “The Passion of the Christ” was born at Bourges France in 1632. An excerpt of his book reveals that the Catholic Church “crucifies” our Master over and over again at each and every mass:
The passion of Jesus Christ, however sorrowful and ignominious it may appear to us, must nevertheless have been to Jesus Christ Himself an object of delight, since this God-man, by a wonderful secret of His wisdom and love, has willed that the mystery of it shall be continued and solemnly renewed in His Church until the final consummation of the world. For what is the Eucharist but a perpetual repetition of the Savior’s passion, and what has the Savior supposed in instituting it, but that whatever passed at Calvary is not only represented but consummated on our altars? That is to say, that He is still performing the functions of the victim anew, and is every moment virtually sacrificed, as though it were not sufficient that He should have suffered once; at least that His love, as powerful as it is free, has given to His adorable sufferings that character of perpetuity which they have in the Sacrament, and which renders them so salutary to us.
This is blasphemy! This Jesuit Priest readily admits that the Eucharist is a perpetual repetition of Messiah’s suffering! 
If Yahuwshuwa (Jesus) is still performing the functions of the victim anew, and is at every moment virtually sacrificed as though it were not sufficient that he should have suffered once, then why were his last words on the cross “It is finished?” And why does the word of Yah tell us that he “died unto sin once?”
The Greek translation for “finished” is tetelestai, which means, “paid in full.” The finality of Messiah’s finished work on the Taw (cross) has been confirmed by the tearing of the temple curtain that veiled the earthly sanctuary (the Holy of Holies) from sinful man, thus signifying that access to YaHuWaH Elohiym had been restored at that precise moment (Mark 15:38).
1994 Catholic Catechism:
#1366: “The Eucharist is thus a sacrifice because it represents [makes present] the sacrifice of the cross…and because it applies its fruit…the forgiveness of the sins we daily commit.”
#1367: “The sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the Eucharist are one single sacrifice: the victim is one and the same: the same now offers through the ministry of priests, who then offered himself on the cross; only the manner of offering is different. In this divine sacrifice which is celebrated in the Mass, the same Christ who offered himself once in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross is contained and is offered in an unbloody manner.”
What is the point of Yahuwshuwa offering himself in an unbloody manner if he says that without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sin? It is the “shedding of his blood” that purged our sins:
Ibriym (Hebrews) 9:22 And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.
If the Catechism states that Yahuwshuwa (Jesus) must be offered daily for the sins we commit daily, yet it is done in an unbloody manner, then it is done in vain!
Romiym (Romans) 6:9-10 Knowing that Mashiyach being raised from the dead dies no more; death has no more dominion over him. For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he lives, he lives unto Elohiym.
Messiah’s sacrifice on the Taw (cross) was a “once and for all” event able to atone for our past, present and future sins! Here, scripture shows us that under the Briyth Chadashah (Renewed Covenant), Yahuwshuwa does not have to “offer himself often” as the Catholic Catechism falsely teaches:
Ibriym (Hebrews) 9:25 Nor yet that he should offer himself often, as the high priest enters into the holy place every year with blood of others.
Ibriym (Hebrews) 9:26-28 For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world has he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself… So Mashiyach was once offered to bear the sins of many…
The Inverted Cross: Symbol of the Anti-Messiah
Pictured here is Pope John Paul II in March of 2000 in Kerazim, Yisra’el. You will notice that he is seated on a throne with an inverted cross!
This is a precursor to the “Abomination of Desolation” spoken of by Daniel the prophet.
The excuse that the Vatican uses for displaying an upside down cross is that according to “tradition” the Apostle Keefa (Peter), whom they falsely teach was the first pope was crucified upside down. There is no record in scripture of Keefa (Peter) having ever been crucified much less upside down. This myth of Peter’s “upside down” crucifixion is a concoction of Origen who was a Gnostic, and secretly a worshiper of the “sun-god.”
I believe this “tradition” is merely a smoke-screen in order to use the upside down cross while keeping the Catholic people unsuspecting. Yahuwshuwa told Keefa (Peter) that he would die for the glory of Elohiym. One could merely speculate that he was referring to crucifixion because of the choice of words he uses here: “thou shalt stretch forth thy hands.” Yet Messiah said “another shall gird thee” meaning another person would “dress” him since he would be too old and feeble to dress himself. 
When Yahuwshuwa said that Peter would be “carried where he would not want to go,” the scriptures indicate that this signified what death Peter would suffer. It is possible that Peter died a martyr for his faith, yet there is no evidence of his crucifixion much less “upside down”:
Yahuwcanon (John) 21:18-19 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, When you were young, you girded yourself, and walked where you would: but when you shall be old, you shall stretch forth your hands, and another shall gird you, and carry you wherever you would not.” This spoke he, signifying by what death he should glorify Elohiym.
In reality the Apostle Keefa (Peter) was called to preach to the Jews, while it was the Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul) who was called to preach to the Gentiles in Rome. Peter had never even been to Rome (although the Vatican falsely claims to have the bones of Saint Peter). 
The idea that the Apostle Keefa (Peter) was the first Pope (meaning father in Latin) is of course a myth. 
In reality the persona behind this “first Pope” is none other than the man called “Simon Pater” the magician and sorcerer whom the Apostle Keefa (Peter) rebuked for his attempt to purchase the gift of the Holy Spirit for money (Acts 8:20).
The name “Pater” in Latin means “father” and the term “pappas” (Pope) is the word in Greek for “Father,” hence the idea that every Pope should be called “Holy Father” is against our Messiah’s commandment (Matthew 23:9).
It is noteworthy to mention, that if the upright cross is a pagan symbol, then why does Satan need to invert it? It should be pagan enough as an upright symbol—right? But the fact that Satan always does things backwards and upside down or opposite of what YaHuWaH does, it stands to reason that if Messiah’s symbol is the Taw (cross), then Satan’s symbol is the very same one only upside down and distorted!
The Distorted Disfigured Crucifix
After his father died, Constantine felt that he was the rightful heir to his father’s throne, but Maxentius was also in line to take the throne as the next Emperor of Rome. So in 312 A.D., on October 28th at the Stone Milvian Bridge at the Tiber River, Constantine’s enemy, Maxentius and his army stood between Constantine and the throne. As Constantine and his troops were greatly outnumbered, tradition says that Constantine saw a vision of a “cross” in the sky as he heard the words “in this sign conquer.”
This is an amazing discovery in light of Revelation 6:2, as the Antichrist riding a white horse goes forth conquering:
Chazown (Revelation) 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
The “bowed crucifix” carried by the Pope is deliberately bent to associate him with the rider on the white horse of Revelation 6:2, and this “bow” is symbolic for Nimrod who was a mighty hunter.
And so the “bow” is used to symbolize the Antichrist as well. Constantine was one of the “historical”Antichrists in that he mingled “Christianity” with paganism. As a result of this “vision” he claimed to have been converted to “Christianity.”
However, the “cross” which Constantine saw in the sky was actually an Egyptian “Ankh”, which is a detestable idol to YaHuWaH. This Egyptian “Ankh” came from the recycled ancient Babylonian religion of Nimrod and Semiramis. It symbolized the sun-god “Baal” (“Horus” in Egypt) and in Rome, this same deity was called “Sol.” Below is pictured the cross that Constantine claimed to have seen in the sky:
This is an Egyptian Ankh. The “upside down egg” is a symbol of the fertility goddess, and Tammuz is the reincarnation (supposedly) of Nimrod, one of the many different sun-gods, wherein his symbol later became a capital “T.”
On top of the capitol “T,” the loop is symbolic for his mother/wife Semiramis who gave herself the title “the goddess of the moon” or “the Queen of Heaven” (Jeremiah 7 & 44). While Constantine claimed to be converted to Christianity, he still secretly worshiped the sun-god.
A Pattern of Prayer in the Tabernacle Entrances
Exodus 38:18-19, Exodus 36:37-38, Exodus 36:35-36
There were three entrances into the Tabernacle of Moses:
The Gate – The Door – The Veil
The Truth – The Way – The Life
Yahuwchanon (John) 14:6 יהושׁוע Yahuwshuwa said to him, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
The Tabernacle is a picture of Messiah’s body being crucified for us.
The bride is “the body of Messiah.” In Revelation 1:20 Yahuwshuwa has the seven menorah’s (lamp-stands) in his right hand. The seven lamp-stands are “the seven assemblies” (set apart ones, the bride). This is where his right hand was stretched out and nailed. And this is where the lamp-stand is located in the tabernacle (on the right side).
His feet are like bronze in Revelation 3:18 and the bronze altar is at the bottom of the tabernacle (where his feet were). His feet symbolize “crushing the serpent’s head with his heel.” The “Holy of Holies” is where his face is. We see him face to face when we are in the “Holy of Holies.” The table of show-bread is in his left hand (the hidden manna in Revelation 3:17), the altar of incense is at his heart which symbolizes worship.
Revelation 5:8 tells us that the “incense is the prayers of the saints” and this means that the bride (his body) worships from the heart (where his heart would’ve been positioned on the cross). The “bronze laver” is where the water gushed out of his side!
The Tabernacle of Mosheh is in the shape of a cross, and it represents Messiah’s Body and his bride is his body:
1st Qorintiym (Corinthians) 12:27 Now you are the body of Mashiyach, and members in particular.
The bride is also the New Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), but YaHuWaH himself and the Lamb collectively make up the temple:
Chazown (Revelation) 21: 
2 And I Yahuwchanon (John) saw the holy city, New Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), coming down from Elohiym out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of Elohiym is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and Elohiym himself shall be with them, and be their Elohiym.
9 And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife…..
22 And I saw no temple therein: for the Master YaHuWaH
יהוה Ěl Shaddai and the Lamb are the temple of it.
The Two Sons: Ephrayim & Yahuwdah

In the story of the prodigal son, the older son represents the Two Southern Tribes of Yahuwdah (Judah) & Benyamin. But the younger son represents the Ten Northern Tribes of Ephrayim.


When Ephrayim came back home to the Father and his commandments (Towrah), the Father gave him 3 things:


1.) The fatted calf (red heifer for cleansing, atonement)
2.) The ring (signet ring or signature, the name, authority, power of attorney)
3.) The robe (wedding garment, covering, provision)
Luqas (Luke) 15:
18 I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before you,
19 And am no more worthy to be called your son: make me as one of your hired servants.
20 And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.
21 And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in your sight, and am no more worthy to be called your son.
22 But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet:
23 And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry:
24 For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found. And they began to be merry.
25 Now his elder son was in the field: and as he came and drew near to the house, he heard musick and dancing.
As you can see here, the fatted calf is for Ephrayim because Ephrayim is called a heifer in Hoshea’s prophecy.

This is why the symbol of the “Alef” is the symbol of the bull or the ox. Thus, the Alef & Taw is for Ephrayim the prodigal son. Once the prodigal sons receive atonement for their sins, the Father will give them his name YaHuWaH as a “ring” on their finger (symbolic of an engagement ring). And then he will also give them a robe or a wedding garment as a covering in order to get into the wedding.
The Alef & Taw is prophetically a picture of Messiah because it is the ox head (the red heifer) which sanctifies the altar of our hearts. It is also the Taw which represents two sticks or two trees for the two houses of Yisra’el (Ephraiym & Yahuwdah).
Yahuwshuwa Messiah laid down his life for both Yahuwdiy (Jew) and Gentile that he might join both unto himself by his once and for all sacrifice on the “two sticks.” In other words, he is the Alef & the Taw, the Red Heifer nailed to Two Trees in order to gather the Two Houses of Yisra’el from the foundations of the world!
P.S. All the above links are placing here for researches purposes only, we are not here to endorsed all of their teachings or all the subjects on their websites. Please ask the Ruach Ha Qodesh for discerment in any material that you read! 
Other resources related to the subject, please visit the link here:

“The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple and the Hiding of the Ark of the Covenant.”

The dry blood of the Risen MESSIAH, Yahushua has been found on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. It is in a cave below a crucifixion site near the Garden Tomb. This is true and will hit the mass media in the near future.

Ron Wyatt has made many discoveries pertaining to the scripture. All things will be revealed in their time. Yahuwah takes no pleasure in what He must do to those who do not believe in Him. All of mankind was created by Yahuwah, as sure as these Scriptures are true. So will the Ark of the Covenant be revealed in it’s time. None will be without excuse, when He comes back for His people

YahnEl’s Testimony: Prayerfully Arranged Marriage

Prayerfully Arranged Marriage

Written Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009

The amazing story of  the ” Answered Prayer ” below reminds me of Ms Heloise in Asia (and others as well) who has been faithfully keeping me in her intercessory prayers for more than 17 years now (as of Feb 2009).  While reading the story, I am also impressed in my spirit that Eyd had divinely received his salvation at the end of 1997, as YAHUWAH had him in His magnificent plan such that he was being prepared to be my ” future ” husband at that time when my own life was utterly broken to pieces. . .
A spoken prophecy of YAHUWAH came to me in the beginning of the year 2001 through Pastor Prince that YAHUWAH was already preparing someone for me, and that I shall be remarried as part of  the total restoration of my life.  My personal life was crushed when Satan was given entrance into it, wherein he stole everything from me, nearly destroying me in the process.   As a result, I had started my prayer vigil for this ” unknown brother “ in YAHUWAH, as well as for the rest of the restoration that YAHUWAH had promised!
For the second time, in the year 2005 September, YHWH urged me strongly that I needed to take action and travel to the USA and attend MCWE Conference.   He had also sent a prophetic Evangelist Pastor John Koh to Singapore at the time of my birthday to announce to me that the 8th year had come, and that I should demand that “the King is to restore all that was mine . .[2 Kings 8: 6; Joel 225]:.   I had been a single mother during my famine season, and that this time was now over.
In the Year 2006 during the time of my birthday again, our Messiah Yahushua said that I shall meet my future husband in Israel, and also that I must sell all my belongings and give to His Reign (Kingdom) and live by emunah (faith); eat at His table…… and that He had a new mission / an assignment for me.   He also said that I must get ready to fulfill my high-calling to be an end-time financier ministering only unto Him in advancing the Reign (Kingdom) of YHWH in this season.   The Master continued and said  ”that I shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the Name of YAHUWAH my Aloahiym, that had dealt wondrously with me and I shall never be in shame [Joel 2: 26]. “
And I did meet Ed on a trip to Israel organized by MCWE in 2007.  Although we met at the beginning and during the course of the ministry tour, it was on the plane returning to New York City that I got to know him somewhat.   Without any clue from YAHUWAH then, I did not give him my contact number nor did we even shake each other’s hand throughout the trip with the thought that our meeting was coincidental and temporary; we were only passing by each other at this time in our lives.  .  .
However, after we had collected our luggage and said goodbye to another,  I turned away in a different direction.  Immediately, a huge drop of  “Liquid Love” like a small water balloon fell on my head heavily, smoothly, swiftly,  and evenly, then slipping down into my heart.  This was a physical sensation that had manifested from the Ruach.  I was temporarily stunned and felt as if a strong refreshing cleansing process of my soul had begun.  Moreover, it washed away all my past memories of romance within seconds.  Then I saw and felt the supernatural hand of a messenger on my forehead “ wiping away past memories and even current emotions for anybody else.”   I was lost in a ” clean yet transparent ” state of being in JFK International Airport in NYC with only that last deep, penetrating gaze from Eyd floating in my mind and my heart.    Since those moments in the airport, I was suddenly immersed into a burning wave of heat of the Set Apart Spirit and totally drunk in the Ruach Ha Qodesh (Spirit) every day as I praised and worshiped before YAHUWAH for that whole month.  Following my return to NYC, I was staying with a Jewish couple on Staten Island across from the City
An excerpt from my journal:
” YahnEl, can you live within the fire? ” Who among us can live with the consuming fire?” (Isa 33:14)
Father, I cannot wish for painful experiences, but I can wish for you. Give me the Favor to desire you more than life itself.
Thus, YHWH declared Himself unto me as these fiery fire assailed me: ” The Fire of My Set Apartness, The Fire of My Love, The Fire of My Compassion, The Fire of My Esteem and Honor, The Fire of My Prudent Understanding, The Fire of My Knowledge, The Fire of My Zeal, The Fire of My Purity…….” The projectiles of YHWH’s Fire were to purify and to intensify our spiritual perception.( Eph1:18)
YHWH is a consuming fire (Duet4:24). By His Word, He burns up the refuse in us, the dross and the chaff; and infuses the remainder with the burning purity of His Love. (Jer23:29, Matt3:11-12, He12:27-29) The fire of YHWH must burn within the inner person( spiritual heart and human spirit (1Pet 3:4) as well as the outer person (2 Cor4:16) of the soul expressed through the body.
Song 8:6 Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.
Jer31:3 YHWH hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.
“Yes, YHWH my Master, Yahushua my Love, make me a burning flame of Love for You..Your Divine Love is the very flame of Fire, The Burning, All Consuming, Everlasting Passion of Your Heart…Song 8:7  Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it! Grant me your Word in Eph3:16-20, help me to walk the path that you have invited me into as your prayer in John 17; Yes, help me to walk with you all the way through as you have prayed, in Oneness with you here on earth. phil3:14
Simultaneously, Eyd and I started our communications by phone calls and emails…it has never been stopped for a day until now; YHWH has finally brought us together in marriage after enduring various trials and tests over the  past one year of geographic separation….(At that one year,  I was ministering to YHWH in Asia and Eyd was in the USA.) YHWH has divinely arranged us to have our wedding on the 20th of Dec.2008. ( Again, it is the 8th year after the first prophecy of my new marriage is spoken unto me. )
Let me offer this as one of the praise reports that testifying YAHUWAH, our Aloahiym who is trustworthy and true, He looks over His word ( His promises unto us) to perform it. YHWH  has all of the yesterdays, todays and tomorrows of  our life in His hand; if we will just trust Him ( His Word ), He will get us through the darkest hours into the light of His unmerited favors where true shalom and joy prevail.
It is my honor to share this testimony with you. Thank you for supporting me as your sister in prayers for years, your friendship is highly cherished and appreciated. Be assured that you are also in my prayers always.
Shalom of YHWH be you always,
YahnEl Stephenson
Re: An Answered Prayer
“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16). James Rutz, author of MegaShift, tells a wonderful” story of YAH’s supernatural hand in answering prayer.
“I have a good friend named Barclay Tait who sells vacation real estate in Niceville, Florida. Back in 1977, he was a 36-year-old Florida basketball coach. That summer, he decided to hitch-hike to a Christian conference in Front Royal, Virginia. Arriving four days early, he went to a nearby forest and pitched his tent by a stream. On the last day, a tall, thin hiker with a notebook under his arm suddenly appeared, startling him as he read his Bible. Barclay explained that he came out there to fast and meditate. Dave, the hiker, replied, “Well, I’m an intercessor. What would you like me to pray for?” Feeling somewhat overwhelmed, Barclay said, “Uh, frankly, I’d like prayer for a wife.” The man wrote the request in his notebook and walked on. By 1988, Barclay, now married to Sherry, has been divinely guided to move to Asheville, North Carolina. A chance encounter in the Holiday Inn parking lot led to an invitation to join a gathering of a Christian group outside of town. Arriving just before the 7:00 P.M. meeting, the host walks in from the kitchen and stops dead in his tracks. “I know you!” he exclaims, pointing his finger. “You’re Barclay Tait!” Barclay draws a blank. “Just a minute. I have something I want to show you,” the host announces. He scampers upstairs, leaving the puzzled Taits standing in the middle of the suddenly hushed room. In a moment the host reappeared with a well-worn ledger book. “See here? This is where I wrote your prayer request in column one when I met you in Front Royal in 1977: ‘Barclay Tait: Elohim’s choice for a wife.'” Barclay looked down at the journal entry. It was the most detailed, methodical prayer journal he’d ever seen. “I prayed for you for seven years,” proclaims Dave. “Then in the middle of the night on Dec. 30, 1984, Elohim woke me up out of a sound sleep and said, ‘Write in your journal, “Prayer answered.” So I did. See? Here in column two, “Prayer answered.'” Barclay and Sherry look at each other with their mouths open. They sat down, and their eyes fill with tears. Quietly, Barclay tells Dave, “That was the day we were married.”

Open Vision on a Mountain Top By Yahn El


Jan 2010 . . . Open Vision on a Mountain Top  

(Taken from Part 2 Vol 1 of the Man Child Book –Rev 12:5)

While still visiting with the prayer group in Indianapolis, the entire group of seven of us left to attend a conference in Dallas, TX. During this time, Yahn EL had an Open Vision in a prophetic dream state: She was on a mountain top with many people outdoors standing in a line for a photo to be taken for identification purposes. There was a cool, gentle breeze blowing, with an atmosphere of excitement and exhilaration amongst the various people, who were representative of believers from all nations. When Yahn EL’s turn came to step forward to be photographed, there was actually no photographer present. She turned to face the mountains and flashed her best smile for whatever picture was supposedly being taken. The next second, she heard an acrimonious outcry from all the people in the crowd pursuant to the sudden display of the individual respective identity photographs that had suddenly become visible.
To Yahn EL’s surprise, she turned her head and saw that the identity photos were giant, poster- sized head shots highlighting the face and features of each person, akin to a promotional glamour shot of some Hollywood movie star. The poster sized photos were traveling slowly as if in a parade by some invisible process across the scene but in front of the audience with the mountains in the background. Yahn EL knew (in her mind in the dream) that the assigned number of her photo was the number “9”; therefore, she looked for this number in the sequential line up of these posters. To her astonishment, when her “numbered” identity picture came before her, her poster-sized photo was blank and without any image on it!
She wondered to herself: “What does this mean? Is it that I have no identity? How do I tell people who I am, if I have no self-image (identity)?” At the sight of this, Yahn EL began to worry and was confused as to what she saw. Instantly, the voice of Yahushua came to her: “My beloved, do not be afraid, your identity is hidden in me.” Yahn EL then woke up with the profound statement from her dream that Yahushua had spoken into her inner spirit [Col 2:20; 3:3; Gal 2:20].
About 2 months later, Yahn EL and I were departing from where we had been staying. Very early on that particular morning of our departure, she was again asleep and suddenly found herself in the same dream as related above; on the same mountain top and experiencing a continuation beginning at the point that she had awakened earlier in the dream the first time.
This mountain top, resembling a tourist site was filled with people; and she heard animated and vivid chattering of voices all over the mountain. Suddenly Yahushua spoke to her: “See, My beloved.” Immediately, Yahn EL’s eyes were opened and she saw and perceived a magnificent scene in front of her [John 20:8]. There were many, many more posters now crossing industriously and actively all over the range of the mountains. The Ruach opened her spiritual vision [2 Kings 6:17] to focus on different locations throughout the mountain range where there were various groups of enemy combatants hidden in the woods behind the trees and bushes. They were armed with many different types of weapons and devices targeting the giant posters crossing in front of them all over the mountains. Some threw fire darts towards the targets; some were shooting arrows; and some throwing knives’ and some firing other weapons with the intent to destroy the moving targets. As long as they could identify the poster, then the individual that was the subject of the photo could be targeted. Then Yahushua spoke again to Yahn EL: “Now you see, My beloved, you are safe when you are hidden in Me“ [Psalm 91:1-10; 27:5; 31:20; ].
When Yahn EL awoke and shared the dream with me, we both instinctively knew that YAHUWAH had been keeping the two of us in obscurity for our own protection since then and even now [Psalm 32:7; 52:8; others]. Moreover, He has declared this to us repeatedly and emphatically ever since this dream of Yahn EL’s.
In 2013, it was brought to our attention the Hebrew meaning of our last name, Stephenson, which literally means “son” of Stephen. Stephen is a more modern English translation of the Greek Stephanos, [Strong’s G4736, G4735] taken from Zephaniah, which is derived from the Hebrew name of Tzephanyah, one of the First Covenant prophets [Strong’s No. H6846, taken from No. H6845 and H3050]. Together, this name means “ . . . hidden in YAH”. Upon the realization of the meaning of our last name, and what Yahn EL’s dream held for us in a prophetic sense, our walk with Aloahiym has consistently allowed us to successfully tackle challenges to our respective emunah in ways that clearly demonstrate the depth and substance of the above referenced Psalms, as well as other Scriptures, which openly command us to depend and trust on YAHUWAH with all of our spirit and soul, without qualifications and without excuses [Matt 10:28; Jer 5:21-23; Isa 66:5; others]. Fundamentally, a true believer both accepts and believes the Word of Aloahiym, or they don’t. Anything to the contrary violates Scripture [Mark 11:22-24; Matt 17:20; Heb 3:17-19; James 1:6-8, 22-25; others].
The following is a comparison of Acts 6:8 in the KJV and The Restoration Scriptures regarding the name . . . Stephen:
Acts 6:8 (The Restoration Scriptures) And Tzephanyah, full of emunah and power, did great wonders and nisim (miracles) among the people.
Act 6:8 (KJV) And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.
As just mentioned, the meaning of the dream had more to do than just our physical protection. It also includes our entire spiritual being. One of our most sincere requests in prayer and worship is to remain hidden within Him so as to be taken into the Most Qodosh Place, where no part of our flesh (our identity . . . our carnal nature) is allowed to exist apart from YAHUWAH.
Our choices must be according to our sovereign Master Yahushua’s choices [John 5:30; Prov 16:3]. He commands us to come; to abide in His Presence [John 15: 2-7; Phil 2:12]. Moreover, we must be violent to press into His Presence and give no occasion or excuses of submitting to the flesh [Matt 11:12; Psalm 16:11; Phil 3:3, 18-19; others]. For the average person, this is obviously quite difficult at first, but after a while, one gets the hang of it with practice.
However, Scripture declares that as we have been grafted into the House of Israel [Matt 10:6; 15:24; Rom 11:17-24; Heb 8:8,10] and therefore subject to the law (instructions of the Torah) of the Ruach of life (hai) that is in, and of, Yahushua [Matt 5: 17-18; John 4: 23-24; Rom 8:1-2; others] and is fulfilled by Yahushua within the individual’s spirit, then our soul [Rom 12:2] and our body [Rom 12:1; 1 Cor 3:16] is empowered in, with, and through the power of the Ruach of YAHUWAH [Phil 3:21; 1 Cor 15: 42-44]. Thus, this is His resurrection power and not that of our own [Eph 1:17-20] that strengthens us [Phil 3:10; 4:13; 2 Pet 1: 3-4; Rom 1:4; Col 3:3; others]. Thus, this is the message of total surrender in order to be hidden in YAHUWAH.
Eyd & Yahn El Stephenson

The Zadok Priesthood’s “Checksum” Authenticity Test For The Ancient Biblical Calendar

YHWH Great PearlDear All,
In parchment Q392a, concerning the priestly service on the Passover,
we find the Zadok priesthood have described a CHECKSUM test that
authenticates whether a festival worship calendar schedule is in line with
the ancient priestly calendar or not.
To download the article please go to this ITD webpage:
Berakah in Yahushua Melchizedek
Our great Redeemer and King!


The Zadok Priesthood’s “Checksum” Authenticity Test
For The Ancient Biblical Calendar
The Zadok Priesthood’s “Checksum” Authenticity Test
For The Ancient Biblical Calendar ……………….1
Part 1 – The Zaddok’s “Checksum Test” Of The Incidence Of The Passover………2
The 4Q329a “Checksum Test” Every Successive Year For The Biblical Calendar…3
The Text of Zadok Parchment 4Q329a …………………………………4
Part 2 – A Brief Overview of The Biblical Definition Of Who Has Authority
Over The Biblical Calendar
In parchment Q392a, concerning the priestly service on the Passover,
we find the Zadok priesthood have described a “checksum” test that
authenticates whether a festival worship calendar schedule is in fact
the ancient priestly calendar or not.
The Zadok this “checksum test” is mathematically precise and works
for every successive year as a provable authentication test .
For the theological critics of the Zadok solar calendar, who argue their
alternative calendars have biblical authority, this Zadok test is mathematically
profound and it works as a legitimate authenticity test for the biblical calendar
every successive year without fail. If a calendar cannot meet this “Checksum test”
then it fails to live up to the nature of the ancient priestly calendar.
Critics cannot point to their calendar as being able to line periodically or
intermittently in every seven to twenty years and then claim that their calendar
meets the ancient priestly criterion.
Consequently I anticipate the only way  forward for those critics to continue to
stand against the authority of the Zadok calendar precepts is either;
1) to somehow argue that the Zadok priesthood does not have any authority over
the ancient biblical calendar (replacement theologies) , but that rather justify their
own authority over what constitutes the religious calendar ( which has always been
the traditional position of the institutional religious polemic of Judaism and Roman/
Protestant Christendom or
2) to keep as many as possible from knowing /understanding the Zadok Qumran testimonies
and who they were authored by (which they have done through various deliberate strategies such as
locking up the scrolls from public scrutiny for six decades and still probably
continuing to hide the most revealing Qumran scrolls they consider significantly
threatens institutional dominionism).
For this reason , the second part of this article provides a brief overview of the scriptures’ proclamations
that the ancient Zadok priesthood, (a descendent line of the ancient Aaronic priesthood),
was mandated by YHVH to have authority over the biblical calendar from ancient times
until the time of the coming of Yahushua, Many do not realise that the Zadok priesthood
ultimately lawfully culminated in Yahushua Melchizedek who holds both the Davidic and Zadok family lines.
In addition, it was after Yahushua resurrection saw all the remnant of the Zadok priesthood
submit hand their baton of authority to Yahushua Melchizedek and submitting themselves
to the Apostolic call (Acts 6:7).

Part 1 – The Zaddok’s “Checksum Test” Of The Incidence Of The Passover

Around August/September of 2015, as Boaz and I together felt called to read
through the published Zadok scrolls to get some grasp if they made any prophetic exhortations
to the last generation remnant that would find themselves “in the wilderness of the peoples” ,
Boaz discovered a “checksum” for the calculation of the Passover was laid out in the parchment
fragment 4Q329a. In this parchment, the mathematical relationship of the weekly Sabbath to the incidence
of the Passover meal is identified for the priestly services of the Passover. Boaz immediately jumped up
and examined at the calendar schedule I had setup months earlier in March of 2015, and then he sent me
an excited email – that our calendar schedule (that is based on the two substantive Zadok precepts )
was indeed congruent with the prescriptions of 4Q329a.
It was a moment of wonderful confirmation and clarification to us both that Abba YHVH had indeed been
leading our years of searching to discover the biblical calendar over the past years.
With this awaking to the “Checksum test” He had now given us His independent confirmatory test
of our understanding and consequently we now have even stronger confidence.
Hallelujah ! All Esteem and honor to YHVH’s Spirit who convicts and teaches us of all things! (John 14:26)
This year (2016), I once again laboured over the schedule of the calendar as before using the
two formative Zadok precepts – and in the pressure and demands of the task I had completely overlooked
to check the Zadok “checksum test”. After I emailed the schedule to Boaz, his immediate response was that
he had evaluated the “checksum test” and once again found the calendar schedule confirmed that we have
the Sabbath days correctly identified and the counting to the festival of Passover right. In conclusion,
I am able to testify that for two successive years now, my calendar schedule which is based on the two
formative Zadok precepts has been retrospectively checked independently by Boaz who found it to be
in accord with the prescriptions of Qumran parchment 4Q329a. As it has now occurred for two successive years,
using the Zadok precepts for the identification of Day 1 and the The Zadok “Checksum Test”
identification of the weekly Sabbath, I also expect that the “checksum Test” will confirm the calendar schedule
is reflecting the ancient priesthood’s calendar in all future years.

The 4Q329a “Checksum Test” Every Successive Year For The Biblical Calendar

As our calendar schedule perfectly fitted the “checksum test” for two successive years,
I am now confident that the ancient Zadok’s precepts that we are using to identify the calendar
to find the first day of the biblical year, and the subsequent identification of biblical weekly sabbath
are solid verifiable precepts. Furthermore, this test will pass for every future successive year without error
because we are anchored (according to Zadok precepts) in the actual observed sun incidence of
the vernal equinox on Jerusalem longitude, as the declaration of day 1 of the biblical year,
and concurrently day 4 of the biblical week. The mathematical relationships here between
the first day of the year, the weekly Sabbath and the 14 day count to the Passover meal is a perfect mathematical
relationship. Notwithstanding the revelation of this Zadok “checksum test” in the principles of time measurement
truth prescribed by YHVH’s into his laws of creation and observed (as instructed by Moses) by the incidence of the
vernal equinox as the perfect anchor of the annual biblical calendar!
It cannot be understated that this “checksum test” prescribed in 4Q329 is the true test of the ancient calendar
for EVERY SUCCESSIVE YEAR. If a calendar schedule does not live up to this test year on year then,
by Zadok testimony, the calendar is not the ancient biblical calendar. (i.e. getting a match periodically
over the years or by chance is inadequate and a single failure would indicate the calendar being tested
is not in accord with the priestly calendar)
For those who do not have access to the text of 4Q329a,it is presented below:
In summary – the “checksum test” in 4Q329a is that it defines the mathematical time relationship between the incidence of the day of the weekly sabbath and the incidence of the day of the Passover.
On the authentic priestly calendar the Passover must occur on the third day after the weekly sabbath in each and every biblical year. Using my 2016 calendar schedule, the Zadok “checksum test” can be seen here:

Biblical Passover day shall be the third day after shabbat


 The Text of Zadok Parchment 4Q329a
Source:”The Dead Sea Scrolls: A new Translation” by Michael Wise et al, 2005.
(This parchment records the priestly course whose duty it was to sacrifice the lamb for the Passover, and the day counting from the weekly sabbath on which the Passover lamb was to be slaightered.)
[The festivals of the first year] on the th[ird of the] week [of Mazziah falls the Passover]. The f[estival]s of the second (year) [on the th]ird [of Seorim falls the Passover.] The festivals [of the thir]d (year) on the third [of Abijah falls the Passov]er. The festivals on the fourth (year) [on the third of Jakim falls the Pa]ssover. The festivals of the fifth year on the third of Imm[er falls the Passover. The festivals of the sixth year . . . ]
For the sake of the significance of this precept – to repeat: the “checksum test” in 4Q329a is that it defines the mathematical time relationship between the incidence of the day of the weekly sabbath and the day of the Passover.
On the calendar the Passover must occur on the third day after the weekly sabbath in each and every biblical year.
Now for your own test: Using this precept, simply check the 2016 Rabbinic lunar calendar date for of Passover in relation to the Rabbinical Saturday sabbath – it is readily seen that the calendar of the Rabbinic Passover simply does not meet the Zadok test! Is the Rabbinic calendar the ancient priestly calendar? Cannot be! Case closed?

Part 2 – A Brief Overview of The Biblical Definition Of Who Has Authority Over The Biblical Calendar

Throughout the Law and the Prophets, we will find that as ancient history progresses, the Zadok Priesthood was delegated authority over the calendar to the time of Yahushua, and then YHVH declares the physical descendants of Zadok will again have the authority over the biblical calendar in the Messianic era( Ezekiel 44:15), because they ” kept the charge of my sanctuary” when the people of Israel rebelled against Him.
With the arrival of Yahushua of Nazareth, rather than finding him replacing the Zadok Priesthood, we find that Yahushua in fact carries continuity of the Zadok priestly line in that he is descended of both the royal line of David and the priestly line of Zadok. Yahushua has legitimate title of the priestly order of “Melchizedek”. Thus ultimately Yahushua currently carries the authority over the biblical calendar that was mandated to the Zadok priestly line – and this authority is also recorded in the Apostolic testimony that He observed His last Passover on an evening that was a full day in advance of the Rabbinic calendar (Luke 22) and did not observe the subsequent time of the Pharisee Passover. Also He was raised from the dead as our Firstfruits offering from among men to YHVH, (1 Cor 15:20; 23) after the sign of Jonah of three days and nights in the grave, according to the testimony of the Apostles, thereby demonstrating the lawful incidence of the Feast of First Fruits.
1.The law of Moses informs us that YHVH established the sons of Aaron to be the High priest family line , and they were given specific authority over the biblical calendar, as written in Numbers 10:10
Numbers 10: 10 Also in the day of your gladness, and in your solemn days, and in the beginnings of your months, ye shall blow with the trumpets over your burnt offerings, and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; that they may be to you for a memorial before your Elohiym: I am the YHVH your Elohiym.
2. The High Priesthood Authority of the Descendants Of Phinehas
In Numbers 25:10 we see YHVH declare that Phinehas, (a son of Aaron) and his descendants (family line) would have an “everlasting” priesthood” covenant before Him and would hold His ‘Covenant of Peace”.
Numbers 25: 10 And YHVH spake unto Moses, saying, 11 Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, while he was zealous for my sake among them, that I consumed not the children of Israel in my jealousy. 12 Wherefore say, Behold, I give unto him my covenant of peace: 13 And he shall have it, and his seed after him, even the covenant of an everlasting priesthood; because he was zealous for his Elohiym, and made an atonement for the children of Israel.
3. The High Priesthood Line Of Zadok
In the books of Samuel and Chronicles, David is presented as a man having YHVH’s heart. David had a deep seated commitment to living and implementing the Word of YHVH. When David became King, he faced the rebellion of his enemies, and Zadok the (High) priest was in loyal service to King David at that time. Zadok was a patrilineal descendant of Eleazar the son of Aaron the high priest. (2 Samuel 8:17; 1 Chronicles 24:3). The lineage of Zadok is presented in the genealogy of Ezra (his descendant) as being of ninth generation and direct patrilineal descent from Phineas the son of Eleazar. Ezra 7:1-4…Zadok, The son of Ahitub, son of Amaryah, son of Azaryah, son of Mirayoth, son of Zerachyah, son of Uzzi, son of Bukki, son of Avishua, son of Phineas
4. David Anointed Zadok To Be High Priest Of Israel And Of The Temple In the presence of King David, Solomon was anointed King over Israel and Zadok the High priest of Israel. 1 Chronicles 29:20-22 20 And David said to all the congregation, Now bless YHVH your Elohiym. And all the congregation blessed YHVH the ELohiym of their fathers, and bowed down their heads, and worshipped the YHVH, and the king. 21 And they sacrificed sacrifices unto YHVH, and offered burnt offerings unto YHVH, on the morrow after that day, even a thousand bullocks, a thousand rams, and a thousand lambs, with their drink offerings, and sacrifices in abundance for all Israel: 22 And did eat and drink before YHVH on that day with great gladness. And they made Solomon the son of David king the second time, and anointed him unto YHVH to be the chief governor, and Zadok to be priest.: In 1 Kings 1:39, we read Zadok officiated at the anointing ceremony of Solomon as king.
5. In the genealogies found in Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles, the priests of the post exilic period are given lineages that explicitly name both Aaron and Zadok.
6. In the Qumran Scrolls the authors claim to be the descendants of Zadok and were living in forced exile during the latter period of the Macabeean Kings and the rise of the Pharisees (around 160 BCE).
7. The High Priesthood Line Of Yahushua
Melchizedek Yahushua had the convergence of the bloodlines of David through Solomon and The House of Zadok that result in the “King Zadok” Office or “Melchizedek”, the King and High Priest of the Redeemed House of Israel. In addition by YHVH has sworn by oath that He has made Yahushuaa priest fro ever of the order of Melchizedek. Psalm 110:4 YHVH hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek. Heb 7:21 21 For those priests were made without an oath; but this with an oath by him that said unto him, YHVH sware and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec
8. The Zadok Line Restored In The Millennial Temple And Establishing The Biblical Calendar of Redeemed Israel Ezekiel 44: ”  But the priests the Levites, the sons of Zadok, that kept the charge of my sanctuary when the children of Israel went astray from me, they shall come near to me to minister unto me, and they shall stand before me to offer unto me the fat and the blood, saith YHVH Elohiym: 16 They shall enter into my sanctuary, and they shall come near to my table, to minister unto me, and they shall keep my charge. …. 24 And in controversy they shall stand in judgment; and they shall judge it according to my judgments: and they shall keep my laws and my statutes in all mine assemblies; and they shall hallow my sabbaths.

Worksheet For The 2016 Biblical Calendar

YHWH 12 tribe precious stone

Worksheet For The 2016 Biblical Calendar  By inthatday

(Download the pdf file at the bottom of this webpage)

Several  have emailed me to request I publish the biblical calendar for 2016.  I have been hesitant  to do this for several reasons I explain below, but mainly because it is best for others who are keenly interested to learn to work this out for themselves given I have placed a lot of info from my research in this area on the ITD website over the past few years to help.

But the requests from many is that they have indeed worked it out but now want to confirm how if they have managed ok, so now  I am uploading my worksheet of the 2016 biblical calendar to assist those who want to compare their calendar workout . This is a pdf file that can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage.

I do hope is that all who are sincerely interested in the subject  will be able to learn how to do this for themselves, as I know from my own experience of discovery – it is only when one begins to prayerfully and actively seek to do this that it is in the doping (and searching out) that YHVH brings understanding…   Aside from desiring all to be confidently able to work it out for yourselves next year (especially if there is now access to the internet), there are other reasons that I prefer not to publish a biblical calendar on the web any longer, which I would like you to understand.

Firstly, I do not wish to unduly influence anyone or start a calendar movement, or create emotional arguments with any  who are religiously dogmatic about their versions of a lunar or solar calendar. The ethical call of the scripture is to study a matter out with prayer and due diligence, seeking revelation from above,  such that each individual be fully persuaded in their own minds.

Secondly, for over a decade, because I had worked to form some congregations, I would work out what I thought was the biblical calendar for those years. At first (as we were just beginning to understand the biblical festivals) , I was influenced by Messianic Judaism’s proclamation of the Rabbinical lunar  calendar. With the “Hebrew Roots” movement challenging the Rabbinic calendar with the Aviv barley calendar not having the Zadok revelations nor the background of both scriptural and astronomical study information I now have been given,  I was subsequently persuaded that the “Aviv Barley” calendar appeared more biblical than the Rabbinic calendar.

In practically working out these calendars for our fellowship worship, I came to see the shortfalls of these calendars. They simply do not keep time correctly and Passover increasingly moved into the winter season necessitating a full lunar calendar 13th month to be added every 3rd year.  This error was compounded by the Aviv Barley calendar (Karaite approach)  which would declare a leap year on the basis of the observation of the Barley harvest in Israel…but when we started to experience that calendar calling for an additional month to be added (i.e. the declaration of a leap year) in three successive years , the errors of the Karaite approach  began to become evident to me. At the same time of that discovery, I was beginning to examine the astrophysics of our solar system with the aid of astronomical simulation software and I became increasingly aware that something was seriously wrong with the lunar calendars advocated by the “hebrew roots/messianic” movements.- it became clear that lunar calendars did not accurately relate to a true seasonal/agricultural (seasonal)  calendar without massive intercalations every 3 years. Only an anchor in the equinoxes could accurately honour the seasons – and I then discovered that in fact Gen 1: 3 expressly pointed us to the sun and the stars for the telling of time, not the moon…and translations of the bible that caused the reader to focus on a prominent role of the moon for accurate timekeeping were erroneous (There are articles on the website about this).

Thirdly, in addition to that, I discovered that only an equinox based calendar could accommodate both the calendar rules of Leviticus 23, and the testimony of the Apostles regarding the timing of Yahushua’s last Passover, crucifixion and resurrection according to the sign of Jonah and explain how it juxtaposed the Pharisaic lunar religious calendar in the very day of Yahushua’s crucifixion. Once again there is a study on this topic on the website – which reveals how the sun equinox  biblical calendar contrasted precisely with the Pharisaic calendar with just 1 day difference in the year of 30 CE, supporting  the authenticity of the Apostolic testimony that Yahushua indeed had his last Passover  ( and that it was not a ‘last supper” as  Christianity would have us believe, nor a law-breaker as the Rabbinic Pharisees would have us think) and He indeed implemented  the New Covenant with them at that last Passover, which was precisely one day prior to the Rabbinic Lunar calendar Passover celebrated in that same year.

Then some 6 months after that discovery, I was directed towards the calendar of the ancient Zadok Qumran scrolls, through a book published by Prof. Rachel Elior. The revelation of the Zadok rules for identifying the biblical calendar (and the biblical theology that is associated is also discussed in an article I subsequently published on the website).  I summary the revelation of the Zadok rules are in my understanding a true gift from Heaven and a  biblical miracle that would could get access after six decades of being hidden from the general public.

Fourthly, the ancient Zadok revelation reaffirmed my conviction that the law given in  Numbers 10:10 – where only the priests ordained by YHVH’s Law have the authority to declare HIS biblical calendar – still stands to this day and as there has been no  temple priesthood since Acts 6:7 occurred (when the Zadok priesthood submitted to the Apostles and the new born congregation ) ,  this is the strongest sign that Jacob is yet in the exile and has not yet been re-gathered.  This position will only change when the Zadok priesthood is reconstituted to their service in YHVH’s Millennial temple, as prophesied in Ezekiel 44:15 through 24) .

Fifthly, based on the proclamations of scripture mentioned above, far from my ignorant practices for my fellowships in a decade past,  I have no authority whatsoever to establish YHVH’s biblical calendar,  and do I have direct anyone to follow what I have studied and have worked through.  All I can do is share what information I have found – and articles summarizing this information I have liberally shared on our website, so that anyone interested might be assisted in their own study.

Sixthly, what I can say is that my journey in this subject has led me to a confident position that the Zadok equinox calendar is backed up by the sun and the stars and not the moon, and as such is the creation ordinance by which the accurate measurement of time, especially biblical annual time for worship may be ascertained. At this point I am confident that we do not have complete revelation about the calendar – given that the Zadok priesthood is prophesied to once again be the authoritative declarers of YHVH’s calendar in the millennial reign.  Thus anyone who is dogmatic on calendar issues – even to those who proclaim there must be an adoption of the Enochian 30,30,31 day month calendars – is but the practice of religion more than the search for truth, since the Enochian calendar requires a physical 364 day annual year which simply  does not exist today – look to ecology and ask if it lives (experiences) a 364 day year at the moment – if not , then those who propose a lunar religious calendar year or an Enochian religious calendar year (where they emphasise one day is a hidden day – seems the most popular religious explanation here appears to be the Day of Atonement) are simply doing their preferred religion – for Moses reveals to us that it is YHVH’s creation is where we observe the measurement of  time and not religion.

Add that to the fact that the days between the autumnal and vernal equinox and the vernal and autumnal equinox are not the same number – bears witness to the counting of months with a 30,30,31 day formula simply does not work out and such a calendar goes increasingly out with each month count resulting in the Feast of trumpets being declared too early. This is compounded by the 365.25 day solar year which means that in addition to the month day count errors, their calendar is advancing by 1.25 days every year and somewhere along the line they will need to intercalate back to proper solar time… It appears that YHVH has hidden His biblical calendar  to protect it from intuitional apostasies of the religions of men – which He will only restore in the millennial reign .  He worked this hiding of His calendar even to the degree that He has caused the earth’s orbit trajectory around the sun to be more elliptical (from 364 in the time of Enoch to 365.25 days today ) which has made the search for the His worship calendar really difficult for millennia!

Seventhly, it is clear to me that the recent revelation of the Zadok’s basic rules for identifying the calendar  are not meant for us to make dogmatic religious positions about YHVH’s calendar, since when we see it worked out there are few that can observe His  calendar today when the biblical Sabbath does not coincide with the Gregorian weekend. The majority of us have to work in the market place of the world order today – clearly strong evidence that the prophecies of the re-gathering of the remnant have not yet come to pass.  So what are we to do then?  Clearly most who are motivated will sacrifice their employment leave entitlements to observe the high days as best they can. But what of the weekly biblical Sabbath that this year falls out on the Gregorian Wednesday?  The fact is that there is no reason why one cannot have fellowship meetings on the weekends with others – but why would Abba reveal His biblical Sabbaths on days which we cannot keep because most of us are yet slaves in Egypt? I believe we are beginning a “preview” of the imminent restoration of the last days remnant – we are yearning to keep His Sabbaths, to find the ancient paths and not pollute them (see the promises of Isaiah 56:1-7) by the way that He has prepared – first the wilderness of the people…

Eze 20:35 And I will bring you into the wilderness of the people, and there will I plead with you face to face.

and from thence the remnant will go to the “camp of Jerusalem”, as prophesied by the ancient Zadok priesthood, and in exact symmetry with the narrative of Joshua and the camp of the 2nd generation Israelites when they made their historical entry.

To conclude – what then are the essential  Zadok instructions for identifying the biblical calendar(articles on the ITD website discuss these points and their scriptural support .)

For the sake of those who have not yet studied the articles on the ITD website, they are:

  1. the first day of the biblical year is to be found on the (observed) day of the equinox – not the difference between the mean sun mathematical (formula) estimates of the occurrence of the equinox, which we see on the and the actual day of occurrence of the equinox which is ascertained by sundial observation.

  2. The identification of the biblical week (and subsequently the weekly sabbath) is identified by counting day 1 of the biblical year as the 4th day of the biblical week – i.e. count another 3 days from the day of the beginning of the year and you find the first weekly Sabbath of the year.

And what if you do not have a sundial, or haven’t learned how to use one, or there are cloudy days and you were unable to verify the occurrence of the equinox on your sundial ?

  1. Go to this web page and download and save or print out the mean estimates of the occurrences of the equinoxes at the Jerusalem longitude for the next 20 years.


  1. Remember that we are not using Greenwich mean time – for instance in GMT time, New Zealand is approximately 11 hours ahead of Jerusalem, but when looking at biblical time New Zealand is 12 -13 hours behind Jerusalem. Know your time difference with zero time being the Jerusalem longitude.

  2. Remember that the equinoxes published on such website and calendars a mathematical average calculations – called means sum estimates – and are not true sun observation times. Thus if you see the equinox occurrence estimated as occurring during daylight hours then you can reasonably be sure that the actual sun observation would occur on that day listed. But if the time is listed as occurring during the night hours then you can be confident that the actual equinox by true sun observation on a sundial would be occurring the next day – for example have a look at the 2019 equinox values from the website listed:


20 Mar

11:59 p.m.

As the mean estimate (average calculation)of the occurrence of the equinox is 11.59pm at night on the 20th March 2019, it is  probable that the accurate true sun observation of the equinox in Jerusalem, as observed by sundial would be March 21st 2019.


To download my worksheet on the 2016 Biblical calendar click the link below:

2016 Biblical Calendar Worksheet


He Still Answers Prayers

YHWH loves

Today we visited with the homeless.

While grieving from many losses over the past week, we knew that to get out and go downtown, would be the best thing for us. Maneuvering through all of the road construction, we finally came to the first stop. There we saw Charles laying up against a wall, waiting for the food truck to arrive. We were surprised to see him there since the last we heard he had gotten into an apartment. I got out and went over to sit next to him. Charles is an elderly black man, with such a kind spirit about him. I asked him what happened with the apartment, and he said he was still living there but was out doing his laundry, as the apartment building doesn’t have a laundry facility. We talked about his hometown and other things until the food truck arrived. This man always seems to lift our spirits. He is so simple, gentle and full of the love of Abba.

Our second stop was at the men’s dormitory. There we saw David, a rough biker kind of guy that always refuses to accept the handouts we have with verses on them. I said to him, “Hi David, how are you today?” And he said, “…you remembered my name—though I forgot yours.” I told him it was ok if he forgot my name. So I told him again what it was. As he stood in the line for food, I asked him if he wanted an encouraging word. Of course, as always, before I ever got the chance to give him the handout, he said, “NO!”

As David got his food and prepared to go back upstairs, I told him to have a good day, and he said, “I will! Thank you, Derek!” David seems to be the kind of man who has been hardened in life by circumstances, and that the only way to reach him is by living out the kindness and joy of Abba in front of him. In David’s case…seeing is believing. Since we live in the heart of the religious belt of the Country, I can see why there are many bitter people towards anyone who “proclaims” they know Messiah. People say they know Him, yet they live double lives. They say they know Him, yet have nothing to do with people. How does one profess to have a relationship with the Creator, yet hate people? Sometimes, I wonder if we are doing anything good by going downtown to visit the homeless, yet who knows how many have been touched by the smile of Abba through us? For this reason, we keep going.

It was right before I saw David in the line, that I saw a man whom we had prayed with twice—two weeks ago. As I was going down the line and passing out Psalm 121, I looked up and saw James standing there. I knew it was him because we had prayed with him at the third stop, near the Mission, where the larger group of homeless gather for food, and to receive clothing. Two weeks ago, as I had the car rear-hatch open, while distributing clothes, a man came up and asked us for prayer. He really needed prayer and seemed uninterested in the clothes we were passing out. That morning, before we left to go downtown, we had asked Abba to send us people who really needed a touch through prayer.

At that moment, I turned to listen to this man talk about his needs and to explain about his situation. We found out he was a pastor and had a family. He was looking for work and I believe he mentioned something about him and his wife’s relationship. After ministering and sharing with him a while, Rivkah came over and we began praying with him. Later on, right before we left that day, he came back over to us and we continued fellowshipping. I prayed with him again and once I finished, he thanked us. He said he had received what he came for. We wrote his name down to pray for him later in the week.

Today, Abba knew we needed some encouragement ourselves. When I saw that man, James, I asked him how things were going. He said that same day, the day we prayed for him two weeks prior, he received a phone call with a job offer. In fact, he said, not only does he have that job, but a second one as well. He also said since we had prayed, that he and his wife are getting back together and that the things we prayed for concerning his daughter were happening. We praised Abba right there and thanked Him for answering our prayers. James is working now to get out of the men’s dormitory, and that he was there only temporary.

We wanted to share this quick testimony with each of you and remind you that Abba hears us when we cry out to Him. He hears and answers us when we call to Him. Sometimes we may not always receive the kind of answers we are seeking, but most certainly, all will work out for His good purpose and will. This is something we all have to learn, as we too are learning it ourselves. He is always looking to achieve the ‘higher good’ in people’s lives–including ours.

What a joy it was to fellowship, minister to, and to pray with people today. From the large, tall and gentle man who looks like the way Yochanan (John) the Immerser would have looked, to the lady who got so excited talking about the love of God with us, we have grown to love the precious times we have with these people who have nothing else to give to us but their simple, human need to be wanted and loved. What other privilege is there in life but to be used to give a spark of hope to someone who has nearly given up wondering if life was really worth living or not. If the King of heaven came down from above, and washed this servant’s filthy feet, then what else have I to do but to imitate such great love?

Oh…what kind of love is this—of such a One Who saw beyond my repulsiveness, picked me up off the trash pile, and set my feet upon a rock?

If I but fail to show, any less, this kind of love to others, then please Abba, throw me back upon the trash heap you once took me from!

To You be all the praise—for You still answer prayers today!

Shalom, with love,

Derek and Rivkah

P.S. For all of you who have given both monetary and handmade donations to help the homeless–THANK YOU! We are in the process of getting the things they need such as, personal clothing items (new underwear, socks) and backpacks. We have had quite a mild winter here this season, so with all of the clothing donations we have received from Rivkah’s school and our apartment building, we are able to use the monetary donations towards the great need of personal clothing items. When we have finalized all of the purchasing, we will share pictures on our blog of the love each of you has shown towards helping the cause of the needy.

Once again, Thanks to each of you! It has blessed us more than we could ever express. This work…has changed our lives forever!

About End Times Deceptions By David

YHWH Seek truth beyond our own belief

The End Times Deceptions studies are a result of the Set Apart Spirit revealing many truths to me during the last two years.

Much of the information on this website has been taught for 1,800 years by the great theologians, and it’s only been during the last few centuries that Messiah’s Church has lost the truth about prophecy fulfillment.

In 2 Timothy 4:3-4 Paul warned us, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers;and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

Up until a few years ago, I was a Christian who simply believed what my Pastors had taught me about the end times.

What they taught lined up with what my John MacArthur Study Bible says, which lined up with what I hear popular Pastors like David Jeremiah and Chuck Swindoll teach.

They’ve been to seminary, so surely they knew the proper explanations to prophecy.

There was no reason to doubt them…

Until the Set Apart Spirit started me on a journey that revealed how the Bible explains prophecy fulfillment, which is contrary to many of the teachings from Pastors today.

The Spirit put on my heart to look to theologians who had not been corrupted by all of the deceptions, which have really taken hold during the last century.

The best tool that the Spirit put in my path is SwordSearcher Bible software, as it gives me easy access to Bible commentaries from the top Bible scholars of the 1700 and 1800’s, such as:

  • Albert Barnes’ Notes on the New and Old Testaments.
  • John Calvin’s Commentaries.
  • Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible.
  • Commentary from the 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible.
  • John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible.
  • Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible.
  • Matthew Henry’s Whole Bible Commentary.
  • Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Holy Bible.
  • John Wesley’s Bible Notes.

I am baruk (ble-sed) to stand on the shoulder of these great theologians, who have taught me so much about the Word of Elohim.

You can find some of their commentaries at www.studylight.org/com/ but SwordSearcher let’s you quickly read through all of the commentaries about a particular passage. And it gives you the Strong’s word listing, a Bible dictionary and much more.

Other people who Elohim has placed in my life during the past few years are:

Henry Grattan Guinness, who wrote Romanism and the Reformation: From the Standpoint of Prophecy which gives the explanation for the prophecies in Daniel, in 2 Thessalonians 2, in John epistles and Revelation. It’s an excellent study that exposes The Holy Roman Empire and it’s role in end-times Bible prophecy. Click here to read it online.
Ralph Woodrow’s book Great Prophecies Of The Bible covers the second coming of Christ, Matthew 24, the 70 weeks of Daniel and the antichrist.  Highly recommended reading!
Pastor Samuel Pestes, who wrote “The Stonecutter’s Bride“, “Ancient Nation’s Rise To Strike Again“, and “Abraham’s Message To The 21st Century“; Pastor Sam has had a great impact on my beliefs about the 70 Weeks of Daniel prophecy, and Jesus New Covenant as the fulfillment of the Everlasting Covenant that God made to Abraham.
Pastor Steve Wohlberg. Steve is a Seventh Day Adventist and though I don’t agree with some SDA beliefs, his teachings on End Times Delusions about the rapture, tribulation, antichrist and Israel, are Biblically sound.  Click here to watch his videos.Click here to read about his End Times Delusions book.
Robert Carignola’s book “The Present Reign Of Jesus Christ” explained much of the fulfillment of Revelation.
Phillip Mauro’s study “The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation” taught me so much about the fulfillment of the 70 Weeks of Daniel prophecy, the prophecy in Daniel 11 and 12, and Jesus’ Olivet Discourse.
Charles A. Jenning’s book “The Book Of Revelation: From An Israelite And Historicist Interpretation
Victor McGowan’s book “The Revelation and the History of Christendom: Prophecy Fulfilled to the End of Our Time

I’ve spent many hundreds of hours reading through many books and commentaries, listening to many audios, and watching many videos.

Some Bible commentaries, such as from John Gill, are extremely detailed and long.

Most people are too busy to read these books and watch the videos, so the Spirit uses me to make the explanations more concise and easy to read.

The goal of this website is to teach how the Bible defines prophecy terms, and to show the fulfillment of many of the prophecies.

The best way to detect a fake Dollar Bill is to know the real thing so well, that the fake ones are easy to spot.

The same is true with prophecy. When you diligently study the Bible, so that you know how it defines terms and how it reveals its fulfillment; when a Pastor is teaching contrary to these things, you know that they are teaching false prophecy.

So who am I and what gives me the authority to teach these things?

I am not Seventh Day Adventist, though I have learned from some SDA teachers who diligently study prophecy.

I grew up in a Christian family and attended Baptist Churches during the early part of my life.  And then was attracted to the verse-by-verse studies at Calvary Chapel Churches.

But today I am not part of any denomination, as during the last few years the Spirit has led me to understand that most of what my Pastors had taught me is not Scriptural.

That includes their futuristic prophecy explanations; but it also includes the observance of pagan Christian holiday such as Easter and Christmas, which the enemy created to replace the Father’s seven Kadosh Feast Days, which Messiah is fulfilling to redeem His set-apart people.

That includes learning that the King James and other Bible version replaced the personal covenant name of the Father, Yahuah; with God and Lord.

That includes learning that the name Jesus is the Greek variant of the name of the Messiah of Roman Christianity, but His true name is Yahusha, which means ‘Yahuah saves’.

You can read about that part of my learning journey on the The Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 study series.

I don’t call myself a Christian anymore, just a follower of the Father, Yahuah and His Son, Yahusha.

Note: This End Times Bible Prophecy website uses King James verses with God and Jesus, because the point of this website is to teach prophecy fulfillment.  If I use the names Yahuah and Yahusha, that just gives people a reason to click away, and then they don’t learn anything.

Links are provided to The Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 so the Spirit can guide them to that truth when they are ready to receive it.

There are a lot of deceptions exposed on this website, and I’ve found that you can’t overwhelm people all at once.  I trust the Spirit to guide them.  And thankfully, many are waking up to these truths!

I have not been to seminary or a Bible school.

I am simply a child of the Most High , who has the Set Apart Scriptures as my guide and His Spirit as my teacher.

I have committed my life to learning and teaching His truth about prophecy, and I work full-time in this ministry.

I believe that the Father shows me many insights because I hunger to know truth, so that He is glorified and the enemy is defeated.

Proverbs 2:1-5 says,My son, if you receive my words, And treasure my commands within you, So that you incline your ear to wisdom, And apply your heart to understanding; Yes, if you cry out for discernment, And lift up your voice for understanding, If you seek her as silver, And search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will understand the fear of the Lord, And find the knowledge of God.”

If you’ve read the home page, then you know that most of the deceptions have been created by the Jesuits, to deflect blame away from the Roman Catholic Church and to deceive Christians about the end times.

When you read the study titled End Times Antichrist Deception you will learn that most seminaries are teaching prophecy fulfillment concepts that hide the Antichrist.

And the leaven of these false teachings spreads around to Pastors and Christians, so that the majority are deceived.

One of my other website, www.RomanCatholicBeliefs.org, gives a concise summary of how the Roman Catholic Church is the subject of most Bible prophecy fulfillment.

Popes have proclaimed to be God, to forgive sins, and that salvation is only through the Catholic Church.  They have killed over 100 million Christians during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition.  And the Jesuits seek to push the world into a New World Order where everyone will worship their False Messiah.

Jesuits priests are spread around the world, and have deceived 1.2 Billion Catholics into believing in a false salvation by works through the Catholic Church.

And because Messiah’s Church doesn’t understand that the Roman Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, they are not evangelizing Catholics to call them out of the Church and into true salvation through Messiah alone.

My friend, I encourage you to be a Berean and search these things out, don’t take my word for it, don’t seek to defend a position, just seek the truth.

Because until the Church understands the grand deception that has blinded her, she is unable to fight to overcome the enemy in the power of the Word.

My heart breaks for Christians as they have been so deceived, and have no clue about how the future is going to play out, so they are like the foolish virgins who are unprepared for Messiah’s return.

My tears are shed for Pastors, who are unknowingly teaching the prophecy concepts of the Antichrist, for they will be held accountable for misleading their flocks.

I pray in the power of Yahusha Messiah’s name that He will give you eye salve to see the truth.

In His love,


I started creating Bible Prophecy Made Easy studies that give a summary of the explanation of the fulfillment, to help you see the big picture of how they prophecies together.

This summary covers the beasts of Daniel, the Son of Perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2, and the fulfillment of Revelation.

Bible Prophecy Made Easy – All Roads Lead To Rome

Below are links to PDF studies that you can save, print and share.

You can click to save the PDF’s (right click, Save As, on a Windows PC)
or just click on the link to open it.

8-page PDF Bible Prophecy Made Easy – All Roads Lead To Rome

4-page PDF Bible Prophecy Made Easy – Daniel 9 and 12

2-page PDF Bible Prophecy Made Easy – 2 Thessalonians 2

1-page PDF Revelation Chapter Summary

Here is a one page graphic that summarizes the fulfillment of Revelation


Here is a list of studies on this website:

End times deceptions introduction

End times deceptions big picture

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Revelation Timeline Decoded – new!

Revelation Timeline Decoded explains the fulfillment of the seals, trumpets and bowls; the beasts, and the Harlot, Babylon the Great, of Revelation.

Russia In End Times Prophecy – new!

Russia And President Putin In Bible Prophecy new!

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The Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 home page

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The 6th Bowl of Revelation 16 The Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

The Fatima And Mary Connection

Catholics, Orthodox, Sunni, Shiite

The Faked War On Terror

The Muslims vs. Israel In WW III

Antichrist And Mahdi Comparison

Deflecting Blame From Rome

Revelation Studies

Contrary to what most Pastors teach, most of the prophecies in Jesus Revelation have been historically fulfilled (historicism). This makes more sense than saying nothing happens for 2,000 years, and then it’s all fulfilled during the last few years (futurism).

The fulfillment of the seals, trumpets and bowls of Revelation timeline

The fulfillment of the seals, trumpets and bowls of Revelation videos

The Seven Churches of Revelation

The Little Book of Revelation 10

The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11

The 7 Kings of Revelation 17

The 70th Week Of Daniel Studies

The 70th week of Daniel is one of the most important prophecies in the Bible, because of the precise fulfillment by Jesus Christ, and because of the deceptions about an end times 7-year tribulation period and one-man antichrist that are based on it.

Daniel 70th week Jesus Christ vs. Antichrist

The covenant in the 70th week of Daniel

The 70th week of Daniel prince

Confirming The 70th Week Of Daniel 9 Covenant For Seven Years

Proof that Jesus 3 1/2 year ministry occurred in the 70th week of Daniel

The anointing of Christ started the 70th week of Daniel

Jesus fulfilled the purposes of Daniel 9:24 during the 70th week of Daniel

An end times fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel is illogical

70 Weeks Of Daniel Geneva Bible

How the leaven of the 70th week of Daniel deception spread

The 70th week of Daniel made simple

Antichrist Deception Studies

The Bible has clearly described the antichrist beasts of Daniel and Revelation, the Little Horn of Daniel, and the Son of Perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2, yet Satan has caused Christians to be deceived about who it is.

The antichrist is hidden in plain sight

Antichrist in the temple deception

A 3rd Jerusalem Temple Is Not Biblical

Witnesses Against The Papal Antichrist

Early Church Prophecy Quotes

Identifying Marks Of The Antichrist

Islam Cannot Be The Antichrist

Killing the two witnesses of Revelation 11

The beasts of Daniel and Revelation

Pope’s proclaim that salvation is only through the Roman Catholic Church

Mark of the Beast and the Mark of God

What Is The Antichrist?

Pope quotes that reveal that they are the Son of Perdition

Bible Deceptions

After the Bible was translated into English and the printing presses created millions of Bibles, the Roman Catholic Church couldn’t stop the Word of God from spreading, so they created a corrupt Greek Bible and modern Bibles to deceive Pastors and Christians.

Modern Bible deception verse study

Satan’s corrupted Bible manuscripts

Israel And Jews Deceptions

The deceptions about Jews and the modern state of Israel play a key role in causing Christians to not be able to properly discern prophecy.

Jews who are not really Jews

God’s chosen people, the Jews, incurred His wrath and judgment

Palestine Never Existed – Refuted!

Regathering of the Jews deception

The star of David deception

Torah Jews believe that the state of Israel is illegitimate

Christians should not support Israel

 Prophecy Deceptions

Many Pastors don’t understand the fulfillment of prophecies, so they speculate about a future fulfillment.

The 2,300 Days Of Daniel 8

Daniel 11 Fulfillment Study

No one knows the day and hour of Jesus return

The 4 blood red moons

Rapture Deceptions

The whole pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib rapture discussion is based on a future 70th week of Daniel, which has been disproved in those studies.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Myth

Roman Catholic Deceptions

The Protestant Reformers rightly identified the Roman Catholic Church as the antichrist beast of Revelation, the Little Horn of Daniel, and the office of the Pope, the Son of Perdition.

The two Peters – one an Apostle and one the first Pope

What the Bible says about the Roman Catholic Church

Messiah Was Born On The Feast Of Tabernacles, As Elohim Came To Dwell With Us –  New!


Jesuit End Times Antichrist Deception

 YHWH Set Apart to Truth
This end times deception page will explain how the concepts of a one-man end-times Antichrist in a 7-year tribulation period became so prevalent, after 1800 years of Biblical teaching that knew nothing of the sort.
You will learn how the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church manipulated Bible prophecy to create an end-times Antichrist, in order to deflect blame away from them as the Antichrist system.
The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation study reveals that the Roman Catholic Church is the ‘beast of Revelation‘, the ‘Little Horn of Daniel‘, and the Pope, the ‘son of Perdition‘.
That’s not to say that there won’t be an end times False Messiah, but the truth is that Satan’s Antichrist beast has been waging war against Jesus and Christians since 538 A.D.
This study will explain how the Jesuits have pushed their deceptive Antichrist concepts during the last 500 years, so that they are taught to Pastors at seminary, and then preached to their congregations.
The end times prophecy teachings by John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, David Jeremiah and other popular pastors, support the Jesuits Antichrist deception.
Today’s teachers point to an end times Antichrist to rise up from the European Union (which they call the restored Roman Empire) or from Islam, both of which deflect blame away from the Roman Catholic Church antichrist beast system.
Today’s Pastors are teaching end times concepts that are contrary to what was taught by these esteemed Bible scholars:
Albert Barnes, John Calvin, Adam Clarke, John Gill, Matthew Henry, Phillip Mauro, Sir Isaac Newton, Matthew Poole, Charles H. Spurgeon, William Tyndale, John Wesley, John Wycliffe and others.
So how is it possible that the majority of today’s Pastors are teaching false doctrine about prophecy?
Have they been misled?  Are they ignorant?  Are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?
In order to understand the answers to these questions, we first need to see where the deception started, and then follow how it become so widely accepted.
Satan empowered the Roman Catholic Church to persecute the church of Jesus, which drove Christians and the Word of God into obscurity.
The truth about Jesus love, grace, forgiveness of all their sins, and the gift of eternal life, which had been taught by the early church, was buried under the weight of Catholic tradition, and salvation by works.
During the Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic Church persecuted those who proclaimed the truth of Jesus.
They banned people from reading the Bible, which was in Latin. They burned Bibles and tortured and killed those who had them.
They killed upwards of 100 million people, mostly Christians, during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition.
Then God shined the light of Jesus, by having the Bible translated into English.
With the advent of the printing press and the Word of God translated into English, the men who became the Protestant Reformers were finally able to read the Bible.
They found salvation through faith, apart from works, in the pure gospel of Jesus Christ.
And they identified the Antichrist.
When they read the books of Daniel and Revelation, they identified the Roman Catholic Church as the ‘antichrist‘, the ‘whore of Babylon’, who is guilty of the blood of the saints.
The Protestant Reformers taught that the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled after the 69th week, when the everlasting Gospel was preached to the Jews for seven years.
Here’s the study notes from the Geneva Bible:
Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two x weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but y not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof [shall be] with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
(x) In this week of the seventy, will Christ come and preach and suffer death.
(y) He will seem to have no beauty, nor to be of any estimation; ( Isaiah 53:2 ).
Daniel 9:27 And he a shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to b cease, c and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
(a) By the preaching of the Gospel he affirmed his promise, first to the Jews, and after to the Gentiles.
(b) Christ accomplished this by his death and resurrection.
(c) Meaning that Jerusalem and the sanctuary would be utterly destroyed because of their rebellion against God, and their idolatry: or as some read, that the plague will be so great, that they will all be astonished at them.

The Geneva Bible clearly witnesses that Jesus fulfilled the 70th week of Daniel, and that He sent the Roman army to desolate the Jews, so it has nothing to do with an end-times antichrist.

But the King James Bible did not include these study notes, so they were unavailable to future generations, which allowed the Jesuits deception to creep into the church.
Their dual message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ apart from works, together with the message that Papal Rome is the Antichrist, changed the course of history.
When Martin Luther posted his ‘Ninety-Five Theses‘ in 1517, it was widely regarded as the initial catalyst for the Protestant Reformation.
The Protestant Reformers told people to “come out of her” (Rev. 18:4) and millions left the Roman Catholic Church and received Jesus as their Savior, which led to the formation of the Protestant churches.

The Protestant Reformation led to a Great Awakening, where worldwide missions led to millions of people coming to Jesus.

Satan no doubt was livid as he watched God spread His Holy Word and the saving Gospel around the world, so the deceiver devised a new plan.
The Roman Catholic Church empowered the Jesuits to counter the Reformation.
In 1545, they started meeting at what’s called the Council of Trent. One of its main purposes was to plan a counterattack against Martin Luther and the Protestants.
To do this they empowered the Jesuits, who were a secret Catholic order founded by Ignatius Loyola. They call themselves the Society of Jesus, but you’ll soon find out that they are the Society of Satan.
Their work was to be done not only through the Inquisition and through torture, but also through theology and deception.
The Catholic Church gave the Jesuits the specific assignment of bringing Protestantism back to the “Mother Church.” Look at the state of today’s liberal Lutheran church, and you know they’ve been successful.
Central to this plan, was the need to deflect accusations that they were the Antichrist beast system.
The Jesuits are a covert military order of the Roman Catholic Church, not just priests.
They use fifth column tactics to infiltrate every institution they seek to destroy.
Instead of attacking from the outside, where everyone can see them, they covertly attack from the inside.
The Jesuits infiltrate the very thing they wish to destroy.  They’ve pretended to be Christians and have infiltrated Christian institutions, to implement their deceptionsinside the walls of Christianity.
They countered accusations by creating the concept of an end times 70th week of Daniel, featuring a one man Antichrist.
The Roman Catholic Church had Jesuit Priest Francisco Ribera, a brilliant man with a doctorate in theology, write a 500 page commentary with an opposing view, where he manipulated prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation, to create an end-time 7-year tribulation antichrist.
Ribera applied all of Revelation to the end time rather than to the history of the church.
His explanation was that the prophecies apply only to a single sinister man who will arise up at the end of time; instead of a beast, which the Bibles says is a powerful kingdom (the Roman Catholic Church).
He said that the Antichrist would be an infidel from outside the church of God; instead of someone who presents himself as Christ (the Pope, who calls himself theVicar of Christ).
He said that the Antichrist would make a 7-year peace agreement with the Jews.
The most important passage that they manipulated is the 70 Weeks of Daniel prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27. 
They applied the 70th week of Daniel to an end times Antichrist, replacing the 7-year period of Jesus new covenant being offered to the house of Israel from 27-34 A.D.
These may be the four most important prophecy verses in all of the Bible, because of the end times deceptions that are based on them.
To read a Bible study that proves that the covenant of the 70th week of Daniel was from Jesus Christ, not an end time Antichrist, click on 70 Weeks Of Daniel Covenant Deception
This idea, called Futurism, deferred accusations away from the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy, so Rome quickly adopted this viewpoint as the Church’s official position on the Antichrist.
Prophecies in Daniel and Revelation tell us about the battle between Jesus and Satan throughout history, from the time they were written to Jesus second coming.
The ‘beast of Revelation‘, the ‘Little Horn of Daniel‘, the ‘son of Perdition’ and the ‘Babylonian Harlot,’ all apply to the history of the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church, who proclaims to be Christian, but has opposed true Christianity throughout their history.  This is called Historicism.
Satan has used Jesuit controlled false prophets and misled Christians to promote the lie of Futurism.
Following close behind Francisco Ribera was another brilliant Jesuit scholar, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine of Rome.
Cardinal Bellarmine promoted Ribera’s concepts in his work “Polemic Lectures Concerning the Disputed points of the Christian Belief Against the Heretics of this Time“.
His writings claimed that Paul, Daniel, and John had nothing whatsoever to say about the Papal power. He taught that Antichrist was a single individual who would not rule until the very end of time.
His teachings won general acceptance among Catholics.
For almost 200 years after the Council of Trent, Jesuit futurism remained largely within Catholicism.
The Futurism of Ribera never posed a positive threat to Protestants worldwide for three centuries, and was virtually confined to the Roman Church.
Ribera’s manipulation of Biblical text was rejected for hundreds of years, by discerning students of the Bible, who knew better.
But the Jesuits persisted with their plan to cause the Protestants to adopt this doctrine.
In 1812 a Roman Jesuit priest named Manuel de Lacunza published the work ‘The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty‘ under the pen name of ‘Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra’, a converted Jew.
The pseudonym may be seen as a way of making the work acceptable to Christian readers and diverting attention from the station of the author, as the Inquisition clearly taught Christians that Jesuits were the enemy.
In the early 1800’s their futurism concepts latched on to Protestants in the Established Church of England, and from there it spread to America.
The story of how this happened is both fascinating and tragic. Many individuals were genuine Christians but unknowingly became channels of error.
In the 19th century, Dr. Samuel Roffey Maitland advanced the Jesuit teachings.
Dr. Samuel Roffey Maitland, a lawyer and Bible scholar, became a librarian to the Archbishop of Canterbury.  He found Ribera’s doctrines and began to widely publish and advocate these deceptive teachings.
In 1826 he published a book attacking the Reformation and supporting Ribera’s idea of a future one-man Antichrist. For the next ten years, in tract after tract, he continued his anti-Reformation rhetoric.

As a result of his zeal and strong attacks against the Reformation, the Protestantism of England—the very nation that produced the King James Bible in 1611—received a crushing blow.

James H. Todd published pamphlets and books supporting the Jesuit teachings.
James H. Todd, a professor of Hebrew at the University of Dublin, accepted the futuristic ideas of Maitland, publishing his own supportive pamphlets and books, which caused the deception to continue to spread.
Pastor Edward Irving created the concept of the ‘secret rapture‘.
As the doctrine of futurism was spreading across Europe, the much-respected Scottish Presbyterian minister Edward Irving, the acknowledged forerunner of both the Pentecostal and charismatic movements, came onto the scene. Irving pastored the large Chalcedonian Chapel in London with over 1000 members.
When Irving turned to the prophecies, he eventually accepted the one-man Antichrist ideas of Manuel de Lacunza.
Irving translated Jesuit Priest Lacunza’s ‘The Coming of Messiah‘ into English and published it in English in 1827. It contains a lengthy ‘Preliminary Discourse’ written by Irving as a vehicle for his emerging views.
Around 1830, Edward Irving began to teach the unique idea of a two-phase return of Christ, the first phase being a secret rapture prior to the rise of the Antichrist.
The concept of the pre-tribulation rapture did not exist for 1800 years, until it was introduced by Irving, who was promoting the Jesuits end-times Antichrist deception.
To read a Bible study about the rapture, click on The Pretribulation Rapture Myth
John Henry Newman promoted the Jesuits concepts in England.
Then came John Henry Newman, a member of the Church of England and a leader of the famous Oxford Movement.
In 1850, Newman wrote his “Letter on Anglican Difficulties,” revealing that one of his goals in the Oxford movement was to absorb “the various English denominations and parties” back into the Church of Rome.
After publishing a pamphlet endorsing Todd’s futurism about a one-man Antichrist, Newman became a Roman Catholic, and later even a highly-honored cardinal.
A definite “Romeward movement was already arising, destined to sweep away the old Protestant landmarks, as with a flood.”
John Nelson Darby created the concept of Dispensationalism.
In the midst of this growing anti-Protestant climate in England arose John Nelson Darby – a brilliant lawyer, pastor, and theologian, who wrote more than 53 books on Bible subjects and is credited as the father of Dispensationalism.
Dispensationalism is the theory that God deals with mankind in major dispensations or periods.
John Nelson Darby, like Edward Irving, also became a strong promoter of a pre-tribulation rapture followed by a one-man Antichrist. In fact, his teaching has become a hallmark of dispensationalism.
John Nelson Darby laid much of the foundation for the present popular idea of removing Daniel’s seventieth week from its historical context in the time of Jesus Christ and applying it to a future tribulation after the rapture.
In spite of all the positives of his ministry, Darby followed Maitland, Todd, Bellarmine, and Ribera by incorporating the teachings of futurism into his theology.
Thus, a link was created between John Nelson Darby—the father of dispensationalism—and the Jesuit Francisco Ribera—the father of futurism.
Darby visited America six times between 1859 and 1874, preaching in all of its major cities, during which time he planted the seeds of futurism in American soil.
The Scofield Reference Bible established the deception in America.
One of the most important figures in the spread of these false doctrines is Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, a lawyer from Kansas who was greatly influenced by the writings of Darby.
In 1909, Scofield published the first edition of his famous ‘Scofield Reference Bible‘, which injected large doses of Futurism in the commentaries.
This Bible became so popular in American Protestant Bible schools that it was necessary to print literally millions of copies.
This was the beginning of the end of American Protestant Christianity and a proper exegetical understanding of prophecy and the Scripture.

The Scofield Study Bible was received by Congregationalists, Baptists, and some Presbyterian denominations.Through the immensely popular Scofield Study Bible, dispensationalism became the standard for biblical interpretation among traditional Southern Baptists in the early twentieth century.

Through the Scofield Bible, Jesuit futurism spread successfully across America. The doctrine of an Antichrist still to come was becoming firmly established inside twentieth-century American Protestantism.
Arno C. Gaebelein promoted Scofield’s Jesuit Futurism concepts.
He was a close assistant to Scofield on his monumental work, the ‘Scofield Reference Bible‘.
Two of his books, “Revelation, and Analysis and Exposition” and “Current Events in the Light of the Bible” explain the dispensationalist view of eschatology.
Lewis Sperry Chafer brought Scofield’s teachings to the Dallas Theological Seminary.
Lewis Sperry Chafer, an American theologian, became associated with the ministry of Scofield, who became his mentor.
When Scofield died in 1921, Chafer moved to Dallas, Texas, to pastor the First Congregational Church of Dallas, where Scofield had ministered.
Then in 1924 Chafer and his friend William Henry Griffith Thomas realized their vision of a simple, Bible‐teaching theological seminary, when they founded Dallas Theological Seminary (originally Evangelical Theological College).
DTS is known as a center of modern Dispensational teaching due to Dr. Chafer’s development of a Scofield-based systematic theology which approaches the Bible with a “premillennial, dispensational interpretation of the Scriptures.”
His eight-volume work describing this approach to theology, “Systematic Theology“, was first published in 1948 and is still a required textbook for some courses at DTS.
Chafer’s theology has been the subject of much study and debate in and out of the theological community since his death, especially on the two larger topics of dispensationalism and Christian Zionism, specifically that the Jews are a people called unto God with a separate historical purpose and plan from Christians.
Dallas Theological Seminary is the key place where the Jesuit concepts were taught to thousands of Pastors, including today’s top TV and radio personalities.
DTS graduates have taken positions at other seminaries, Bible schools, denominations and churches, so that the infection of the Jesuits end time concepts have been spread throughout the church.
As of Fall 2011, DTS has nearly 14,000 alumni serving in various ministerial capacities in 97 countries worldwide, and they’ve been trained according to the Jesuits end times Antichrist deceptions.
Are you seeing how the yeast of the Jesuits futurism deception has spread throughout the church?
Notice how the following Dallas Theological Seminary alumni are promoting the Jesuit Futurism deception.
John F. Walvoord promoted futurism through his publications and books.
John F. Walvoord received a Th.B., Th.M., and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and then became the president .
After the death of Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, Dr. Walvoord became President of Dallas Theological Seminary and built it into a formidable graduate school of theology.
He was the editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, America’s oldest theological quarterly, was recognized as one of the leading evangelical theologians in America and an authority on systematic theology and eschatology.
He authored numerous books on theology and biblical prophecy, including “Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation“, “The Rapture Question“, and “The Nations, Israel and the Church in Prophecy.”
John F. Walvoord teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
Charles Caldwell Ryrie promoted futurism in his Ryrie Study Bible.
Charles Caldwell Ryrie served as professor of systematic theology and dean of doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary
He is the editor of The Ryrie Study Bible by Moody Publishers, which contains more than 10,000 of Dr. Ryrie’s explanatory notes.
Over 2 million of these Bibles have been sold, each one teaching the Jesuits end times deceptions.
Hal Lindsey brought the Jesuit deception to the mainstream.
He graduated from Dallas with a Master of Theology, majoring in the New Testament and early Greek literature
In the 1970s, Pastor Hal Lindsey, released his blockbuster book “The Late Great Planet Earth.
His 177-page, easy-to-read volume brought Futurism to the masses of American Christianity, and beyond.  Over 30 million copies have been sold and it’s available in over 30 languages.
Hal also embraced Dallas Theological Seminary founder Lewis Sperry Chafer’s theory that the Jews are a people called unto God with a separate historical purpose and plan from Christians.
Several of Lindsey’s books predicted the timing of the rapture, only to have the date come and go.  Hal has been proven to be a False Prophet
His new program, ‘The Hal Lindsey Report‘, continues to teach the Jesuits end times concepts, and is carried on the Angel One and DayStar networks.
Chuck Swindoll and Insight For Living.
Chuck attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where he graduated magna cum laude.
In July 1994, Swindoll became the president of the Dallas Theological Seminary and now serves as its chancellor.
His Insight For Living radio program is broadcast on more than 2,000 stations around the world in 15 languages.
His series on Daniel and Revelation teaches the concepts of the Jesuits end times deceptions.
David Jeremiah and Turning Point Broadcast Ministries.
David Jeremiah received a Master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.
He succeeded Tim LaHaye as Shadow Mountain’s senior pastor in 1981.
His Turning Point Ministries program is broadcast via radio stations and the Internet.  His “What In the World is Going On?” prophecy series was recently broadcast to millions of people.
His wrote the prophecy books “The Coming Economic Armageddon: What Bible Prophecy Warns About the New Global Economy“, “What In the World is Going On?: 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore“.
David Jeremiah teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
J. Vernon McGee and Thru the Bible Radio Network program.
J. Vernon McGee has Master of Theology (Th.M.) and Doctor of Theology degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary.
J. Vernon McGee taught prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
Ron Rhodes and Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries
Ron Rhode holds ThM and ThD degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, and teaches there and at several other seminaries.
He is president of ‘Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries‘, which is heard regularly on nationwide radio.
Here’s a quote for his website, “We believe that the translation of the church will be followed by the fulfillment of Israel’s seventieth week (Dan. 9:27; Rev. 6:1–19:21) during which the church, the body of Christ, will be in heaven. The whole period of Israel’s seventieth week will be a time of judgment on the whole earth, at the end of which the times of the Gentiles will be brought to a close. The latter half of this period will be the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jer. 30:7), which our Lord called the great tribulation (Matt. 24:15–21).
The fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel already occurred when Jesus offered a New Covenant to the house of Israel and the House of Judah.
Ron Rhodes teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
The Pre-Trib Study Group from Dr. Tim LaHaye and Dr. Thomas Ice
Dr. Ice has a B.A. from Howard Payne University, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, a Ph.D. from Tyndale Theological Seminary
In 1991 Dr. Tim LaHaye became concerned about a perceived swaying from the pretribulational doctrine.
The Pre-trib Study Group gathers teachers together who promote the deceptions of the Jesuits.
Dr. Ice and Tim LaHaye teach prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
Talbot School of Theology teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.
The seminary’s first dean was Charles L. Feinberg, who earned his Th.M. and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary.  He was also on the faculty at DTS.
Talbut officially holds to the teaching of premillennial dispensationalism, and requiresits faculty members to be in accord with this theological and cultural.
By teaching these concepts, the Talbut School of Theology is promoting the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception and misleading future pastors.
John MacArthur  and Grace To You Ministries, Master’s College and Grace Theological Seminary.
John got his theology Masters at Talbot School of Theology.
John’s ‘Master’s Seminary‘ and ‘Grace Theological Seminary‘ both teach a Dispensational premillennial position in eschatology.
Their website says, “We teach the personal, bodily return of our Lord Jesus Christ before the seven-year tribulation.”
The anti-Christ reign in the 7 year tribulation and pre-trib rapture deception are based on the covenant of salvation in the Messianic 70 Week prophecy of Daniel 9:24 thru Daniel 9:27.
Our 70th Week Of Daniel Deception study proves that the covenant is from Jesus Christ, which invalidates the claim that it applies to an end times Antichrist, therefore it also invalidates that there is a 7-year tribulation period.
John MacArthur teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
By teaching these concepts, the ‘Master’s Seminary‘ and ‘Grace Theological Seminary‘ are promoting the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception and misleading future pastors.
Here’s other popular pastors who promote the Jesuits end time Antichrist deception.
Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.
Chuck authored books like “The Rapture“, which teach prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
Chuck prophesied that because the state of Israel was created in 1948, the generation (40 years) that followed would be the last.  Of course 1988 came and went, and here we are, so that prophecy was false.
And these concepts are taught in Calvary Chapel churches worldwide and they are taught at the Calvary Chapel Bible College, which misleads future pastors..
Jack Van Impe teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.
Jack believes the Bible states that the world political leader will “come in peaceably” and create a seven-year peace deal involving Israel.
The premise for the seven-year peace has been invalidated in our 70 Weeks of Daniel study.
Jack Van Impe teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
John Hagee teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.
John Hagee promotes all of Jesuits deceptions of the end times, and also Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Christian Zionists views about Jews.

Our Jews Who Are Not Really Jews study proves that 97% of people who call themselves Jews are NOT the descendents of Abraham, and have no right to the land of Israel or the promises of God.

John Hagee teaches prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
TBN teaches the Jesuits Antichrist deceptions.
The Trinity Broadcasting Network is now the world’s largest Christian television network.
They feature people like Hal Lindsey, Pastor John Hagee, who promote the Jesuit End times Antichrist concepts.
Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins brought the Jesuit deceptions to the masses.
In the 1990s, Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins took the Jesuit Futurism concepts, and applied them in the enormously successful Christian fiction series of books and movies.
The authors of Left Behind and the leaders of these television ministries may be genuine Christians who are doing their best to influence people for God’s Kingdom. Yet, in the full light of Scripture, they are teaching the doctrines of Satan.
Left Behind teaches much of the same Jesuit futurism of Francisco Ribera, hiding the real truth about the Antichrist.
Through Left Behind, the floodgates of futurism have been opened, unleashing a massive tidal wave of false prophecy, that has swept over America.
Tyndale House Publishing promotes writers who teach the Jesuits deception.
Kenneth N. Taylor, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, created of the The Living Bible and is the founder of Tyndale House.
Its most successful publication in recent years has been the Left Behind series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, which is one of the best-selling book series in history with more than 60 million copies in print.
Kenneth N. Taylor and Tyndale House Publishing promote authors who teach prophecy concepts that support the Jesuits end-time Antichrist deception.
So are these Pastors misled?  Are they ignorant?  Are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?
The studies on this website prove that the majority of today’s pastors are teaching end time prophecy concepts that are false, which makes them False Prophets.
The concept of Futurism was created to counter the Protestant Reformation and to deflect blame away from the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church.
The majority of today’s pastors are teaching the Jesuit’s prophecy concepts, which continues to deflect blame away from the Antichrist beast of the Roman Catholic Church.

They may be sincere Christians, but they are teaching the doctrine of the Antichrist, and they will be held accountable to the Lord!

Most of them have been deceived at seminaries and Bible schools, where the Jesuits infiltrated the ranks to deceive them.  Others are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who have sold out to the riches of Rome.
If you have influence with a pastor who is teaching these concepts, strongly encourage them to read the 70 Weeks Of Daniel Covenant Deception study and this page, so that they can see the truth.
There are definite strongholds in Pastors lives that aren’t allowing them to see the truth, so they desperately need your prayers.
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12
Joseph Tanner said, “It is a matter for deep regret that those who hold and advocate the Futurist system at the present day, Protestants as they are for the most part, are thus really playing into the hands of Rome, and helping to screen the Papacy from detection as the Antichrist.
It has been well said that ‘Futurism tends to obliterate the brand put by the Holy Spirit upon Popery.’ More especially is this to be deplored at a time when the Papal Antichrist seems to be making an expiring effort to regain his former hold on men’s minds.
The antichrist Roman Catholic Church has regained its power after sustaining a ‘deadly head wound‘ in 1798.
My friend, Satan and his disciples have been very effective in undermining Christianity.
As a result, Christians are deceived and unprepared, because they think that God will rapture them out before the 7-year tribulation.
So they aren’t putting on the full armor of God to face times of great tribulation.
They aren’t preparing to have an escape plan, to have food and water, so that
they can protect their family and minister to others.
They will be panic stricken when it doesn’t happen and their hearts will fail them;
instead of being full of faith and helping desperate people find hope in Jesus.
They aren’t prepared to proclaim the name of Jesus when they may be forced to
decide between worshiping the False Messiah(Satan) or death.
Read the The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation study to see how the Bible clearly describes the Roman Catholic Church as the the ‘beast of Revelation‘, the ‘Little Horn of Daniel‘, and the Pope, the ‘son of Perdition‘ and the “Babylonian Harlot‘.
One of the premises of the Jesuits deception is that there would be a peace agreement with Israel by the Antichrist, which meant that they had to take control of the land to create an end time Israel.
Our Jews Who Are Not Really Jews study reveals that 97% of people who call themselves Jews are not the descendents of Abraham, so the regathering in Israel is a fraud.
Many pastors point to the reestablishment of the nation Israel as a sure sign, but it is only the ploy of the Antichrist Jesuits.  To learn more, click on Regathering Of The Jews Deception
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Charles Lee Feinberg – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_L._Feinberg
Chuck Smith 1948 the last generationhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Smith_%28pastor%29

Revelation Is Both Symbolic And Literal

YHWH Revelation

Revelation Is Both Symbolic And Literal By David

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible study shows how Revelation uses symbols to explain the literal fulfillment.

Some people say that the Apocalyptic message is only symbolic and not literal.

They are saying that there is no literal historical fulfillment of the prophecies.

Some people say that the book of Revelation is literal.

They are saying that the locust in the 5th Trumpet will be actual locust.

To use that as an example, the symbol of locust is defined in the Old Testament as Arabs.

Judges 7:12 defines that locust represent the Arabians. “Now the Midianites and Amalekites, all the people of the East, were lying in the valley as numerous as locusts; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the seashore in multitude.”

So the 5th Trumpet is pointing to the rise of Islam and the great Muslim armies, which were used to attack part of the Roman Empire, as part of their judgment.

Here is a summary of the fulfillment of the fifth Trumpet, so that you can see the symbolism and the literal fulfillment:

The 5th Trumpet represents The Almighty YHWH using the Arabian (Mohammedan) army against the Western Roman Empire from 612-762 A.D., which is 150 years (5 months = 150 days). They wore turbans (crowns of gold); they had beards (faces of men); they had long hair like women; they wore chain-mail (breast-plates of iron); and they were fierce (teeth of lions). The falling star was Mohammed, the smoke out of Satan’s bottomless pit of lies is the Koran.

Revelation is a war manual, and John had to hide the message from the Romans who were in power at the time.

He could not say that the Arabs would come and attack the Roman Empire and prevail, as that would have invited more persecution.

The 6th Bowl refers to the symbolic drying up of the Euphrates River.

The literal interpretation focuses on the actual Euphrates River being dried up, but it symbolically points back to the domain of the the Turks, who became the great Ottoman Empire. Their drying up literally was fulfilled as they lost control of all of the lands they had conquered and were only left with the country of Turkey.

The 6th Trumpet represents The Almighty YHWH releasing the Turks to cross over the Euphrates River to conquer 1/3rd of the Roman Empire for 391 years (prepared for the hour and day and month and year, 1 + 30 + 360 = 391) from 1062-1453 A.D., which ended when they used large cannons (out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone) to knock down the thick protective walls of Constantinople.

The 6th Bowl was poured out to dry up the Ottoman Empire, the people (river) of theEuphrates who had been released during the 6th Trumpet. During the 18th and 19th centuries, they lost control of the territories that they had occupied, such as Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; the kings of the East. They lost control of Palestine to General Allenby of Great Britain in 1917 A.D.

So the book of Revelation is both symbolic and literal. If one has not studied the Old Testament, they probably don’t understand the definition of the symbols, which means that they cannot understand the literal fulfillment.

I think that it is our Father’s way of testing us to see if we read His whole Word.

Revelation truly is a baruchoth to those who read it and understand it, as it proves that the Elohim of the Scriptures is the One True Elohim; who foretold all of these events thousands of years ago, and have been fulfilled historically in precise detail. Praise Yah

History Unveils The Proper Explanation Of Prophecy Fulfillment

This Revelation Timeline Decoded Bible study focuses on how history unveils the proper prophecy interpretation.

The early church father’s could not have comprehended that it would take this long for it all to be fulfilled.  They expected that after the fall of Rome, the antichrist would rise to power and reign for 3 1/2 years, and then Messiah would return to destroy the beast.

They had no comprehension that the antichrist beast would reign for 1,260 years, not 1,260 days.

But as time passed, Bible scholars began to see how prophecy was being fulfilled historically.

They had seen how the Popes of Rome, the Little Horn of Daniel, the Son of Perdition of 2 Thessalonians 2, rose to power after the last Roman Emperor, who had restrained them from taking power, was removed in 476 A.D.

They had seen how the Popes of Rome changed the law and times, and persecuted and killed the saints.

They had seen how the Popes of Rome controlled all the world in the 12th century, and blasphemed by proclaiming to be God and to forgive sins.

In the 18th century, Edward Gibbon wrote the epic 6-volume “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, a series of events recorded such as seemed to me to correspond to a great extent with the series of symbols found in the Apocalypse.

The language of Mr. Gibbon was often such as he would have used, on the supposition that he had designed to prepare a commentary on the symbols employed by John.

But this historian had no belief in the divine origin of Christianity, but he brought to the performance of his work learning and talent such as few Christian scholars have possessed.

We can use it as an impartial and fair, for it was a result which he least of all contemplated, that he would ever be regarded as an expounder of the prophecies in the Bible, or be referred to as vindicating their truth.*

Today, we have an even greater viewpoint, because we can look back on all that has happened in Rome, to see how so many prophecies have been fulfilled in exacting detail.

We can look back at the Dark Ages and Inquisition when historians record that the Roman Catholic Church killed over 50 million saints, fulfilling Revelation who said she, the Harlot Church, would be drunk with the blood of the saints.

We can see the Cardinals and Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church wearing purple and scarlet, just as Revelation 17 said the Harlot Church would.

I dare say that because we have so much evidence before us, we are more accountable.  We have the whole record of history which provides the explanation of the fulfillment of prophecy.

Historicism proves how most of the prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years, since the book of Revelation was written.

Reference:Historicism proves how most of the prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years, since the book of Revelation was written.

History Unveiling Prophecy by Henry Grattan Guinness

Life too tire and take a break

The Revelation Timeline Is a Layered War Manual

Messiah’s Apocalyptic Vision is a war manual, which is layered and coded with symbols, to hide the message from the enemy.

Many people say that Revelation is chronological, and they are right; but it has four chronological layers whose fulfillment spans from when it was written until MessiYAH returns.

When you read the chapters of Revelation it’s difficult to get the whole picture, but when the four layers are all overlapped onto the timeline, they all fit together and explain the apocalyptic vision.

Here’s how the chapters of Revelation are layered.

In Revelation 2-3, our MessiYAH is speaking to seven church eras which have spanned from when John wrote the vision until Jesus returns, so the Seven Churches of Revelation study will show you how they have been fulfilled along the timeline.

In Revelation 12-13, our MessiYAH gives sweeping overviews of three phases of the Rome beast (the Roman Empire > The Roman Catholic Church > The Jesuits of Rome) that His followers have had to face from when John wrote the vision until Jesus returns, so the details of those chapters will overlay the timeline.

In Revelation 17-18, our MessiYAH helps John see how Satan has reigned through seven phases (heads) of the Roman beast; how the Roman Catholic Church is the eighth head, the Harlot of Babylon, the false Church; and how the Jesuits are using the Vatican to gather the world under their power, and then they will desolate the Harlot.

The seven Seals, the sealing of the 144,000, the seven Trumpet judgments, the Little Book, the Two Witnesses, the seven Bowl judgments, the Battle of Armageddon, the New World Order, and MessiYAH returning in victory, overlay the historical timeline.

Remember that John wrote the Revelation while the Roman Empire was in power, so he couldn’t just come out and point to them in the Apocalyptic visions.

To hide the message from the Romans, and from undiscerning people, he used the layers and symbols, which will be explained in the studies.

John understood Daniel’s prophecy visions, and he built on them to reveal the apocalyptic vision, so to understand Revelation, you need to understand the prophecies in Daniel.

Next Study: The Beasts Of Daniel 2 and Daniel 7

Life conform to system

The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24

This End Times Deceptions Bible study explains the fulfillment of Messiah’s warning about Great Tribulation. 

The proper context of the Olivet Discourse is not the end times, but rather about Messiah’s proclamation that the temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed.

The disciples understood the prophecy in Daniel 9, and they were inquiring about when the Messiah would cause the temple and city to be destroyed, thus ending the latter days of the Jews, who Messiah had just berated in Matthew 23.

Matthew is the only one who wrote about the end of the age, Luke and Mark did not.  The King James says the end of the world, but it should be rendered as ‘age‘ as it points to the latter days of the Jews, from when they were released from Babylon, until the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D.

Daniel 9:26 warned the Jews that the temple and city would be desolated. Daniel understood that to mean that because the Jews would deliver the Messiah up to be killed, they would be desolated.  This is why Daniel was so distraught.

and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.”

In Matthew 24:20-22, Messiah warned about the coming time of Great Tribulation, which Daniel had foretold:

And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Note: The command for the saints to flee Judea is very specific to the saints in the first century, and can’t apply to saints in the end times where there is no Judea.  Praying that their flight would not be on the Sabbath applies to the first century, when the Jewish leaders would have closed the city gates and prohibited walking out of the city; which does not apply to the end times.

Then in Matthew 24:34 Messiah told us that all of the things that He just proclaimed would be fulfilled in that generation:

Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”

Some people dismiss His words by saying that He was not referring to that generation, but His words to the Jews of His day reveal that He was indeed talking about them:

For as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this generation. Luke 11:30

But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation. Luke 17:25

From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, It shall be required of this generation. Luke 11:51

Because people don’t understand the terrible calamity that happened to the Jews in the first century, they assign the fulfillment to the end times.

But as you will see, this was an intense time of suffering for the Jews, who had rejected the Messiah. When Messiah was being led to be crucified, He said:

But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children.” Luke 23:28

So let’s take Messiah at His word and see how in fact His words were fulfilled, when the people of the prince, the Roman army invaded Judea, to desolate the temple, the city of Jerusalem, and the Jewish people.

Most Christians severely underestimate the desolation of the Jews in the first century, not understanding how Messiah caused the Roman army to cause calamity unlike any other time in history.

Here is a summary of what happened, as documented by Jewish historian Josephus:

On the way through Judea to Jerusalem, the Roman army killed Jews by the 10 thousands in the outlying cities. They invaded Judea from the north, marching along the coast, and killing many – 18,000 at Askelon alone.

The Roman army surrounded Jerusalem, cutting off the food supply. Warring factions inside the city destroyed the granaries.  This led to a severe famine, killing many. Josephus records that the famine widened its progress and devoured the people by whole houses and families. The upper rooms were full of women and children dying by famine; and the lanes of the city were full of the dead bodies of the aged.

People killed each other as they fought over food. The most horrible and unbelievable torments were inflicted upon all who were suspected of having any food concealed.

The city was divided against itself with rival groups. The most violent party in the city was the Zealots. These called to their aid a band of blood thirsty Idumeans, who set upon the people who were peaceably inclined, and slaughtered young and old until the outer temple was all of it overflowed with blood, and that day they saw 8500 dead bodies there.

But as for the seditious bands themselves, they fought against each other while trampling upon the dead bodies which lay heaped one upon another, and being filled with a mad rage from those dead bodies under their feet, they became the more fierce. They, moreover, were still inventing pernicious things against each other; and when they had resolved upon anything, they executed it without mercy, and omitted no method of torment or of barbarity.

Josephus also tells of the terrible torments inflicted upon nobles and citizens of the better sort who refused to comply with the demands of the Zealots. Those, after being horribly tortured, were slain, and through fear, none dared bury them. In this way 12,000 of the more eminent inhabitants perished.

The noise of those that were fighting was incessant, both by day and by night; but the lamentations of those that mourned exceeded the noise of the fighting.

The dead bodies were not taken outside the city and buried, for fear of being killed, so they stacked up around the city. The blood of all sort of dead carcases stood in lakes in the holy courts themselves.

Pestilence from unclean conditions caused diseases and death.

One man, with the consent of his family, killed his parents, his children, his wife and himself; to save themselves from a worse fate.

A woman, eminent for her family and her wealth, who, while suffering the ravages of famine, slew her infant son and roasted him, and having eaten half of him, concealed the other half.

Because the food supply was cut off by the Romans, Jews out of desperation would sneak out of the city walls at night to find food.  They were captured, tortured and crucified by the Roman army.  At one point 500 a night were being crucified on the trees around the city, so that all of the trees had multiple bodies on them.  And these bodies were not taken down, but left up there to rot and be eaten by birds and animals.

In 70 A.D. when the people of the prince, the Roman army flooded into Jerusalem, they killed the remaining Jews with the sword, trampling over dead bodies.

Birds, dogs and wild animals, ate the flesh of the fallen.

15,000 fugitive Jews were killed by the Romans, and the number of those that were forced to leap into the Jordan was prodigious. The whole country through which they fled was filled with slaughter, and Jordan could not be passed over, by reason of the dead bodies that were in it.

97,000 were taken captive and sold cheaply to places like Egypt, as if back into bondage.

At the end of the siege in 70 A.D., there were 1.1. million dead Jews, none of which were buried.

Their bodies were stacked in the city and fallen in the temple. Their bodies filled all of the trees outside the city. Blood no doubt was everywhere. The scene and stench had to be intense, unlike anything ever seen before or after.

Of this period of great tribulation Jewish historian Josephus says, in the introduction of his ‘Wars of the Jews‘ historical documentary.

It had come to pass that our city Jerusalem had arrived at a higher degree of felicity than any other city under the Roman government, and yet at last fell into the sorest of calamities again. Accordingly it appears to me that the misfortunes of all men from the beginning of the world, if they be compared to those of the Jews, are not so considerable as they were.”

The sufferings of the Jews had this peculiar characteristic, namely, that they were mostly inflicted upon themselves by the warring factions within the city, concerning whom Josephus says in another place:

It is impossible to go distinctly over every instance of these men’s iniquity. I shall, therefore, speak my mind here at once briefly: That neither did any other city ever suffer such miseries, nor did any age ever breed a generation more fruitful in wickedness than this was, from the beginning of the world” (Wars V. 10:5).

Messiah had warned about the bloodshed that would come on this generation.

And they will fall by the edge of the sword, and be led away captive into all nations. And Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” Luke 21:24

This fulfilled the Parable of the Wicked Vinedressers, when the wicked tenants killed the son of the vineyard owner.

But when the vinedressers saw him, they reasoned among themselves, saying, ‘This is the heir. Come, let us kill him, that the inheritance may be ours.’ So they cast him out of the vineyard and killed him. Therefore what will the owner of the vineyard do to them? He will come and destroy those vinedressers and give the vineyard to others.” Luke 20:14-15

This fulfilled Messiah words of Woe to the scribes and the Pharisees.

Therefore, indeed, I send you prophets, wise men, and scribes: some of them you will kill and crucify, and some of them you will scourge in your synagogues and persecute from city to city, that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah, son of Berechiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. Assuredly, I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation.” Matthew 23:34-36

Recall what the Jewish leaders said when they handed Messiah over to be crucified:

And all the people answered and said, “His blood be on us and on our children.” Matthew 27:25

As so it was as the Roman army flooded into the city and killed 100’s of thousands of Jews by the sword. And those who were captured were sold into slavery.

Titus wanted to save the temple, but the Roman soldiers were so enraged at the wicked Jews, that they tore it down brick by brick, to be able to capture all of the gold.

This fulfilled Messiah words in Matthew 24:1-2, “Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple, and His disciples came up to show Him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

The following information is from Philip Mauro’s well-documented work, The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation – A Study of the Last Two Visions of Daniel, and of the Olivet Discourse of the Lord Jesus Christ.’

The Jewish historian Josephus devotes nearly two hundred large pages (they would fill upwards of four hundred ordinary size) to the account of the events of’ those ‘days of vengeance,’ which l (as we have seen) involved not only the Jews in Palestine, but Jews all over the world.

We can refer to but a very few of those tragic events; but, inasmuch as not many of our readers have access to the history of Josephus, we believe we are rendering them a service in giving the best idea we can, in small compass, of the happenings of those times.

After the retreat of Roman army leader Cestius, there was a slaughter of about 10,000 Jews at Damascus; and then, it being evident that war with the Romans was inevitable, the Jews began making preparations to defend Jerusalem.

At that time Josephus, the writer of this history, was appointed general of the armies in Galilee. He seems to have had great ability and success as a soldier, though he was finally overpowered and captured by the Romans. Concerning one of his military operations his translator says’ I cannot but think this stratagem of Josephus to be one of the finest that ever was invented and executed by any warrior whatsoever.

At this point the emperor Nero appointed Vespasian, a valiant and experienced general, to the task of subduing the Jews; and Vespasian designated his son Titus to assist him. They invaded Judea from the north, marching along the coast, and killing many–18,000 at Askelon alone. Thus Galilee was all over filled with fire and blood; nor was it exempt from any kind of misery or calamity (III 4:1).

The incidents of this siege were terrible; and among them were events which forcibly recall the Lord’s words, But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days. The Romans were so enraged by the long and fierce resistance of the Jews that they spared none, nor pitied any. Many, moreover, in desperation, killed themselves.

The life of Josephus was spared in a manner which seems miraculous (III 8:4-7), and he was taken captive to Vespasian, to whom he prophesied that both he and Titus his son would be Caesar and emperor.

Josephus was with Titus during the subsequent siege of Jerusalem, in which the atrocities and miseries reached a limit impossible to be exceeded on earth. Only the state of the lost in hell could be worse.

After Jotapata fell, Joppa was taken, and then Tiberias and Taricheae on Lake Gennesaret. Thousands were killed, and upwards of 30,000 from the last named place alone were sold into slavery. Having now completely subdued Galilee, Vespasian led his army to Jerusalem.

For a right understanding of Matthew 24:15-21 it is important to know that the Roman armies were, for more than a year, occupied with the devastation of the provinces of Galilee and Judea, before Jerusalem was besieged. It should be noted also that Christ’s first warnings to flee were to them which be in Judea (#Mt24:16).

This makes it perfectly certain that the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place, which was the appointed signal for them which be in Judea to flee into the mountains, was not an idol set up in the inner sanctuary of the Temple. For the desolation of Judea was completed long before Jerusalem and the Temple were taken.

At the time Vespasian led his armies to Jerusalem, that doomed city was in a state of indescribable disorder and confusion insomuch that, during the entire siege, the Jews suffered far more from one another inside the walls than from the enemy outside.

Josephus says there were disorders and civil war in every city, and all those that were at quiet from the Romans turned their hands one against another. There was also a bitter contest between those that were for war, and those that were desirous for peace (IV 3:2).

Josephus further tells of the utter disgrace and ruin of the high priesthood, the basest of men being exalted to that office; and also of the profanation of the sanctuary.

The most violent party in the city was the Zealots. These called to their aid a band of blood thirsty Idumeans, who set upon the people who were peaceably inclined, and slaughtered young and old until the outer temple was all of it overflowed with blood, and that day they saw 8500 dead bodies there.

Among the slain was Ananias, formerly high priest, a venerable and worthy man, concerning whom Josephus said:

“I should not mistake if I said that the death of Ananias was the beginning of the destruction of the city, and that from this very day may be dated the overthrow of her wall, and the ruin of her affairs; that being the day whereon they saw their high priest, and the procurer of their preservation, slain in the midst of their city. * * *

And I cannot but think it was because God had doomed this city to destruction, as a polluted city, and was resolved to purge His sanctuary with fire, that He cut off these, their great defenders, while those that a little before had worn the sacred garments and presided over the public worship, were cast out naked to be the food of dogs and wild beasts.

Now after these were slain the Zealots and the Idumeans fell upon the people as upon a flock of profane animals, and cut their throats.”

Josephus also tells of the terrible torments inflicted upon nobles and citizens of the better sort who refused to comply with the demands of the Zealots. Those, after being horribly tortured, were slain, and through fear, none dared bury them. In this way 12,000 of the more eminent inhabitants perished (IV 5:3). We quote further:

“Along all the roads also vast numbers of dead bodies lay in heaps; and many who at first were zealous to desert the city chose rather to perish there; for the hopes of burial made death m their own city appear less terrible to them. But those zealots came at last to that degree of barbarity as not to bestow a burial either on those slain in the city or on those that lay along the roads; as if at the same time that they defiled men with their wicked actions they would pollute the Deity itself also, they left the dead bodies to putrefy under the sun. (IV. 6. 3).

About this time above 15,000 fugitive Jews were killed by the Romans, and the number of those that were forced to leap into the Jordan was prodigious. The whole country through which they fled was filled with slaughter, and Jordan could not be passed over, by reason of the dead bodies that were in it (IV. 8. 5, 6).


At this point Vespasian was called to Rome by reason of the death of the emperor Nero, and the operations against the Jews devolved upon Titus. Vespasian himself was soon thereafter made emperor.

Meanwhile another tyrant rose up, whose name was Simon, and of him Josephus says: Now this Simon, who was without the wall, was a greater terror to the people than the Romans themselves; while the Zealots who were within it were more heavy upon them than both the other.

Those Zealots were led by a tyrant named John; and the excesses of murder and uncleanness in which they habitually indulged are indescribable (see Bk. IV, ch. 9, sec. 10).

In order to overthrow John, the people finally admitted Simon and his followers. From that time onward the civil warfare within the city became more incessant and deadly. The distracted city was now divided into three factions instead of two.

The fighting was carried even into the inner court of the temple; whereupon Josephus laments that even those who came with sacrifices to offer them in the temple were slain, and sprinkled that altar with their own blood, till the dead bodies of strangers were mingled together with those of their own country, and those of profane persons with those of priests, and the blood of all sort of dead carcases stood in lakes in the holy courts themselves (V 1:3).

Surely there never were such conditions as these in any city before or since.

Among the dire calamities which befell the wretched people was the destruction of the granaries and storehouses of food;so that famine was soon added to the other horrors. The warring factions were agreed in nothing but to kill those that were innocent. Says Josephus:

The noise of those that were fighting was incessant, both by day and by night; but the lamentations of those that mourned exceeded the noise of the fighting. Nor was there ever any occasion for them to leave off their lamentations, because their calamities came perpetually, one upon another.

But as for the seditious bands themselves, they fought against each other while trampling upon the dead bodies which lay heaped one upon another, and being filled with a mad rage from those dead bodies under their feet, they became the more fierce. They, moreover, were still inventing pernicious things against each other; and when they had resolved upon anything, they executed it without mercy, and omitted no method of torment or of barbarity” (V. 2. 5).

At the time described in the preceding paragraphs, the Roman armies had not yet reached the city, and inasmuch as the Passover season now came on, and things seemed to quiet down momentarily, the gates were opened for such as wished to observe the great feast. The translator, in a footnote, says:

“Here we see the true occasion of those vast numbers of Jews that were in Jerusalem during this siege by Titus and who perished therein. For the siege began at the feast of Passover, when such prodigious multitudes of the Jews and proselytes were come from all parts of Judea, and from other countries.

As to the number that perished during this siege, Josephus assures us, as we shall see hereafter, they were 1,100,000, besides 97,000 captives.

This is notable as the last Passover. That joyous feast of remembrance of God’s great deliverance of His people out of Egypt ended in an orgy of blood.

The tyrant John took advantage of this opportunity to introduce some of his followers, with concealed weapons, among the throngs of worshipers in the temple, who slew many, while others were rolled in heaps together, and trampled upon, and beaten without mercy.

And now, though the Roman armies were at their gates, the warring factions began again to destroy one another and the innocent inhabitants.

“For”, says Josephus, they returned to their former madness, and separated one from another, and fought it out; and they did everything that the besiegers could desire them to do. For they never suffered from the Romans anything worse than they made each other suffer; nor was there any misery endured by the city which, after what these men did, could be esteemed new. It was most of all unhappy before it was overthrown; and those that took it did it a kindness. For I venture to say that the sedition destroyed the city, and the Romans destroyed the sedition. This was a much harder thing to do than to destroy the walls. So that we may justly ascribe our misfortunes to our own people (V. 6. 2).

This is the most astonishing feature of this great tribulation; for surely there never was a besieged city whose inhabitants suffered more from one another than from the common enemy. In this feature of the case we see most clearly that it is one of judgment; and that, as the apostle Paul said, the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.

At this point the siege began in earnest. Titus, however, sent Josephus to speak to the Jews, offering them clemency, and exhorting them to yield. Josephus made a most earnest plea to them not to resist the might of Rome, pointing out that God was no longer with them.

But it was to no purpose. So the siege proceeded outside, and the famine began to rage inside, insomuch that children pulled out of their parents’ mouths the morsels they were eating, and even mothers deprived their infants of the last bits of food that might have sustained their lives.

The fighters, of course, kept for their own use what food there was, and it seems that they took a keen delight in seeing others suffer. It was a species of madness. They invented terrible methods of torments, such as it would not be seemly for us to describe. And this was done, says Josephus, to keep their madness in exercise (V 10:3).

The most horrible and unbelievable torments were inflicted upon all who were suspected of having any food concealed. The following passage will give an idea of the conditions:

“It is impossible to give every instance of the iniquity of these men. I shall therefore speak my mind here at once briefly:–that neither did any other city suffer such miseries, nor did any age ever breed a generation more fruitful in wickedness than this was, from the beginning of the world. (This forcibly brings to mind the Lord’s own words.) Finally they brought the Hebrew nation into contempt, that they might themselves appear comparatively less impious with regard to strangers. They confessed, what was true, that they were the scum, and the spurious and abortive offspring of our nation, while they overthrew the city themselves, and forced the Romans, whether they would or no, to gain a melancholy reputation by acting gloriously against them; and did almost draw that fire upon the temple which they seemed to think came too slowly” (V. 10. 5).

Under pressure of the famine many Jews went out at night into the valleys in search of food.

These were caught, tortured and crucified in sight of those on the walls of the city. About five hundred every day were thus treated. The number became finally so great that there was not room enough for the crosses, nor crosses enough for the victims. So several were ofttimes nailed to one cross.

A little later the Roman armies encompassed the entire city, so that there was no longer any egress therefrom.

“Then, says Josephus, did the famine widen its progress and devour the people by whole houses and families. The upper rooms were full of women and children dying by famine; and the lanes of the city were full of the dead bodies of the aged. The children also and the young men wandered about the marketplaces like shadows, all swelled with the famine, and fell down dead, wheresoever their misery seized them (V. 12. 3).

Thus did the miseries of Jerusalem grow worse and worse every day.

And indeed the multitude of carcases that lay in heaps, one upon another, was a horrible sight, and produced a pestilential stench which was a hindrance to those that would make sallies out of the city and fight the enemy (VI. 1. 1).

The number of those that perished by famine in the city was prodigious, and their miseries were unspeakable. For if so much as the shadow of any kind of food did anywhere appear, a war was commenced presently, and the dearest friends fell a fighting one another about it.

In this connection Josephus relates in detail the case of a woman, eminent for her family and her wealth, who, while suffering the ravages of famine, slew her infant son and roasted him, and having eaten half of him, concealed the other half.

When presently the seditious Jews came in to search the premises, and smelt the horrid scent of this food, they threatened her life if she did not show them what food she had prepared. She replied that she had saved for them a choice part, and withal uncovered what was left of the little body, saying, Come, eat of this food; for I have eaten of it myself. Do not you pretend to be more tender than a woman, or more compassionate than a mother. Even those desperate and hardened men were horrified at the sight, and stood aghast at the deed of this mother. They left trembling; and the whole city was full of what the woman had done. It must be remembered that all this time the lives of all in the city would have been spared and the city and temple saved, had they but yielded to the Romans. But how then should the Scripture be fulfilled? (see #De 28:56,57)

Soon after this the temple was set on fire and was burned down, though Titus tried to save it. Josephus says:

But as for that house, God had for certain long ago doomed it to the fire; and now that fatal day was come, according to the revolution of ages. It was the tenth day of the month Ab, the day upon which it was formerly burnt by the king of Babylon (VI. 4. 5).

Further Josephus says:

“While the holy house was on fire everything was plundered that came to hand, and ten thousand of those were slain. Nor was there commiseration of any age, or any reverence of gravity; but children, old men, profane persons, and priests were all slain in the same manner.

Moreover many, when they saw the fire, exerted their utmost strength, and did break out into groans and outcries. Perea also did return the echo, as well as the mountains round about Jerusalem, and augmented the force of the noise.”

Yet was the misery itself more terrible than this disorder. For one would have thought that the hill itself, on which the temple stood, was seething hot, as if full of fire on every part, that the blood was more in quantity than the fire, and that the slain were more in numbers than they who slew them. For the ground did nowhere appear visible because of the dead bodies that lay upon it (VL 5. 1).

In describing how a number were killed in a certain cloister, which the soldiers set on fire, Josephus says:

“A false prophet was the occasion of the destruction of those people, he having made a public proclamation that very day that God commanded them to get upon the temple and that they should receive miraculous signs of their deliverance. There was then a large number of false prophets suborned by the tyrants to impose on the people, who announced to them that they should wait for deliverance from God (VI. 5. 2).

In this detail also the MessiYah’s Olivet prophecy was most literally fulfilled.

When at last the Romans gained entrance into the city, the soldiers had become so exasperated by the stubborn resistance of the Jews, that they could not be restrained from wreaking vengeance upon the survivors.

So they indulged in slaughter until weary of it. The survivors were sold into slavery, but at a very low price, because they were so numerous, and the buyers were few. Thus was fulfilled the word of the Lord by Moses, And there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you (#De 28:68).

Many were put into bonds and sold to slavery in the Egyptian mines, thus fulfilling several prophecies that they should be sold into Egypt again, whence God had delivered them (#Ho 8:13; 9:3).

This fulfills Luke 21:24, “And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations.”

In concluding this part of his history Josephus gives the number of those who perished (a million one hundred thousand) and of those sold into slavery (ninety seven thousand), and explains, as we have already stated, that they were come up from all the country to the feast of unleavened bread, and were on a sudden shut up by an army. And he adds:

“Now this vast multitude was indeed collected out of remote places, but the entire nation was now shut up by fate as in prison, and the Roman army encompassed the city when it was crowded with inhabitants. Accordingly the multitude of those that perished therein exceeded all the destruction’s that either men or God ever brought upon the world” (VI. 9. 4).

Thus ended, in the greatest of all calamities of the sort, the national existence of the Jewish people, and all that pertained to that old covenant which was instituted with glory (#2Co 3:7,9,11), but which was to be done away.

Here may be seen an example of the thoroughness of God’s judgments, when He arises to do His strange work. Judgment must begin at the house of God; and in view of what is brought to our notice in this history of Josephus, how impressive is the question, And if it begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (#1Pe 4:17).


Many will cite the holocaust or other times when millions of people died, to say that they were worse; but I will take Messiah at His word, which is verified by Jewish historian Josephus, that the sheer horror of what happened in and around Jerusalem from 66-70 A.D. has never been seen before or since.

The time of Great Tribulation referred to in Matthew 24, is the time of Jacob’s Trouble, which is described in Daniel 12.

Read this study to see the fulfillment of the Abomination of Desolation which warned the saints in Judea, the 1,290 days, the 1,335 days, and the siege being cut short for the elect’s sake.  Daniel 12 Is Not About The Antichrist Or The End Times

Additional Study Resources:

The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation, by Philip Maurohttp://www.preteristarchive.com/Books/1921_mauro_seventy-weeks.html

Flavius Josephus describes the destruction of Jerusalem. http://www.bible.ca/pre-flavius-josephus-70AD-Mt24-fulfilled.htm

Jerusalem, AD70: The Worst Desolation Ever?http://www.ukapologetics.net/09/AD70.htm

Revelation Timeline Decoded

Life Renewed Life

Revelation prophecy fulfillment is fairly straight-forward.

It’s all of the futuristic deceptions of the enemy that make it hard to see the truth of the fulfillment.

The enemy has programmed Christians to look to the future for the fulfillment, as most prophecy teachers say that all of the Revelation seals, trumpets and bowls take place in the end-times. This is called futurism.

The truth is that most of Revelation has been fulfilled during the last 1,900 years, since it was written. This is called historicism.

Revelation 1:1 says, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants–things which must shortly take place.”

And as you will learn, the first seal of Revelation was fulfilled shortly after John recorded the book of Revelation.

Ask yourself, what makes more sense?

That none of the Revelation prophecies would be fulfilled for 1,900+ years, and then all of them would be fulfilled during the final few years?

Or, that the Revelation prophecies would be fulfilled during the time from when they were written, until Messiah returns?

Doesn’t it make more sense that Revelation describes what the Assembly of Messiah would face during all of the years until Messiah returns?

Let me put it another way. If the futuristic view of prophecy is true, then that means that our Messiah had nothing to say to His Church about the following events which occurred during the last 1,900 years:

Satan using the Roman Empire to kill 10 million saints, in his attempt to wipe out the Early Church.

The fall of the mighty Roman Empire from civil war, disease, famine and financial collapse.

Roman Emperor Constantine and the Roman Bishops creating a new pagan religion of Christianity, the Roman Catechism, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Army after army attacking the great Roman Empire to desolate it, causing the last Roman Emperor to be removed from power in 476 A.D.

The rise of the Popes of Rome to power in the 6th century, who went on to relentlessly burn the Set Apart Scriptures and kill the saints during the Dark Ages and the Inquisition, during which over 50 million saints were killed.

The Popes of Rome proclaiming blasphemous things, such as they are God, that they forgive sins, that they control the whole world, and condemning saints as heretics.

The translation of the Scriptures into English, German, and other languages, after it had been hidden for so long in Latin by the Papal Church. And the advent of the printing press, which caused Bibles to spread around the world.

Martin Luther, a Catholic Monk, being led to read the Bible to see that the Papal Church was a false Church, a Harlot Church. He responded by posting his 95 Thesis, which sparked the Protestant Reformation, causing millions of people to be saved by faith, come out of the Catholic Church and form the Protestant Churches.

The rise of the Jesuit Order, which the Roman Catholic Church empowered, to counter the Reformation, to bring the Protestants back under their power.

The Spanish Inquisition and wholesale slaughter of the saints in France, by order of the Pope of Rome.

The French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, which killed many Catholics, in countries which had previously killed the saints.

The time of the Great Awakening when missionaries traveled around the world spreading the Good News.

The Futuristic view tells you that Messiah had nothing to say to His Church which endured all of those things.

The Futuristic view tells you that Messiah had nothing to say to the 10 million who died at the hands of the Roman Empire, and nothing to say to the 50 million plus who died at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church.

I promise you that our Messiah did in fact speak of all of those things in the book of Revelation, not by name of course, but the events and the people groups were all described in clear detail, and history proves the fulfillment.

So my friend, you’re going to have to pray for discernment, because your programming, the things that you’ve been taught about the seals, the trumpets and the bowls… are going to interfere with your ability to understand what the Bible is really telling us.

I’m not asking you to be empty-minded, but you will need to be open-minded.
Seek to pursue truth, instead of defending what you’ve been led to believe.

The enemy has worked hard to deceive the end times Church, because the culmination of all that he has worked for to push the world into a New World Order, takes place in the last few years.

By causing you to look to a future fulfillment of prophecy, he has caused you to not understand who the enemy of Christ and His Church really are.

Many Christians haven’t studied the scriptures to validate the meaning of prophecies,
so they have blindly trusted what Pastors have told them.

Friend, you’re going to stand before your Messiah some day and be accountable for knowing the true fulfillment.  Saying that your Pastors told you is not going to cut it.

The historic fulfillment of Our Messiah Revelation reveals the battle between Satan and his followers, warring against Messiah and His followers.

Right now, the enemy is prevailing, because most Christians don’t even know who the real enemy is.

And most Christians believe that they will be raptured before the supposed 7-year tribulation period, so most don’t care.

This explains why Messiah called our Laodicean Church era, lukewarm, wretched,miserable, blind, naked and poor.

The enemy has infiltrated seminaries and caused them to teach a futuristic fulfillment of Revelation. This has blinded Christians from seeing who Satan has empowered to war against them, so they are unable to fight back with the rod of iron, the Word of Elohim.

Friend, are you ready to learn the truth?

If so, click here to view: The Deceiver’s End-Times Plan For Christians

Father, I pray that you wake the church up from her slumber, and that you anoint each visitor with eye salve to help them see the truth. I pray this in Yahusha/Jesus name, for your Honor and your Esteem. Amein!


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