Aug 1, 2013

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Mission Summary

Mission Summary
As For Me And My House, We Will Serve YHWH…Joshua 24:15


me and my house shell serve

 Click Here to view Mission Summary PDF :
7-30-2013 PDF direct from OD . . . Mission Summary – Copy
  1. God’s grace will always be with you Ed And YahnEi with His strength for success in your ministry.

    • Thank you Chuks.

      The perception of the revelation of Who and What YAHUWAH is in our lives necessarily changes every aspect of the comprehension and understanding of our existence, not only here on the earth, but in every dimension; and there are an infinite numvber of dimensions. Nothing, absolutely nothing is outside the knowldege and control of the YAHUWAH who created us in His perfect image.

      He or she who truly loves the Messiah Yahushua, the resurrected Son of YAHUWAH, comes into the clear understanding that it is YAHUWAH Who moves and manifests through us to accomplish His purposes for us as we surrender both our heart and our will to Him, and not maintain and hold on to our human, soulish concepts of what usually is tailored to our own desires and goals as a part of our time on the earth. To move into His oneness [John 17:21-23] and partipate as a member of the Man Child Company [Rev 12:5] is the quinntessential desire of the Father YAHUWAH and Yahushua Ha Mashiach (Messiah). May all you days be filled with the tangilble revelation of this very goal.

      Ed and Yahn EL Stephenson

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