One of Last Two Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls Reconstructed, Deciphered, Throwing Light on Alternative Jewish Calendar

Are Any Of Them Right?
YHWH Calendar detail-from-a-dead-sea-scroll

By Sholiach Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky

Are Any Of Them Right?

Some of you have found that the true times of YHWH, angels, prophets and Temple Zadokite priests are Solar, with the stars as a second firm and sound witness. Congratulations that is the good news! You have heeded the warnings of Torah in Gen. 1:14-17 & Jubilees and no longer use the moon. Now many calendars out there claim to be Enochian or done by Enoch or to follow his principles, even though he actually did not have a calendar nor did he compile a calendar. Allow me to list a few Enochian calendars that claim Enoch or the Zadokites at Qumran as their authority but have errors in their understanding. We will also tackle the Solar Lunar error, as well as the issues with the Hillel the 3rd Jewish calendar.

-Some Enochian calendars start at the Equilux March 16th. This is incorrect due to the global sign of the Aviv missing. The AVIV-OT works everywhere and is specific to just 2 days a year and is not based on a local light event. Enoch teaches 9 parts day and night not equal nano-seconds. The Sign of the Aviv marks 9 parts day and night, as opposed to the manmade additional demand of exact equal sunrise and sunset times, which may vary due to lights refraction.


Not All Calendars Claiming Enoch Stand The Test of His Word!

– Some Enochian calendars use the Spring Equinox as Day 1 or Aviv 1. This is a major error which we once practiced because one day cannot contain parts of Winter and Spring. Enoch 72:31-32 states that New Years Day, Aviv 1, is ALWAYS the day after the Spring Equinox on Day 364. Those who follow this tradition disobey Scripture and all their Shabbats and feast days are one day off. If they were to make this one adjustment they would be back on track with Scripture. 

– Some Enochian calendars correctly count 364 [360 +4] as commanded in the Word and correctly start Aviv 1 the next day but in order to fix Saturday as the Shabbat, falsely claim that the Spring Equinox is always on a Tuesday and Aviv 1 is always on a Wednesday. A look at the Roman week [which they use as opposed to the Torah week] on any calendar will show you this is wrong. This is mathematically impossible, as each full year has 365 sunrises, causing all 7 days of the week and all 364 days of the year to float one day each year. Even if you count only 364 days it won’t stop the seasons from floating. They use tricks to avoid having the seasons fall at the wrong time by skipping days and telling no one and yet claiming that there is no waiting for Aviv 1 and that it always follows a Tuesday. [In 2016 for example the heavens showed March 20th a Sunday was the AVIV-OT Sign of Aviv and these folks said that Equinox was on Tuesday, skipping both Sunday and Monday in order to make it seem that it was a Tuesday and thus an uninterrupted week. This put them 2 days off all year but able to hold onto Saturday]. This is a deceptive departure from Torah time and simple logic. Ignoring the extra sunrise while telling people that no days are skipped may serve to preserve Saturday as Shabbat but this version of the Enochian calendar is one of the most deceptive of them all. They would inevitably start Spring in December or November after several decades of ignoring days, unless they pretend and don’t inform anyone that they are in fact skipping days, yet insisting that the Roman week skips no days, as long as only 364 days are recognized. It is dishonest because if they didn’t skip days-sunrises every year, the Spring Equinox AVIV-OT would be in January within 60 years, so they do skip counting days, which is why they don’t have to deal with that situation of seasons and Shabbats moving.

– Some Enochian calendars start the year on Day 5 as they believe that Day 4 is the Marker Day and the year cannot start on a marker day, when the sun and stars were assigned, so they wait for the day after to be Aviv 1. We find that when this is done, somehow they still always come out to Saturday for Shabbat. The TRUE ORIGINAL Shabbat is based on the Spring Turn and Aviv 1 regardless of what Roman day it falls and can never fall on the same Roman day year after year. It appears that they completely ignore the recorded and marked monthly dates and the authority to declare such dates from Torah that belongs to the Zadokite priests, who always and without fail began the year on Day 4 not Day 5 of week one. One motivation may be to have Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement fall on a Saturday-Shabbat as they interpret Yom Kippur as a weekly Shabbat, which it is not. It always falls on Day 6 of the correct calendar of Zadok.

– Some Enochian calendars start the year as Aviv 1 on the First day of the First week. This seems logical and sound but will throw off all the Shabbats and feasts, because YHWH did not assign days, weeks and years to be counted until Day 4, when He assigned the sun and stars for that task. People cannot begin their count for Aviv 1 on Day 1 of the week, as that causes everything to jump out of divine order and for instance, would make the Shabbats of month # 1 as 7, 14, 21 and 28. This does not line up with the divine order in Torah and furthermore causes Passover, where cooking, cleaning and where massive preparation is required, to fall on a weekly Shabbat. YHWH would not instruct us to count in such a manner causing us to violate His weekly Shabbat on the second Shabbat of the year. Additionally it throws off all Shabbats of months 2-12, as seen for example in Month 2 in Scripture, where Shabbats must fall on 2, 9,16, 23 and 30 as seen in the Shabbat lesson and example of the Manna. Starting the year on Day 1 of week 1, will GURANTEE that all the dates of each month are off!

-Some Enochian calendars even begin Aviv 1 on a 7th day Shabbat! Yes you heard right! They claim that Day 1 Aviv 1 is a 7th day Shabbat making 8, 15, 22 and 29 the Aviv Shabbats. This is the crazy theory taken right out of the lunar Shabbat school system. Where in the Torah does it teach that a weekly Shabbat is the first day of the first week of the year? Yet this loco theory is actually gaining followers.

– A few Enochian calendars have the basic principles correct but inject the GAP THEORY. That means if the Spring Equinox is on a Sunday they wait until Wednesday to start the year. They cling to Roman days. Say the Spring Equinox is on a Thursday, they wait 6 days to start the year always on a Wednesday, so they can hold on tightly to man’s Shabbat or Saturday. They literally create a gap of up to 6 days in some years. We know that Aviv 1 must ALWAYS FOLLOW the AVIV-OT without any gaps at all!

I am sure there are other calendars that claim to be Enochian-Zadokite and the only true Enochian calendar at that. So if you’re new to all this, just because someone says they believe and follow the “Enochian solar calendar” IT DOES NOT MEAN that they have the true division of time.

Before we get to the hallmarks of the true divisions of YHWH’s time, sadly we have to address two erroneous systems of calendation that do not meet the most basic of Torah requirements, but sadly continue to trip and deceive multitudes.

The Lunar Shabbat Calendar or Solar-Lunar Calendar BOTH fail Scripture in many ways. These few basic errors are covered, so that not another soul becomes deceived by them. These errors SHOULD be obvious to most but are not.

-The Moon is not a generator of light but is a reflector of light and thus cannot rule over the night. Additionally its course and disorder does not represent the eternality and punctuality of YHWH’s signs that are given to mark time, the sun and the stars collectively the Greater and Lesser Lights do that. The moon is missing from view sometimes 10 days a month and is disqualified from ruling anything consistently, even having the audacity [rebelliousness] to show up during the rule of the sun in the daylight.

-Every LUNAR month has either 29 or 30 days. The 29 day month is called choleh-sick in Hebraic thought. The perfect order of YHWH has 12 months all with 30 days. The lunar year falls 10 days short [354] of a Torah and biblical prophetic year of 360 days + 4 season markers. The plain truth is that an astronomical lunation is 28 days, a shock to many, leaving the lunar year 24 days short annually of being a steady time piece, even though standard thought is that there is a 10-11 day annual difference between a solar and a lunar year. Therefore the Lunar Shabbat theory is comical when astronomically day 29, a supposed Shabbat, does not even exist!

-The Solar-Lunar calendar is forced to add a 13th month every three years to reconcile the accumulated 30 day difference after 3 solar years. NOWHERE IN SCRIPTURE is man commanded to or allowed to add a 13th month. It simply does not exist. If we follow the astronomical reality, then the moon falls behind the sun 72-75 days every three years. 24 days for three years using 364 or 25 days for three years using 365.25.

-The Lunar Shabbat or Solar-Lunar Calendar breaks the 7 day weekly Torah cycle on the last week of each month! The 29 day months have 2 extra days resulting in 9 days between Shabbats in the last week of each lunar month! The 30 day months have 8 days between Shabbats the last week of each lunar month! This should alarm anyone still using this method, as Scripture clearly states over and over again that the 7th day weekly Shabbat must occur every 7 days, not every 8 or 9 days to honor Rosh Chodesh! The true test of any calendar is how it handles and approaches the 7th day Shabbat. If that is wrong all else does not matter! Additionally the Lunar Shabbat Calendar does not line up with the required 72 hours of 3 days and 3 nights required by Yahushua as a sign to all generations of His Power over death, hell and the grave!

The Jewish Hillel Calendar-The traditional Jewish calendar has too many flaws to mention here but here is a brief overview:

-Fixes Saturday as Shabbat divorced from the original Torah week where the Shabbat is determined by the resetting of each year through heavenly signs & affirmation.

-Starts the year in Tishri the 7th lunar month as opposed to the solar 1st of Aviv which they call Nissan. They even introduce several different types of new years in a single calendar year to justify this.

-Labels all months with Babylonian pagan names learned in exile.

-Is a Solar-Lunar Calendar where months have 29 or 30 days again not Scriptural. Uses the 13th month as well again not found in Scripture.

-Grants the rabbis the so called authority to determine the appointed times for Israel. They remove the authority from the Zadokite priesthood seen in Deut Ch. 17 & Ezekiel 44 and give it to men that have no authority and that have adopted lunar reckonings in their departure from Torah time.

-This misplaced authority grants them permission to engage in daleetot the Hebrew word for postponements. This is a clever system that allows them to MOVE the appointed times whenever they become too inconvenient. When an annual moed-Shabbat is set to fall the day before or after a Saturday Shabbat, they postpone it a day, so that cooking and preparations can occur. Can you imagine the nerve of people that move His appointed times around for convenience sake? Well don’t be, it happens all the time, even among born again Hebrews of all sorts! This false calendar also has turned some major feasts such as Pentecost. Trumpets and Passover into 2 day events rather than the 1 day prescribed in Scripture! They ignore the Feasts of Wine, Oil and Wood found in Torah in Ezra and Nehemiah.

-The Hillel Jewish calendar of exile also has subtracted 240 years, the time Judah was in Persia, in order to throw off the timing of such prophesies as Daniel 9 that pinpoint the exact time when Adon Messiah would arrive! These 240 missing years throw off Scripture’s predictions and make it harder for people to receive and accept salvation from YHWH-Yahushua!


We believe the True Torah-Enochian-Zadokite Priestly calendar has the following key eternal features: [we do not claim perfect knowledge but these key elements must be present to discern the Torah Enochian one from other pretenders, with mixed fruit and guesswork.]

-The marker day 364 is the AVIV-OT sign of the Aviv-Equinox and can fall on any day on the Roman calendar. It is the reset day for the New Year and is seen anywhere in the world, as the shadow points tracked during the day will make a straight line. This only happens on both Equinoxes.

-That New Years Day is the day after the AVIV-OT and can fall on any day on the Roman calendar.

-There may be a day or 2 between day 364 and Aviv 1 when we are to wait and look for the sign the AVIV-OT.
We are commanded to count ONLY 364 sunrises then wait for HIS SIGN to reset for another year!

– Since all 7 days are based on solar time or a Torah solar week, all 7 days in a week are determined by their connection the Spring Sign-Equinox on Day 3 [not Tuesdays], Aviv 1 on Day 4 [not Wednesdays] and Aviv 4 [Day 7 not Saturdays] and thus all Torah days float on a pagan calendar but never float when based on Torah, as the first Shabbat of each year, occurs 3 days after day 4 of week one and can fall on any pagan day. To divorce days from the Solar week of Creation is to perpetuate a separate cycle of 7 days, divorced from the sun which violates YHWH’s order where He declared “What YHWH HAS JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER, FOR I YHWH HATE PUTTING AWAY.” Of course the original context describes marriage but the principle behind it applies to anything YHWH ordained in its rightful eternal order and place.
In a calendation context when man divorces all 7 days from being one flesh with the Spring Equinox, he has sinned and he is left with a man made week of His own imagination. With that reality, Saturday can never be the true 7th Day Shabbat every single year, as it is detached and divorced from its one flesh dependence on the sign of the Great Light. When Adon Yahushua was on earth, as seen by His behavior and actions, all branches of Israel kept the Shabbat based on the Turn of the Year The AVIV-OT. Passion week is a perfect example of that, as Yahushua and the Jews all rested on Shabbat on Aviv 18 exactly 2 weeks after Aviv 4 the years first weekly Shabbat. The Gospels refer to THE SHABBAT, so there were no schisms in Messiah’s day, as Shabbat was the Sabbath, not any day we see around today. In none of the Qumran or even Talmudic writings do we see THE SHABBAT referred to as what is called Saturday. I have read these references myself and the only thing one can find are references to THE SHABBAT.

Please see these links for more evidence of the correct Enochian reckoning vs. the pretenders.


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How to teach your 3 year old to discern the Weekly Shabbat!
[PS Don’t let adults do this as religion will set in]

-Establish A Straight Shadow With A Rod-Pole [usually March 20th]
-Next Day is Day 4 of Week One Or Aviv 1 New Years Day
-4+3=7 The Original Shabbat Day Aviv  4
-Shabbat is every 7 days from there!

Updated Discoveries On The Times of YHWH


Shalom Friends,

As we have continued to dig and search deeply  for the true division of the times of YHWH, properly divided by Torah, Enoch, Angels and the Dead Sea Scrolls,

we have come to a shocking discovery. We are still investigating, praying and meditating on what it all may mean and how it all fits. Suffice it to say for now, that we have found this underlying truth. The heavens manifested in shadows do not lie.  [Armillaries are good but are precise instruments and only measure certain things & require training.]
Online data provided by computer, math, calculations of men, with various agendas, from secular to traditions of men or the religious, do NOT MATCH THE SIGN OF THE YEAR’S TURN, nor AVIV 1 nor THE SIGN OF THE SHABBAT. We have reviewed this going back about 3 years, comparing what the heavens declare to what online data says.

Most of us were led to believe in online data or calculated dates, not personally verified with trained and knowledgeable EYE WITNESSES, who know how to track the sun using shadows. We ALL have been lazy [myself included] forsaking our collective responsibilities as restored Yisrael, to do the HARD WORK of tracking Torah time ourselves; instead we farmed out and outsourced our responsibilities to be like Daniel, Abraham and others, who had to do the hard work. Therefore we have reaped the results of a people not in tune with their own responsibilities and have had little choice but to rely on others, hoping that they might be right.

Jeremiah 6:16 speaks of returning to the ancient paths, where we will find or recover the good-mature ways of our Messiah, the patriarchs, prophets and Zadokite priests. Since that is true, we know they were experts at tracking the circuits of the sun, in order to determine and establish all the appointed times and weekly 7th day Shabbats, with a clear declaration of The Spring Equinox, Aviv 1 the FOLLOWING day and the 52  weekly Shabbats on dated days of the month THAT NEVER CHANGE.

16 This says YHWH: Stand in the derech, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the tov derech, and have your walk in it, and you shall find rest for your beings. But they said, We will not walk in it. 
17 Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Listen to the sound of the shofar. But they said, We will not listen.  Stand in the derech, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the tov derech, and have your walk in it, and you shall find rest [SHABBAT] for your beings. But they said, We will not walk in it.
17 Also I set watchmen [trained in tracking time with shadows] over you, saying, Listen to the sound of the shofar. But they said, We will not listen. RSTNE

We will use our eyes, the eyes of others around the globe, trained in tracking the visible sign of the Shabbatand others in our community, who will be invited and taught to obey Torah’s call, to physically and personally observe, without trusting in man, leaders or another man’s data. True watchmen, ready to call Israel to the appointed times of YHWH. For years it was beyond any of us to ever begin to question alleged noble agencies, that supposedly posted empirical online data; we simply assumed that with modern technology that they could not be wrong. Now we have discovered that they have lied, have no interest in what Torah or Enoch say and cannot be more wrong in their dates, which are not based on visual personal observation by the hungry & righteous, willing to become watchmen. VISUAL OBSERVATION & TRACKING confirmed by multiple ISRAELITE witnesses is the only true way to recover and restore time. We Israelites know how to track a PACKAGE but don’t know where to start to track the circuits of the sun and the year, which give us HIS rightly divided times. We are too modern, too lazy and too broke, as by and large we don’t tithe and can’t even afford an advanced sundial [but  yet it seems like we can all magically afford an internet service provider and cell phone ): } We must return to this lost art and track these heavenly signs from year to year to year to year TAKING NOTHING FOR GRANTED AND ASSUMING NOTHING, before we declare our findings annually!

THE YEAR TURNED LOCALLY AND IN JERUSALEM ON MARCH 20TH 2017 [see the clear and overwhelming visual evidence below]! The following day after The Spring Equinox is Aviv 1 and 3 days later the eternal unchanging 7th Day Shabbat from year to year, as long as we stick to the commandeded 364 day per year calendar. We will keep you all posted. We are determined from now on, only to proclaim and declare what the heavens declare to all Israel with eyesight, regardless of where that truth leads us. The true solar month of Aviv and 7th Day Sabbath, must be visibly available to all Israel, whether or not the U.S. Naval Observatory, Date & Time.com or NASA exist. We must even in our exile align ourselves with Jerusalem for unity and singleness of heart and mind. Of that we are sure!

Here are a few Scriptures teaching us not to use heathen data but our own eye witnesses in the camp of the redeemed; this high calling remains our responsibility collectively as a people!

Beresheet-Genesis Ch. 1:
14 And Elohim said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the shamayim to divide the yom from the night; andlet them be for signs-witnesses, and for moadim, and for days, and years:  
15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the shamayim to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
16 And Elohim made-asah  two great lights; the greater light to rule the yom, and the lesser light to rule the night: therefore namely the cochavim. 

Shemot-Exodus Ch. 20:
8 [Daled] Remember the Yom Ha-Shabbats, to shomer [guard-view] them as kadosh.
9 Six days shall you labor, and do all your work:
10 But the seventh yom is the Shabbat of
YHWH your Elohim: in it you shall not do any work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, your male eved, nor your female eved, nor your cattle, nor your ger, nor a convert that is within your gates: RSTNE

Shemot-Exodus Ch. 31:
16 Therefore the children of Yisrael shall shomer
[guard-view] the Shabbat, to observe [guard-view] the Shabbat throughout their generations, for an everlasting brit.
17 It is an ot [visile sign] between Me and the children of Yisrael le-olam-va-ed: for in six days 
YHWH made the shamayim and the earth, and on the seventh yom He rested, and was refreshed. RSTNE

Devarim-Deuteronomy Ch. 5:
Shomer [guard-view] ha Shabbat to set it apart, as YHWH your Elohim has commanded you.
13 Six days you shall labor, and do all your work:
14 But the seventh yom is the Shabbat of
YHWH your Elohim: in it you shall not do any work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male eved, nor your female eved, nor your ox, nor your donkey, nor any of your cattle, nor the ger that is within your gates; that your male eved and your female eved may rest as well as you. 
15 And remember that you were an eved in the land of Mitzrayim, and that 
YHWH your Elohim brought you out from there through a mighty hand and by an outstretched Arm: therefore YHWH your Elohim commanded you to shomer [guard-view] Yom ha Shabbat. RSTNE

Devarim-Deuteronomy Ch. 16:
Shomer [guard-view] the month of the Aviv-OT [Aviv sign],  and  shomer [guard-view] the Pesach to YHWH your Elohim: for in the month of Aviv-OT [Aviv sign] YHWH your Elohim brought you forth out of Mitzrayim by night. RSTNE


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                       -THIS IS NOT A NEW SHABBAT-NOT A NEW DOCTRINE –

Don’t be shocked by what you are about to discover! At the time of our Adon Yahushua The Messiah, the people of Israel had 2 basic choices of well known “Jewish”Calendars” [one became buried for 2 millennia]. One was authoritative & one was without Torah authority. Like back then, you have to decide if the Scriptures allow the Pharisees or Rabbis [that illegally occupied Moses seat] to proclaim and declare the times of YHWH or if that role belonged to the kohaneem-priests of the Zadokite order forever! The Scriptures in Romans 3:2, Malachi 2:7 and Deuteronomy 17:8-13 requires all controversies and doctrines to be given to Israel by the Judahite kohaneem-not the rabbis from all the tribes & converts. So do not let the devil lie to you! What we are sharing with you here is in fact THE JEWISH CALENDAR and not something made up recently! But you must decide if the Torah gives the authority about calendation proclamation, determination & controversies to the House of Aaron and their written records found @ Qumran or to appointed rabbis not all from Levi and fewer still from Kohate and Zadok, that made up their own rules and dates in the Talmud and other such writings, believing by their own admission, that the APPOINTED SHABBATS & TIMES of YHWH, are whenever THEY declare them to be!  You can be sure the authority remains only with the House of Zadok and the Yahushua led order of Malki-Tzedek to make such declarations.

constellations-year starts in Pisces .pdf

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Torah commands that the Torah year can only have 364 days divisible by 7! Regardless of what man or religion or secularists think. We are called to follow Scriptures and obey whether we have or don’t have all the answers. Here are key verses that warn us that by following man or a 365.25 day year, we see that YHWH declares that our weekly Shabbats and all other appointed times will be off. He promises that to us, unless we obey Him and stick to the 364 day year despite what is going on around us! That’s if we truly desire His Shabbats!
Here are the clear commands! Jubilees 6:30-38, Enoch 72: 1-2, 32-33, Enoch 75:2-4, Enoch 82:6-7. Two key points are in order. The word EXACT OR EXACTLY OR EXACTLY IN ORDER from year to year until eternity starts, appear in every one of the 364 day year references. That can only mean that YHWH sees our understanding and obedience to 364 days and 52 weeks in a year only as our recognition that He, not science so called, is the Adon-Master over the believer’s life. It is a requirement to keep things in exact order and any departure of even one day, between now and eternity, will cause a disaster in reckoning time.  Adding a day to 364 will cause us to miss the wonderful set times. Let us be sincere but sincerely right, as we can be given the blessings of His Word and mind!
We cannot worry about the Roman dates that change due to the Gregorian calendar. We suggest counting the 364 days out from Aviv 1 each year to be exact marking each New Month. We only provide a few Roman dates for New Months & Feasts so Israel can learn how to determine time on their own. The command to count only 364 days a year is not a suggestion but a command from YHWH our Abba, regardless of what other intellectuals do, say or think!

Torah, Enoch & Jubilees says that every year will have 364 days forever from year to year. Man and astronomy-science says that the year is now 365.25. Who is right? Only The House of Zadok’s Everlasting Priesthood Anointing-Charge Resolves the Torah required 364 day Solar Year. Praise be to YHWH-Yahushua for the unfolding revelation He is and will yet provide. Enjoy the journey with us!

 Five Torah Witnesses To The True Times of YHWH-

Beresheth-Genesis Chapter 1 Verses 14-19 The First Torah Witness
14 And Elohim said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the shamayim to divide the yom from the night; and let them be for signs-witnesses [visible], and for moadim, and for [all] days, and years: 

15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the shamayim to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

16 And Elohim made-asah [assigned] two great lights; the greater light to rule the yom, and the lesser light to rule the night: therefore namely the cochavim.

17 And Elohim set them in the firmament of the shamayim to give light upon the earth,

18 And to rule over the yom and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and Elohim saw that it was tov.

19 And the evening and the morning were Yom Reeve-DAY FOUR.
יד  וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים, יְהִי מְאֹרֹת בִּרְקִיעַ הַשָּׁמַיִם, לְהַבְדִּיל, בֵּין הַיּוֹם וּבֵין הַלָּיְלָה; וְהָיוּ לְאֹתֹת וּלְמוֹעֲדִים, וּלְיָמִים וְשָׁנִים.
טו  וְהָיוּ לִמְאוֹרֹת בִּרְקִיעַ הַשָּׁמַיִם, לְהָאִיר עַל-הָאָרֶץ; וַיְהִי-כֵן.
טז  וַיַּעַשׂ אֱלֹהִים, אֶת-שְׁנֵי הַמְּאֹרֹת הַגְּדֹלִים:  אֶת-הַמָּאוֹר הַגָּדֹל, לְמֶמְשֶׁלֶת הַיּוֹם, וְאֶת-הַמָּאוֹר הַקָּטֹן לְמֶמְשֶׁלֶת הַלַּיְלָה, אֵת הַכּוֹכָבִים.
יז  וַיִּתֵּן אֹתָם אֱלֹהִים, בִּרְקִיעַ הַשָּׁמָיִם, לְהָאִיר, עַל-הָאָרֶץ.
יח  וְלִמְשֹׁל, בַּיּוֹם וּבַלַּיְלָה, וּלְהַבְדִּיל, בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחֹשֶׁךְ; וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים, כִּי-טוֹב.
יט  וַיְהִי-עֶרֶב וַיְהִי-בֹקֶר, יוֹם רְבִיעִי

 Deuteronomy-Devarim Chapter 16 Verse 1-The Second Torah Witness
שָׁמוֹר, את-חֹדֶשׁ הָאָבִיב, וְעָשִׂיתָ פֶּסַח, לַיהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ:  כִּי בְּחֹדֶשׁ הָאָבִיב, הוֹצִיאֲךָ
יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ מִמִּצְרַיִם-לָיְלָה

Guard the SIGN of the month of the Aviv; and perform Passover, to YHWH your Elohim; Because in the month of THE AVIV [season], YHWH your Elohim took you out of Egypt at night.

Exodus-Shemot 12:1-2-The Third Torah Witness
  וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה אֶל-מֹשֶׁה וְאֶל-אַהֲרֹן, בְּאֶרֶץ מִצְרַיִם לֵאמֹר.
הַחֹדֶשׁ הַזֶּה לָכֶם, רֹאשׁ חֳדָשִׁים
רִאשׁוֹן הוּא לָכֶם, לְחָדְשֵׁי הַשָּׁנָה

And YHWH said to Moshe and to Aharon, in the land of Egypt saying; this month is for you the head of all the months; it is the first for you, of the months of the year.

Exodus-Shemot 34:22-The Fourth Torah Witness

 וְחַג שָׁבֻעֹת תַּעֲשֶׂה לְךָ, בִּכּוּרֵי קְצִיר חִטִּים; וְחַג, הָאָסִיף-תְּקוּפַת, הַשָּׁנָה

And the Chag of Weeks [Shavuot] you shall do for yourself; the firstfruits of the wheat harvest; and the Chag of the Ingathering at [around] the tekufah of the year.

 Genesis-Beresheth-8:22-The Fifth Torah Witness-The 4 Seasons

 עֹד, כָּל-יְמֵי הָאָרֶץ:  זֶרַע וְקָצִיר וְקֹר וָחֹם וְקַיִץ וָחֹרֶף,וְיוֹם וָלַיְלָה-לֹא יִשְׁבֹּתוּ

While the earth remains [before and after the flood] seedtime [Spring] and harvest [Fall]; cold and heat; summer and winter; day and night will not cease. [The seasons have never changed].

What About These MOON Verses? Please can we get this straight instead of the constant rehash every year?

Psalm 89:37- IT shall be established le-olam-va-ed as the yarayach, and as a faithful witness in the shamayim. Selah.

In verse 36 it is David’s seed that is made into a faithful witness preserved IN THE HEAVENS or the throne; just like the moon is in the heavens FOREVER; so the heavens is the place of the preserving of the faithful witness or YHWH’s throne-promises-Word FOREVER.This verse does not claim that the moon is forever faithful for telling time, as it remains sick and dysfunctional giving unbibical 29 day months and 13 month years, which if blindly followed, will cause everyone to miss the appointed times of YHWH.

Psalm 136:9 – The yarayach and cochavim to rule by night: for His rachamim endures le-olam-va-ed.

This verse DOES NOT CLAIM the moon as a ruler of the night by its own light. Read it again. The stars rule the night and the moon joins that ruler, as it reflects the suns light, along with the night ruler in TANDEM. The night ruler is established in Torah Gen 1:14-16 [as THE LESSER LIGHT-NAMELY THE STARS] not in Psalms. Remember the biblical rule of first mention.

Psalm 104 :19 – He created the yarayach for moadim: the shemesh knows its going down.
20 You make darkness, and it is night: in it all the beasts of the forest do creep.
21 The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their food from El.

The moon IS a SIGN for NIGHT HUNTING BY THE NIGHT CREATURES before the sunrise. These verses have ZERO to do with the appointed times of Leviticus 23 which are SOLELY SOLAR BASED. This misunderstanding has been a major erroneous assumption, that somehow they refer to the feasts of YHWH.


ד תִּקְעוּ בַחֹדֶשׁ שׁוֹפָר; בַּכֵּסֶה לְיוֹם חַגֵּנוּ 

meaning blow IN-AT the MONTH the shofar, in-at the FULLNESS of the day of our feast…that means that on the Feast of Unleavened Bread in its fullness, we are to blow the shofar at our chag…in Torah a chag is only Unleavened Bread, Feast of Weeks or Tabernacles. [3 not 8 moadem]..see how slick the enemy is? The word moon appears nowhere here and neither does the term “full moon.” Of course the rabbis translate it as full moon, to make you a disciple of the Antiochus Epiphanies lunar calendar, FORCED ON JUDAISM after the Macabbean victory. It can also mean blow the shofar at the fullness of the feast of Unleavened Bread, based on verses 5-6 which refers to the Exodus. Nothing to do with anybody’s moon!

This Says YHWH To His Servant

“The greatest find at Qumran was not the community rules and regulations or any such thing but the restoration of my Shabbats. Have you not noticed and have you not heard, that scholars did not declare that truth says YHWH? Rather they declared finding some solar calendar that was noticeably different and some man made rules. But I declare to you the purpose of my allowing them to find, the scrolls, is to declare my appointed times regarding the sincere restoration of the Shabbat day when the dates were recorded and hidden in the earth for such a time as this; the discovering of the priestly Enochian ancient Shabbats and the dates that my priests ministered on Shabbat, were not of interest to man;  the scholars and the religious did not proclaim what I wanted declared for the joy and rejoicing of my people and their preparation says YHWH. But you and  your fellows, you shall and must proclaim it says
YHWH Tzevaoth! “

 – Don’t Miss This Awesome Seminar by Professor Rachel Elior – Below
From Professor Rachel Elior a rabbinical Jew-“
The present Jewish calendar is not matching the old Jewish priestly calendar. This ancient priestly calendar was replaced by the Greek lunar calendar, in the time of Antiochus Epiphanies by force” and later on by the sages, who chose the lunar calendar based on the people’s observation and not by pre-calculated calculations.”

Prof Rachel Elior – Public Lecture At The Divinity School, Chicago University on The Ancient Faith of The Zadok Priesthood And It Has Been Obliterated From Religious Memory From Sun To Moon:  http://www.jpost.com/Magazine/Features/From-the-sun-to-the-moon

The Torah Week Versus The Modern Week

DEAD SEA SCROLL EVIDENCE – It Is Important To Also  Know That We Have Not Pulled This Understanding Out of A Hat. The Ruach Shows That The Exiled Temple Priests In The Judean Wilderness Used The Exact Same Time Reckonings & Their Fixed Dates For The Weekly Shabbat Confirm The Torah & The Ruach! Translation from “The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English”, Geza Vermes, Penguin Books, 1962 page 221-222.

4Q394 1-2 (Cave 4)-Note the SIGN-Where was the Torah Shabbat confirmed? Cave 4 corresponding to day 4 of week 1. Another Yah-Incidence!

I. [On the sixteenth of it (of the second month): sabbath]
I.5 On the twenty-third of secnd month : sabbath
On the thirtieth of second month: sabbath

I.10 [On] the seventh of the third month: sabbath
On the fourteenth of  it: sabbath
I.15 On the fifteenth of it:Feast of Weeks
On the twenty-(II.) [f]irs[t] of  it: sabbath
II.5 [On] the twenty-eighth of  it: sabbath
II.15 On the first of the fourth month: Memorial Day
On the fourth III. of  it: [sabbath]
On the e[leventh] of  it: sabbath
III.5 On the eighteenth of  it: sabbath
On the twenty-fifth of  it: sabbath
III.10 On the second of  the fift[h] month: sabbath
IV. [On the ninth of  it: sabbath]
On the sixteenth of  it: sabbath
IV.5 On the twenty-third of  it: sabbath
On the thirtieth of  it: sabbath
IV.10 On the seventh of  the six month sabbath
On the fourteenth of  it: sabbath
On the twenty-first of  it: V. sabbath

From these dates from Torah and Qumran you can count every 7 days forwards or backwards for all the Torah Shabbats!!! This only works if the ORIGINAL SHABBAT WAS AVIV 4 when YHWH Himself rested!! There YOU HAVE IT! Documented dates for all 52 weekly Shabbats of each and every year, documented from Torah and the Dead Sea Scrolls! HALLELUYAH THE MATH DOESN’T LIE! If the calendar you use doesn’t line the Shabbat up with these monthly biblical dates, it is not yet correct; more work awaits you! The true Shabbat never floats!

Enoch Calendars Galore! Solar Lunar Calendars by The Dozen!

By Sholiach Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky- See PDF Below

NEW !!! enoch_calendars_galore__solar_lunar_calendars_by_the_dozen_.pdf

Download File

                         More Proof That Day 4 Was Lit Continually In The Temple-

The lamps of the menorah were lit daily from fresh, consecrated olive oil and burned from evening until morning, according to Exodus 27:21.


The Roman-Jewish historian Flavius Josephus states that three of the seven lamps were allowed to burn during the day also;[13] however, according to one opinion in the Talmud (Rashi, Tractate Shabbat 22b), only the center lamp was left burning all day, into which as much oil was put as into the others. Although all the other lights were extinguished, that light continued burning oil, in spite of the fact that it had been kindled first.


This miracle according to the Talmud (Tractate Menahot 86b) was taken as a sign that the Shechinah rested over Israel.[14] It was called the ner hama’aravi (Western lamp) because of the direction of its wick. This lamp was also referred to as the Ner Elohim (Lamp of El).



Also mentioned in I Samuel 3:3. The miracle of the ner hama’aravi ended about 40 years before the destruction of the Temple (c. 30 CE) according to the Talmud (Tractate Yoma 39a), “Our Rabbis taught: During the last forty years before the destruction of the Temple (that is to say from around 30 CE) the lot [‘For YHWH’] did not come up in the right hand; nor did the crimson-colored strap become white; nor did the westernmost light shine“.



Hebrew Copy Of The Dead Sea Scrolls With Times & Shabbats Of YHWH & Their Dates-Through Month 8

Notice that no English or Roman days are known or mentioned or used, so that Shabbat is on NONE of the 7 Jewish-Roman amalgamated days known and used today! The true Shabbats can only be determined by priestly recurring dates, in the Hebrew tongue, as originally taught to Enoch, Moses & our patriarchs.


Your Employer CANNOT Stop You From Keeping On The Creation Week Shabbat?

Did you know a lot of USA believers who want to keep the creation week shabbat, the day YHWH actually rested, CANNOT BE DENIED by federal law? You cannot be fired or denied time off for Shabbat, or any day, as per the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. So let’s stop the excuses and get busy with Abba’s business!
http://www.workplacefairness.org/religious-discrimination The only way they can legally deny you off, is if the employer can PROVE to a court, that by you taking Torah Shabbat off, that it will cause them undue loss like bankruptcy, which in most cases is a case they cannot prove!



Download File

Missing Feasts Restored .pptx

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the_priestly_omer_count 7_honarable_shabbats.pptx

Download File

scriptures for shabbat guarding piety.pdf

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proof_that_yahushua_kept_the_same_shabbat updated.pdf

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a_quick_look_at_yhwh’s 360 + 4 day year .docx

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A Return To Visual Observation

-Final Conclusion-

So When is the true 7th day Shabbat-Sabbath? & What Are The Implications Of Observing The Signs-Otot With Your-Our Own Eyes, based on the shadows and the SIGN OF THE AVIV along with an armillary as a second witness? The Answer is simple and stunning at the same time. Shabbat is eternally where and when it has always been based on the Solar Year & Solar Week.

Three days after Day 4 of week one of each New Year, that’s the simple fact THAT NEVER WILL NOR CAN CHANGE!!


While the Zadokite priests had most things right, after all, they also like us were human and made some clear mistakes. I will do a teaching on this soon, Yah willing, but one CLEAR MISTAKE is ignoring their own Scriptures, such as when the Spring and Fall Echanoks occur and also their stand against Jubilees and Enoch’s clear warnings NOT to ever use the moon as a witness of time or to divide time for priestly orders, as the Sun and Stars alone bring in the year with PERFECT JUSTICE. Will we ever really get this right and ignore other seductive practices like those at Qumran when it came to the moon? Theses were men not gods!

So while they are the LEGIT authority in Yisrael, they aren’t the PERFECT authority [that would be Almighty Adon Yahushua], they are just like us in that way. And their stance against Torah marriage of the patriarchs, also defies Scripture. QUESTION! When is the Spring Turn of the Year, on the day before Aviv 1, as recorded by Moses and Chanok? Or like at Qumran recorded in Cave 4, right on Aviv 1 contradicting Torah & Chanok? Your answer is plainly seen below by MOSHE-MOSES the man who instituted what would become the sons of Kohate and Zadok!


15 And he sent to his abba Yitschaq of all his substance, clothing and food, and meat and drink and milk and butter and cheese and some dates of the valley.
16 And to his eema Rivkah also four times a year, between the times of the months, between ploughing and reaping and between autumn and the rain (season) and between winter and spring, to the tower of Avraham. RSTNE

CLEARLY THE EQUINOXES-ECHANOKS ARE BETWEEN MONTHS NOT ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH……yes boys and girls even the Qumran boys were flawed humans!


The Division of Times Given to Moses on Mt. Sinai & to Chanok-Enoch


The photo below was taken March 21st 2017 with the PINK strings indicating a CURVED outline…the yellow stakes with the blue post-its’ were taken March 20th 2017, a straight line throughout the day…12 hrs or so….now  please be so kind and throw all doctrine and currently held views out the window…when the sun rises due east and sets due west, this line is straight; just 2 times a year…which of these 2 days do you think is Spring Echanok-Turn of the Year? Does that [heaven] confirm or challenge your position? Is it always on a Roman Tuesday as some teach?

PS. On March 16-17 the so called Equilux days in Jerusalem the shadows are curved even more than these pink strings on the pegs were on March 21st 2017.  Aviv-OT is a heavenly sign THE SIGN OF AVIV and can fall on any Roman day and is definitely not March 16-17th!!!!


Only 1 Day Meets the Required Sign of the Aviv OT

The Entire Month of Aviv Proves That Yahushua Kept The Torah Shabbat Not Saturday-See Picture & PDF  Below


Saturday On All Calendars Does Not Line Up With the Monthly Dates Yahushua and the Jews of His Time Kept!


Download File

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      • Gary Hoffman Reply

        I and the assembly that I am called to have considered many calendars and have a very similar (not exact) current observance of the year. After 3 years of observing a very close form of time rekonnjng i came across the book of Hanok and the 364 days. We were blessed and rejoicing to realize that there was such a rekonning present at the time of Yahusha Messiach. I am looking for the historical substiation for the followig statement you made in one of your articles:
        Monday was followed up by what was once Saturday in 1752! See: http://mentalfloss.com/article/51370/why-our-calendars-skipped11-days-1752 Saturday the 14th became Tuesday the 14th. The alleged original 7 day week was busted up. Still think Saturday today remains an unbroken 7 day cycle and that Saturday today always was Shabbat?

        I have only been able to find that the day sequence was maintained and unbroken and only the days of the month were chanced. Please send your verification that it went from Saturday to Tuesday.

        Also: Bereshith one clearly states that the week was already in progress when the luminaries were created on day 4. This means that the luminaries are not purposed to determine days of the week, but (at least at that time) fit into an already existing cycle. How then can the equinox determine the beginning of the weekl cycle?

        Also: After 20 years of searching, I have yet to find any historical or Biblical record that there was contention among the 1st century sects of Israel, including the Qumran community and the early Christians as well an anything recorded that Yahusha spoke to elude to a conflict with the weekly 7 day cycle of that day.do you have any data or research that days otherwise?

        Lastly, what do you do with or how do you intercalate the days that are short with out having a drift of 1.25 days oer year?

        A fellow servant in Messiah

        Gary Hoffman

        • Shalom Aleikhem , Achi Gary Hoffman, to you and your group, the true seekers of YAH.
          Let us quickly corresponding and answering your questions,
          No1. Yes your observations are correct. We are on the same page with you on this subject after years of being troubled with the confusions of the so called “Saturday the 14th became Tuesday the 14th. The alleged original 7 day week was busted up in 1752”; but this has been since cleared up in the beginning of this year. We agree with you totally that “I have only been able to find that the day sequence was maintained and unbroken and only the days of the month were changed. ” Please read up our views regarding this subject from this article: http://man-child.com/?p=3741 It was written around this year Spring Equinox and it has been published on another website: http://www.yourarmstoisraelglobal.com/2018-2019-torah-zadokite-calendar.html

          No2. As this is relating to No1., yeah, we have also come to the same conclusion with you after so much researching on this subject: ( Also: After 20 years of searching, I have yet to find any historical or Biblical record that there was contention among the 1st century sects of Israel, including the Qumran community and the early Christians as well an anything recorded that Yahusha spoke to elude to a conflict with the weekly 7 day cycle of that day.do you have any data or research that days otherwise? – – We totally agree with you and finally come to this same conclusion too.

          No3. You are also correct of this observation and interpretation: ” Also: Bereshith one clearly states that the week was already in progress when the luminaries were created on day 4. This means that the luminaries are not purposed to determine days of the week, but (at least at that time) fit into an already existing cycle”… Yes, it is always served to “FIT into the already existing cycle of the CREATION WEEK”, the day 4 of the first week… read Article from http://man-child.com/?p=3741 : ” Now you may be asking yourself… Why are they starting the year on Aviv 1 Day 4 of the First Week of the Year and not on the first day of the first week of the New Year? Great question! We will let the Scriptures answer that for us. Look at Beresheet-Genesis:
          Genesis 1:1 till ….. Genesis 1:19 And the evening and the morning were Yom Reeve-DAY FOUR. RSTNE
          YHWH assigned the lights on Day 4 of week one; therefore no Shabbats or feast counts, seasons, days or months can commence until then, although days 1-3 are included in the creation week, being the last 3 days of the previous year. All weekly Shabbats months and feasts must be counted from this point, which is ALWAYS AVIV 1, the yearly day of The Spring Equinox and always Yom Revee-Day 4 of week 1.
          It was commonly known custom and practice to determine Shabbat based on Aviv 1 Day 4 of the first week, so there was no need for Master Yahushua to change anything. All the people and synagogues were following a 7 day solar cycle based on Aviv 1 the equinox and day 4 of the week and recall that this was way before the Julian calendar. Surely the Jews and Zadokites would never use the 8 day cycle Roman calendar nor the Julian Roman updated one in 49 BC. So we are left with unanimous agreement that in 1st century Judea, that the Shabbat was on set dates of the month, every 7 days from Aviv 1 coinciding with Day 4 of week 1, a feat that will not work on any rabbinical (Hillel) or gentile (Gregorian) calendar. Seems like the corrupt temple leaders used the lunar times for the feasts but solar based weekly Shabbats were common knowledge and the only viable option among all sects in Israel and thus no need to change or challenge it. ”

          No4. Now this is the essence of the newly published article http://man-child.com/?p=3741 in relation to your last question: ” Lastly, what do you do with or how do you intercalate the days that are short with out having a drift of 1.25 days oer year?”
          Quoted from the article: “The Eternal Times Of YHUH Based on Torah & Enoch As Given by YHUH-For March 21, 2018-March 20, 2019 364 Day Year-Year # 6 in the current 6 year Zadokite Priestly Cycle.” The intercalate of the extra day is every 3 year cycle of the Zadokite priestly cycle, the aviv 1 of that every 1st and 3rd year cycle is started the same day of the Equinox day with the lunar full moon day; whereas, the rest of the Aviv1 will be started the day after the sighting of the Equinox Please note that :***The moon incredibly enough as it appears in the priestly order establishes the eternality of the perpetual 7 day weekly cycle! The calculated dark and full moon phases are included by those solar calendar advocates only to verify and display that the 7 day week has never changed and that these phases occur on the same corresponding days of the modern week as in Torah times & as in Messiah Yahusha’s time, as long as we make super sure to use the correct year in each six year priestly cycle!”
          ” The weekly Shabbat starting the new Torah year Aviv 1 will fall on Saturdays, as the Spring Equinox will be Tuesday March 20th 2018 and Aviv 1 WEDNESDAY March 21st 2018, making Shabbat on Saturdays this year and every other year as well, since the Torah based Year CANNOT START ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK OTHER THAN DAY 4, WHICH WE HAVE PROVEN CORRESPONDS TO OUR MODERN WEDNESDAY!
          From our studies so far we can assert the following few details as facts:

          -The Vernal Equinox is the sign that a New Torah Year can or is in its right season to begin.
          -Both The Vernal & Fall Equinox is confirmed by the shadows throughout the day making a straight line. A second witness is that only on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes does the moon rise in the east, in the same exact window that the sun sets in the west. A 3rd witness is that the year begins in the constellation of Pisces.
          ​-Every 3 years Aviv 1 starts with a full moon! That when the full moon occurs on the same day as the Spring Equinox, Aviv 1 occurs, not the following Wednesday.
          -That the first 4th day of the week [the first Wednesday] after the Spring Equinox is always Aviv 1 each and every year.
          -That the Torah year always starts on a 4th Day-Wednesday & ends on a 3rd Day-Tuesday & is exactly 364 days as required by Torah & Enoch.
          -That the Spring Equinox can occur on any day of the week, with Aviv 1 always being the following Wednesday [Day 4].
          -That YHUH masterfully built in intercalation and there is absolutely no need to ever add days and years, as long as we wait each year until the first Wednesday after the Spring Tekufah. Over 6-7 years this method adjusts itself!

          The Eternal Times Of YHUH Based on Torah & Enoch As Given by YHUH-For March 21, 2018-March 20, 2019 364 Day Year-Year # 6 in the current 6 year Zadokite Priestly Cycle.

          **The Solar times of Yah do not ever use the moon for times and seasons, as this is forbidden in Scripture in such places as Torah & Jubilees Chapter 6! The 6 year priestly cycle First Chronicles Ch. 24:1-19, uses the moon phases of full and dark moons to establish when the Zadokite priestly order starts their assigned week. These 2 checkpoints occur monthly, to make sure the priestly orders are ready, prepared and correct in their turn/watch! These 2 monthly check pointswere not used for time determination, as these were the Zadokite priests, who would never use lunar calendars, which is the primary reason they abandoned the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem. To the true priesthood therefore, neither the full nor dark moons are new months & moreover are not to be observed like the fallen watchers. They were mathematically calculated and recorded to and for the kohaneem-priests who would then be on time in their commanded order, NOT OBSERVED AS THE FALLEN WATCHERS DID AND TAUGHT MEN TO DO!However……there IS IN FACT A UNIQUE PURPOSE FOR THE MOON, PREVIOUSLY NOT SEEN NOR UNDERSTOOD!
          ***The moon incredibly enough as it appears in the priestly order establishes the eternality of the perpetual 7 day weekly cycle! The calculated dark and full moon phases are included by those solar calendar advocates only to verify and display that the 7 day week has never changed and that these phases occur on the same corresponding days of the modern week as in Torah times & as in Messiah Yahusha’s time, as long as we make super sure to use the correct year in each six year priestly cycle!….”

          The last part is very “brain hurting ” for many Enoch Solar Calendar followers as most of us are conditioned by NOT taking any contribution of the Moon in the calendar counting… however, in this case, moon is only serve as a third witness of the sighting of the Aviv 1 which is being recorded on the day of the 1st Zadokite Priestly Cycle and also the 4th Zadokite Priestly Cycle….When the FULL MOON also fall on the Equinox day, which is also amazingly on the 4th day (wed-day)of the week, hence we start our Aviv 1 without skipping a day or a week… so far, it did maintain a 364 days a year counting within the 365.25days a year solar calendar if we observe the Shabbat day on the consistent sat-day in a 7 days week cycle. Todah for your patient on reading this response. We too, has been learning and unlearning but determined to make our Shabbat correct before our ABBA YaHuWaH. Ahmein.

          • Oh, Forget to highlight this observation to you in the previous reply regarding the stars and moon are also part of the 3 witnesses on the observation of the turn of the year:the equinox and the new year first month: Aviv 1 on the 4th day of the week/ naturally fit into the creation week yearly :
            Three Tests Given By Sholiach Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky on 3/10/18
            BERESHEETH-GENESIS CH. 1 14-16 is our text. THE HEAVENLY WITNESSES OF YHWH’S TIME FOR DAYS, SEASONS, SHABBATS AND FEASTS! The Sun, Moon and stars are 3 witnesses to YHWH’s division of time! The moon when used properly can confirm the light source it represents. The stars are collectively the night light or the LESSER light. Let us quickly examine the 3 key factors to discern when the Year Turns & see how the so called Spring Equinox and Spring Equilux compare and which one meets the required criteria. -The Sun Test- The sun must rise and pass due east-west over the celestial equator, when the earth is at 0 degrees relative to the sun. Equinox passes the test. At Equilux the sun is still about 6 degrees south of the celestial equator and has not crossed it. The GREAT SIGN TEST is a cosmic sign & event and is failed by the so-called Equilux but passed by the Vernal Equinox. You will find the same results for the Fall Turn of The Year. Rest assured Enoch did not measure nano-seconds of refracted light in Jerusalem, a non-Israelite place during Enoch’s time. The heavens taught him astronomy. He read shadows
            -The Stars Test- The sun rises and sets in the constellation of Pisces for about another 500 years, starting March 12th for about 38 days from March 12-April 18th. Both so-called Equilux and Equinox pass this test nicely! -The Moon Test- The moon lags behind the sun exactly as Enoch says, 10, days annually. The Zadokites used it to CONFIRM the 2 turns of the year and both solstices, as well as to confirm the 24 week order of the Millennial Temple priests, based on 1 Chronicles Ch.24.
            This year, March 1st 2018 is 20 days before The Spring Equinox in the third year of a 3 year lunar cycle. On March 20th, In 2019, the first year of the new 3 year cycle, the full moon will appear exactly on the afternoon of the Spring Equinox, as well as exactly 30 days before and after it! The cycle repeats itself every 4th year so we can know which year it is! The phases of the full moon monthly confirm the days of the week, as they always fall on the same day in the modern week, as they did at the time of the Messiah. So for example in year one of a 3 year lunar cycle, the full moon of Aviv 1 is always Day 4 of week one and it always falls on our modern Wednesday every 3rd year. The second year for example has the full moon of Aviv fall on Day 2 of the 4th week of Aviv, and it always comes out on our Monday matching the ancient day 2! The full moon phase shows that the 7 day week has never changed! Meaning day 7 then is called Saturday today! SO there is a key purpose for the moon after all. These were done by calculations NOT OBSERVATIONS, THE SIN OF THE WATCHERS. If Equilux New Year is March 16th in Jerusalem as some allege, the full moon would have to occur only 16 days rather than the required 20 in 2018 [March 1st full moon-March 16th] before the supposed equal day and night, DIRECTLY CONTRADICTING the priestly records at Qumran. The miserably! YEAR #1 12/02 (30 days before Abib 1) 01/01 & 01/30 (30 days after Aviv 1) YEAR #2 12/22 (10 days before Abib 1) 01/20 (20 days after Aviv 1) YEAR #3 12/12 (20 days before Abib 1) 01/10 (10 days after Aviv 1) -Summary-The lie called The Equilux in Jerusalem on March 16th fails both the primary sun dial test, as well as the confirming moon phase test, as well as the subsequent priestly order test. The Vernal & Autumnal Turns of the Year pass all 3 Torah tests, with clarity and flying colors, pun intended! View all 3 signs for YOURSELF so you are no longer duped by data but enlightened with DAAT-The Knowledge from YHUH Almighty .More reading click here: http://man-child.com/?p=3741 Following His Instruction to entering His REST the Shabbats. You can download the 6 years of Zadokites Priestly Order from DDS on that articles too… then you can SEE the pattern of the total 6 years, every 3 years cycle : the 1st and the 4th year, Aviv 1 having the full moon as it is in our modern calendar which bring us back to start the new year Aviv 1 on the continuous 4th day of the week and keep the Shabbat day intact without the need to shit a day or 7 days in order to keep Enoch description of the 364 days YHWH’s calendar; this can be done if we see Equinox is giving to us only as a sign for the turn of the year: Aviv 1 can be happened on the next day after the 364 day count which is also the Equinox day or on the same day when the FULL Moon appears on that afternoon which is will happen every 3 year cycle.

          • Gary Hoffman

            Shalom in YHUH by and in and through Messiach Yahusha! Where are you observing Sukkoth? I am being called to go to a traditionally times gathering in Oklahoma next week and thought of somehow connecting. There is no substitute for face to face discussion. Call me 260-667-four nine 2 nine.

          • Gary Hoffman

            Also: we have the same time as the calendar in your link and observjng at the same time. I have many scriptural references where days of week and days of month are referenced together and ALL that I have found work out exact to this rekonning. From Bereshith to Acts. And confirmed also when two consecutive years is mentioned as with Shemoth 16 and Bemidbar 11. This proving the cycle from year to year. As well as Bereshith 7&8 with messiahs ascension in Acts 1. Also being verified by Shaual in the record of Acts 20 with the feast of UB veing reconciled with the day of the week, proving the cycle from generation to generation. I believe the today is the day and now is the time for this to be revealed to the priests of YHUH through our Cohen Yahusha!

          • cheryl mulford

            Shabbat Shalom! I would so like to contact Gary Hoffman. Is there anyway possible that I could receive his e-mail address?

            I love in OKLA and looking for anyone on a 364 day calendar to talk to, fellowship with, and to grow with.

  1. Follower of the way Reply

    Shalom, praise YAHUAH, I am excited to know that we keep the same calendar – a few of the remnant are receiving this – not many.
    I have heard your names through Eliyahu, AbiYAh and Rebeccah.
    YAHUAH be with you..

    BTW – I reckon the days at dawn not evening, shalom

    • We use the equinox as the SIGN for the month of Aviv …which means THE NEW YEAR Aviv 1 should be on 4th day ( wednesday ) the week of Equinox arrived which according to Zadok priestly order should be the last day of the 364 day. ” Month of the Aviv; Deuteronomy 16:1, “Guard, watch for and preserve (“shamar”) the month of Aviv and keep the Passover to YHWH your Elohim, for in the month of Aviv YHWH your Elohim brought you out of Egypt by night.” If this first month of the year was not started on the correct day using the Equinox as the great sign, then all the feasts for the following year would not be celebrated on the correct days. This was commanded to be the first month of the year on YHWH’s calendar and they were to make sure it started on the appropriate 4th Day (Wed). They needed to know if this first day was properly aligned with the Spring Equinox. The Almighty’s 364 day Calendar always starts at the time of the Spring Equinox and each New Year, 4th day (Wed) starting time is ALWAYS within 4 days of the actual Equinox. YHWH’s Calendar must keep Divine 7-Day Cycles, To us, this year 20th March wednesday is the Aviv 1 …The Feasts of the Children of Light – Head of the Year: below is a very comprehensive link regarding 2019 March 20th as the new year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVjfgFW6hNg&feature=share

    • The Almighty’s 364 day Calendar always starts at the time of the Spring Equinox and each New Year, 4th day (Wed) starting time is ALWAYS within 4 days of the actual Equinox. YHWH’s Calendar must keep Divine 7-Day Cycles, To us, this year 20th March wednesday is the Aviv 1 …The Feasts of the Children of Light – Head of the Year: below is a very comprehensive link regarding 2019 March 20th as the new year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVjfgFW6hNg&feature=share

    • Equinox is not a divisional line for “day”…it is a SIGN for the month of Aviv…The scripture is saying: Deuteronomy 16:1, “Guard, watch for and preserve (“shamar”) the month of Aviv and keep the Passover to YHWH your Elohim,…” It is possible that the Wednesday starting time is always within 4 days (before and after ) the actual Equinox. on that week!!! If the Equinox ( depends whose declaration) is on Thursday ?? … then wednesday is still 4 days within the SIGN of Equinox ….to start the Aviv month. The most important key is to count 360days +4 seasonal leaders’ day a year ( 364 days ) with exact completion of 52 Shabbat …; In this way, our calendar always started Wednesday as Aviv 1, and Shabbat day as Aviv 4 day!! P.S. There are many groups have come to common agreement despite of having various name for their calendar …. that for this year, March 20 is the new year aviv 1. That is all I want say to end this discussion here. I need to get ready for my Asian trip. Shalom, may you find YAH’s personal revelation to you on this matter…. for us, this is also a sabbatical year according to the 24 priestly order counting…. We are filled with great joy entering this year with conviction and certainty in our hearts! What an amazing year to be in.HalleluYAH.😍I agree with Jerry Morris channel attitude that we should dig the truth based on the scriptures and learning more with one another …
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1BixcnnKMU Also, this year with the 2nd witness of the moon on the 20th March, we confirmed it is the Aviv 1, the new year started with this 1st day of the Spring season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXewCCSDUTg
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