Editor’s note: Our Messiah resurrected on YOM 18 the weekly Shabbat day  after 72 hours exactly 3 days 3 nights..before the sunrise of the following first day of the week when the woman came to look for Yahushua !!!!  

2017 Enoch Priestly Calendar at one glance

Editor’s note: Zadokite, Enochian Calendar BEGINS EVERY YEAR Following THE VERNAL EQUINOX (Same Day Worldwide) being identified: The next day following the Equinox is DAY ONE of the 364 day per  year with YHWH divine appointments. The 12 months of the year are divided into 4 quarters, each quarter being 30 days, 30 days, 30 days and 1 leader of the season’s days. And each quarter has 13 Weekly Sabbaths. To find the Weekly Sabbath, and this rule only applies to finding the Weekly Sabbath: the identified Day One of the year will always be the day 4 of the week and you count 5,6,7. The 7th day of this count is the Weekly Sabbath for the 364 days.

2017 March 20th Vernal Equinox Date and Time for West Jerusalem, Israel

Vernal Equinox Time = 12:28:06
Sunrise = 05:42:56
Sunset = 17:50:34

Day Duration = 12 Hours 07 Mins 38 Secs
Previous Day Duration = 12 Hours 05 Mins 40 Secs
Next Day Duration = 12 Hours 09 Mins 35 Secs
Regarding the Appointed PLACE that YHWH has chosen for Israel HIS people to celebrate HIS Appointed Feasts. To us, the most important element of all these observations is It is all about keeping The Covenant with our creator Father, and HE makes it clear that Jerusalem shall not be left out. We trust and believe the witnesses given by this group that March 20th is the Equinox and March 21st is the Aviv 1 as this should be a world wide event according to Enoch 24 hour a day time frame. Hence the countries in the South hemisphere below depends on their actual location may get on the 21st as they have to wait for the sunrise for them to observe their solar noon… To us It starts from Israel Jerusalem as that is the covenant place YHWH set HIS eyes on: but every location shall be able to observe from their own solar noon finding on the 24 hours Enoch Time Frame …and therefore the equinox will overlapping/cross 2 dates in Gregorian calendar.. as the Solar Noon observation cannot be in both North and South hemispheres at the same time. We are with the same date with the verified 2017 March 20th Vernal Equinox Date and Time for West Jerusalem, Israel
Vernal Equinox Time = 12:28:06
Sunrise = 05:42:56
Sunset = 17:50:34

Turn of the Year 3/20 Naples Florida Solar Noon Pete”s Witness.

Turn of the Year 3 20 Naples Florida Solar Noon Pete Witness.


North Florida Using Metal Ruler 3/20/17. Solar Noonbefore solar noon March 20 2017 Equinox Report from Utah USA

Equinox March 20 Fighting overcast skies- a few mins before solar noonFighting overcast skies- a few mins before solar noon March 20 2017 Equinox Report from Utah USA


20 March 2017 Equinox Shadow plot from New Zealand

 圖像裡可能有戶外straight line witness of the Celestial Equator in New Zealand, the 20th of March, 1st of Aviv.By Joy Colecutt, 20 March 2017 Equinox Shadow plot

March 20 2017 Equinox Report from Florida USA 

Shalom, Here we go. This is the link we have worked on and will continue to update with resounding evidence daily to any man or woman desiring to be led by the sign of Aviv promised in Torah which overrules any other method later developed in the Temple era.
We will add even more videos, pictures, articles and teachings, we are now working on. Prayerfully and carefully review the evidence and testimony presented here and ask the Ruach to guide you home. I will only answer questions [not arguments, debate or accusation] by private message as I and my family need to rest and prepare for the upcoming Shabbat and Feasts. We will get to private messages-questions later in the week. We need a little rest. Shalom and revelation in your journey as you see the evidence and signs of The Aviv and learn not to follow any man without overwhelming evidence.
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You may share the new link as well! We wish all Torah Abib keepers a happy, spiritually meaningful and prosperous New Year! From the Koniuchowsky & your friends at Your Arms of Love To Israel!

The Great Sign – Aviv 1 March 21st 2017 after the turn of the year Equinox ( Video Clip )

Pictures below showing the Equinox: The turn of the year has taken place on the March 20th  2017 

The shadows by pass and overrule all mans toys and machines…the evidence we have between a straight line dues east west and a crooked one is empirical..

From North Florida 3/20/17 PM Late PM STRAIGHT AND NARROW!


The sun is the GREAT sign and existed for time before the Tabernacle and Temple, the Levites or the DSS. No witness can replace it as primary. If the foundation is shaken the righteous ones cannot stand. The LINES do not lie and are not LAST YEAR’s sundial mark. The sun speaks fresh alive each year. Are we listening? Watch this! Share please! Again happy and healthy New Year!

P.S. Aron Ryan from Utah USA:
This is why I think that Jerry Morris (from Oklahoma) choose his final readings (which was on 21st March) as Equinox is bias even though his series of teaching ( Priestly Calendar) on the below video is sound-
1- He uses marks from the previous year. He does not let each new year speak for itself. Through the natural movement the shadows WOULD be at the same place each year on a specific date. That only proves that it is the same day as the previous year- not the equinox. Again each year must speak for itself.
2- It appears that he set his armillary in place and never checks their settings with a protractor before each reading. So if it has moved even slightly or was set without a protractor then it could be off by a day or two each year.
if you don’t use a clean slate each year and go off last years marks it will always read the same. You must have a clean slate each year to have unbias data
I don’t think anyone realizes how time consuming and draining it is to track time for weeks. I for one and well as Mariamne didn’t just run out at the last minute or after and look at a device that wasn’t checked daily… using shadows in other applications as well…. It all takes time to track and record… thank you Mariamne and Moshe for your dedication to the truth… Even if we had to take the crazy train to get there


The photo was taken March 21st 2017 with the PINK strings indicating a CURVED outline…the yellows stakes with the blue post its’ were taken March 20th 2017, a straight line throughout the day…12 hrs or so….now please be so kind and throw all doctrine and currently held views out the window…when the sun rises due east and sets due west this line is straight; just 2 times a year..which of these 2 days do you think is Spring Echanok-Turn of the Year? Does that [heaven] confirm or challenge your position? Is it always on a Roman Tuesday as some teach?
PS On March 16-17 the so called Equiulux days in Jerusalem the shadows are curved even more than these pink strings on the pegs were on March 21st 2017. Aviv OT is a heavenly sign!!!!
Moshe Joseph Koniuchowsky from FL  Sanderson USA

The Only Foolproof Way To Mark The Turn of The Year By Mariamne Fl USA

This outdoor class was given at our community in 2017 after many trials and errors and some nice failures trying to follow men who seemed more enlightened than we were.
In discerning the Tekufah or Spring Turn of the year, it is necessary to eliminate as much human reasoning, calculation, prognostication and instrumentation as possible. This may be the old fashioned way but it is the only guaranteed way to mark Day 364 and the New Year of Aviv. Let’s get started.

Sundial Observation on Mar 20, 2017 closer to Equinox from Oklahoma  USA


Sundial Observation on Mar 19, 2017 Closer to Equinox from Oklahoma  USA

Editor’s note: Definition of A DAY in the book of Enoch:

Each day is divided into parts (hours) of light (day) and dark (night), for a total of 18 parts per day each part consisting of 80 minutes. There are 1440 minutes in each day, 18 equal parts each of 80 minutes (18 x 80) = 1440 minutes.

A year has 8736 hours or 524,160 minutes per year.

Now A 365 day year of 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds per day also gives a year of 8736 hours or a total of 524,160 minutes per year.Likewise a 366 day year of 23 hours, 52 minutes, and 13 seconds per day gives a year of 8736 hours or a total of 524,160 minutes per year. Likewise a 364 day year of exactly 24 hours per day, gives a year of 8736 hours or a total of 524,160 minutes per year.

The year will always have 8736 hours, whether it is a 364 Enoch Day year of exactly 24 hours per day, or a 365 Sidereal Day year of 23.93425 hours per day, or a 366 Leap Day year of 23.86885 hours per day, the duration of time does not change, but it is the allocation of time which has changed to create more days.

Therefore by the end of a year, the 364 day year calendar will end with the same day as the last day of 365 days calendar which is also the day turn of the Spring season.

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