My beloved, this is the key to be saved: Act 2:21 ‘And it shall be that everyone who calls on the Name of יהוה shall be saved.Footnote: Joel 2:28-32, Rom. 10:13.

  We prepare this message for our children. It is our deep heart desire that our children will get this most important message of our Abba Father for inclusion in the covenant; as it pertains them Gen 9:9  “And I, see, I establish My covenant with you and with your seed after you.”   Act 2:21 […]

Ministry of Aloahiym

 Romans 8:14  For as many as are led by the Set Apart Spirit (Ruach Ha Qodesh) of Aloahiym, these are sons (and daughters) of Aloahiym. Ministry of Aloahiym Click Here to view the original PDF  for easy reading:    Website – Ministry of Aloahiym Message for Home Page This ministry has no name or identity apart from […]

Concerning the Catching Up of the Man Child [Rev 12:5]:

Please click here for easy reading: PDF – July 8, 2014 Catching up of the Man Child – Taken from beginning of Part 3 Concerning the Catching Up of the Man Child [Rev 12:5]: (Excerpt from Part 3 of the Book of the Man Child of Revelation 12:5) To reiterate from Page 9 of Part […]

Ancient Chinese served the One Sovereign Creator as in the Bible No2 中國歷代皇帝獻祭敬拜上帝

Temple of  Heaven located on Beijing, China The Creator-Almighty of the Chinese and the Hebrews are one and the same (Click the above link for YouTube Video Presentation)  ( Mobile App link for Man-child website, you can read/watch from your Mobile phone now: China is mentioned in the ancient Hebrew scriptures, an ancient prophecy from […]

Ancient Chinese Worship YHWH The Creator No1 中國先祖敬拜獨一真神

                                                                         Oracle bone script, the earliest known form of Chinese.   ShangDi – The Almighty Creator of the Chinese People for 4500 […]

“No one has the right to be right in anything – only the right to be broken.” [PS 51:17].

  Yahushua appeared to Royal C. in the mid-1980s and said: “No one has the right to be right in anything – only the right to be broken.” [PS 51:17].  Further, neither do we have the right to be opinionated, bigoted, prejudiced, critical, gossipy, or tale bearing! We only have the right to agape![1 PET 4:11; […]

The Joy Of A Young Woman

Donec nec facilisis nisi. Vivamus tempor feugiat velit gravida vehicula. Donec faucibus pellentesque ipsum id varius. Ut rutrum metus sed neque ultricies a dictum ante sagittis. Proin in facilisis diam. Sed placerat imperdiet purus, id sollicitudin magna pretium sit amet. Vivamus orci dolor, iaculis at volutpat eget, fermentum vel quam. Nullam non neque urna, ut […]

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