Scriptural Study on … THE BRIDE OF MESSIYAH

CONTENTSTHE BRIDE OF MESSIYAH SERIES Click PDF here for easy  reading #1. Understanding the Bride   #2. The Garments of the Bride   #3. The Privileges of the Bride   #4. The Purpose of the Bride   #5. The Birthing and Placing of the Sons   #6. In Training to be a Son  

The revelation of YAHUWAH Aloahiym’s Light in Motion

instant PDF pls click here Or COPY the PDF link below, and paste it on your browser’s-Light-in-Motion.pdf Prayer Father, all praise be to You, the Eternal YAHUWAH Aloahiym Aleph Tau, our Creator Father, and Yahushua, our Messiah Aloahiym Aleph Tau, one with the Father [John 10:30], Who has us kept us alive, sustained us, […]

Oh YAHUWAH We Are Thankful – Turn Us Again!

  Turn us again, O Elohym, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved. ~ Psalms 80:3  Original article can be found on   By  Dr. William and Mary Schnoebelen. Prayer changes us profoundly. As we seek to know Abba Father through our Saviour Yahushua – we are changed. Like a child we rest in Him. […]

YAHUWAH’s Light – Encounter 1

YAHUWAH’s Light – Encounter 1  by Nathan Brewer I’ve been a PGO member for about 3 or 4 months now and have already began experiencing the light of YAHUWAH in a way like never  before. Last week, I’d spent an entire evening praying to the Father, and continued my time in prayer into the early hours […]

So . . . What of Sin . . . And what of the ‘Righteousness’ of Aloahiym?

Part 1 PDF 5-20-16 So . . . What of Sin, and what of the Righteousness of Aloahiym   ” Excerpt from Section 1, Part 3 of the Book on the Man Child of Rev 12:5 . . . Every living soul on the face of the planet is but one breath and one heartbeat […]

Open Vision: Visit to the Execution Stake, 4- 2014

Download PDF for easy reading: Open Vision and Personal Revelation By Eyd   Open Vision and Personal Revelation: Visit to the Execution Stake… 4- 2014 Excerpt from Section 2 Part 3 of the Book of the Man Child, this website. ( At the end of this article is an Additional Bonus for the study of How did […]

YahnEl’s Testimony: Prayerfully Arranged Marriage

Prayerfully Arranged Marriage Written Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 The amazing story of  the ” Answered Prayer ” below reminds me of Ms Heloise in Asia (and others as well) who has been faithfully keeping me in her intercessory prayers for more than 17 years now (as of Feb 2009).  While reading the story, I am […]

Open Vision on a Mountain Top By Yahn El

  Jan 2010 . . . Open Vision on a Mountain Top   (Taken from Part 2 Vol 1 of the Man Child Book –Rev 12:5) While still visiting with the prayer group in Indianapolis, the entire group of seven of us left to attend a conference in Dallas, TX. During this time, Yahn EL […]

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